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  1. FAMARA DIEDHIOU didnt get a upgrade 20 goals so far in Ligue 2.
  2. The most correct way to simulate he`s poor form this year is to edit he`s morale.
  3. Payets free kicks are 15 (if I remember correctly) in the latest patch, which shoud be upgraded too.
  4. Yes I mean Iheanacho. If he`s CA was upgraded than it was minimal. He`s stats are poor compared to what he has shown this season. Virgil Van Dijk is another player that needs a upgrade. He`s technical attributes for defending are weak compared to many other defenders in the PL. He is this season probably the best defender with Alderweireld in the league. Anyway, Im making some changes to the database so checking many players in all Europe.
  5. No changes to Falcao. He shoud have been nerfed or at lest get injury prones increased.
  6. It comes down to in which country you want to manage. I woud say that Scunthorpe is a step down form where you are now. You just won a title in Slovakia and played in european competitions, woud you really go to SkyBet Ligue 1 team in the buttom and fight to avoid relegation? Debreceni coud be a nice team to start a new save with, but again the Hungarian league is weaker than the Slovakian I belive. It also depends on how long you are thinking staying at the club. With Sturm Graz normaly you shoud be fighting for the title in Austria and its a good team if you want to stay for 2 maybe 3 seasons. From Austria you shoud be able to move to Germany easy later. I woud pick either Sturm Graz, Karlsruher or Caen.
  7. Think about it this way... you have a young 15 years old player who has always played as a AMC behind the striker, thats he`s natural position. Than you have Per Mertesacker who have more than 50 caps and is a WC winner. Now you try to teach Mertesacker to be a AMC for 10 years. He might improve.., maybe , but he`s natural position wil still be DC.
  8. 14 injury prone level is very bad, its like having Sturridge.
  9. I like to play in better/mid range leagues in Europe. I always check the UEFA coefficient for nations to see where the league is compared to other countries. From the list I pick a country based on ranking, lets say from 5. place to 12.place and then pick a team to manage. i dont like to have much money so I can buy expensive players. I like to devalope a club by using domestic players and try to take it to the next level. I want to deserve to manage a good team, I cant just start the game by playing one. :-) After the next update Im going to start a save with Sochaoux in Ligue 2, France. Its a club with much history but have been struggeling in recent years. France is a fun country to play in with many talented young players, some top clubs, superstars, good challenging league. Reminds me of Bundesliga, just with lower quality. After a few years with Sochoux I can go and manage abroad but I probably wont get a top job in a big leagues and that suits my playstyle. Maybe I get a job in PL, Championship, Bundesliga or LaLiga and start to buid a team there. I like to buid my my character but in stead of playing in the same country for 7-8 years, starting in the lowest league and bringing the team to top, I prefer to manage in multiple countries and build up my reputatin thtat way. Start in Switzerland, Austria, Chech republic, Croatia, thry to be best there, play in european cups, then move to better leagues and manage there. :-) So France for me this time, but coud easly be one of the other leagues too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_coefficient
  10. They have crazy fans. Have you seen the 100 years selebration video on youtube? I think the have the oldest organized supporters group in Europe.
  11. Yes, I understand, he was a foreign player even if the media at that time presented it as he was more or less domestic to make the whole story about the club more epic. :-) I remember there where also disscussions at that time if he coud play for the jugoslav national team. Bdw are you managing Hajduk Split? They had a great team during 80`too.
  12. Oh my .... As a huge Red Star fan in younger age I really appreciate the effort you are making here. Im going to try to adept the tactic to my current team. I was 14years old when they won the Champions cup and the Intercontinental cup. The year before I cried when they sold Stojkovic to Real Madrid. I thought after that they never going to win the Champions cup, so wrong I was. :-) I think its difficult to chose the philosophy becouse Red Star was well known for playing fast paced attacking football, its more or less only in the semifinals against Bayern (where your pictures are from) and final against Marseille that they played defensively and counter attacking. I remember those games against Bayern... and that 2-2 goal in Belgrade. :-) You know that Red Star and Steaua are the only teams in european football history to won the Champions cup with only domestic players at the club? Edit: Belodedic/Belodedici was half serb half romanian if I remember correctly.
  13. Hi guys! Im playing with Sochaux in Ligue 2 and I put up this formation based on the players I have: -----------------F9(S)---------------- ----RMD(A)------------EG(A)------- ---------CM(D)----------------W(S)- ----------------DLP(S)--------------- -WB(S)---CD(D)---BPD(X)---FB(S)- ----------------GK(D)--------------- Im looking for advice that can improve my formation and make it more balanced. Im conserned about my midfield setup since my W(S) is very poor at defending and is more suited to play as IF in a AMR position. He is very fast and likes to run with ball often so he can be a attacking weapon even in W(S) role. My DLP(S) is very good both and defending and passing. CM(D) is a allround midfielder that likes to play through balls. Im not sure how well my attack setup is. The thought is that F9(S) pulls back and make space for RMD(A) who is a striker playing wide and my EG(A) who is my best tecnical player. On the right flank I can get support from my W(S) who is a fast attacking winger. However Im afraid of having a gap in midfield and that is unbalanced. I still need to set up the rest of the instructions. My team is great at passing, first touch, technique, work rate and teamwork. Defence is poor at pace/acell so a high def line can be risky. Overtime I woud like to make a high pressing tactic somthing like Pochettino and Klopp use, but right now I dont think I have the players for high press game. Anny suggestions?
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