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  1. Some big changes in belgian football. Seeing Union and Deinze in the 4th division is remarkable. If you could take over one off those clubs you could climbed the leagues much faster.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. So we are doing much better than in real life.
  3. Incredible carreer @Makoto Nakamura. Can you please tell me how my favorite team Racing Mechelen is doing? I saw that you beat them during a friendly. Thanks in advance.
  4. Pff, lost all my saves. When I start again I will pick another team.
  5. Interesting challenge. I'll follow this thread. Which databse did you use for this challenge?
  6. Wow, incredible good season. I hope you can push for promotion in the play-offs. Bad news regarding the money.
  7. Congrats @smp20 with the promotion, just a shame that the clay ground will disappear.
  8. Mezzolara - Serie D/D - Season 2020-2021 Predicted: 13th Final position: 1th and champions!!! Before the start of the season I hoped we could challenge for at least a play-off place. We started the season with 5 wins in our first 6 games, and were battling for the title from game 1 on. We maintained our very godd form until the last 8 games. We won a lot of the games by a single goal, but we were much better than our opponents. At the end of the season we had a small dip in our performances, and lost 3 games, one of them being against Modena, what aloowed them to enter the title challenge. Before the last game we were leading the pact, but only had 1 point more than 2nd place, and 3 more than 3th place Modena. Both of them had better goal differences, so we need to win our last game. And we did it winning our last game in style 5-2; We won the title and our opponents got relegated by this result. A big difference in emotions. But I don't really know what the rules are in Italy, but it seemed that winning the title isn't enough to be sure that you get promoted. We were drawed against a team that finished 2nd in another league. We were very Lucky, but we won this game after penalties. Now we were sure that we got promoted, but he season wasn't finished yet. Now it was time to decide who is the best team in Serie D. We were draw in group A, against Fano, who knocked us out of the Serie D cup, and Taranto. We only could draw against Fano as we couldn't find the goal, so we must win againt Taranto to seal our place in the semi finals. We played them of the park, but could only score once. We won the game 1-0. Taranto was the Lucky loser, as they also go to the semis as best 2nd placed team. In the semis we won 2-0. In the final we had to play again against Taranto, but we were drawn as the away team. We scored after 25 seconds, and outplayed them in the rest of the game, winning the final with 4-0. We were crowned as champions of Serie D After this game we got the message that we turn professional immediatly. Besides our GK from the last intake, all the youngsters are willing to sign a professional contract. We will also build a new stadium, as we need at least 4000 seats in Serie C. Unfortunally they only build a stadium of 4000 to fulfill the minimum standards of this league. I'm afraid this will become a problem when we take the step to Serie B or A. Games 1 Games 2 Play-offs Serie D cup: Again we failed in our first game, what means we never won a game in this cup. Youth intake: a lot of stars, but I'm not that sure this is a good intake. The best 5 players got a contract. Damiano Chiurato (YP3a): MC, best player of the intake. Will need a lot of training before making the step to the first team. Omar Armani (YP3b): MR, will be retrained as AMR. Bryan Bonardi (YP3c): DC, ha a lot of stars but that is only due to the fact he has 2 good feet. Transfers: None Finances: Still red, so no upgrades. I hope the TV money in Serie C will help my finances. We need this money because we have to re-pay our loan, and will have much bigger contracts due to being professional.
  9. He signed a 2+2 year part-time contract, so I hope that I can keep him as long as possible.
  10. Some nice San Marino prospects @B.W.G. And what a result against Juventus!!!!
  11. Mezzolara - Serie D/D - Season 2019-2020 Predicted: 20th Final position: 3th What an incredible season we had. We played this season with the team that finished last season, and I feared we would face another relegation battle. We started the season with 4 wins out of 5 games, but after hat game our main striker got injured during training. He was out for 6 weeks, and during his abscence we could only win 1 game. The points that we lost during this period seemed to be the reason that we were in the unexpected title race. We didn't lose a single game of our last 22 games. This incredible run moved us up until an unbelievabe 3th place. Games 1 Games 2 Serie D cup: again we were out after our 1 first game, but we played much better than last season. Youth intake: We got a 5* ability player, and a couple players with potential. Very happy with this intake. Adama Traoré (YP2a): GK with already 5* ability. Straight into the first team, and already received a call up for the U20 of Burkina Faso. Davide Perillo (YP2b): AMR, will stay at least a season in the U18. Ibrahim Traoré (YP2c): MC, not related to our GK from this intake. Is from Ivory Coast. Transfers: as this a youth challenge, none Finances: In red, so again no upgrades.
  12. Unlucky @smp20. Hopefully you can get staright back up to Serie A Congrats witrh the promotion @B.W.G. Do you have already some good prospect from the mighty San Marino country. Good start @Peter G Congrats on staying up @Deisler26
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