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  1. It's like in France, you can see the lowest league, but you can't play in it. You have to start this challenge in the 2nd division. The good thing is, when you got relegated , and don't get sacked, you can keep on playing.
  2. OK, thanks for the reply. Is the file on facebook also with San Marino in it?
  3. Hey @duesouth. I wanted to restart this challenge, but it seems that the league with San Marino in it, don't generate any games. Can you please review this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Very nice progress @B.W.G. I saw that you also had problems with initial database. I also had problems with this database, so needed to stop my save. Which database are you now using?
  5. OK, good to know that it isn't a game blocker.
  6. Looking very good for promotion. I also started a save in the 13th division with AFM Romilly. 1 strange thing that I found out is that you can't see the competition in the league above "Departemental 4". Do you have the same?
  7. Also Braga has 53 points, so you need to see also that head-to-head games between all 3 teams.
  8. @B.W.G which database are you using for this? Will be a nice challenge. Will follow.
  9. Glad to see you back at the forum. Will follow as usual.
  10. Season 2020-2021: We won the double again. We also had a very good run in Europ Games 1 Games 2 Cup Competition phase 1 Phase 2 Champions play-off Europe We also have our first player come through our youth intake to become a full international Youth intake: No 5* player, but in overall a much better intake than the first year. Pietro Tassi (YP2a): DC Stefano Tommassini (YP2b): DM but will be retrained as a MC (cancel that because he is already poached by Tre Penne) Simone Pedini (YP2c): MC At the end of the season we became semi professional. Also Tre Penne became semi professional. We also have our first big name as a trainer in San Marino. The position as National coach can become a bigger problem, as the manager has won 25% of the games played by the National team this season. Just insane.
  11. Wow, congrats on qualifying for the group stage of the CL. And with a bit of luck you can take even some points in this group.
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