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  1. Siena - Season 2023-2024 - Serie C/B Predicted: 18th Final Postion: 5th Again we took some nice steps forward, and were almost the complete season in the promotion play-offs. We finished the season in 5th place with h20 points more than last season. The first game in the play-offs was against our rivals Arezzo. A team that I couldn't beat in any of our previous games. We played a very good game and were leading until the scored an equalizer withthe last kick of the game. Again we couldn't win against them but we advance to the next round as we finished higher in the compe
  2. Siena - Season 2022-2023 - Serie C/B Predicted: 17th Final Position: 13th A much better season. Never been in a relegation battle, and we finished the season in a very nice 13h place with 19 points more than last season. The only change to last season was that I kicked out the older players of the starting 11, and give opportunities to younger (20 - 23 years old) players, and they didn't disappoint. Games 1 Games 2 Games 3 Serie C cup: again, hadn't any interest in this cup, so failed again on the first hurdle. Youth intake: As the
  3. Siena - Season 2021-2022 - Serie C/B Predicted: 18th Final position: 17th We started the season pretty decent, on got 5 point after 3 games. But from then on it went only downwards. We had a terrible season with only 5 wins and a final position of 17th. So we entered the relegation play-offs, and we had to play Imolese. During the regular season we drew both games. First game was the away game, and we played some very good football, and won the game 2-4. Imolese had to won the second leg with at least 3 goals difference, as we finished the season in a better postion
  4. So I've put my Holland save on hold due to 2 reasons. I found it too easy, so the fun was gone, and my youngest daughter is extremely interested in FM. So I bought here the game and we rae playing an online youth save in Sweden. To be honest she play better than I as she won promotion in the second season, and I'm always battling against relegation. I also started a youth game in Italy, and I started the game with a team I'v saw the stadium a couple years ago, being on holiday in Tuscany. Unfortunaly the ground wasn't open, but I could take some pictures.
  5. Nooit Gedacht - Season 2024-2025 - 6th division Predicted: 8th Final position: 1th and Champions After 3 games we were 1th, and kept this place until the end of the season. But our maximum advantage during the season was only 4 points, and we only won the league after the last game of the season. We onle lost twice this season, and we have our first international call-up. Games 1 Games 2 Cup: Still no cup games, but I think we will enter the cup next season. Youth intake: We got another good preview, and the actual intake didn't disappoin
  6. Seems that the 6th Tier is a big step up. You're not giving me much hope for next season.
  7. Nooit Gedacht - Season 2023-2024 - 7th Division Predicted: 6th Final position: 1th and Champions Our first season in the 7th Tier, and from the start of the season we were in the top-3. During the first 20 games it was a battle between 3 teams, but from that game on Deurne were losing some points, and were out of the title race. With 2 games to go, we were second, only 1 game behind the leaders SO Soest. The second last game was against them, so everything was still in our hands, but needed a win to have the advantage during the last game. Nothing happend during the first
  8. Nooit Gedacht - Season 2022-2023 - 8th division Predicted: 11th Final position: 1th and Champions Again like last season we were almost the whole season in 1th position. In the second last game of the season we won and VVA lost their game. After this game we had an adcvantage of 3 points and a superior goal difference of +11. Only a loss of us and a massive win of VVA would mean that we loose the title again on the last match day. ANd we played terrible, and were lucky to lose with only 1-0. VVA won their game with 4-2, and that means that we were crowned as Champions!!!
  9. Nooit Gedacht - Season 2021-2022 - 8th division Predicted: 12th Final position: 3th My team ended the holiday season in last position and was 1 of the 40 possible teams to manage. In the end my daughter made the decision who I should play. What I didn't know before was that this was the first team of Ruud Van Nisterlooy, and we all know what a carreer he had. Let's hope we can have a new Ruud in the intakes. We had an incredible season. We were in 1th position with 3 games to go, but suddenly we played terrible football. Before the last day we and Margriet were tide
  10. FC United - Season 2022-2023 - Vanarama National League North Predicted: 17th Final position: 1th and Champions We had an incredible season. We were prety much the complete season in 1th position, and almost never threatened. We became champions with 2 games to go. We finished the season with an incredible 104 points. I'm sure this is 1 of the first time the I reached the 100 points mark. Our incredible ST Kingsley Chukwu (YP1a) from last years intake was crowed as best player of the league. He improved a lot this season and is too good for this level. He's already rated
  11. FC United - Season 2021-2022 - Vanarama Conference North Predicted: 18th Final position: 13th We had a very good first season. We were almost the complete season mid-table, and had some good results Games 1 Games 2 Games 3 FA cup: 4th qualifying round FA Throphy: 1th round Youth intake: The preview promised us a good ST, and the actual intake didn't disappoint, and we got a real gem. Kingsley Chukwu (YP1a): ST, what a player! Went immediatly to the first team, and didn't disappoint, scoring 6 goals in 6 games. I'm afraid th
  12. I've put my Racing Mechelen save on hold due to the youth intake issue in not loaded leagues. I did qualify for Europe, but the fun was gone as there were only ±6000 players in the save. I tried to start some new youth saves in Italy and Spain, but I didn't had a connection with those teams. So I started a new youth save with a team that I have managed already in FM20. I finished the first season, and I have a good feeling with this team. Like most of you I went to England and became the new manager of FC United.
  13. Racing Mechelen - Season 2028-2029 - Pro League B Predicted: 8th Final Position: 1th and Champions Before the start of the season I just hoped to stay up. But the step up to the 2nd division seemed to be not that big. From day 1 we were in the top-4, and played some very good football. During the complete season we only lost twice. The second loss was the 3th last game against Virton. When we would have that game we were champions, but just like last season, our youngsters lost this important game, 3-1 but it could have been a lot more. This left us with only 2 points adv
  14. Racing Mechelen - Season 2027-2028 - 1th amateur (Third division) Predicted: 15th Final position: 3th Play-offs: 1th and champions. During the summer we lost our 2 bet players, and I thought we would have to fight again to relegation. But this season was incredible. From day 1 we were in the play-off spots, We only lost once during the regular season. With 3 games to go we secured our play-off spot. We finished the season in 3th possition, but the 4 teams that reached the play-offs weren't seperated by a lot of points. Everybody could win the league. We started the p
  15. And the board went over my head and sold my 2 best players, ST and DR, for peanuts. My DR was even sold without a sell on clause. This will be another season fighting against relegation.
  16. Wow, looking very good. Hopefully they all want to sign a contract.
  17. @Cheez3y: Please, don't take my youngsters. I need them. I think this is one of the best affilialtes that you could have, as we have one of the best youth facilities of the country in the game.
  18. Racing Mechelen - Season 2026-2027 - 1th Amateur (3th division) Predicted: 15th Final position: 5th The first half of the season wasn't that good. We only won 3 games and were flirting with the relegation spots. But our second part of the season was much better. We even had 4 wins in a row. At the end of the season we finished in an incredible 5th place. This second part of the season is hopefully the first step in our development. We had some very good games, and when I had a better start we could have finished in the play-offs. Virton @Cheez3y was a class above everybod
  19. Me too. I have a sponsorship of 190K at Racing Mechelen.
  20. Racing Mechelen - Season 2025-2026 - 1th Amateur (Third division) Predicted: 15th Final position: 9th I think we were very lucky this season. With only 5 wins in a season, normally I would have been relegated, but we also had 16 draws. Most of the game I started with 6 youngsters, and that was too much. The are all capable of playing on this level, but 6 under 18 players as a starter was just to much. But I didn't had any other option, as the older players were declining fast. I think I will have another 2 difficult season, but when I can hold all my players my team will
  21. Racing Mechelen - Season 2024-2025 - 1st Amateur (3th division) Predicted: 12th Final position: 10th We started the season with 4 points after 2 games, but could only win once in the next 10 games. We were never in the relegation postions, but were always in a relegation battle. We survived in our second last game of the season. To summarize our season with only 1 word: inconsistancy. WIth only 13 players it was a very hard season. Best player of the season was Dean Doncos, and in real life he is a good friend of me. Will be hard to kick him out of the team, when somebody
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