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  1. Now that I have a proper look at other's score, all my happiness crumbled. How do you guys manage to do so well? A Chinese player scoring 51 goals in a calendar year?! That's madness!!
  2. This stage was way more interesting and fun compared to South Africa. We hardly struggled, and maybe for the first time in my life, spent the whole league season undefeated. Won 4 silverwares, and finished 3rd in the club world cup. Not saying that this stage wasn't challenging. I had to rely a lot on my foreign players for winning. Dynamics was a huge obstacle. At one point, when I continued 10 matches undefeated, the players revolted out of nowhere. I had a meeting with them, where one of the team leaders Gao Lin, openly went against me. This affected the whole team, as soon around 8 first teamers supported him in this case. The leadership support kept getting deteriorated even though we were winning every match. However, as soon as I got rid of the guy in the midseason transfer window, the other players stopped complaining, and the leadership support started increasing. After the end of the season, it's all green. At first, I played my usual 4-2-3-1 with 2 DMs. This didn't work properly at first. So I changed into a 4123(with 1 striker), giving Alan an advanced playmaker role in the right. We didn't have to look back after this. I brought Ryan Bertrand from Southampton. The transfer was expensive no doubt, but he ended up playing a pivotal role in my successful season, even placed in the second place in end of season award, behind Alan. All the foreign players played very well. Among the Chinese players, special mention to Wang Shanguyan. He was initially placed in the transfer list, with no team willing to buy him. Injury crisis made me use him as an wing back, and wow, he ended up finishing the season with the highest rating among all players, including foreigners. Screenshots Setup Screen before Start Manager Profile at Start League Table Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Fixtures 3 Transfers Assist 1 Assist 2 Goals 1 Goals 2 Manager Profile at End Gao Lin History(Giving this as I counted 1 assist he made before transfer) Points: Yellow Jersey: 12pts for being Champions League Winner, 10 points for 3rd place in CWC, 15pts for 15 goals from Yu Hanchao, -3pts for 3 losses. Total= 12+10+15-3= 34 Points Green Jersey: 5pts for winning the League, 12pts for scoring 72 goals in the league, 8pts for 14+6+5+4+3=32 goals scored in CL, 5pts for scoring 5 goals in CWC. Total= 5+12+8+5= 30 Points Polkadot Jersey: 3pts for winning the FA cup, 11pts for 4+2+5+6+5=22 goals scored in the cup. Total= 3+11=14 Points Stage Win: 272pts for 68 goals by Chinese players, 164pts for 82 Chinese assists, -120pts for 60 foreign goals, -25pts for 25 foreign assists. Overall= 272+164-120-25= 291 Points
  3. Almost done, I hope I will be able to give an update within next 24 hours. 20 games gone, so far unbeaten in the league.
  4. I got busy with some other saves. Hopefully I will be able to finish Stage 2 within next 10 days.
  5. As you can see, the Board wants a mid-table finish, with 15 matches to go. We are however, placed 9th in the league, in relegation zone. However, we only have a 5 point gap between the 3rd placed team and us, so meeting the board expectations is definitely possible. Not to mention, in Tahiti, even if you lose, you get 1 point, and for every win you get 4 points, so it's not that much difficult. The club finances are healthy, and we are only spending half of the wage budget. However, the transfer window is shut, and we can not sign any player for now except unattached players. Checking out the scouting center, there are hardly any good unattached players available, so we will likely have to pass the rest of the season without any signings.
  6. Association Sportive Dragon is a football club in Papeete, Tahiti. They play in the Tahiti First Division, with home games at Stade Pater, in Pirae. The club was founded in 1968 by Arthur Chung to represent French Polynesia's Chinese community. Over time the team has evolved to include a diverse mix of cultures. They also have a bit of history, winning the Tahitian First Division 3 times (2 times in real life).
  7. On a different note, my former team Tiga Sport won the league *sigh* It was honestly easy, considering that they were already way up when I left the team. There goes another silverware for my career. Not to mention, my first team Outer Islands have won the league 3 times in a row.
  8. It's so satisfying to vent your anger on press.
  9. Dynamics, thou a heartless bitch. Should have just stayed with Tiga Sport. Gutted that I was sacked just after 6 matches.
  10. I don't understand what is happening. After such a decent pre-season, suddenly the players have forgotten how to play football. The league table after 6 matches is following: We have simply been abysmal. Hawke's bay, a team whom we dominated in their home, dominated us in the league in our backyard. We have not won any game, and scored only 2 goals so far, with all our forwards missing countless chances in each match. Dynamics has been a huge issue for our downfall. Joe Stevens, a leader of the team exclaimed that he lost trust in me in the pre-season, when we were winning all our matches. I promised him that I would improve my leadership support. After our recent bad form, he openly started whining about moving away from club. And guess what, almost all influential players support him too. The board just called for a meeting, which will likely decide my future.
  11. A decent transfer window. We had problem in goalkeeping area, which was solved by Teitur Matras, a Faroese international. The pick of the bunch is however the following guy: Demba Senghor is simply too good for this level. He has high attributes even for bigger league, and he is only 19 years old!
  12. Sorry for the late update guys, have been quite busy the last few days. Pre-Season A great pre-season, which was almost as long as a regular season. We totally dominated all the matches, and I am hoping for a pretty good season now. The media is predicting us to be third, and I hope I can achieve even more. Three own goals from the same time!! I am glad that I am the one benefitting from this. And say hello to my new Ass man, sorry I mean Ass kid.
  13. Team Wellington FC was formed in 2004 by a consortium of Wellington clubs to compete in the New Zealand Football Championship. The uniform was yellow with black shorts, utilizing the primary sporting colors of the Wellington region. They play all their home games at David Farrington Park in Miramar. Have to say, the scenery around the stadium is dope. This time, I will be travelling almost 2250 km to my new job. The small dot in the upper portion is Stade Pentecost, the home of my previous club Tiga Sport. The facilities are huge upgrade compared to my previous clubs. Sadly, given the present state of finances, I have no hope of upgrading them any further for now. The board already rejected my plea for Continental B License due to their huge amount of debt.
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