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  1. Saheed Sunkami Ramon, a Nigerian Fitness Coach working for MHDN FC has a weekly wage of £12,000. Surely that's a mistake. This makes the team unplayable for long-term as well, as mutually terminating his contract will eat up all the budget of the team.
  2. So I faced a weird problem. I started with St. Albert Impact on Alberta league and won the league on 2019. As I was waiting for the 2020 season to start, I got a notification that Edmonton Scottish won the league. Their league win was not recorded in Alberta Major Soccer League page. However, this league win was shown on the page of the manager of Edmonton Scottish, as shown below: I got a notification that the league fixture was released. However there was nothing shown on schedule, or the highlights in the home page.
  3. Silly question. You said you have added a number of central America and Caribbean leagues. But I can't seem to find those leagues in the download section.
  4. Awesome work @yellowsweatygorilla. I have never played in Canada, despite trying out many obscure leagues over the year. Seeing your file has made me interested in trying this out. But I am a bit confused after reading all these comments. If I want to use Uncle Sam's USA Expansion 3.8 DB File with yours, I just have to use your main file, leaving out your continental and voyageurs cup file. What will be the problem if I do this? Or I can use your continental file and voyageurs cup file, alongside all of Uncle Sam's file, but that will result in league dynamic reputation to stop working?
  5. Now that I have a proper look at other's score, all my happiness crumbled. How do you guys manage to do so well? A Chinese player scoring 51 goals in a calendar year?! That's madness!!
  6. This stage was way more interesting and fun compared to South Africa. We hardly struggled, and maybe for the first time in my life, spent the whole league season undefeated. Won 4 silverwares, and finished 3rd in the club world cup. Not saying that this stage wasn't challenging. I had to rely a lot on my foreign players for winning. Dynamics was a huge obstacle. At one point, when I continued 10 matches undefeated, the players revolted out of nowhere. I had a meeting with them, where one of the team leaders Gao Lin, openly went against me. This affected the whole team, as soon around 8 fi
  7. Almost done, I hope I will be able to give an update within next 24 hours. 20 games gone, so far unbeaten in the league.
  8. I got busy with some other saves. Hopefully I will be able to finish Stage 2 within next 10 days.
  9. Wow, that's just incredible. Would like to read your full season update soon.
  10. A question to the people who have already started Stage 2. Have you guys been able to offload the foreign players? To get more stage points, I was thinking I am going to sell them, and instead buy some foreign defenders or defensive midfielders.
  11. Thanks. Feel free to tell me if I made any mistake. I am sleepy af now, so there may be somewhere I did something wrong. I am kind of disappointed with the thread though, wish more people participated.
  12. Well, finally finished the Stage 1. It was a fun challenge, in the first season at least. In the second season, I was feeling quite bored, when I got knocked out early in the confederations cup, I actually felt a bit of relief. However, I think I am the worst performer here, could only win the Super 8. The likes of Sundowns, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates were just on a different level, and despite our best efforts, we could only achieve a fourth position. Injuries did not help me either, my two left wingers Patosi and Obinna were both out for 8 months. I bought a new left winger in the
  13. Real respect for the people who won the league in South Africa. I will be happy if I can just finish in 4th position. Also, in case of Stage 1, you guys can check out Didier Zokora. For God knows why, he wanted only 350 pound/week, and clearly the best player of the team. Hopefully I can wrap the stage 1 up within tomorrow. Any tips for the stage 2 anyone?
  14. How did you guys sell players in South Africa? I tried to do a squad overhaul, but failed miserably. Also, what's with the terrible scheduling? What kind of role are you using for Gabadhino Mhango? I bought him too, and so far he played 5 matches, with zero goal.
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