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  1. Sorry to tag you like this, but can you give me the information? @XaW @darren1983
  2. Guys, a confusion. What if the date I joined as a manager (league reset date), some signings have already been made by the previous manager, but the new signings have not joined the club yet as the transfer window is closed. Can I use them for this challenge?
  3. Ah ****, didn't know that. Bummers, I was having a torrid time in that save anyway. Time to leave it. Do Indonesia or Malaysia have 2 leagues in FM24?
  4. Well I am late to the party but now I feel like I am ready for the Youth Academy Challenge. I am choosing Hong Kong for this and I chose a very special team for this challenge. Club Introduction South China AA Why special you ask? Well, look at their trophy counts below. By far historically the best team in Hong Kong, they are facing some hard times in recent years as they decided to voluntarily self relegate themselves in 2017. Finally, in game they have been promoted to the top division and it is my duty to bring them back the glory days. Forget it, I am blabbering too much honestly, look at the season preview. I will be lucky if I can last even 1 season. Even a team like Hong Kong Under 23, an impossible save told by many has way better odds than us. The club has decent facilities though, with a 40,000 seater stadium. Manager Profile First up, just secure survival in the first season. Oh I should add, season update date for Hong Kong is on 31 August. Save on around 15 May to get new teams.
  5. Thanks a lot. The continental file does not work with the Iceland 23.4 temporary fix provided above?
  6. Sorry but the website posted seems to be down. Can you or someone upload the latest update to another host site?
  7. For the past few years, I have been an avid follower of this challenge. However, I never tried this challenge out as to me, transfers is the most enjoyable part of the game. But after FM 2023 came out, I really can not get myself to enjoy any save. Hence I finally felt the urge to try out the Youth Academy Challenge. At first, I tried out Indonesia, which I had to abandon due to some stupid bugs. I took a closer look at rest of the Asian nations, and finally selected Malaysia, the country with the worse youth rating out of playable nations. The team I chose is: Club Introduction Kinabalu Jaguar FC Introducing Kinabalu Jaguar FC, a Malaysian Club based in Kota Kinabalu. The club is an infant, established only in 2021. In game, they have won the 3rd tier of Malaysia and got promoted into the 2nd tier. The club is predicted to finish 9th out of 12 teams in the 2nd tier, although I should mention that the below 03 teams are 2nd team of 1st tier teams, and they are stronger than us. This is reflected in the board expectation, as they expect us to attempt to avoid relegation. Their supporter base is also small, with 130 season ticket holders in a 4,000 seater stadium. There is only 18 players in the whole club, with only 06 defenders. The facilities are atrocious and much work is needed to be done if we can move forward. However first thing is first, we need to secure survival in the first season. This is me.
  8. I started my youth save in Indonesia, with Badak Lampung F.C. However I only started noticing the bugs when I tried to renew my existing players' contracts. The players I signed from youth intake could not be register till the 10th game of the season, which was annoying. The registration rules do not make sense at all. And now I see people reporting the most alarming thing, the contract renewal issue of the manager. I feel I have to stop this save for now. These annoying things will not allow me to fully enjoy this long term save. Is there any chance SI will fix this bug before the January Transfer Update?
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