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  1. "Should Southgate’s side exceed all expectations and reach the semi-finals they will meet Spain, with La Roja likely to be overwhelming favourites"

    Absurdly presumptuous, not even a "they will most likely meet," just straight up pretending Spain beating home nation Russia and then an excellent looking Croatia or a Denmark team that hasn't lost a game in ages is an absolute guarantee.

    And bothering about not being included in another nation's song is like caring your team isn't included in that "**** them all" chant Millwall do.

    Before the tournament everyone here said we had no chance, and suddenly the press are surprised that other countries felt/still feel the same? :D 

  2. Spain or Uruguay, voted for Spain.

    I'm still not quite feeling Belgium but Kompany instead of Boyata would raise their chances significantly. If they can get past the quarters I think they'll get into the final but if it's Spain they face there I think Spain will have too much for them.

    One of Sweden, Switzerland, Colombia, or England will be in the semis so at that point whoever of those it is that gets through will have a chance. 

    Denmark, Japan, Mexico, and Argentina I just can't see doing anything at all. I'd include Russia but they have home advantage which does make a difference, but I'd be very surprised to see them past Spain.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Mr Adam said:

    No way we threw that on purpose. We picked a weaker team to allow 3 days of prep (instead of 2) for our first team against whoever we are to play. 

    Just good tournament management.

    Look at Colombia - had to play their best team and their best player went off injured. Imagine the scenes if Southgate had played Kane last night and he had got injured. The same people criticising for fielding weakened team would be all over him for risking Kane.

    Agreed. Happy Southgate rested players as we need our first team ready for the knock out whoever it is. Didn't want to lose last night and I'm sure the team didn't but the main thing was resting the main team.

    Unfortunately he's in for criticism now and if we don't get through to the semis people will now argue we should have tried harder to win this, and if we did beat Belgium and went out people would have said we should have lost so he can't win at all in the situation unless we get very deep.

  4. 5 minutes ago, skybluedave said:

    Christ. We didn't throw the game ffs. It was 2 reserve teams half arsing it. Both were as bad as each only difference Belguim managed to score a nice goal. 

    We lacked quality and played it long too much. That doesn't mean we threw the game. Means we were just crap

    Basically whoever lost tonight would have been accused of playing for 2nd. Januzai skies it and Rashford scores instead and we'd all be digging Belguim out for throwing it. 

    This is why I wanted to win and I wanted to play a stronger side. We will probably lose to Colombia now and everyone will blame this game

    Noticed this as well and it confused me. It wasn't like we were under pressure when doing it, Belgium we're pressing us a massive amount to cause that. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, daylight said:

    It baffles me that some on here actually believe England threw the game.

    Both sides rested players for the next round, make no mistake though, both sides wanted the win.

    Fully agree with this. It clearly wasn't viewed as a must win and there wasn't a huge amount of urgency, but both teams obviously wanted a win.

    Neither team played particularly well and it played like a friendly, but every team wants to win friendlies as well.

  6. 14 minutes ago, AJJ said:

    We won't get by Columbia. With or without James. Cuardado will have Ashley Young on toast and they have much more guile and creativity than us in midfield. 

    I like Quintero and he does have creativity but without James I really don't think they have any more than England. They can still win, but they looked fairly toothless today and only scored from a set piece that Senegal looked disorganised from because of a sub.

    It's hard to rate Colombia properly. They played the majority of the game against Japan with 10 men and Poland looked an absolute shambles. Today they really weren't impressive and Senegal really should have punished them.

    They have quality and can beat us for sure, but if we can't beat the likes of them we shouldn't be anywhere near the quarters or semis.

  7. If we played our first team and one (Kane?) got injured people would have moaned. We made changes and people moaned. If we won people would have moaned that we have a harder route. We lose with a weaker team and people moan because our back up players didn't perform as well as the main group.

    Basically there was no way people wouldn't moan. I don't buy that we deliberately threw the game either. I think we tried to get the goal but there clearly wasn't the intensity if it were absolutely vital, which I think would be the same for any team in the same situation.

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