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  1. Basically if we don't get to the semis people will moan because we should have beaten Belgium to get 1st/lost to Belgium to get the easier route (delete as applicable)

    There isn't a right or wrong and captain hindsight wankers are going to be really annoying if we go out in round of 16 or the quarters.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Cedrik said:

    Where does all the 'Schadenfreude' (:D) actually comes from concerning the Germans being eliminated? When I for example see the frontpage of the Sun Sport, don't quite understand all the banter. 

    Germany are a world class team that typically does very well, so seeing them go out a) is pretty funny and b) means they can't knock us out.

    There's been a big rivalry between us for god knows how many years and they've beaten us so many times, so naturally the public and the press are enjoying it. Quite rightly too as well imo. What I've seen so far has been pretty good natured and well within the limits of "banter" (though I do hate that word :D)  

  3. 1 minute ago, PMLF said:

    Southgate doing a Trump, criticizing some mistake people make, then making that same mistake...

    In fairness he's not criticising anything. Just saying (back in 2012) that in the dressing room he would say let's win the game and worry about everything else later but that the permutations are part of the fun as a fan. He hasn't said anything in the press lately that contradicts this, it's just interesting and mildly amusing to see him tweet something back in 2012 that is so pertinent to this current situation.

  4. If Colombia win the group I'm not convinced them, Sweden/Switzerland, then Croatia/Spain (realistically) is that much more desirable than Japan/Senegal, Brazil, then Uruguay/Portugal/France considering how poor Brazil and France have looked.

    However, I really wouldn't want to play Uruguay so I'm certainly not arguing finishing second is a bad option, but I just think deliberately finishing second and ending up with Colombia when trying to get "easier" QF opponents would be mental.

    If Japan win the group I think it's a whole different argument. I still don't like the idea of deliberately trying to finish second but it gets a bit harder to argue against tbh.

  5. 19 minutes ago, ginnybob said:

    Love how people feel the need to explain how we shouldn't enjoy ourselves. ****ing bore off.

    We might get knocked out in the R16 but so ****ing what? People are enjoying the experience at a major tournament for the first time in years. 

    I love the "you've only beaten Tunisia and Panama!" as if in past tournaments we haven't completely embarrassed ourselves against teams we should have beaten comfortably.

    This is the first tournament in years we've not been utterly disappointing, of course we're going to enjoy this.

  6. 1 hour ago, G-Man11 said:

    Seriously never got why people were so adamant Argentina were out after the Croatia match. It's almost if they forget how lacking in quality Iceland are.

    This is why I'm baffled people are talking about the knockout games as if they're guaranteed (other than the ones obviously confirmed)

    Germany could still finish top, Brazil could come second, Japan could come second and Colombia top, etc etc etc.

    There's not guarantees at all yet. I'm just trying to enjoy the ride!

  7. 1 hour ago, daylight said:

    Croatia have been one of the most impressive I have seen, I didn't watch tonight's game though.

    I would think a Spain vs Croatia game would be very entertaining and very close.

    Croatia have looked good, however I thought that during the Euros to the extent I bet on them, they burned me man :( 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

    Was going to say this. They played like a team, in the second half, that had been told not to score anymore goals.

    To me they played like a team that was 5-0 up, knew the game was won, so weren't putting in any extra effort. Didn't come across as specifically "don't score any more" otherwise there'd be no point taking any shots, and there were still a couple of very minor half chances like when Sterling got in behind but the keeper beat him to the ball. If we were desperate to not score we wouldn't have even created those.

    If we were desperate to come top I think we'd have gone for more but the remit was to get through so we're just seeing what happens against Belgium and going from there.

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