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  1. The reason it's not a red is because a penalty is a clear goal scoring opportunity. You can't deny a clear goal scoring opportunity if you're giving away a penalty, so a red on top of that has been considered for years to be harsh and hence the change in the rule.

    I know people are saying "well it was a tap in before the defender fouled him!" and perhaps it could be argued that needs to be looked into and discussed, but there's been far too many open goals missed to ever say it was a "100% goal." At this moment, with the rules as they are, it was a completely perfect decision from the referee.

  2. Just now, JDownie said:

    He still denied a certain goal and missed the ball entirely. Attempt to play the ball or not, he's stopped a 2-1 situation by taking the player out and missing the ball. 

    Yes but that's not the rule. 

    Debate the rule if you like, but the ref has followed the letter of the law correctly.

  3. 1 minute ago, The_jagster said:

    He clearly leaves his hand up knowing what he's doing imo

    Even if he's not doing it to think "ooh I might stop a shot with my hand" it's an unnatural position. You can seem him jump and his right arm goes down, so on that basis it's a penalty.

    Although I think you're right as well and he knew exactly what he was doing, which begs the question as to how thick is he when so many have been given for similar and much more debatable incidents.

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