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  1. 6 minutes ago, darren1983 said:

    Plus there's those that just want to come on after the game game and say "told you it wasn't coming home" rather than just join in the fun.

    I can tolerate it a little bit from bitter Welsh/Scots etc but the weirdest are the English who are desperate for us to lose, it's so ****ing weird.

  2. 6 minutes ago, darren1983 said:

    Anyone that turned their back on Gareth's brave lads during the game needs shaming! I'm looking at Bliss and Wands for a start. 

    Also I thought Cuadrado was gonna rip Young apart tonight? I just hope Young remembers to take him out of his pocket before the Sweden game otherwise poor Juan may miss his flight home ;) 

    Did Cuadrado do anything at all other than blazing a good chance over the bar? Poor Young must be having nightmares :D

  3. Just now, G-Man11 said:

    I mean yeah it is brilliant but one could argue he ending up making a needless fantastic save to give away a corner that they conceded from :brock:.

    That would be insanely harsh :D I mean, it's sort of true as it did give away the corner but I'd never want a keeper to just stand there and hope! The speed it's coming there's zero chance he can be sure it's going wide.

  4. 5 minutes ago, PaulHartman71 said:

    Also, why did Vardy not take one? Bottled it or just crap at them in training, doesn't seem like the type to bottle taking one at least? Thought he took quite a few for Leicester.

    I'm guessing they have 5 named based on who's most likely to be on the pitch which didn't include Vardy and they didn't want to change it. 

  5. Just now, Marc Albrighton said:

    Well whatever stage we go out at now we've certainly showed more mental stability and metal than we have for decades. Henderson easily the best players on the pitch for me.

    Yeah, this. We were wobbly in extra time after the goal, but then the next 15 we improved dramatically. So impressive mentally after such an incredible set back.

    And then to miss the first pen but not let it affect anything? Genuinely outstanding mental strength. 

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