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  1. 43 minutes ago, Wigmore said:

    I fancy that this team would beat Colombia and comfortably overcome Japan. Senegal would be the major worry for me, they have the type of players up top that can cause problems for our admittedly somewhat fragile defence.

    Sengal didn't look all that great at the back either tbf, I'd be disappointed to lose to them

  2. 1 hour ago, Astafjevs said:

    That's probably contributing to the overall giddyness. Everyone is looking at the others and thinking England can beat them all

    We can. Of course they can beat us just as easily so there's no guarantees, but this is the smallest gap between us and the bigger teams for quite some time, 2006 possibly? There's not a single team that I think "yeah, no way we beat them"

  3. 9 hours ago, Readingfanman said:

    Why are so many people insistent that England should go and try and beat Belgium?


    What exactly am I missing? Do we get some kind of automatic bye if we beat Belgium which takes us to the semi finals or something?

    I'm seeing the same with people insistent we should try and finish second. Neither position guarantees us anything so we should try and carry on the momentum with a win.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Mark H said:

    :D I'm saying he's flipping excellent! Finishing and his mental attributes are amazing no doubt. But you, as a Spurs fan, watch him every week. I want to know what his other strengths are, I haven't seen him anywhere near as much as you. He just scores goals (not that i'm complaining)

    Just to confirm. I love Harry Kane! 

    I don't watch Spurs every week or anything, but from what I've seen he's very good at holding up the ball and is very strong. He's actually a really good passer of the ball as well so when he does drop deep, midfield runners can get ahead and can be confident of getting the ball back, or he'll spread it wide and get in the box himself. 

    He's a bit of an all rounder really. He's strong enough and a good enough header of the ball to be a target man, but he's very capable of dropping deep or going wide and linking up with midfielders, which is very handy when you have a 5 man midfield. We haven't actually seen him do a truck load of this at the world cup so far either, it's been more Sterling, Lingard, and RLC/Alli's job to get the ball in those areas and they've all been linking with each other, which Tunisia couldn't handle in the first half.

    His main quality seems to be finding space in the box which we saw against Tunisia, and then this is matched by his finishing ability. I loved how confident he was with the two penalties yesterday and the fact he put them both in pretty much the exact same place.

  5. 8 minutes ago, westy8chimp said:

    We missed two or 3 in quick succession vs Tunisia then nothing for the next 70 mins. 

    We should have been carving tjose teams up. Brazil played reasonably poor vs Costa Rica but still had double figure shots on goal... And loads of touches in the box... As soon as we face a team who can defend corners, on current showing, we will be out... Unless the plan really is to hit it from range and get a miracle deflection off Kane

    We had 18 shots against Tunisia with 8 on target. First half we were creating loads and loads of chances from open play.

  6. 8 hours ago, Baptista_8 said:

    I really think that people find the slightest thing to praise Sterling for, when really he should be doing a hell of a lot more. Let's hope he brings out some quality performances come the knockouts.

    On the other hand, there seems to be some who seem to refuse to acknowledge any contribution of his. I saw a comment on reddit that blamed him for the misses against Tunisia even though the only miss he did was offside anyway.

    Sterling was decent against Panama. Nothing special, decent. Lingard definitely outshone him quite comfortably, but they seem to link up well. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

    It's just ridiculous. Both teams are embarrassing with that mindset.

    England are top and so have to lose. Just go for the win

    "We want to keep momentum, we will have to think exactly about the team we want to put out against Belgium because there is an opportunity for players that need a match, but we also want to keep winning football matches. It is a nice decision to have."

    So basically he wants to make changes but wants to keep winning. Fine by me.

  8. Just now, Weezer said:

    Not sure why but England seem to either run out or ideas, gas or both in the 2nd half of games. Come out of the blocks quick but you have to worry if we don't score an early goal against a more competent side than this.

    Are you serious? 

    We were 5-0 up. I'd be worried if we actually needed a goal but we clearly don't so not surprised the players are saving energy.

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