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  1. 7 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

    It's just ridiculous. Both teams are embarrassing with that mindset.

    England are top and so have to lose. Just go for the win

    "We want to keep momentum, we will have to think exactly about the team we want to put out against Belgium because there is an opportunity for players that need a match, but we also want to keep winning football matches. It is a nice decision to have."

    So basically he wants to make changes but wants to keep winning. Fine by me.

  2. Just now, Weezer said:

    Not sure why but England seem to either run out or ideas, gas or both in the 2nd half of games. Come out of the blocks quick but you have to worry if we don't score an early goal against a more competent side than this.

    Are you serious? 

    We were 5-0 up. I'd be worried if we actually needed a goal but we clearly don't so not surprised the players are saving energy.

  3. 1 minute ago, Marc Albrighton said:

    I dont mind smaller nations playing the only way they can possibly get a result but these Panama players are just horrible bastards, hope we stick 6 past them.

    I understand defensive tactics and perhaps a wee bit of gamesmanship, but these are an absolute disgrace.

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