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  1. Harry Kane is without doubt world class, but I agree with the rest of your post.
  2. We can beat both teams. Both teams can beat us. So not arsed who goes through really.
  3. Before the tournament I'd have been happy with getting out the group. Thought we could get quarters with a bit of luck. This if beyond anything I ever expected. Whatever happens now, they've earned a lot of love and respect from everyone. Southgate in particular has impressed me so much, especially considering I, and a lot of others, were very negative about the appointment.
  4. Such a composed performance. Took about 15 minutes or so to settle into it, but once we did we just controlled the game. Everything was at our pace and it was good to watch. Didn't rip them apart or anything but it was brilliant to see the players just seem to confident. There didn't seem to be any nerves that have affected teams of the past. Pickford, Maguire, Trippier, and Henderson were all very, very good. Sterling didn't score, but if you don't see at this point what he adds to the team there's really no point arguing now. The rest of the team did their jobs to nigh on perfection as well. I have no complaint about any player really. I don't care who we've "only" beat, we're in the semi final of the world cup against either Russia or Croatia. This is comfortably the most fun I've ever had following England.
  5. Rickie Lambert would probably score in the shoot out so I really have no idea what your point is here.
  6. Think that just about goes down as an error...
  7. Mbappe should do better, must have thought someone was around him.
  8. Sterling is underrated at this point. He's not been amazing and has given it away a lot but it's clear what he's adding to the team. He's good in the transitions and even if he gives the ball away he's got the opposition on the back foot and has been good. If he starts creating chances as we know he can he'll start looking incredible, but that side has been weak so far.
  9. Southgate noted our poor record straight away, zero chance he's going to let the players be overconfident
  10. I like reddit but **** me some of the absolute worst comments I've ever seen about football have been on there. They make Sid and Scott look like considered and respectable posters.
  11. There's people on reddit arguing Kane's penalty shouldn't have been given because Kane fouled first. At least no one here has been that stupid yet.
  12. Pekerman's tears are incredible. Not pretending England were angels but ****ing hell to act like Colombia weren't the main instigators And claiming it's not a penalty it's a new level of stupidity.
  13. You're an Englishman actively supporting the opposition on some weird high horse mentality of "good football" so either you're a troll or an idiot. Or both of course.
  14. Was about the quote westy regarding Kane but then I saw his ***** about wanting Sweden to win and realised there was really no need. Kane was excellent last night.
  15. Dier came on 81st minute, so they were better for 30 minutes if we're being kind then We weren't amazing but I thought we were playing out the game pretty well tbh
  16. Southgate on the takers: "Our list of five takers altered because of the changes we made but we had some young players who showed resilience under pressure. We have practiced enough, we have been through a process and we were in control of that. I felt so confident in the players, even after the first one was saved, because we knew we would save one of theirs." So yeah, guess I was wrong. People criticising Southgate and the changes/lateness of the changes and I don't disagree, but the mentality he's bred into this squad is incredible and I think the system, overall, has worked. I don't get people saying we played poorly, we were the better team for a huge portion of the game, Colombia had, what, 20 minutes where they looked better? Southgate has done a very good job so far.
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