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  1. I'm really enjoying the Regista this year. I'm playing a midfield three of Regista (DM) BWM-D (CM) CM-A (CM) One thing I'm struggling with is width. If I want to play through the middle, is it advisable to play wide and attack through the middle, or narrow?
  2. Why do wingers and full backs pause (thus allowing full backs to get back into position) before crossing? Realllllly annoying
  3. My Regista (Kovacic) won World Player of the Year in my first year. Beating Messi and Ronaldo. I'll post my tactic later as I'm at work. It's nothing groundbreaking. I'm only 3rd in the league (first year @ Chelsea.) but it certainly makes good use of the Regista. Just behind KDB in terms of key passes. The only modifications to the database, is I disabled all starting injuries.
  4. finally enjoying the match engine again. However, attacking midfielders and strikers are still under powered.
  5. Well, I've just started a new save, made sure the box was ticked and most of my squad are "Wanted".
  6. You haven't scored a penalty in 6 seasons. Calling BS.
  7. 2019 Only because 2020 makes me want to smash my keyboard.
  8. Gone back to FM2019. Just made my own database to reflect the FM20 changes. I advise everyone who's too frustrated with FM20 to do the same. Enjoying FM again :)
  9. Nah he's right. No point complaining now. Should have played the demo.
  10. Most games are just chaos. One on ones being missed 90% of the time. The worst thing is though, I don't feel like a manager. I want my team to exploit the awful injury ridden midfield of my opponent, but they just hoof it wide to the wingers who dribble, cut in and blaze it over the bar. I do not feel like my tactical changes do anything. I cannot enjoy this. Honestly, most of the hours I've put into FM20 have been filled with frustration. Unfortunately, I've played more than two hours, but is there any way I can get a refund for this? I hear people being successful with over 10 hours played?
  11. Explain? Looks OK. May need a few touches. Perhaps changing the AP to DLP
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