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  1. I've been really impressed by the match engine this year and in small periods of play, I've seen a lot more attacking through the centre of the pitch. I want to try and pronounce that more and build a tactic round it, rather than rely so heavily on crosses. I'll try and explain what I want first. I primarily want to see one-twos played on the edge of the box with through balls played to a striker breaking the offside trap. This is what I've come up with so far. I'll try and explain my reasoning. If my logic is flawed, please correct me. Defence Fairly self expla
  2. Trying to play around with different 'number 8' setups, but can't get much working. I love a late running midfielder scoring goals. If I wanted to create a system to get the best out of a number 8 (15+ goals a season?), what would you go for? CM-A? MEZ-A? BBM with Get Further Forward? How would you play the others around him? I figure the best system would be a 4-3-3 DM with two Wingers who would cut back to the middle ready for a 'Arrives Late In Box' PPM Number 8.
  3. We'll be seeing proper Football Twitter troll accounts next.
  4. Ok so I've had a bit of time with the game. Overall, I'm really impressed. However, I have some nagging issues, mostly to do with the UI, but one match engine complaint too. Match Engine When players are wide, they rarely cross as soon as possible. They slow down, wait and by then the chance has gone for a quick cross. They seem to wait for their defenders to start pressing them. Most of the time, they shift it on their other foot and then pass it backwards. Really annoying when you want your winger or full back to get to the by-line and cross quickly. UI Role Suitability
  5. Not complaining, but going by CA, Tomori is Chelsea's best defender. Doesn't seem right? Reece James underrated too I reckon.
  6. Only played one game, but so far VERY impressed. Match engine looked great. Some really nice play. You can really see the ball curve this year. My only gripe so far is that the subbing is slightly more long winded. If we could have the option of the chalkboard with the positions again, and just move positions, that would be cool. I know you can do it at the bottom right of the screen in the mini one, but doesn't feel as good as previous. Looking forward to playing more tomorrow.
  7. I'll go on first watch. Someone take over at 19:30. I need to eat dinner.
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