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  1. A 24% crossing success rate is good. But, I agree, too many crosses. Very little variation.
  2. Not right now, no. You see the occasional through ball, but most of the goals come through floated crosses. I tried a vertical tiki-taka, but i hardly ever score with it. It just goes to the wing backs who cross it in. Seems to be a reluctance to thread the ball through the middle.
  3. Feels like a lot of the goals are coming from floated crosses. Crossing is so overpowered at the moment
  4. Is it me or is there a very slight delay when navigating through the tabs / inbox messages? Feels slower / bit more clunky than last year. Sometimes it takes a second or so to load up an e-mail, when previously it's been near enough to instantaneous.
  5. 'accidentally' We're on to you. We do not forgive. We do not forget.
  6. Beta will be out by 8pm tonight FM Twitter basically confirmed
  7. Scrambling hard now. Keep digging fella. You'll be in Australia soon.
  8. All these mods contributing to the thread today 100% it's happening.
  9. We need a sacrifice to the FM gods. These GIFS are not enough. Any takers?
  10. It's always after the meeting. Perfect timing as I've got tomorrow off work. We feast tonight boys
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