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  1. Explain? Looks OK. May need a few touches. Perhaps changing the AP to DLP
  2. Well, he's bang on. I've never been so frustrated playing Football Manager.
  3. Game breaking in my opinion. The game is just crossing simulator right now and even when my wingers are in positions to cross / cut back, they just go for goal and hit side netting or take too long and come back on their other foot.
  4. Why is it so hard to score with a striker on this version?
  5. Not good enough I'm afraid. I feel sorry for the people playing who don't know.
  6. The no through balls through the middle has been a problem for a while as far as I'm aware. Could we get some input from SI about this?
  7. It was answered in the first reply. Reel your neck in.
  8. The transfer embargo is the best thing about playing Chelsea this year! Use the youth! Your game I guess...
  9. What's with all the cross field passing / missed 1 on 1s? No matter what tactic I play, it's the same. Hit it wide. Hesitate in a good crossing position. Pull the ball back and either a) lose possession, b) put in a cross when all the defenders are now back. Frustrating
  10. The playing time feature is wonderful. Still concerns with the moving of data columns though. It seems this still hasn't been addressed. On the tactics screen and under the "Squad Report" drop down, it shows ability but didn't show potential. I got rid of a few of the other columns and tried to add it, but it keeps doing that thing where the last column is really wide and you can't resize it.
  11. My mate Chris has a reliable source that Beta will launch Friday before 6pm,
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