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  1. I wouldn't go with that myself mate, official websites are rarely updated by the actual club and are taken from out of date databases. Having seen him a bit this season I'd have him higher than 170cm for sure but still doesn't look 6'1" to me
  2. He looks nowhere near 6ft 1in to me and I've seen him up close. Taller than 5ft 7in but wouldn't say he's above 6ft.
  3. I'm not sure on his jumping going higher personally. Feel like it'll develop into a 10/11 at his peak in game which I think would be about right for him. He's got a good spring unopposed but still don't think he's great in duels. Strength is something I've been monitoring and agree it probably could be 1 or 2 higher he's been getting a lot better at using his body and has bulked up a fair bit too. Pace not sure, he's very good over long distances Luke just never really shows it often as a lot of his work is in small areas nowadays. He's a bit different in a 2 man strike force too compared to how he played for Wales (at least on Friday which I watched).
  4. Nicky Adams has no positions on the left hand side despite playing 136 games on the left since the beginning of 2015/16 and 39 since the beginning of last season. He's played there 5 times this season and nearly all of last season there yet has no positions at all. Surely he should be natural on that side by now?
  5. For me he's not an analyst in FM terms. The role in FM is more to do with data than performance which is what Garry Parker does, if anything it's more of a scout role in game than analyst.
  6. I'd guess at 5'/1011" for Sweeney myself. Josh Kayode at Carlisle should be Irish/Nigerian:
  7. David Jones is (29148343), was appointed on 18/12/19 according to CompaniesHouse. @Dean Gripton Sloanes was same date, few details here on him - https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/rr-XHMT3y7qsp8T-o1fowaFj36I/appointments
  8. Whilst it's great having feedback, this thread is really just for data issues and not just picking out individual attributes. I think Dom is a good finished. If you want to privately message me with anything specific feel free to but please try and just keep this to issues.
  9. One of which actually has a lower ability than Jephcott in game too. I'm hoping he plays for the U21's on Friday as I'll be watching, will be interesting to see him in a different environment.
  10. If anything judging by his goalscoring record inside the box I'd say it's too high? What has he done to warrant a rating of 12?
  11. For me Freddie should have increased anticipation and off the ball. Personally would have at 14 Ant and 13 for OTB.
  12. Jephcott is rated based on starting 12 games before this season. I've watched him play and train since he was 16 years old and his current ability reflects the fact he can play in League 1 whilst his potential ability as pointed out by @santy001 could potentially reach low end PL ability but is dynamic and could change. His attributes fairly reflect him as of the start of this season in my opinion, he has all the attributes in place that are getting him goals in real life (anticipation and off the ball) with his finishing also being at a good level too. I've seen plenty of players have the form he's had in real life have purple patches and am definitely not going to get carried away by a player riding a wave at the moment. Mike Cooper is rated as the best goalkeeper at the club with a very good potential too. It's worth noting he hadn't started a league game for the club before this season and again is another I've watched train and play since he was 16 years old. Camara - The majority of his profile has been rated on his performances at Crawley. Have you seen him more times than the Crawley researcher has? What do you feel deserves to be increased? Conor Grant - Has received an upgrade since the last game but not sure how he could be considered for a further upgrade personally? What is it about his profile that you feel should be different as personally I do not feel anything can be higher than it is. My overall message is not to get carried away by the form from the beginning of the season, especially when the club is riding a wave. Sheffield United is my prime example where they did unbelievably last year off the back off a very successful few years but the level of ability of their players hasn't changed massively apart from a few.
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