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  1. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Oxford United Data Issues

    Nope, he's the U16's manager.
  2. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Blackpool Data Issues

    Curtis Tilt is listed as right footed when he's most definitely left footed.
  3. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Portsmouth Data Issues

    That's perfectly right then, when you said Wright had been brought in as Head of Academy I took it as that, not the Head of Academy Recruitment that he is. Dave Wright's role isn't currently an active role in game.
  4. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Portsmouth Data Issues

    What is Mark Kelly's job title out of interest?
  5. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Portsmouth Data Issues

    Just out of interest for you, Head of Academy should be treated as Head of Youth in FM terms. Head of Academy is just the EPPP wording. You also do have an U23 side (at least in FM terms) as we played you in the Premier League Cup qualifying.
  6. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Lincoln City Data Issues

    He should be in the game. Any real data/football/performance analysts fall under the data analyst role in game.
  7. matt_neil41

    [ENGLAND] Exeter City Data Issues

    Head of Coaching in game shouldn't be reflected as Head of Youth. Head of Youth is in 'EPPP' terms the Academy Manager.
  8. As you can see below, I am having some issues with the skin on the latest build: I've deleted my cache, preferences and verified cache via Steam and still the same issue.
  9. Another two wins: £78.75 - Switzerland to win and BTTS, Argentina to win and BTTS, France to win and Over 2.5 Goals £64.35 - France -2, Argentina to win and Over 2.5 Goals Would've won another £135 if Argentina won 3-1 but not to be. Sweating on them all until the last 5 minutes or so!
  10. I've got him FGS 4-0 @ 35/1.
  11. Another £60.19 win. £4.63 on Switzerland to win from behind @ 12/1.
  12. Another £43 for me last night with a treble. Had Cavani/JRodriguez/Bony all anytime scorer £5 on.
  13. I had those two on a four fold along with Mexico and Chile, fiver returns around £55 too.
  14. 3 wins for me so far: Neymar - 3-1 - £5 @35/1 = £180 Alexis Sanchez FGS - £5 @4/1 = £25 11 to 20 first goal Chile vs Australia - £2.50 @4/1 = £12.50 2 seconds less on the last one and I'd have lost! Also got £20 on Edin Dzeko to score 4 or more goals at 20/1 and £1 on England to win the World Cup at 1966/1
  15. matt_neil41

    Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Lloyd Jones on the bench is scary, played football in my garden with him about 10 years ago! Would be delighted to see him make his debut.