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  1. Some of them having their wages doubled twice in that period. Two promotions in a row can cause a lot of issues with wages. Happened to Southampton and Bournemouth having L1 players still on their books with PL wages because of promotion increases.
  2. Luckily I do keep up with news so I have seen this but it will be too late. Please stick to just posting errors with the data and not turn this into a news thread.
  3. I personally disagree on this point. I think he's a standard centre half but is playing in that role due to how you're playing this year.
  4. I'd expect Bowen will be on a lot more now, most younger players will sign contracts where their wages will go up every 5/10 games.
  5. I know that but look at this way. Let's just say his CA is 120 and LB rating is 14 (I have no idea what either are), his LB CA will work out as 84. which is nowhere near Championship standard but still allows him to be used as a backup for the position which I'm sure the club would do if needed.
  6. Disagree on reducing a role he's played over 50 games in albeit when he was younger. He could still quite easily do a job there.
  7. Disagree, he's a 10 for me who is playing up front currently. This isn't a news thread, things like this are national news and will not be missed please just post errors.
  8. Yep that was his original investment. The £4m investment in the last year is the one that has been converted into shares.
  9. Julien can play either side. Would just set AML/ML a couple below right hand side and add an AMC rating around 14 too. Would also add basic English.
  10. As far as I can recall, both of these are reflected in the final release of the game. I'm not sure what the data is saying in your version but as far as I'm aware there is still one loan that will still be paid from Simon which is the investment prior to his most recent one.
  11. Exactly this. Nearly all of 6'2 + players I've come across are at least 80kg. I can't see a player with his build and physique weighing less than 85kg, his body fats will be incredibly low being a top end PL player so 87kg to me makes perfect sense.
  12. It quite easily can. They could all be using one source which is incorrect. Really there probably aren't any online sources that have his accurate weight but looking at him I'd guess around 85kg or so personally.
  13. As you can see below, I am having some issues with the skin on the latest build: I've deleted my cache, preferences and verified cache via Steam and still the same issue.
  14. Another two wins: £78.75 - Switzerland to win and BTTS, Argentina to win and BTTS, France to win and Over 2.5 Goals £64.35 - France -2, Argentina to win and Over 2.5 Goals Would've won another £135 if Argentina won 3-1 but not to be. Sweating on them all until the last 5 minutes or so!
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