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  1. I agree with that sentiment, he gets great distance.
  2. If he's been a scholar for the last two years he'll be 17 or 18.
  3. That's fine and everyone's entitled to an opinion, just passing on my views having watched him incredibly closely this season.
  4. To be fair I loaded up a game where it had loaded it in rather than the actual database. I've watched every game he's played in this season and think 7 or 8 is too low.
  5. I'd personally say he's pretty spot on in all the areas you've mentioned. 7/8 positioning would be very harsh and his crossing rating for a FB in L1 is about right.
  6. The article literally states this: And then reality turns out to be this: So the article you have mentioned states that by NOT negotiating the sale themselves in a deal that never happened they'd fail to include a sell-on clause (which personally is probably absolute rubbish as I don't think I've ever come across a tribunal deal that doesn't include one, especially a multi million pound deal involving a Premier League club and a long term academy player at his current club). Then the actual sale of the player was negotiated by the club (it never went to a tribunal) which goes completely against the first quote in that by doing so themselves, they'd be able to include one?
  7. But Phil just stated 'he left at the end of his contract' as if to say he left on a free so why would there be a sell on? The deal was negotiated and personally I'd be very surprised if Leeds negotiated a deal for a 23 year old going to a Premier League club without a sell on clause.
  8. He was under 24 at the time though and a fee was agreed with Leeds so I'd imagine there'd be a sell on clause too. Online articles state £6-£7m so far from a free transfer
  9. How much have you seen of List, Kiwomya and Magloire?
  10. There's nothing out there with a definitive fee. They spent a lot of money on him and can't see it being a small option in all honesty so didn't think it was worth adding in as personally can't see it being activated. If it does though, he'll obviously be a permanent signing in the next update.
  11. Some of them having their wages doubled twice in that period. Two promotions in a row can cause a lot of issues with wages. Happened to Southampton and Bournemouth having L1 players still on their books with PL wages because of promotion increases.
  12. Luckily I do keep up with news so I have seen this but it will be too late. Please stick to just posting errors with the data and not turn this into a news thread.
  13. I personally disagree on this point. I think he's a standard centre half but is playing in that role due to how you're playing this year.
  14. I'd expect Bowen will be on a lot more now, most younger players will sign contracts where their wages will go up every 5/10 games.
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