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  1. Yeah. Any player whose primary nationality is non-EU but has another nationality that is in the EU will still be classed as an EU citizen for registration purposes, in any league with such rules. Anybody with an Irish parent or grandparent can become an Irish citizen, so you'll see a lot of British people doing so (inside and outside of football) over the next few years in order to retain an EU passport.
  2. If you're going to play a 4-3-3 with two inside forwards (which is something I do pretty much all the time btw, I'm not criticising that), I think you would be better served by having your full-backs in more attacking role. Maybe as wing-back on support? Preferably full-backs who have decent crossing/dribbling/off the ball. But even if not, just having bodies further forward in wide areas are players the opposition have to mark or press. Your inside forwards are always going to want to cut inside when they have the ball and 'cross less often' is a default instruction for an inside forward
  3. It's a really frustrating issue, too. Number of times I've lost out on transfer targets, that I had the wage capacity to make very generous offers for, because the date hasn't magically passed the 'next season' line. Especially the case for free transfers who are running down their contracts, so loads of clubs are interested in March and April, but the player doesn't want to talk to me until June or July.
  4. Sadly, no. Encountered a bug a few seasons in where I was playing some teams home twice / some teams away twice in the league, so I abandoned the save.
  5. Yeah fair enough, those are not incredible stats and I would expect more from him too. I mean, they are still relatively solid if he is on course to score around 10 league goals from the wing for the third season in a row. Like a few other people in this thread has said, it might be worth looking at the tactical instructions of the players around him to get the best out of him. Maybe also consider setting an additional training focus for shooting? His long shots and technique are unlikely to get much better, but it's worth trying to squeeze as much development out of his finishing as poss
  6. If you use the pre-game editor, you can create players and insert them into any team you want. Then you can use your edited database when starting a new save. The editor might seem quite complex if you've never used it before though, so it might be best to read a guide (There is one on the FM website here: https://www.footballmanager.com/the-byline/using-pre-game-editor-fm21#desktop), or you could find a good video explanation on Youtube. There is also a dedicated sub-forum for editing on this website, and a thread for simple questions about using the editor: https://community.sigames.com
  7. It's important to note that the star ratings that players are given from coaches are not objective measures of how good a player is. They are relative to the quality of your team, and the league you are in. So a player who is bang-average PL player might get two-and-a-half in a PL squad, but would be the best player in League Two and would be five-star rated by any team in that division. A player who is a five-star central midfielder in Brighton's squad might only be a three-star player in Manchester City's squad, when the the players he is competing with for a place in the side are De Bruyne
  8. It's absolutely a matter of personal choice and a question of how you choose to manage your side. For me personally a player who really hates big matches would be a 'red line' that would make me not want to sign him. My understanding is that 'big matches' aren't just cup finals, but also fixtures against your rivals and six-pointer kind of matches that can decide relegations / league championships. So, particularly at higher levels of the game, you might actually end up playing quite a few 'big games' in one season. E.g. a lot of the big/bigger clubs in England (Man City, Man United, Chel
  9. I got a Tycoon takeover at Stoke in my beta save. It was a fun few seasons Peter Coates always seems to retires at the end of the first season in the game, which always leads to some form of a a takeover (not always a tycoon one, obviously)
  10. Please feel free to move this (or direct me to the correct forum) if it belongs in a more appropriate place, but I have a quick question about the wage rules in Serie B. I started as Palermo and won promotion to Serie B. According to the league rules there is an active wage cap of £5.25k/week, and the game prevents me from exceeding this wage cap in contract negotiations. This is not a problem. However, a lot of clubs seem to have players on wages that exceed this cap. Of course there are players from recently relegated clubs who are on massive top-flight contracts; I presume that this is
  11. I'm halfway through a season and have only just noticed that I have played some teams away twice, and will play some teams at home twice. Aside from the obvious issues and how immersion-breaking this is, I can't help but feel as though it is also at least partially responsible for my overachievement in the league; it's a huge advantage to never have to go away to Chelsea or Man City (while playing away twice to newly-promoted QPR and solidly bottom-half Newcastle instead). I've checked through my previous two seasons and I this scheduling issue has not happened before, so is a new thing
  12. This is a very minor thing. But why do transfers that European clubs make in June count as signings made for the previous season? It makes it really hard to keep track of net spends and season totals for the people who like to take note of that sort of thing. For example, in my current save, Chelsea have signed Frenkie de Jong for an astronomical fee during the 2022 summer transfer window, but the signing shows up in the 2021/22 totals. It makes it look like they have made a net profit going into the end of the 2022/23 season, but they have not; they've spend over £130m on three players.
  13. I'm not sure if this is really the right place to post this (feel free to move or delete if not!). I've played one full season on FM21 now, starting during the beta, and I am really enjoying it. The match engine is definitely a significant improvement on the last few editions. But I really find some of the 'club visions' that the board try to impose at the end of the season to be quite odd and (if I am honest) a little immersion breaking; I have felt this way for a couple of editions tbh, but I thought I'd post about it this year. To give a concrete example from this year. I am man
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