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  1. Frustratingly I can’t tempt him to my Premier League Blackburn Rovers side in this version.
  2. I like a good financial challenge, on one of the earlier versions there was even a option to take on a financially struggling club. Sell, loan or release unwanted players (all squads) - get that wage budget below what is set. End of season prize and TV money will follow and stabilise the situation, then you should kick on. Check any buy out clauses you can cash in. Always haggle on contracts.
  3. He has been prolific for me at Blackburn Rovers, top scorer in the PL - upfront on his own, AF.
  4. Ahh... thank you, so worth doing if the game ever starts to slow up. (I normally just reboot the computer)
  5. Clearing the cache? Isn’t that just for games played via a browser?
  6. Your income is low as you are in pre-season, that will pick up in a couple of weeks as gate, TV and Champs League money starts to come in. As others have said you need to cut back those wages. You won’t need to cut the full €2m overspend, once you’ve shifted a few unneeded squad players you can move the transfer budget into wage budget and things will start to look a little brighter.
  7. So potentially some early run outs in cup matches etc?
  8. I just wondered what rotations / opportunities everyone gives for their fringe / prospect players? As a rule for me it’s cups, especially Europe in the earlier stages, plus off the bench in the league if game is looking settled.
  9. Whilst I get they follow the same formation, there should have a tick option that allows the players to play in their most suitable role. Ie if they are a Target Man, let him be a Target Man.
  10. In theory rolls over, but presume you won’t necessarily get a top up - though will help on the wage budget. Tax bill might take a whack?
  11. Hmm, I’ve been pondering this... (Great thread btw!) I have played every version since the first CM and I’d consider myself to be a good manager - more of a wheeler dealer than a master tactician, but racked up plenty of trophies. Anyway, no, it isn’t too easy. My teams do well, BUT that is because I have had the advantage of playing say 50 seasons per version, game must be close on 30 years, so approx 1,500 seasons. Plenty of time to learn from mistakes, and crucially iron out those fine margins that now make it easier... Imagine in real life you could have all this experi
  12. You can offer trials (1 to 4 weeks) and have a proper look at them.
  13. Yes, but I could only see the star ratings for the team seemingly not making the most of chances / possession.
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