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  1. lowballcontract.fm added manager wages should grow with club/players
  2. Are a disgrace. Im on £31.5k p/w my contract is up club has £400k p/w wage budget still available with £100m balance I have 12 players on £100k p/w + and my 3 highest on £200k p/w yet they offer me £32k p/w and then the board stopped negotiations after i suggested £45k p/w Ive been with the club 7 seasons and im a club legend this has been the case last few editions, clubs never go above a few % pay rise no matter what (i know it doesnt really matter)
  3. its better majority of countries play calendar year seasons for once europe will be disrupted mid season instead of the rest of the world
  4. try give my squad 1-11 traditional numbers based on my expected starters... give back ups equivalent endings... cbs 14/15 strikers 19/29
  5. yep happened on my beta save and now full game... check out this topic i made before
  6. city have a great side usually do very well on FM especially after they sack Guardiola by xmas
  7. but they are not signing these "top players" from top sides as i previously posted...
  8. 1 year left, chelsea were europa league qualifiers and liverpool won the league. £46m rising to £67m chelsea would spend more money on chiesa £48(74)m. pavard 356 and callum wilson £71(91)m and i know this happened to courtois but he went for family/personal reasons to real madrid... cant see hazards wife wanting to leave london for liverpool... considering hazard has himself said he would only leave for barca/real
  9. My biggest issue with this is that none of the EPL top 6 are improving their starting line ups/squads by signing the best players of those european sides each year, normally they will sign a player that is surplus to requirements from those sides you mentioned and aside from paul pogba for a world record fee none of the big european sides lost a starter to the top 6 epl sides As you can see here... Maybe reputations of the clubs need to be adjusted accordingly to stop the epl clubs taking starters from those sides or add preferences to spanish, italian and german players at those big clubs to not play in england but it just shows why the epl clubs have been struggling irl in europe because they sign players from outside the top 6 in england to go straight in to their starting line ups or players from the non elite european sides as well as cast offs from the biggest european sides... they are signing the best of the rest and it shows irl but not in game So if you think on papaer they have the best sides then huge CA increases are needed to teams like monaco, schalke, roma etc... because these are where these players are coming from not bayern, barca, real etc...
  10. find it so easy to keep clean sheets.. press high from the front but regroup and dont counter or counter press with a controlled possesion
  11. surely a manchester derby would always be live on tv
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