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  1. wolves are good they managed 90pts in the 3rd season after a top 4 finish in the 2nd dont really make too many transfers probably along with city the toughest PL team for me maybe its nuno
  2. think this year is better for pep and his style fm19 especially before the winter patch was a disgrace
  3. motivation issue over tactics, probably started from whatever was said in the press conferences
  4. just use it to see if the injury can be played though or the player has to come off
  5. anyone know screen flow settings to get the game to show fixtures and results of competetions im not involved in cant seem to get it to work on fm20
  6. they are both from the same versoin previously on scout report card when i clicked position and role it showed the PA now i need to go into the player profile to view the PA on his position and role
  7. anyone know why this has been removed on scout reports on this new update ? now my reports only have CA
  8. why has the player potential been removed from scout reports on the news screen?
  9. something like this... That season I played 3412 for the majority of games and 433 when i needed to rotate, only players who want first team football are 2nd choice RB and 2nd GK who is as good as my 1st and deserves to play for a top team ability wise... feel i have an established first team and a set second team and both get enough minutes.
  10. Are a disgrace. Im on £31.5k p/w my contract is up club has £400k p/w wage budget still available with £100m balance I have 12 players on £100k p/w + and my 3 highest on £200k p/w yet they offer me £32k p/w and then the board stopped negotiations after i suggested £45k p/w Ive been with the club 7 seasons and im a club legend this has been the case last few editions, clubs never go above a few % pay rise no matter what (i know it doesnt really matter)
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