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  1. why as man united with the foreign player limitation does it not show FGN in the first team. only shows in the under 23 and 18 unless im blatantly missing something. hard to know whos fgn and not in the first team
  2. only in july 22 and despite being man united with 326 million in the bank were ranked 51st richest club ahead of pool and city. even PSG 40th. Sheffield united are 48th and in the championship ( with no takeover) doesnt quite add up unless im missing something obvious
  3. for what its worth to lend my view and im not 1 to moan but the ratings issue is so so frustrating. really immersion breaking Would be welcomed for SI to provide a weekly, bi weekly update on a sticky thread of the main bugs so people can refer to for updates. Not asking for ETA's as I know you cant commit but somewhere where we the player can refer to for updates
  4. i'll upload info to the bugs forum but its extremely off putting this issue
  5. is there anyway I can have my scouts (who have ongoing assignments) return their report for their specific assignment say each month in a summary like this
  6. @kevhamster I ended up buying the laptop you recommended. about 200 quid cheaper than the one I was going to get and better (also randomly came with 75quid wine voucher) FM, work, other games- works a dream- so I just wanted to say thanks a million and @Smurf for all the effort you lads put here
  7. Gents- thoughts. lost my old one to spilt tea Primarily use laptop for FM and work. I know this isn't a gaming laptop but will it will comfortably run FM plus support medium graphics as I play on 3d. thanks https://www.dell.com/en-ie/shop/laptops/new-inspiron-15-5000/spd/inspiron-15-5502-laptop/cn55205
  8. during a match? click the button bottom right and it removes the dugout visual
  9. SI- I love pre match games ( not just semis/final like the beta) few screenies and team news with league table. thumbs up
  10. Glad to read Dave, at 1 pt in the Beta it seemed a bit touch and go for you
  11. haha nice spot- I faced a bit of a injury crisis- certainly 1 keeper in the semi final wasnt intentional
  12. SI- just completed my first season- big fan of the season review screens- really nice touch that
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