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  1. hey guys- some staff member at my club keeps offering my players contracts- ( i dont holiday) here is the responsibilities page- can someone pls tell me who is offering players contracts and how i can stop it
  2. haha i noticed about 20 secs after my post- cheers for them!
  3. gonna follow this- really interesting- if you can post some updates
  4. as Man united: 30 odd scouts out searching for under 18 but when i search the world for 16 yr olds only 17 are found. surely thats wrong- any idea? nothing else is filtered
  5. Hi everyone- looking for some guidance on what is the most optimal set up for my scouts to find the best youth globally. Im 3.5 yrs into my Man United game and they have returned only a handful of players ( about 3 id even rate) hence me looking for some feedback as to whether my set up is correct or if it needs tweaking. I have 25 scouts- and i leave them permanently assigned so to build up their in country/region knowledge. My typical set up is below ( I scout under 18 leagues, comps and regions)with max age 18 Is "useful" and "star" to high, if so what should i set the parameters to? Im not being picky in that i only want to see messis, ronaldos in my recommended inbox etc but Im just concerned my scouts are not only returning a very low volume of players, but equally to low a standard for my team so wanted some honest feedback which hopefully will benefit others too thanks
  6. beyond assigning scouts to a set age, i often filter age in all countries under 18/19/20 's- doesn't take as long as you may think to do
  7. the amount of unnecessary side net hitting is infuriating.is this known or genuine is it tactics
  8. is it just me or is it quite difficult to assign players from 1st team to under 23r's now just for match practice. any help welcome lads
  9. look fwd to the updates guys! cheers steve for kicking this off
  10. im a 32 bit and it works pretty much like FM19 for me. play with the settings in game i.e lower graphics etc
  11. i swear before i posted, each club i went to it wasnt staying order but now it seems to be having done that once. I'll leave this post for everyones amusement. thx for replying!
  12. hey guys-- is there any settings I can change so that when I go into a club that their positions arent mixed up all randomly. I like having in order from gk.def. mid to attack as a standard
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