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  1. love the update guys Pereira right wing in a 442.. the Brazilian Beckham
  2. Hi everyone- am looking for the regen intake page that lists each player per club per below. Can anyone pls let me know where it is this year- thanks
  3. as a seasoned FM'er thats quite an embarrassing question I asked. thanks guys Happy FM'ing
  4. why do I have a host of greyed out players showing in the squad screen?
  5. started as Man United- Adrien Silva from Leicester was already pre signed for me for 23million. Didnt skip any days, add manager nothing. literally on the first page when opening game
  6. just started this save and my first ever lower league team. any advice for lower league management?
  7. just learnt about using bookmarks. be a nice feature to have the ability to pin them to the left where your "home, squad, schedule" is
  8. shame the mods create a thread sticky whereby only certain members can post in i.e dag dave, svenc, forameuss and that can act as a thread for discussion with SI staff as that could be a very mutually beneficial way of communicating with one another but that it's open to all for viewing. And only once a mod deems you "ready" can you be allowed in, as is the case in this thread, there will always be a few to spoil the fun.
  9. great opener.. a club i want to take over and would be my 1st venture into lower league management.. be great to see the updates!
  10. might be me.. but ive noticed when a player is loaned or released on a free that the player is no longer visible in your transfer overview history.. i used to enjoy reviewing previous sesasons with a full cartography of ins and outs but this yr their gone.
  11. to add.. when i do this its never made the player unhappy that i didnt speak to him/ no noticeable changes in dynamics so try it out..
  12. ive found 9 times out of 10 ask the captain/ team lead speak to player and he backs down and you dont have to enter conversation with the player. even as rotation/ back up status players still expect game time and that is quite realistic tbf. in the event player is unhappy simply sell and buy a new back up
  13. start out as a top team like united with highest rep.. have fun with relatively unlimited finances and learn as you play..
  14. eg you have a better chance of enticing a player from eastern europe region whos players tend to command lower fees and u have a large pool to scout from.. i usually assign scouts to each region setting specific instructions for scouts i.e age or CA or PA ability and see what they return as in time their knowledge of said region develops
  15. thats pretty disappointing to see.. especially the identical twins
  16. definitely noticed what little bit of lag i had at times appears to be gone which is great. am using 3 yr old laptop and FM is running great
  17. Board Bug: Man Utd first season.. board under confidence - competitions are pleased im on course to win league "considering we looked like relegation stragglers earlier this season, the success is even more impressive"
  18. potential bug perhaps... 1st season as Man United in Feb... 19 games into the under 18's league when you go to stats: player overview player detailed there is zero information so it is like there hasn't been a league game played. Annoying as I want to see best performing players in the under 18 league this season. when i check under 23's its fine as all data is displayed.
  19. end of first season as united.. my maye got 90 up front for mikitaryan(sp) so they do exist
  20. do you tighen up formation/ team instructions last 10 mins or so to see game out. opposition going to go for it so need so i do the above and it makes a big diff.. time waste, retain possession etc
  21. if i recall from previous versions the game wont force you to retire..
  22. you dont have to go thru player by player.. there is a drop down named 'requested' and that list is whom you requested be scouted.. bear in mind once you request a player be scouted he doesnt get added to shortlist automatically so manually add that player
  23. is the recommendation level CA or PA? as im interested as i scout under 18's as a man united just to view potential excellent/star
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