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  1. lol- moaning because the transfer fee I was offering him out for was too high- I had offered him out for 1k...
  2. is anyone finding player interactions/power a pain this yr- specifically how frequently upset the team gets. in Jan 1st season, meeting all targets (pt of top), no issues, have Varane, Martinez, Lindelof, maguire, evans but not enough for 12 players.. my mate had the same in jan too, except complaining about gk depth; he had the existing 4 keepers from the start again meeting targets. I dont like promises so selected "convince" "i dont think we need it all.." only for all initially expressionless bar rashford who goes from leading the chat to being the only happy one. now the entire squad morale is shot
  3. never had the issue with FM 23 on player interactions, but this seems painful. playing as United, Onana error after error, low scores gets dropped for 10 games, backup keeper playing well, top league, no one in the squad unhappy, morale good etc but x3 team leaders come complaining I dont play him after 1st trying to say were doing well they all get hissy & meeting ends with x3 team leads in a huff.. quite annoying
  4. happy fm day everyone. I know this qu is often asked, I know I can carry the beta game over to new but will the beta version have the completed updates the full release has? pondering do I re start if its recommonded/ required or else carry on. thanks
  5. maybe as well, at the bottom the player names are too big so dont fit the box- is there a way to make them fit?
  6. love the skin, well done. only gripe I see is the players names are a bid muddled in the square box- any suggestions?
  7. I wish FM 25 was coming out today Great news, thanks SI for the transparency & communication.
  8. the "rec" tab never works in order. for example it should be A+ first but A- exists also when you bring players on mid game "would have preferred to stay on bench " is just dumb- happens for happy players with a succeeding team far to often
  9. Playing as Man United (12 scouts) and scouting assignments set to chief scout but 1 month later only 1 scout is actively doing anything- the rest idle. bug or am I doing something wrong? thanks
  10. sorry my last qu- does it help then with global regen youth generation then i.e provide a more balanced feel?
  11. hey Dave- thanks as always for these helpful and insightful posts qu- understand the pt on playable leagues, but for those whos systems cant have say more than the main 5 on playable ( eng, fra, spain, germany, italy) if under advanced set up you add players from multiple main countries globally i.e Nigeria, Korea, Argentina, belgium will this help with the balance as regens will load once the main players leave?
  12. From the features video to trialing the beta I cant help but feel underwhelmed by the lack of improvement from 1 series to another this yr. 1st time in 20 yrs I felt a bit disillusioned. Still a quality game of course and I'll get my value worth per hours played but this yr for a full price game is a let down.
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