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  1. Tbf I sort of agree with Noikeee here. My strong impression that this style of play leads to an unrealistically high amount of chances which would irl lead to a lot more goals than they do in FM, i.e. a 'right' amount of goals is scored, but you get mad along the way because you see chances galore and they are not scored properly. There should be less great chances with a higher conversion rate.
  2. Please do. Annoys the hell out of me (at the same tiem it's just too obvious the easiest way to score, which is also no fun)
  3. Wow, never seen any stadium under construction, let alone in the CL final
  4. Tell that to Duke Nukem's dev team
  5. One should not forget that football is the sport in which results are the most arbitrary and coincidental. One should therefore expect such chance to be in the game as well and that seems to be the case here. If you are supposedly the best team in the league, then losing 2 out of 3 is just as possible as losing none in 16. Not sure how one can argue that it's unrealistic that a 16-game unbeaten run comes to an end, even after having been the better team. There will likely also be other factors which influence the odds which may be the tactic (I for my part always fare worse against 3-men d-lines) or over-confidence, but ultimately these just change the odds and within these the results the OP experienced are well within the conceivable. The only thing with FM which bugs me at times, is that results seem to be a little streakier in the game than irl, but that refers to the long unbeaten run as much if not more than to the 3 games without a win.
  6. Okay, thanks. So is this option not working in network games per se currently or is this something which MAY occur?
  7. Hey Nic, I uploaded the save I mentioned before, i.e. after a few bids rejected and another one running IIRC. Player still on loan at club. It's called '(jayahr) buying option bug' and the Wolves manager's password is 'jr'. Should that not be enough for you, I also have an older one, though I did not yet check whether that was before the very first bid.
  8. Not sure if I have one before I tried for the first time, but I'll upload a save in which a bid is running and a few were already rejected before. You may even still find the news items. One thing I did before making the very first bid. I tried if instalments would suffice to trigger the clause as it did in earlier versions. Suggested that and they were insulted. Then I immediately offered 10m straight.
  9. To put it short, I loaned Asmir Begovic from Chelsea with a buying option to sign him for 10m. End of season draws near, he did well, so I decide to sign him and offer 10m straight with no clauses or instalments. Offer is indicated with the small exclamation mark as 'must be accepted due to clause '. Yet, Chelsea reject my offer continuously, dispite the news item stating at the same time that an offer of this value must be accepted. Save available if needed.
  10. Just started FM16 and it updated before starting. Version number shows 16.3.1. Looking forward to receive some info on the patch as it doesn't appear to be on here yet :confused:
  11. Hey Nic, cheers, this does indeed help as a workaround The only downside is of course, that I'll have to repeat this every time I wish to assign the scout to a new nation... From FM14, the version I used before, I am used to the fact that a scout is able to scout one nation and one competition at the same time. Is this still supposed to work, as I understand you? How do the newkinds of assignments (look for a DL) fit into that picture? Best Jan
  12. Hi Ben, I just uploaded my save. It's called (jayahr) Double.fm Please look at the Spain, Brazil and Ukraine assignments of the Newcastle manager. They may not all be affe cted but I guess at least one of them should be. Don't remember when I created them, but at least for the further week I tried tonight they were not actually commenced after the point of the uploaded save.
  13. Will be happy to upload it, *cough* once I'm home from work tonight *cough*. Unfortunately I think that I cancelled two of those assignments last night and tried replacing them with others, in the hope that they would be carried out. Will check what I have and maybe upload various saves, as I have two safes going at the same time and I'm sure that both are affected.
  14. Title sums it up already quite well. Playing a network game with a mate, with team in different division, me in EPL. For some reason I'm usually done earlier with my match than he is. After finishing and leaving my match to the latest scores screen of the EPL, I go and visit his league and the latest scores screen to see how he is doing. However, that screen always shows the EPL latest scores only, even though I am clearly not on the EPL's screen. Latest goals or live league table work well, only latest scores doesn't. IIRC I had the same issue when playing a cup game and he had a league game or vice versa. My impression is that it's not competition-specific, but would occur every time we are playing in different competitions and when I try to enter the other latest scores screen of that other competition.
  15. Not sure if this has been raised already or if there is a cause for this behaviour, but I am encountering the following behaviour very regularly and I could not find out any rule for such behaviour yet. When I - assign a scout to scout a nation for a certain period of time or - assign a scout to look for a new (position) player as new first team player, - sometimes also when I assign the scout to scout a region on the assignments page the assignment appears, it's indicated as preparing, but the scout never actually goes there. It's just stuck on 'preparing' and it doesn't change. Tried high priority, to no avail. Tried not assigning to anything else, to no avail. So is that a bug?