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  1. Let me guess - was that player a regen?
  2. Imho FM17 is way better than FM16. In every respect. Really surprised to see this thread.
  3. Please feel free to check out my thread in GQ. Apart from the kit sponsor, Wolves have no single other sponsor in the game, whereas in their public accounts they had a total sponsorship income of 3m at least in 2015. Another buggy thing, which is not related to the data issue, is that even assuming there was no data issue and everything was correct, then it would be insane to believe that also in the Premier no single other company would be interested in acquiring a sponsorship at Wolves.
  4. That sounds good, but I would really like anybody to admit/confirm, that the club should have more sponsorship deals than just 1 in the first place. And that, outside of running contracts, no club will ever have a sponsorship total of 440k p.a. in the EPL.
  5. That's 3 millions. Looks about right to me. 8 times the amount they get in the game - and worse, in the game that figure doesn't even raise by a single penny upon promotion to the Prem.
  6. Thank you for this list. I have to say that I am very surprised about the figures. Working in the football business myself I am used to much higher revenues in my country (Germany). Here, second division clubs have an average total of sponsorship revenues of exactly € 10 million p.a. (just checked this again). Therefore even assuming that the shirt sponsorship would be accurate and even if I would assume that the English second division would only have 20% of the sponsoring income which the German second division has, then still a figure of € 2 million pü.a. should be the average - and I would expect Wolves to be around or just above such average. I think it is furthermore pretty obvious that this is not the single and only sponsor of the club. A single look to one of their games will reveal various additional sponsors on all stages of the ladder. Finally, while a sponsorship contract may not include an improvement for such case (what a case of bad management would that be though?), it would be entirely inconceivable that no company would sponsor the SBC champion and FA-Cup runner-up in the EPL, where worldwide recognition and perception is guaranteed.
  7. Story is short. Started a game with WOlves, who have no sponsorship income other than their € 375k kit sponsorship. That alone is probably off the reality by a few millions. Pretty sure they have more than onse sponsor and pretty sure a kit sponsorship in the Championship at a decent club is worth more. Won promotion in year 1 as champions, also finished runner-up in the FA Cup. Upon promotion to the EPL, no single change happened to the sponsorship roster. No increase, no new sponsor. Now playing in the EPL with this as sponsorhip income. I simply cannot imagine that any club would make less than € 20million at this level. Finally, in October, we got a second sponsor who adds another 44k p.a. to our income. This is so way off that I'm actually just wondering why I'm not posting this in the bugs forum in the first place. So please feel free to move. Aside wanting this to be fixed befoire FM18 comes out, I'd love to have some explanation how figures like this can happen.
  8. 17 any second. With 16, I had the worst time ever and lost the addiction. Planned to skip 17, but got it as my last resort. Worth it, now I'm back and loving it.
  9. Not sure if begging for better reviews on Steam will be sufficient
  10. Irl though there are youth matches which are scouted a lot. A 15 year-old high potential is known to all top clubs, both home and abroad. The only thing is, that the assessment has a bigger margin of error at that age.
  11. This is sooooo 80ies though edit: Hey, where did that pic go?
  12. I agree that this is the better alternative. Yet, to avoid misunderstandings, couldn't this be made clear in the wording, giving us some kind of prompt, saying 'look, the player is not for sale unless you offer us some really ridiculous money' in addition to the negotiated numbers? Then it would be clear, that FM doesn't consider this as a proper or realistic transfer value. That said, I do agree that any conference player would go immediately for 2m, let alone a young player who has yet to play his first game...
  13. Reputation is not aquivalent to public awareness. Neither in FM, nor in reality.
  14. Useless and annoying feature whose best trait is that you can disable it. So it's at least not annoying and pretty much inexistent, which is fine with me.
  15. Thank you, that does help very much Your chase version sounds very much like the tactic I am currently using with Newcastle then (few roles still different). Sorry for not downloading your tactics and just looking it up myself (can't as I only have time to do this *cough* at work where there is no FM ), but are you using special instructions for your players? I for instance like to use the 'get further forward' instruction on my BBMs. And if you are looking at suitedness more than at what FM tell us, which attributes are your key ones for the BBM and DFL roles?