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  1. It's been a while... but unfortunately there was no save left which was sufficiently old. In the end I did indeed not get any intake during the 19/20 season. Now in March 2021 I finally got my first youth intake. However, it seems to me that the players I got were the ones I should have got last year, as they were all 17 years old, or even 18. I am uploading a save around a week before getting the intake as I write this. The save is called 'JROZ Session...'. Maybe it will help you.
  2. It is now June 15, 2020 and I'm still without an intake...
  3. Not yet, but the season isn't over yet. 5 games to go, will have to wait for next playing session at the end of next week before I'll know. Will come back to report.
  4. Hi folks, I'm playing as client in a network game with a friend, as Leeds United. In the first season, at a certain point, I did receive the first message about the prospective youth prospects, which indicates in which positions the next intake may have good or great or not so great players and this information also shows on the intake folder in the development centre. But now it is already April 2020 and no youngster joined my club so far. I'm still stuck with the information as before. The mate, who is hosting and playing as Sunderland, has however had a youth intake at some time during March. Now my question, is is usual that the intake can now vary in date? Or should I have had one by now?
  5. It's a bug, I'm afraid, which was already present in FM19. AT least one in our favour at last ;-) If you sign players with a high selling club wage contribution, the game's logic will not recognise the overall wage value once it is time to renew the contract. This will result in below realistic wage demands.
  6. I had this too, but I got lucky and both players rejected their contracts... At least they were half-decent ones.
  7. Pretty hard to believe, that the OP has never heard of any of these guys, unless he is like 11 years old maybe... What puzzles me though is that the same player keeps being touted as resembling different guys all the time. While the whole feature in itself is of questionable use, the public would surely not label him the next X and the next Y the following week and the next Z the week thereafter. Any such label would only ever stick to a player once people agreed on whose footballing ancestor that kid might become.
  8. First two matches show a big improvement 3 CCCs per game on average, 4 out of 9 goals coming from set pieces, no single one-on-one situation.
  9. Great news, and it seems like the key issues were addressed. Now let's see tonight if they were addressed properly... still unsure after having endured the most horrendous ME glitches for years for too long.
  10. Hey folks, I would be interested to learn about your experiences post the 19.3 update. Are you winning more? Are you winning less? What is your tactic like? In result, we could learn what works better and what doesn't work anymore. I'll be happy to start. I played a flat 4-4-2 with inverted wingers and two advanced forwards, attacking, pressing all over. This tactic overperformed a lot before 19.3, and does no longer so, judging from my first 12 matches.
  11. I'm loving every second of FM19 and write this while I am at work... Switched form FM17 and can't get enough again
  12. Wow, that is amazing success you're having there Just wondering, how did you get > 30m for Coyle, who is loaned out to Fleetwood at the end of season 1? Did you recall him and he excelled?
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