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  1. What about the IWB's? Should they have inverted footedness, is that unimportant or should they be footed in line with their side of play?
  2. What about the 'no OIs' thing? Would they be detrimental or does it simply mean that you don't have to bother with them?
  3. I believe ter Stegen was one, at least in FM14 or 16.
  4. That would be the interesting part, for once. Everybody can do easy. Now try to be great in an 80ies surrounding with 21st century finances...
  5. I don't even know what you can do with the editor and where to find it.
  6. You can change the selected players at any time during transfer windows, but not in between. hth
  7. Owning 5 or 6 FMs via Steam, but didn't get a voucher, living in Germany. On a side note: Got it anway, fun game, but still lots of potential for future improvements.
  8. There is a setting in the db for the maximum possible attendance. IIRC it means that this is a threshold which can never be exceeded. This figure usually leaves some room for development, but if that figure is not a lot higher than your current capacity, then it may indeed not be worthwhile to build a new stadium. Logically, that would only make sense if the additional income from extra spectators covers the entire costs for building the new stadium. Because to keep your current income level you don't have to spend a penny. hth
  9. I'm more intruiged about the guy's baldness at just 17. Poor lad...
  10. Yeah, but the PA value was so far always hidden, which for me was one of the key factors to distinguish FM from other management games. It would be a majar change in approach if that was now available to see within the game, even though not by default.
  11. I had this with one player. See no real issue with this becoming more common, just as irl. Easy fix available too: Add the clause yourself, then remove it and exclude it from the negotiation. Done
  12. Well done It all depends on what you are after. If it makes you happy to develop players and sell them on for big money, then that's fine and you may not need to change anything. I suspect that you are also winning matches, so probably the only real sporting challenge for Ajax is in Europe and for that you will likely need to keep your players around for a bit longer before you sell (and mind, rejecting a 50m offer does not mean that there won't be another offer next year). Once you did that too then I'm afraid you have achieved all you can - then you should be happy to conform and repeat that success or move on to a new challenge.
  13. It would be a lot easier to help you if we knew what you are doing If you could post screenies of your tactics, your team instructions, possibly individual player instructions and tell us if you are playing the same way all the time or if you make changes when leading (and if so, which), then I'm sure that someone will be able and happy to help Ideally you should actually do this in the tactics forum as the most qualified users are there. hth
  14. You have to make a mini-table of all matches between the three teams, i.e. also of the results between you and ManU. My guess is that you lost that comparison on goals difference, hence you would have the worst GD in that 'group' of three.
  15. Agree with the OP here. Even if one assumes that some managers will never adapt their system to their squad, at least some should realistically do that. One can argue numbers but imh impression it is only a minority that will disregard the players available and robotically stick to their system no matter what.