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  1. Hey folks, I would be interested to learn about your experiences post the 19.3 update. Are you winning more? Are you winning less? What is your tactic like? In result, we could learn what works better and what doesn't work anymore. I'll be happy to start. I played a flat 4-4-2 with inverted wingers and two advanced forwards, attacking, pressing all over. This tactic overperformed a lot before 19.3, and does no longer so, judging from my first 12 matches.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. Good to see that you care about the people who take their time to make your product better
  3. In two recent friendlies, I conceded two goals which were both blatant GK mistakes, both losing the ball to a striker who then tapped the ball into the empty net. In both cases, the DC who passed the ball to the GK was 'awarded' the harsh penalty in his rating, even though in both cases the GK clearly and safely controlled the ball before losing it. I.e. irl these mistakes would never have been attributed to the DCs. I uploaded the two pkms. Aston Villa v Leeds.pkm Chester v Leeds.pkm In both of them the highlight in question is the only goal conceded by Leeds.
  4. I'm loving every second of FM19 and write this while I am at work... Switched form FM17 and can't get enough again
  5. Wow, that is amazing success you're having there Just wondering, how did you get > 30m for Coyle, who is loaned out to Fleetwood at the end of season 1? Did you recall him and he excelled?
  6. Started as the toon on the beta. 10 points from the first 4 matches in the Premier, however not up against top teams yet. Playing a 4-1-2-2-1 Gegenpress at home and a custom 3-5-2 away. Both tactics render good results so far. Performances are rather drab. Matches have little highlights. So it's good in defence but still lacking in offense. Tend to find that one winning goal somehow so far. The team: In goal, Dubravka is doing a good job so far. In defense, I got two full-backs ins Charlie Taylor and Luis Hernandez for around 8m each. They are both playing ahead of Dummett and Yedlin. The choice of centrebacks is good from the start. In midfield I signed Drinkwater and McTominay on loan and Antonio Marin for 1.5m. Drinkwater is challenging Diame for the second starting spot, with Shelvey and Ki (in DM) being regular starters. McTominay is good back-up. Kenedy does well enough to keep Atsu out entirely, whereas Ritchie has been abysmal so far, averaging around 6.4 in friendlies and regular matches. Hence Marin, who trains very well, has been getting much more match time already than I envisaged. Attack has been one big disappointment so far. No striker has a better average than 6.5 so far. Only good match was Carabao Cup against Brentford when Muto and Joselu scored 3 goals between them, all after the 88th minute... Sold Ayoze for 5.25m. Can only get better in this department.
  7. Thanks a lot guys! Good addition. Otherwise I would have gotten in trouble assigning my scouts to every shortlisted player one by one again
  8. I am currently choosing between Leeds and WBA in a save starting in the Championship. What would you guys rather go for between those two?
  9. I can definitely confirm that you can loan out U18 players in Germany. Not sure of what age, but certainly 17 year olds. See Roberto Massimo, 17, from Stuttgart to Bielefeld this summer.
  10. Hey folks, just a question on how it works. I remember that somewhere (I don't even remember where) there was the option to 'Keep scout reports' updated. I wonder what it does. Back in the day I used to re-assign my scouts to the players who were deleted from the shortlist, meaning that every player would be scouted for 2 matches a year unless he was removed from the shortlist (and unless by chance he featured in a game that was scouted for other reasons). Now, when players are taken off the shortlist, I can no longer mark them all and ask my scouts to scout them, I can just renew their shortlist period. Has the system now changed that as long as I have this option ticked my players will be re-scouted on a regular basis? Or do I still need to re-assign my scouts to them every time (which would be bollocks as SI have then made this tremendously more difficult)?
  11. Out of curiosity, what should one do to raise tactical familiarity? Used to FM17 and now I'm not sure how to approach it.
  12. In Germany the league association is the rights holder for the top 2 divisions only. The 3rd tier rights are held by the FA. SI had a deal with the league, but apparently not with the FA.
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