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  1. As the title says, always switched this off in earlier versions, but I can't seem to find that option. Hope it's still there, find this highly annoying... Does anybody know? Cheers for a short info.
  2. Same here, my mate cannot find any online servers, let alone mine. We played fine until 20 minutes ago, then he was kicked out of the game and cannot find any server since
  3. Hi all, this is really something I asked myself for years... does anybody know? When you negotiate loan fees for playing / non-playing, how is it defined which one applies? Is it about the majority of matches? Of minutes? Is it calculated pro rata, per appearance? Does it matter if a player starts or if he's subbed in? Something else? I really have no clue...
  4. How come a manager of Borussia Dortmund is asking this? He's not even in the game, is he?
  5. This is entirely correct. When clicking on "Advanced Settings" I was not aware that my choice of club from the previous screen would still remain in place. Mx understanding was that if I go to advanced settings that I will also deal with the choice of my club later, which is obviously not the case. So problem solved, but I still maintain that I do not like this design and would prefer it to be different.
  6. Thank you guys, that was indeed the issue. Have to say though that I find this super-unintuitive. Why must the first manager choose a club before creating a game when all others do so later, when you get much more information on the teams and where you can browse them? Where's the gain in that???
  7. Ans I agree, Stuttgart are full of great talent irl, they should be one of the most interesting teams on the game this year, yet I see that their youngsters are not yet ranked as high as the start to the season may have justified...
  8. Per Lockl is still at VfB Stuttgart in the game while irl he moved to Mönchengladbach on a bosman transfer this summer
  9. No need to. You can recreate it within less than a minute by just making your settings as displayed on the screenie
  10. Hey folks, the problem sounds easy, but I spent half an hour trying to find the solution to no avail... The problem is that I do not get to the screen where I can select a club when creating a manager. I will always be manager of Newcastle (which is set as my favourite club, but also when I change that). When doing so, I can make the personal setting, then the appearance and then the managerial details and then only confirm - which takes me to Newcastle again... If I create a second manager, then I am led to the "choose a club" screen, but never for the first one. So basical
  11. Hey guys, I had two crashes when trying to make settings for my social feed. When I klick on "select all" in the bottom left corner, my game crashes. Should hopefully be easy to re-create. If you need more info, just specify and I shall provide it.
  12. It's a bug, I'm afraid, which was already present in FM19. AT least one in our favour at last ;-) If you sign players with a high selling club wage contribution, the game's logic will not recognise the overall wage value once it is time to renew the contract. This will result in below realistic wage demands.
  13. I had this too, but I got lucky and both players rejected their contracts... At least they were half-decent ones.
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