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  1. Brexit

    And please keep in mind that this applies to the Premier League only as the leagues below do not use a squad registration system. There, you will have the same WP rules as today, however applying to EU players as well, which means these divisons shall become almost exclusively Britsh...
  2. My own contract

    Fully agree with the last parts, still worth raising when it arises. With respext to the reputation part, I believe that stating that I got (unsolicited) offers from average EPL clubs to move and that after that I became the current MotY, then this is enough information on my reputation really. You don't get these offers with insufficient reputation and reputation will only rise after the league finish and the award being handed out.
  3. My own contract

    Not sure if you read what I wrote. My reputation was big enough to get offers from Everton, Leicester and Newcastle even before I finished 2nd in the Prem with a promoted team tipped for 19th place and before I was chosen a English Manager of the Year. Now I could get jobs at Chelsea and Tottenham if I wanted.+ I'm aware that a low salary will benefit me in other ways. Trying to play a bit realistically though, which means that I do expect fair payment. (that said I did accept their offer, but now I hate the chairman) So may we hope it is looked at or does it mean they don't manage to rectify it?
  4. Hi folks, pretty late and pointless maybe, a slight complaint about one feature which appears to be very bugged - that is our own contracts. Following situation, now happening for the second time: Season 3 with Wolves. First season promotion as champions and FA-Cup Runners-Up, second seasond Runners-Up in the Premier League and English Manager of the Year. During season 2 offers from Everton, Newcastle and Leicester, all rejected by me. Now my contract was running out after season 3, board propose extension. Current salary was 900k per year. In view of the above I'd expect to have a market value of around 3m, though irl I'd likely be able to get double that at another club. Board offer 925k for 3 years. My reaction: WTF??!!?? I changed the extension to one year, non-negotiable (as any manager would do irrespective of wages if being able to obtain jpbs at many bigger clubs). Board say okay, but only if you accept 500k p.a. as wages. I think I don't need to explain that this worked at no stage as it should do. btw I was happy to accept that wage as I don't care and not needing this for job security, but this is a joke. The first offer is just way off the rl market - imagine Huddeersfield finishing 2nd in the Prem IRL with a 38-year-old English manager and having been in the FA Cup Final last year. That guy could choose jobs and ask for 6m + annual wages. And Huddersfield would be grateful for every single month that manager chooses to entend his contract.
  5. I still have some hope that they will be allowed to publish FM18 in Gemany as well, given that EA doesn't use its exclusive license anymore. German gaming mags are finally listing FM in their upcoming releases lists
  6. Even worse, the unrealistic issue present ever since is that players will almost always be happy to stay and sign new contracts. IRL there are plenty of players who say two years down the roas that there is no reason to negotiate at this point unless something really mad happens with their wages. IRL there are many player who, one year down the road say that they will not renew their contract, forcing the club to sell. This hardly ever happens in FM. The result is, you will always make your team better and better because you will never experience seious set-backs where you struggle to replace a player with a player of the same quality. This is what happens to 90% of the clubs irl all the time. It just pretty much never happens in FM. That is where the real issue is, imho. And to say the truth, this flaw is in the game by design, as people would find it too hard otherwise. I'd do the same if I was SI.
  7. Help! Can't cancel loan

    Many loans which are agreed at the start of the game are non-cancelable. But indeed then the option should be greyed out. And if there is a message once you hover over it, it should certainly give another reason than the one you mentioned.
  8. Almost sounds like my beloved 2-1-4-3 from CM93
  9. On FM14, I won everything using a self-made 4-1-3-2, with 1 DM and 3 MCs. On FM16, that tactic worked as well, though only due to the bug which overpowered wide defenders and their crossing to the far post for easy tap-ins. Hence I ditched FM16 quickly and bought FM17, deviating from my usual 2-year buying rhythm. On FM17 I am now having succes with a 4-1-2-2-1/4-5-1/4-3-3 (whatever you like to call it) with 1 DM, 2MCs and AMRLs. Common threads on tactical instructions are play narrow, play short and play slow, look for overlap, play out of defence and work ball into box.
  10. Results all the way for me. I am currently playing a kind of negative football that I would never have envisaged me to play. Yet, it yielded a 2nd place finish in the Premiership with Wolves in year 2, with a team that would have been relegation candidates if judged by individual ability. (for who's interested: Lung jr., Iorfa, Batth, Hause, Ch. Taylor, Saiss, Ajer, McGinn, Schaub, Gnabry, Green) The secret is defensive, posession-oriented football. I use possession as a defensive measure. They won't score as long as they don't have the ball. And I don't take any risks. More often than not I manage to keep a clean sheet by doing this and on the attack there will always be one or the other scoring opportunity. So it works great. But is this how I would ideally want to play? Surely not... but I'm about winning and I do what makes the lads I have likely to be most successful.
  11. Let me guess - was that player a regen?
  12. Imho FM17 is way better than FM16. In every respect. Really surprised to see this thread.
  13. Please feel free to check out my thread in GQ. Apart from the kit sponsor, Wolves have no single other sponsor in the game, whereas in their public accounts they had a total sponsorship income of 3m at least in 2015. Another buggy thing, which is not related to the data issue, is that even assuming there was no data issue and everything was correct, then it would be insane to believe that also in the Premier no single other company would be interested in acquiring a sponsorship at Wolves.
  14. That sounds good, but I would really like anybody to admit/confirm, that the club should have more sponsorship deals than just 1 in the first place. And that, outside of running contracts, no club will ever have a sponsorship total of 440k p.a. in the EPL.
  15. That's 3 millions. Looks about right to me. 8 times the amount they get in the game - and worse, in the game that figure doesn't even raise by a single penny upon promotion to the Prem.