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  1. Izo - Nigeria - World Cup 2026 Review Group Stage: Paired with Portugal and Honduras we started off beating Honduras 5-0. Then we had a much tougher opponent in the second game, but we trashed Portugal 4-1 and escaped the group stage in first. Second Round: Mali awaited in the second round. They knocked out South Korea by finishing second to Italy. Osimhen scored twice like his first two games and has reached 6 goals in 3 games. We destroy Mali 6-0 3rd Round: Spain had a cake-walk through the tournament beating Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica. In their first real
  2. Season Review 2025 - FC Anyang Competitions - Squad - Transfers - Finances CHAMPIONS! A rough start to the season but we took over in 1st halfway through the season and held it the rest of the way. The best 6 players in the division belonged to us. We dominated! Key players: DC Tae-Min - DC Kyung-Soo - AMRL Lopes Outlook: We have a bunch of young prospects who are ready to take the next step. Our squad is dangerously thin. Interesting challenge. A couple of strengthenings and we might be able to stay up. Season Review 2025 - Nigeria After
  3. @dkouv I'm sticking around for the World Cup in 2026. One of my best memories was my Ghana world cup run in the Ultimate challenge a couple of years ago. Lost the final though. Tremendously proud of that one :-)
  4. Izo - Nigeria - ACON 2025 Review We won our group pretty convincingly with 9 point and a +9 goal differential. Then we won against Ivory Coast, Senegal and Angola on our way to the final. In the final we went up against Marocco who we beat in the group stage. Did Izo win his first major trophy of his career and open doors previously slames shut?
  5. Izo returns to Asia After a short spell in South Africa and after guiding Nigeria to the ACON, Izo returns to Asia clubwise. FC Anyang are currently in the second tier in South Korea. We still have a shot at promotion but I'm not judged on this season.
  6. Izo quits Jomo Cosmos Not that I really wanted to. The game crashes on a game at 23rd of december if I play, instant result or holidays past it. I tried resigning from Nigeria but same result. If I resign from Jomo Cosmos I can continue. So... I need to resign from Jomo Cosmos. As you noticed by now I've been appointed as a manager of the Nigeria in the meantime. I'll continue with them as I seek a new adventure. Short season review: We struggled to find consistency but held our ground through out the season. We won the Knockout cup and that means there's only 9 cup tournam
  7. Izo finally finds a new home One year ago Izo left Chennai City after 2 succesful seasons. Finding the right club for him proved more difficult than he imagined. Today he was appointed the new manager of South African team Jumo Cosmos. Izo took over the team after 30 games, while Black Leopards in second was 1 point behind after 29 games. They drew and we won on goal difference. We're in the Premiership even before it starts!
  8. Season Review 2021/22 - Chennai City FC Competitions - Squad - Transfers - Finances CHAMPIONS YET AGAIN! Two championships in as many tries. After running away in the start of the season we threw a bunch of points towards the end while battling in the ChL. We were heavily outmatched in that competition. Key players: ML Langerman - MR Domingues - ST Magassouba Outlook: With more trophies than league losses I let my contract with Chennai run out. I've achieved what I wanted from my first step and will seek new adventures elsewhere. My next step could
  9. Season Review 2020/21 - Chennai City FC Competitions - Squad - Transfers - Finances CHAMPIONS! A fine start to my journey towards the status of legend. Starting off with an undefeated season in the league. Shortened but undefeated! We brought in a few key players and they were difference makers. After breezing through the regular season we had a couple of key injuries. We managed to get past MHDN and win the championship by one point! Key players: DC Mwanjali - ST Magassouba - ST Koffi Outlook: The first trophy is in the books and perhaps it's enoug
  10. Let's try this one again. Had a go a couple of seasons ago. I'll be Izo .. My star in my recent Big Euro completion.
  11. Belenenses - 27/28 - Liga NOS - 12th Squad - Competitions - Finances - Transfers A mixed season in which we were never close to the relegation battle. I mixed up the 4-3-3 with a 5-3-2 And despite my best efforts I felt our point with the new formation more luck than anything else. We sold star player Breitenbücher before the season. With him we could have ended much higher up. Key players: GK Collins - DC Rekik - ST Dog Youngster of the season: DC Arapi Outlook: One season at a time. We're still not good enough to focus on building upwards. A bad s
  12. Belenenses - 26/27 - Liga NOS - 14th Squad - Competitions - Finances - Transfers We worked on a new formation 3-5-2 in the offseason. We wanted to get both Michaux and Breitenbücher on the field at the same time. It didn't work. We reverted back to our 4-3-3 and we hit a good spell of games midseason. After that we signed french Target Man Dog to give the two IF a good station to work with. That didn't work either. We did avoid the drop though. And we sold Nathan for 7 million pounds so our finances are ok at the moment. Key players: GK Collins - DM/MC Rada - AMR
  13. In a good old relegation fight.. Games like thee is why i love FM! Just thought I threw away a crucial 2-0 lead in the 94th minute... Only for my team to play 4 passes after kickoff and Supersub Cakarun scoring the even later winner!
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