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  1. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Yes. And this version of Billericay has me as a manager. I would argue that most people would prefer the AI 😂
  2. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Not the best start to the season. We need some new players to be able to compete in the National.
  3. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    First season completed... Went pretty well :-)
  4. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I'll be playing FM Touch
  5. Can't get playing time till tonight What about tutoring?
  6. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    This sums up our situation pretty well :-)
  7. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Who wouldn't want to be a part of this... This is my reserves team players...
  8. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    STOP 5 - BAYER LEVERKUSEN - GERMAN BUNDESLIGA Can't really turn down a club like Leverkusen in my situation. Rudi Völler called me and offered me the job. Leverkusen has a worldwide reputation and are packed with talent and exciting youngsters waiting for their chance THE CLUB THE SITUATION Not much going for the club at the moment. I hope I get more than the remainder of the season. Qualifying for Champions League is gonna be difficult, and is not what we agreed!
  9. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    SHOCKER! BANDINI MOVES ON! Danilo Bandini has announced his goodbye in Sampdoria. After a brief spell in his home country he is on to new pastures. So what's going to happen... Well.. Bandini got a job offer from another country. He will roughly double his wage budget and have a transfer kitty of around 40 million pounds a season. Needless to say he will get a healthy payrise as well. Time to go to Germany!
  10. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Just as things were going good we suffer a injury to our thin midfield. Our young starlet Potocnik is out for the rest of the season. He's been good...
  11. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    My left winger: I literally spent hours searching for a new left winger as I though Verdi did not have what it takes. 10 games in to the season I have to say I'm mistaken. Verdi has been on fire! We're in good position in the league. So far so good!
  12. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Not really what I needed. I did not notice the clause. And I have no use for Balic long-term... Well.. I have to make the best of it!
  13. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    STOP 4 - SAMPDORIA - ITALIAN SERIE A A new challenge in my native country. Succes here will make me hard to overlook for Juventus. THE CLUB THE SITUATION With the transfer window shut for the year I will have to cope with the squad in place. I'm a squad builder, but will have to make this work for the remaining 14 games.
  14. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Returning home! After much thought i have accepted a job in my native country. Shortly after my new club was taken over by a swedish consortium I knew they were looking my way. After been linked with Sassuolo, Roma and Genoa. I'm finally back to Italy. This time in the Serie A. I leave AIk in good health for the future. 16 million pounds in the bank and a lot of young stars waiting to blossom. Time to move on!
  15. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    2022 Season Review Squad - Competitions - Transfers - Finances - Awards Fans' Players of the season: DC Noah Sonko Sundberg - AMC Adryan - MC Anton Saletros Season review: What a year. We won the league in style. Setting a record for points in the process. The cup was won fairly easy, and we were good in europe, until we got manhandled in Moscow. The squad is in decent position for the coming years, though many of the players are looking for transfers. The economy is healthy and we should be able to bring in replacements for many of the players which may leave us. League changes: Time to get this thing going. After Succesful spells in three different countries I'm adding the top-8leagues in Europe and Holland. Let's see how far this goes! Due to game speed I'm only selecting top leagues in some countries