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  1. Brazil - Copa America Review - 2028 Group stage My luck from Cruz Azul seem to be haunting us. We have dominated teams in all three games, in terms of possession and good chances. Yet we have no win to show for it. Luckily we are going throgh to the Quarterfinal after a better goal difference than Bolivia in group A. Standings shows we got lucky! Knockout stages We meet Peru in the quarterfinal and get a much needed win 3-2! .. We concede quite a few good chances but this time we're finishing our own chances as well. In a goalless and somewhat boring semifinal against Colombia we prevail on penalties. So... We I'm close to bringing home my first big international trophy. Mexico B in the final. Piece of cake right?! Three minute in we get caught on a well struck counter and find ourselves 1-0 behind. We take control of the game and normal backup Raphinha equalises before the half. In the second half we dominate possesion and chances without any of them really threatening. We do however get a penalty that MC Antunes Ribeiro converts. Brazil is COPA AMERICA CHAMPIONS!
  2. Got the job at Cruz Azul later that season. We finished 14th in the Clausura and got knocked out in the 2nd Rnd of the ChL. Horrible. We found a playing style that fitted towards the finish of the campaign. If I manage to keep the job we will return strong!
  3. I reject Sevilla because I'm the leading candidate for both Real Madrid and Manchester City... Might have overestimated my standing in the game a bit. It's been a year and I'm still without a job, I'll wait for the best opening. I hoped to get the Cruz Azul job, but apparently my visit in Mexico is still in peoples memories. Brazil is yet to play an important game.
  4. Decision time! .... How could I say no to managing Brazil?!
  5. Ghana - 2026 World Cup Review The last two international competitions we've been in we have been runners up in the ACON and CHAN. Our FA expects us to reach the third round. Group Stage With the new group format the 2026 world cup pinned us against South Korea and Israel in the group. In normal terms I would rate us as favourites. We started off against Israel and dominated in a 4-0 win! .. The next game was a battle for 1st place against South Korean sporting my old Seoul-prodigy Hyun-Woo in attack. In a tight affair ST Tetteh scored in the 90th minute to give us a 2-1 Win! Knockout Rounds Up against Mali in the second round we fancied our chances. The game was a lot tougher than expected but in the end we took a penalty win! Denmark awaited in the 3rd round. We had fulfilled our FA's expectations and could play freely. It showed. In what we thought would be an uphill battle we crushed Denmark 4-1! What giant awaited in the Quarters? Italy, France, England? Nope... Ukraine... We would never have a better chance at a World Cup semifinal. Ukraine were playing well and dominated much of the game. GK Nurudeen had a great game. In extra time AMR Atanga, who started on the bench, decided the game with his 2-1 goal! In the semifinal Italy awaited. This would take a great effort and a bit of luck. And we got it. Yet another gret performance by GK Nurudeen and substitute ST Tetteh with a great goal in overtime to give us a 1-0 ET Win! So.... Ghana was in a World Cup final... Not what the bookies expected before the tournament. England was the opponent. A force of brilliant players most of them in their prime. We were unable to contain Delle Alli all game and he assisted Harry Kane sole goal. The fairytale has ended. Review: After we beat Italy I honestly believed we had a chance to win the World Cup. But alas... Another final lost for Ghana and Bandini. The boys were magnificent and I must say it's one of the achievements I'm most proud of in the recent FM's. We have moved into the 7th position on the World Ranking. A great achievement. Back on the horse. Next year there's a ACON and we need that title. My reputation around the world should take a leap afetr this performance.
  6. Kaizer Chiefs ABSA Premiership - 2025/2026 Review Champions League: Winners! My first major trophy is history! A good season with our only loss being to Enyimba in the Group stage. League: 4th - Super 8: Win! - Knockout Cup: QFinal - Nedbank Cup: 1st Rnd - One season long battle against Mammelodi Sundowns. We got the best of them in the Super 8 and ChL, while they won the Knockout cup, In total we played Sundowns 6 times this season. We did not have a good enough squad to compete in the league and we were lucky to hold on to 4th. SQUAD Key players: DR Badboy - AMR Sapula - AMC Motupa A good season with lots of players getting gametime. We have some of the brightest talents in the country and our squad should be deep enough to loose a player or two. Our Attackers never really excelled unfortunately. Motupa was our player of the season. 6 goals in the knockout rounds of the ChL from his AMC position. New season I could stay and go all in for one of the cups and a chance at the CWC, but I think I'm gonna resign and hunt the other trophies in another continent. I'll get the CWC later... Africa... You've been good to me! Ghana We managed to qualify for the ACON and had a good run but Ivory Coast beat us in the final. We also managed to get runners up in the CHAN We qualified to the World Cup and there will be an update on this shortly. Career Progress Challenge progress
  7. @TheEarlLet's get it on!! :-) @stevelcfc2011 Great season. Domnated Carlisle. Nice to see!
  8. Daing... We lost in the ACON final. Had hoped to cross that one off the list.
  9. I have uploading problems.... The last 3 games with Kaizer Chiefs... A - Polokwame City, 4-0 A - Ajax CT, 2-0 H - Real Kings, 6-0 We win the league by 2 points! Next up the ACON with Ghana!
  10. Another small update. I resigned for Leon after a horrible half a season. My new destination is in Africa. Kaizer Chiefs has offered me a contract. I need to start qualifying and winning trophies and especially continental. 3rd place 5 points behind Ajax CT with 3 games to go. Ghana has qualified to the ACON. Let's get it rolling after a couple of misses.
  11. Leon A short season review! We battled with inconsistencies and troubles with finding the right tactic. I managed to not get fired, and I'll be strengthning the squad. We end up 12th Ghana We managed to qualify for the ACON .. Let's get that first international trophy!
  12. Time to go for the CONCACAF Champions League. A just sub-top team in Mexico might be a good bet. After my sacking in Mineiro I won't be getting one of the top teams in that league.
  13. I'm pretty sure if I did not just add the european leagues in the summer I could have kept some of my players but most of them had release clauses that was acitvated by PL teams ;-) As a starting spot I had a great save a couple of seasons ago starting as Jomo Cosmos from South Africa. I'd say South Africa or the second tier in China/South Korea would be a good starting spot. Not that I didn't like Selangor, but I'm sure I could have a faster way to the top in either of those leagues
  14. Atletico Mineiro sacked me after a horrible start. I went into a non-winning streak after loosing my best 5-6 players to europe. At least I won State. I won't miss the 500 games a season and I guess the Copa Libertadores will go through Argentina
  15. Well.. That didnt take long. Before the season starts I've left FC Seoul after a great stint. The new advenure continues in .... Brazil... Atletico Mineiro!
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