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  1. Wage situation: I have nothing left in the wage budget to shaoe the squad myself. Almost 20% of the budget is on one player. A good one. But he earns to much. Dane Marcus Solberg is going away one way or the other.
  2. STOP 1 - FJÖLNIR - ICELAND Outlook: The club just got relegated from the Icelandic Premier Division. And I'll be the manager responsible of bringing them right back up.
  3. Goals: Manage Juventus Part Goals: Showing Loyalty: Turn down one of Juventus' rival clubs If you can't manage them, beat them: Beat Juventus You hired this guy?!: Beat a former Juventus boss Winner: Win a Trophy Now they can't see past me: Win a major trophy Keeping it tight: Concede less than 0,75 goals a game through a season Visiting an old friend: Manage a club I've managed before Local focus: Overperform with a squad of 75% country nationality The developer: Develop a world class talent form the youth system Getting the best out of the boys: Have a player win the Ballon D'or Youth guru: Have a player win the the Golden Boy
  4. THE HUNT FOR THE OLD LADY - FMT17 editionBackground:Time to bring immersion into my FM once again. I'm back hunting for the Juventus position. I've tried it 3 times before without luck. I've struggled to get a grip of the tactics in FM17 and it's time to learn on the fly. Goal:Once again I will have no real goals other than that I would like to manage Juventus at some time. Also I'll set a bunch of goals leading up to the appointment.Setup:Nations loaded(Lowest available league):Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & WalesTop Division only :England, Germany, Italy & SpainI will change the playable leagues as my reputation rises.Database size is Large.I'm starting in July 2017. I will continue through the initial jobs and wait for openings after the initial available clubs.The Manager:My name is Danilo Bandini. I'm a 25-year-old italian manager.After 5 years as a youth manager for Juventus I felt it was time to move on. In the past I have sent out unsuccesfull job applications to a bunch of Serie C clubs. Always the same answer, 'You're too inexperienced for this level'. That is not gonna get me closer to my dream job of managing Juventus.So... I resigned as a youth manager in Juve to become unemployed and started off hunting clubs in less glamorous leagues. Apparently it required much harder work than I had imagined.Updates:Mostly seasonal updates.
  5. It was never my season. Could never get a much better team than last year to perform. Finances cribbling and ending in 7 losses in a row and a sacking. Well... At least I was occupied for a few weeks :-) ... FM17 and me haven't really started to cooperate yet. Maybe It's time for a journeyman save.
  6. Dont know about the maker of the challenge, but I would gladly follow 😊
  7. 2018/19 Season Review Standings - Squad - Finances - Transfers - Awards Fans' Players of the season: Finn Porath - Manfred Starke - Justin Gerlach Season review: Started off slowly, but then ran into a succesful stretch of games, and even though we didn't win any of the last 6 games, relegation was pretty far away. Season preview: I need to strengthen the team allround. Get a couple of great players in and then once again fill up with a bunch of loanees.
  8. What team are you looking for? I spent 90 minutes reloading for Kozakken Boys before settling for Katwijk 😀
  9. The periods reset every time. So if they had 0points from the first 27 games and technically were already relegated, they could save themselves by topping the table in the last period. Try going to the table and look at the periods. Table -> Stages -> Period They're probably topping one of them. Based on your screenshots I would think it was Period 3
  10. @oulzac the table is divided into 4 periods. If the 20th placed team topped one of the period they enter playoffs and can't get relegated. So in theory they could play well for 9 games and get 27 losses in the other 27 games. And still not get relegated.
  11. I'm gonna give it another go. I once finished it in Germany and that's the course I'm gonna take again. Short seasons are great for my amount of time to play. FMT once again for this one. I'm gonna play as alter ego Benno Stüber. - Golden Boy, Europes and Champions League best player at 20 in my Wuppertal Big Euro Save. I'm gonna control Carl Zeiss Jena - Mostly because I couldn't get Hessen Kassel after reloading 7000 times. I like Jena though. Home of one of my sweet spot players... Bernd Schneider :-) League history - Finances - Squad
  12. I think you're looking for Gundo's European adventure. With all the smaller nations. Haven't seen it around this year. Maybe I just didn't see it! 😊
  13. 5 points in the first 9 games - And then we broke the curve 5 Wins, 4 Draws and 1 loss - A pretty good recovery especially with my key DC, MC and for the final 5 games ST out injured. Then we meet FC Oss and looses painfully 3-1 in a game we dominated 16-6 shots, 4-2 CCC The end result? I guess Holland just is not meant to be for the Big Euro. I hope Muttley has better succes. Pretty frustrated over the timing. Especially as there's only 3 points between us at 16th and Cambuur at 9th...
  14. Katwijk is in trouble as well. 1/4 of the season gone and we're 19th... I just changed my tactic and hopefully things will change. I have real trouble attracting quality players.