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  1. I get sacked after 24 games. I lost the dressing room completely. Have played FMT the last 4-5 seasons. Will return again once it's released.
  2. I often find that whenever I offer a player to clubs I loose all leverage. Which makes sense really. Why should someone pay a premium price for a player you’re trying to get rid of? I can reject an offer for 30 million and a week later change my mind and offer him out for 20 and I won’t get an offer. I often only use offer to clubs with the players I just want to get rid of.
  3. Alright... So FMT won't get a beta this year. Might as well try something that can't really be done on FMT.. This challenge. Carl Zeiss Jena appoint Miroslav Klose Profile
  4. @jmarchand I have never gotten sole full backs wide working without a DMC. If I’m playing them as lone wide men I almost always play with a HalfBack at DMC. I also find it that the quality of the HB doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It’s mostly to provide the extra cover man wise when both are bombing forward. I usually retrain a player with good set piece skills and decent defensive skills. I’d probably start off by changing the BWM to a CM(D) to make him a bit more static. Then use a FB(A) on the side with the CM(S) to give the squad more width. The other is fine as
  5. Well I was still ages behind Barca and Real sponsorwise. I’ve had a full capacity of my small 30K stadium for the last 7-8 years, so That didn’t help either. We spend a lot on wages as well... But that was needed to keep the current squad together.
  6. COMPLETED CHALLENGE POST: Copa del rey wins: 2030 - 2038 - 2044 UEFA Europa League: 2034 - 2037 UEFA Super cup: 2037 La Liga: 2037 - 2040 - 2044 - 2045 FIFA Club World Championship: 2041 Champions League: 2045 Key players: GK Roth DR Vega - DR Cuenos - DC Silva - DC Stefanovic - DC McCaw - DL Stevanovic DMC Rafael - MC Fittaioli - MC Alysson - MC Ederson - AMC Diego ST Mohammadzadeh - ST Bruneau - ST Camara Key tournaround: We've always had quality full backs on our squad. Hence the change to our 4-4-2 Narrow diamond. In Ste
  7. Champions League final ... Take 5... El Ejido v Chelsea Let's get it on! FIRST HALF 6: Vega centers the ball and Bruneau hits the post. 37: Bruneau is clear on goal but his finish is weak. HALF TIME An even first half ends. We have had the most chances but it's an even game. SECOND HALF 48: Vega dribbles past two players and one-twos with Alysson. He finds Camara in the seam.... 1-0! Great goal! 60: Vega is controlling the game completely. He sets up Camara once again but he finishes right on the keeper. 85: We're so close.... Are we
  8. We missed our invincibles season, and almost loose the championship. Real slips up on the last day and we win the championship with 101 points.
  9. Manchester City won't be a problem this year. Looks like another bogey-team in Chelsea could be waiting in the final...
  10. @Thebaker - From Hungary to the knockout round... Strong! @Biscotti - Keep chugging!! @Geminilightning - Welcome to the big leagues! :-)
  11. So.. I'm still going... A great win tonight And why is that ? Well... We've now gone a full calendar year without a loss in the league! We're unbeaten in 27 games in all competitions to this point this season.
  12. 2043/2044 - CD El Ejido A brief season review. League: Win- Cup: Runner up- ChL: Runner Up - Supercoppa: SF Squad - Competitions - Transfers - Finances Players of the season: DR Cuenos - DL Stevanovic - DMC Rafael - ST Camara Youngster of the season: DR Vega Next season: Even though we made a profit transferwise of nearly 80 million pounds we're deep in the red. Difficult to create a contender like this. Let's see if this continues... I can't improve the squad without money. I might give this one more go. If I avoid City I might have a ch
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