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  1. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Our backup gk is turning heads
  2. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Thats number 6 After starting the season with 10 straight wins and only 1 goal conceded, we've run into a slump in the league. Fortnately we were able to take the Cup. Less pressure on the rest of the season now.
  3. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Season Preview 2020/2021 We signed a bunch of non-european players. I needed a bit of flair offensively. For the first time in a long time in Fm, I go into the season with two different formations. A 4-1-2-2-1 and the formation I plan to use the most a 4-2-3-1. I've signed a bunch of U19 players as well. Grooming them in my reserves squad. Predicted Line-Up: Key Players: AML - Ahmed Musa AMR - Luiz Arajo ST - Luciano De La Vega Board expectations / Own Expectation: Premier Division - Around the top / Euro qual. Cup - Not important / Give youth a chance Let's get it on!
  4. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    This guy is gonna make the fans go bananas!
  5. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    First games in Sweden The first games are in the books and we held onto the second place. On to reshaping the squad. I'd like to implement a much more offensive tactic than my predecessor.
  6. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    STOP 3 - AIK - SWEDISH PREMIER DIVISION A new challenge in a new country. A bit more liberal foreign policies and a lot fewer games. A proud club history that hopefully I can add to! THE CLUB THE SITUATION I have no hopes for any winnings this year, but next year I want to challenge for the title. Winning it the season after.
  7. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Bandini quits Maccabi Tel-Aviv post In interesting turn of events Bandini has resigned from his position as Maccabi Tel Aviv manager. 'It's been a pleasure bringing succes to this great club, but I have come to the conclusion that I need to move on' Bandini told us. Rumour says Bandini has had trouble settling into the country. Bandini managed Maccabi Tel-Aviv in 68 this season. A number simply thought to be too high for Bandinis liking. 'I have no time to refine our tactics on the practice field. It's simply from one game to another' he was qouted earlier in the season. What's next for Bandini? Maybe a date with an old lady?
  8. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    2019/20 Season Review Squad - Competitions - Transfers - Finances - Awards Fans' Players of the season: Dor Micha - Sean Goldberg - Vidar Örn Kjartansson Season review: A quick predictable exit to Celtic and we were off to the group stage of the Euro League. We lost a group with Sporting Lisboa, Young Boys and Anderlecht. A bit underwhelming only collecting 3 points in the process. We bounced back and controlled the Premier Division from start to end. Also we manage to snatch a State Cup victory on penalties. League changes: A double and a european group stage. People consider this a highly productive season. I see massive changes in my potential. Removed: Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria Added: Poland, Belarus, Denmark, Romania, Croatia
  9. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    That's 4 and 5
  10. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Season Preview 2019/20 We signed a bunch of young non-israelic guys, and signed the best Israelian player in the league. We should be able to retain the premier division. Also I would like to end up in the group stages of either the Champions League or the Euro League Predicted Line-Up: Key Players: DC - Christian Ramos AML - Tal Ben-Chaim AMC - Michael Ohana Board expectations / Own Expectation: Premier Division - Win / Win State Cup - Final / Win Toto Cup - Not Important / Not Important Champions League - Playoffs / Playoffs Let's get it on!
  11. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    Due to the short time at the club I will focus on the transfer market instead of writing a review of the last season.
  12. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    What a start! Seven games - Seven victories Even though I only have one striker available and My central defense mostly consisted of a DL and a DM due to only having to CB's in the squad. Both having injuries. All this made us climb up the table to first. After this we had the first loss of the period, but we're still 3 points ahead with 2 to go. There's still hope.
  13. The hunt for the old lady - FMT17 edition

    STOP 2 - MACCABI TEL-AVIV - ISRAELI PREMIER DIVISION I got an offer I can't refuse. The most winning club in Israel and a wage budget that is 20 times bigger than in Iceland. Of course I personally will get a nice wage increase as well. They're currently 4th in the league and I will try to manage them to 3rd without any transfers before being able to assemble my own squad in the new season. THE CLUB THE SITUATION