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FM22: York City. VNLN to the Prem!


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It's back for another year


I had an incredible fun and succesful York save last year with my first ever undeafeted Premiership season.

With Covid hitting the lower leagues to the point the Vanarama National League North and South were before declared null this is a very different challenge to last season.

The squad isn't as strong, we've already moved in the stadium which is council owned, our bank balance is only just in the black to the point where any player can be sold.

York used to be a team that played in higher divisons.  In the 70s they played in the second divison, they're won Sky Bet League Two and only recently in 2015/16 were still in League Two.  They've won the English FA Trophy twice in their history.

So it's my job to restore them back to where they belong and then beyond!

The database:


I'm always looking to bring in youth players.  I know it's very different now with brexit and permits but it's still one of my favourite things about Football Manager.

Manager style:


I've just auto chose the badges/experience that they'd want for York.  I'm a big fan of being the attacking coach :lol:.

The ambitions:



So I need to play attacking football and at the very least quality for the playoffs.  That might not be as easy compared to last year.

The squad:


We have some very good players here but I also think we're over paying.  The very experienced Clayton Donaldson is here and even at 37 he can do the job but he's on 1.5k a week!  Scott Barrow our best left back is our for 7 months on £750 p/w.   Our poacher Gilchrist is out for 4 months and he's another on £750.

I'm glad to see players that were with us last season.  Jameson was a quality goalkeeper and I kept Duckworth our right back for a few seasons.  We don't have stars such as Harry Bunn and Jack Redshaw this year though.  They were brilliant for this level.

I wish Potts was here but he's out on loan, he could do a job for us upfront.  Same with Whitley for our backup goalkeeper.

I can't decide what formation to play yet.  We have two Target Forwards and we have two handy wingers so I might try 4 - 4 - 2. 

Let's see if I can find a parent club for some loans.

The finances:



This is currently our biggest issue.  We're already over our wage budget, there isn't money to ask for more budget.


I'm hoping having such a decent sized stadium can bring in some good money but that's some expensive rent!

Right, it's time to see what I can do to this squad and if I can find some free loans, atleast we have space for that.

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1 hour ago, Punch said:

I enjoyed reading your last York save. Good luck with the new adventure :thup:

Cheers man, this is such a different situation to last season especially with the funds, it's going to take a good effort to get promoted first time.

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Playing 4 - 4 - 2 went very well.  Donaldson and Willoughby uptop have been very impressive.  Sam Fielding has impressed me the most, he can play CB and MC and cover RB.  I do love versatile players in these leagues.  Especially with the lack of depth we have and only having 5 subs in league games.  We've used alot of youth players in pre-season and we have two decent strikers and an alright RM.  Hopefully I won't need to use them in the league but right now I couldn't name 7 on the bench without using youth :lol:.

We've only managed to find one player good enough to play for us and that doesn't cost wages to bring in.  He'll actually be our left back 'til atleast January.


Another Portuguese player :lol:.  Seems I do always seem to find good Portuguese players for my teams.

I've managed to bring in a couple of decent coaches which I hope will help some of the younger players.



I don't care about scouting and physios currently.  We have one Physio and why do I need a scouting team if I literally can't bring players in :lol:.  Might aswell save the pennys.


We've sold a decent number of season tickets but it makes me fear the stadium could be a bit empty.


We're making a small profit currently atleast also.


I think that's about it, it's time to start the season.


I'm hoping we prove them wrong.  Beck is my 3rd choice in how my team sets up, he'll be coming off the bench.  I reckon Donaldson will be up there if his pre-season form is anything to go by.


Hoping we can win all 4 games here.  Why though do we play on a Saturday and the Monday? :idiot:

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Frustaring that we haven't won every game because we have so many chances, we're just not putting them into the back of the net.

Kidderminster was our best game.  Donaldson didn't score but got two assists as Dyson and Willougby both got their names on the scoresheet in the first half.  Thought this was a cool stat after the game.


Gloucester took the lead after 4 minutes and I thought we were going to crumble.  Donaldson equalised just before half time.  We had chances but too many shots were straight at the goalkeeper.  Frustrating.

I didn't think we were going to break the deadlock against Brackley until we were awarded a penalty which Donaldson blasted into the top corner.  Duckworth set up Heaney at the back post with a lovely across after 69 minutes to give us the win.

We had chances against Spennymoor, we were without Donaldson due to the fixture congestion but we still had chances.  Spennymoor took the lead after Duckworth give away a penalty.  I went attacking and we had more chances but it gave Spennymoor their second goal. 

Atleast no one has won all four opening games.




Though we don't have any new loans yet.  Everyone has all of a sudden been able to leave for no wage, so I'm hiring some scouts and we'd currently got three bids in, we need some depth.

Next Month


Hopefully we can get back to winning ways.

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Cracking month.

After the Spennymoor lost I changed my strikers roles back to what I'd play on FM21.  Pressing Forwards are great in this divison.

We were brilliant against Farsley.  Heaney was in the right place at the right time when a good save from the opposition goalkeeper was pushed out and he hammered it home for us to take the lead.  Donaldson made is 2 - 0 in the second half and we with 27 shots, 15 on target we could of had more.

It was Hereford who took the lead after 13 minutes and we struggled to get back into the game.  We won a penalty which Donaldson converted to put us back level.  In the second half our left back Couto was sent off for a second yellow so I had to change shape and we came alive!  Donaldson finished a great cross from Duckworth in the 85th minute and Heaney set up Beck just two minutes later to kill the game off.  That's what we love to see, 10 men and the better side.

Darlington took the lead after Newton gave away a penalty.  The striker was going nowhere, fell over and the ref bought it more like.  I changed from attacking to cautious and we controlled the game.  Ravenhill one of our new loanees put in an amazng ball for Beck to volley in.   Newton then put us up just before the break after heading in Coutos corner.  Donaldson then scored our third, volleying home Newtons headed flick on.  Dyson finished the game off, finishing low in the corner after Wrights through ball.
Brilliant :D.

We broke the record that we'd just broke :D.


Atleast we've made a small gap from 3rd place.  If we continue to play like this, we'll take top.



I said about Donaldson :cool:.


My first award :cool:, no idea why the first two games from the previous month are on there :D.


Cheers Dave :cool:.  Why do we have a Director of Football :lol:.

FA Cup Qualifying


5 goals with that xG is awesome.


We should win the next round.



After another injury, we needed more players :lol:.

I've brought in three.

A left winger, a right back who can play in other positions and a MC.




They're all really good players and have played well for us so far.  Especially when they're costing us nothing :D.

Next Month


Hopefully can we keep the form going and take top spot.

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We've played alot of football and we've ended up with alot of injuries :seagull:.

Donaldson gave us the lead against Southport after just 10 minutes.  Hmami equalised for them in the 75th minute and even though we'd easily been the better side and I thought that was it.  Akil Wright smashed in a 25 yarder after 80 minutes to give us the win.  What a hit!

Donaldson scored the only goal for our win against Chester.  He could of easily had a hat-trick, the finishing through out was poor.

What a horrible draw.  Easily the better side but silly mistakes cost us.  Mark Beck gave us the lead but just after half time Boston have a freekick, they've hit the ball in, it's coming to nothing but Akil Wright decided to just shove a player over and gave them a penalty.  We couldn't get back into it so I changed formation and then Couto got himself sent off!  Down to 10 men Beck managed to put us back ahead but just three minutes later Boston equalised.  Frustrating game.

And then this happened


So our #1 goalkeeper is injured, our #2 is out on loan.  Bring in the 1 and a half star :lol:.  This is my goalkeeper for the next month or so.


Anyway back to the football.  Beck gave us the lead again but Melhado gave away a silly penalty(we really need to stop giving away pens) which Blyth equalised with.  Beck gave us the lead again but some good football by Blyth saw them equalise.  Donaldson should have put us ahead and oh my, Heaney missed an absolute sitter.  Our xG was 2.26 vs 1.45 and they had a penalty.  Another frustarting draw.

If our players could finish, we'd be flying.



Our Chairman is tight

So 'cause we're low on funds, can we get a parent club for free loans and some income?


WHAT!? :seagull:

He also won't budge with the wage budget.


He's a bit of an arse currently.

FA Cup Qualifying


Yeah, we should have won the away leg easily.


Atleast we battered them at home.


Deserved draw, we were the better side!


They had many key players out, Mullian was superb but we won :cool:.


I reckon we should win this one.

Next Month


Let's see how we do with the young goalkeeper :lol:

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What a month it's been :cool:.  We've been getting the penaltys and Campbell did really well in net.

Cracking football away at Leamington.  Mehaldo got his first York goal, heading in a cross by Donaldson after 18 minutes.  Dyson scored an amazing solo goal in the 52nd minute and then just a minute later Donaldson put away a penalty.  It got worse for Leamington in the 84th minute as they got a player sent off for a second yellow.

After battering them in the cup, we went to their place and battered them again.  Dyson had a goal disallowed but minutes later score another cracker to put us ahead.  Nkurmah scored his first York goal in the 75th minute, heading in Dysons corner.  Blackett scored a brilliant long range effort that Campbell could do nothing about.  We won another penalty and Newton put it away in the 93rd minute.  Blackett scored again in the 95th but it was offside.  Good win.

Heaney gave us the lead after 6 minutes, Donaldson put us two up after 15 and Heaney got a brace in the 33rd minute.  We had to rotate a few players here so he was playing in the DLP slot and had an amazing game.  Late on Curzon won a penalty but Campbell saved :cool:.  They did score minutes later though through a mistake from Campbell :lol:.  He still did well for the games he wasin net.

Jameson was back in net for this and I can't believe it took so long to score.  We battered them, Donaldson did get a brace, scoring in the 76th minute after a penalty and then again in the 77th minute.  O'Neill saw red for Kettering in the 81st minute but with an xG of 3.21, we should of scored more.

We're top :cool:



FA Cup


We were quality :D


Now that is a difficult draw.  Hopefully we can win this, purely to help the finances.

FA Trophy


I'd like to think we can get to the latter stages of this competition.

Next Month


Hopefully we can continue the league form going.  We have players back from injury, most the squad is with us and there's no reason to think we can't beat anyone in this league.

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We're unstoppable!  We are actually brilliant :D:cool::lol:.

We're breaking records


and he still won't give me a parent club....


He really is an arse :lol:.  I've been here 5 months, we're top of the league.  Into the third round of the FA Cup when they wanted me to get to the first.  Fourth Round of the FA Trophy when they wanted me to get to the second.  He really is.

Anyway, back to the football.

Guiseley were good, I didn't think we were going to win, we were cancelling each other out.  Duckworth who's filling in a RM currently as Dyson is out volleyed home his first York goal to give us the lead after 76 minutes.  Willoughby killed the game off in the 91st.

Chorley never had a chance.  I mean in the 18th and 30th minute they gave us penaltys :lol:.  Donaldson put both of them away and Heaney killed the game off in the 72nd minute.

Bradford (PA) was a close game.  Beck gave us the lead after just 2 minutes and Donaldson put us two ahead after 5 minutes.  Odunston pulled one back for Bradford (PA) but that was that, three points for us.

We made alot of changes with the fixture congestion but we battered Alfreton.  Donaldson with a brace, obviously one of them was a pen :lol: and Akil Wright finished the scoring after 48 minutes.

We've been brilliant and we're creating a gap.




Fylde has conceded one less and Boston have had 7 less shots against them.  We're close to having the best attack and defense in the league.



FA Cup


Oof, if Paddy Maddison could stay onside we'd of lost this, he scored two, both clearly offside :D.

We do love a draw away in our cup games :lol:.


But we're class at home :cool:.


Oh bugger :lol:

FA Trophy


I got to rest players which was great.  A few injuries were back.  Barrow, Woods, McLaughlin were all fit for once and as I type that, McLaughlin is out again :lol:.


A nice record for Willoughby :cool:.

We face Darlington next, I've been waiting for them to play the replay.  We should win that one!

Youth intake


That sounds pretty good to me.  Hopefully they'll be half decent.



The cup games are helping.  We're atleast making money every month.  I'm hoping to shift some players in January, especially those that cannot stay fit. There's better players wanting half the wage to come and play for us.

Next Month


Okay, we may lose 10 - 0 to Blackburn and obviously we're going to lose our unbeaten streak but if we can beat Bradford and Flyde beforehand we're looking really good.  I'd love to be able to see green for the rest of the games that aren't Blackburn Rovers :lol:.


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We're brilliant.  Ignore the Blackburn score :lol:.  We tried, they were clinical, we weren't.. at all :lol:.

A great win at home to Bradford (PA).  Donaldson put us ahead after just 4 minutes and got himself a brace after 23.  Beck got us 3 ahead after 40 minutes.  Sean Miller pulled one back for Bradford but Nkurmah scored a 4th for us and that was it.

A huge result against 2nd.  It was a pretty even game but we were clinical.  Newton put us ahead, Donaldson scored another brace but they attacked us.  Hulme pulled one back for Flyde but Whitley who was covering for the injured Jameson did a great job at keeping it only 1.

Kidderminster were our equal.  They kept us quiet but Nkurmah found Beck just before half time to give us the lead and the win.

We battered Telford, they didn't manage a shot on target.  Beck getting himself a brace before Byrne was sent off in the 90th minute for a second yellow for Telford.

Close game against Gateshead!  We had so many chances we didn't put away.  22 shots with only 7 on target!  It was Gateshead who took the lead, they've shot from a direct freekick, Jameson punches out and Langstaff volleys back in.  Can't blame Jameson for that but the game did :lol:.  Donaldson equalised through... a penalty :D before Adam Campbell got on the end of a brilliant through ball to put Gateshead back infront.  Beck equalised just before the break and Donaldson put us ahead just before the break.  Donaldson made it 4 and killed the game, getting his hat-trick in the 82nd minute.

What a month, we're so good.  I've tied Donaldson down for another year.




Both strikers are the top 2 :D.



FA Cup



After the game, I asked for a parent club again and...


So I was waiting for the 30th of January for my verdict, interesting in what level of club I could get and...



Atleast the squad does not need any new blood currently.

FA Trophy



We can beat Guiseley no problems.

Next Month


There's no reason this isn't all green, our strikers are on fire.


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From my own experience, I found waiting until you get to League two before asking for a senior, usually results in better chance of getting a good EPL team.

Not sure if they don't want to send their kids as low as the VNL, but being in the Football League just seems to work better.

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52 minutes ago, Punch said:

From my own experience, I found waiting until you get to League two before asking for a senior, usually results in better chance of getting a good EPL team.

Not sure if they don't want to send their kids as low as the VNL, but being in the Football League just seems to work better.

I'll wait until League Two, if we continue playing like this then it won't take very long :lol:.

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That draw :(.  If we won that game we'd broke the record for most matches won in a row.

We battered Curzon Ashton.  Beck gave us the lead early on, Donaldson doubled and then got himself a brace with... a penalty :lol:.  He's scored 10 league penaltys this season :lol:.

Donaldson gave us the lead against Blyth after 27 minutes, Willoughby on a sub was set up by fellow sub Nkurmah to kill thegame off in the 87th minute.  We weren't at our best here but really glad we won.

I can't believe we draw against Kettering.  We were the better side, 20 shots, 9 on target, so many chances. The biggest difference is we were without Couto, Newton had to go play left back, new loanee Jake Cooper to cover the injured Matty Brown(I'll share injurt below) came in and we weren't as effective from the back.  Still, we had plenty of chances to kill the game off but Ofuso equalised for Kettering in the 72nd minute and even when they went down to 10 men in the 89th minute, we couldn't get a 2nd.

Atleast we get back to winning ways against Chorley.  Donaldson gave us the lead after 34 minutes but Leather equalised after 43.  Willoughby set up by an amazing cross from Duckworth gave us the win after 75 minutes.

Look at the difference now Couto is back.  We won 5 - 1, he set up 2.  Donaldson gave us the lead through a penalty and Beck doubled.  Donaldson got himself a brace after half time and Heaney made is 4.  Mbeka pulled one back for Guiseley but Newton made it 5 after 80 minutes.  Brilliant.


And I've managed to tie down Couto, for no wages for another season, that's amazing :D.


For an 18 year old he's playing very well.

I'm still hoping we can get record points.  It's at 107.  We can't drop any points.







I can't wait to clear my overpaid injury prone players in the summer!

Brown, Woods, McLaughlin and Barrow will free up so much wage.  They take up £2950 p/w between the 4 of them, it's mad.

FA Trophy


Good win :D


Torquay will be a good challenge but I'd like to think we can win this one.

Our Youth Team


I think my formation might suit our youth team, that's awesome :lol:.


Next Month


No reason we can't keep our amazing form going.

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28 games unbeaten in the league has ended :(

Oof, we battered Darlington.  King heading in after 13 minutes, Mark Beck with a hat-trick and Couto hitting in a lovely freekick in the 75th minute.

We struggled infront of goal against Hereford.  Thankfully Nkurmah was there to poke the ball home in the 88th minute to give us all 3 points.

It happened again against Southport.  Donaldson put us ahead but Buckley-Ricketts was in the right place to hit a loose ball into the back of the net to equalise.  Donaldson put us back ahead with a brace.  Anson then headed home after a freekick to Southport to equalise.  Beck headed Couto's corner in after 94 minutes!

Boston are the only team we haven't beat this season.  We've drawn and lost against them.  We took the lead after just 3 minutes through Donaldson, Wright equalised for Boston but Beck but us back ahead.  We crumbled in the 2nd half, former Rotherham player Paul Green at 38 years young equalised after Newton gave away a silly penalty.  Burrow then scored the winner in the 59th minute and we couldn't find another goal.

Turns out I don't want to sign players just because they're Millers.  Jake Cooper has played in 3 and we've won 1 of those matches.  He's been poor :(.

We managed to just get over the line against Leamington.  Fielding heading in Duckworths corner after 6 minutes and Dyson put us 2 up after 16 minutes.  Donaldson actually missed a penalty after 28 minutes!  Maye pulled one back for Leamington and even though we should have been out of sight, it felt too tight considering we had 19 shots and they had 4.

21 points clear :cool:.  Pretty sure that means if I win my next game we've won the league :lol:.



My strikers have been so good over the season :cool:.



FA Trophy


Lovely to see we can beat National teams.  That's three this season.


We know we can beat Stockport, can we do it again?

Bids made

The Premiership teams have just started to release their youth that didn't make the cut.  Spurs have released three that I'm interested in.  I've offered them contracts, they'll be on less wage than the two I have here that will be leaving in the summer.  (Woods, McLaughlin).  I love the fact that one can fill in at LB and another can fill in at RB.




Next Month


Alot of football to be played, I think the FA Trophy is more important to me over the league point total record.

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We're struggling with our shooting this month!

I needed to rest players so I had some backups on against Chester.  Hopper found Willoughby with a cross that he hit in after 56 minutes to give us the win.

Better late than never because it was a very close game against Brackley.  Sub Willoughby found fellow sub Heaney who scored an imporant goal in the 81st minute to give us the win.

Both teams hit the woodwork but the game against Spennymoor the finishing was poor throughout. 

We didn't start well against Alfreton, even though we had 31 shots with only 7 on target, we only just won.  Rhead gave them the lead after 35 minutes and it wasn't looking good.  I had to make a couple of tweaks second half, Heaney playing as an IW on the right side found Nkurmah on the left to equalise.  Beck was found by Barrow who was playing at LB to head home after 58 minutes for the win.

Another very tight game, this time against Gloucester.  Our strikers were poor and it was King who headed home Couto's cross to give us the lead.  Nugent equalised in the second half and we weren't anywhere near our best.

A bit better against Farsley as I've had to rotate as we also play on Monday :seagull:.  Donaldson put us ahead just before the break and Beck headed after 72 minute to give us the win.

But this happened.. :(


No Couto for our last two games or the final, that's huge.

But much earlier on in the month, this also happened.




We need to win our last two games for the record, it's going to be tough.



Club Record

And it's not over yet :cool:

FA Trophy


We did so well considering Dyson got sent off for a horrible tackle after just 4 minutes!


But I always back my lads at home :cool:


Tough game, very tough game.

Youth intake


Sadly it was actually quite a poor intake and no one is close to making the cut.


That was our best player.  I doubt he has a chance.



12k more a week is huge. I've tied some players down and I've brought one more player in.


He's a complete punt.  I love his physicals for this level and he has alot of room to improve.  I don't like his lack of determination but I'm hoping he can be decent for us.  I'll be calling him HGF :lol:.

Oh and the Spurs trio?  All signed up and moving to York :cool:.

Next Month


Two must wins for the record and a cup final.  Come on lads!

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That's nice of him :D.

But we're going to struggle now.


Two of my main players this season with Couto already out.  Newton and Dyson are both suspended.  I have no idea who's going to be playing at left back :lol:.  The back two will have to be Cooper and Fielding.  Please game, between now and the final, no, more, injuries!!!

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FA Trophy Final


Melhado and Hopper make up the right hand flank.  Duckworth is having to fill in at left back which is a huge blow to our right side, he's been brilliant.  Beck has made it back for the finaly thankfully but we're not at full strength at all and all I can ask if we try our best.

First half:

Notts County kick off.

20th minute:  Donaldson tries a long range effort that Slocombe has to dive at full stretch to get.  We win a corner that Duckworth takes but Fielding heads over.

35th minute:  Cross in by Notts County, it's headed at goal but it's easy for Jameson.

39th minute: Notts Country try a long shot that's well over.

43rd minute: Out of nothing there's a goal, to Notts Country.  A throw in to Brindley who hits in an early cross and Rodrigues is there at the far post to poke in.  0 - 1.

44th minute: Donaldson is in and should be pulling the trigger but is tackled.  He's so out of form it's horrible to see :(.

It's half time and i'm giving the boys a bollocking.


Second half:

York kick off.

55th minute:  Barrrow, Heaney and Willoughby replace Melhado, Hopper and Donaldson.  Going to try the IW-Winger and WB/S on the right side again.  We have to change something.

Time to go attacking with 15 minutes left.  This is such a poor game.

79th minute: Heaney plays a long ball over to Nkurmah but his shot is easily saved.

91st minute: SO CLOSE!  Nkuramahs cross is met by Beck but it's wide!


I can't believe we've lost this!  Notts Country had one shot, not even on target in the second half.  We missed Newton and Couto so badly.




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What a season!  I think we're literally lost 4 games this season.



I need to try and bring Beck back and hopefully Donaldson finds his feet again.  I absolutely need to bring in a pacey striker for next season.

I want Newton to stay but he's asking for either silly wages or 2 years plus another year if he plays so many games in his last year.  It just isn't happening.  I want to keep the best of the current crop but I want to gut the wage bill a bit unless it's for a player that's just better than everyone else.  It'll be interesting to see the type of player that we can bring to the club.  I want a mixture of youth and experience.  By experience I mean have played in League Two etc before, not someone who's 30+.

Edit:  My award is finally in.




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Year 2 - Season 2022/2033


Pre-season has gone so well.  I don't mind the Forest loss, we didn't have our new players here yet and had to use alot of last years players before their contracts ran out.  We've beat two League one sides and battered Arsenal U23s, we just couldn't put the ball in the net. 

But i've gotta straight up mention the squad/transfers/wage.

I have my squad ready with more depth and better quality and I'm paying 4,200 more than when I started the save.  York players are on some mad wages.


That's a big clear out.  A few came from the youth set up as I kept 0 players from there.  Willoughby ain't too bad but I can't have a striker with 1 determination, that just isn't how I want to play and have my team set up.

Hopefully we can cut out all the injuries.

So who have we brought in?


We've spent 13.5k, that's all.  Ravenhill and Couto are still here on loan from last season and Armin comes in on loan as he's better than any free transfer or even listed player that we can bring in.

So who are the players?


Gratton comes in as my 4th striker.  He's backup for multiple roles upfront and on the flanks.


Our tree of a striker signs permanently.  Hoping he can keep his form going.


Donawa is a player I brought in on FM21 for York also.  He does miss some chances but his pace can get a goal out of nothing.


Walker comes in to replace Nkrumah who doesn't want to move clubs and looks like he's now rotting at Orient when he'd of been starting here :seagull:.  Walker has been really good in pre-season, he'll be my staring LM and look how much wage he didn't want.  Lovely.


Bradley is my backup RB to compete with Duckworth.  He's the same sort of player so I'm happy I could bring him in.


Newtons replacement.  Looks quite good.


I think Turner can do a job now, he has potential, we just need to try and give him game time.


We've signed an England U18 player :cool:.  He already looks good and he has room to improve.  He'll be playing as my B2B midfielder, competing with Wright.


Davies looks decent already and another that can still improve.  He'll be competing with Ravenhill in the DLP role.


That's one heck of a name.  I'm hoping to partner Harvey with Armin, they might both be young but they're both good footballers with very good physical stats for this level.  Both good in the air and both have pace.


Out of every striker I scouted, Reid came out as the best.  He looks like he can do a job for us, especially with Donaldson on the decline.  Infact I think he'll probably partner Beck.


I keep reading him name as Hamburger!  6k for this lad is a steal in my opinion.  The big loss when Couto is out is he's good at corners/crossing and was our top assist last year.  Habergham can do the same, if not better.  15 corners and freekicks, he's a steal.  Shame he's just got injured for 4 weeks as the season's about to start.

The new squad


I feel we have enough depth, especially since we can only have 5 subs to keep everyone fit, play well and hopefully win the league.


Hope we can prove them wrong again though I don't think it'll be Donaldson this year.

Parent Club



I don't need to bring anyone in this season but Huddersfield have some quality players, if we make it to league two hopefully they'll let them join us.



We have Milan Baros joining us in August to strengthen our coaching team after Mario Mandzukic has just joined :lol:





That's much better than this time last year.  I still have 50k transfer budget and 7k wage budget incase I need to bring in a player or two.


We're got more fans wanting to come and see us which is always a help.  Hopefully this year I can get a stadium named after me since I'm sure we'll be moving at some point and not buying the rented place during the save.

Season Start


Weird to start the season in July.  These fixtures make me glad I've got some depth in.  We have a game on TV :eek::cool:.

Hopefully we can get a few wins under our belt.

Edited by SpillBlood
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Perfect.  We've been absolutely superb in every department.

Our toughest game was against Boreham Wood.  Reid scored after 2 minutes for his debut goal but Godsmark-Ford gave away a penalty in the 53rd minute was Angus converted.  Reid got himself a brace in the 83rd minute to give us the win.

I've no idea what it's done to a guy with only 5 determination but after giving that penalty away.  Godsmark-Ford has been bloody brilliant.

We're just brilliant at home.  We battered Ebbsfleet.  King headed in Couto's corner after 7 minutes.  Beck doubled our lead after 51 minutes and Reid killed the game off after 55.

Reid gave us the lead after 10 minutes against Grimsby after putting away a penalty.  Godsmark-Ford headed in after 44 minutes to give us a nice cushion and in the 45+3, King headed in for a better cushion.  King gave Grimsy a penalty in the 77th minute with Grant finished and Donawa scored in the 85th minute to kill the game.

Beck set up Reid twice against Torquay for a brace.  Beck got himself on the scoresheet heading in Duckworths cross and then Duckworth hit in a freekick after 67 minutes to kill the game off.  Torquay had 1 shot, on target with an xG of 0.01.

Another penalty for Reid :lol: which he put away after 19 minutes.  Gratton on as a sub set up Donaldson also on as a sub after 44 minutes and that was game.

Reid got himself a brace against Yeovil.   The first wasn't a penalty and neither was the second!  'Cause he missed the penalty but the goalkeeper saved so he hit in the rebound for his second goal :lol:.

Rotated a couple of players against Altrincham but we played really well.  Armin headed in from a corner after 18 minutes and guess what, Reid put away a penalty in the 32nd minute and that was that :lol:.

Reid has been immense infront of goal.  Even if he's scored 3 out of 4 pens and finished off the one he missed , still got 6 other goals :D.  My scouts did a good job there.

Might aswell promote us and crown us winners now.




This is how well we're playing.  It's fantastic.  Conceded 2 in 7 games and scored 19 :cool:.

It's a full house.









It's alright, they're not getting injured here, just on international duty now :seagull::lol:.  Dyson is playing pretty poor so going to try Gratton out on the right.

Next Month


No reason we can't keep this form going.

Edited by SpillBlood
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What a month.  We may have lost the winning streak with a strange draw but 5 clean sheets!

Did I mention how good Godsmark-Ford is?  He's so good!  He headed home Duckworths corner after 21 minutes and Akil Wright just before half time scored a 30 yard belter, oh what a goal.  A very good win against Aldershot.

Beck got himself a brace against Wealdstone and we were always in control.  In the 88th might Tavares saw red, a player who my scouts were raving about but he's a 5'10 CB, not thanks.

I rotated against Eastleight and I cost myself the win probably but there was never a football game.  Neither side created a proper chance.  We got 6 yellow cards, they got 4.  We commited 20 fouls, they commited 14.  It felt more like a brawl than a football match.  We had 14 shots on only managed 2 on them on target.  Was a very strange match day.

I'm glad we put that game behind us and battered Maidenhead.  Reid put us ahead after 10 minutes, Davies doubled after 36, Godsmark-Ford got out 3rd in the 38th minute and Beck our 4th after 55.  Great football.  Did I mention how good Godsmark-Ford is?  'Cause Davies in midfield is just as good.

What a win against Wrexham. Emma Hayes was very cocky before and after the match in her interviews but it was Duckworth our right back filling in at RM who got himself a brace.  Lovely :cool:.

We've already made a gap.




And that run isn't over yet, we're currently on 9 games :cool:.


This is a new York record but surely I did better than this last season...? :idiot:



Davies and Godsmark-Ford, obviously :cool:.


It's a shame I can't tie them down as they want min.fees involved and I ain't cool with that.

Davies is improving


And so is Harvey.



New contract



Let's keep the good times rolling :cool:.

Next Month


This is massive, there's alot of good teams we're going to face.  If we can beat them, then we'll show the league we're here on reason and make a huge gap at the top.

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3 hours ago, kingjericho said:

Are you playing 442 or 433? I was under the impression you were in a 443 from an older post but in your season review it shows a 442. I'm curious to know if you experienced any of the IW/IF performance bugs.

I'm playing 4 - 4 -2 in my York save, 4 - 3 - 3 was my Rotherham save.  What do you mean by performance bugs?  That alot of the time IW/IFs were just a bit... terrible if that's what you mean?  Proper frustarting to watch.  I had a season where my Serbian left IF and Antony at right IF averaged about 6.5, it was horrendous.

I'm having a much better time with wingers in a 4 - 4 - 2.  They create, they make space for my fullback and they score.

Edited by SpillBlood
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58 minutes ago, SpillBlood said:

What do you mean by performane bugs?  That alot of the time IW/IFs were just a bit... terrible if that's what you mean?  Proper frustarting to watch.  I had a season where my Serbian left IF and Antony at right IF averaged about 6.5, it was horrendous.

That's exactly it. I'm also using a 4-4-2 and they perform well but they have the odd match where they don't go beyond 6.5

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We're fantastic.  Shame we conceded a goal but we're still fantastic.

We had so many chances against King's Lynn but it was thanks to sub Donaldson that we won after Walker played him in the 65th minute.


I never expected to go away to Scunthorpe and beat them 3 - 0.  Reid put us ahead after just 5 minutes and Armin headed in after just 9, Reid got himself a brace in the 79th minute.  Lovely.

I never expected to then beat the team in 2nd 3 -0 either!  Reid got himself another brace and Walker got himself on the scoresheet as we were fantastic.


Then we went to Chesterfield without Reid.


And we should have won.  Donaldson put us ahead after just 2 minutes but he missed a penalty in the 63rd minute.  We were easily the best side.  The 94th minute, 94th!  A corner is played in and Tshimanga heads it past Jameson.  Record over and we drew!  To be fair, Jameson has made some superb saves this month.

Back to winning ways though as a rotated squad battered Barnet.  Donawa put us ahead after 9 minutes, Haysman got his first York goal after 40.  Gratton with what I think is his first York goal after 51 minutes and Armin finished the scoring off after 91.  Easy.


Becuase of the Stockport game being postponed, I reckon he'll now do this in.. November :lol:.  That's crazy.

10 points ahead with a game in hand, I'll take that.




Both my CBs in the top two :D.



I think Pastorelli is new? Some did retire.

FA Cup




Good match for us to quality for the next round.

Next Month


Let's keep the form going :cool:.

Oh, we probably have another striker joining us.  He looks pretty good and Donaldson is on the decline. 


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Another fantastic month, Harrogate gave us a game.

Another win against Stockprot, they managed 1 shot on target :lol:.  Beck got us off to a good stat when he headed in after 6 minutes. Donawa slotted in just before the break and that was game.


Glad I got another striker in.

He did start against Weymouth and we didn't play very well.  Right back Duckworth was the scorer, hitting in a sweet freekick after 37 minutes.

Now this was different.  A couple of injuries/tired players I let Ravenhill play at B2B and he scored a hat-trick :eek:.  I was pretty shocked, well played lad.

It was easy against Woking.  Reid put us ahead with a penalty after 13 minutes.  Mellor doubled for his first York league goal and Donawa finished off the scoring in the 66th minute.

Reid gave us the lead against Harrogate after 6 minutes through a penalty but they equalised after Armstrong his a powerful effort that Jameson didn't handle well enough that fumbled into the net.  Donawa gave us the lead back just beofre half time but in the 84th minute Pattison scored 30 yarder screamer, what a strike.  I've been waiting for a team to actually shoot at us and Harrogate did just that.

Really happy with the 3 - 0 win against Maidston and I rested alot of players due to the FA Cup game this forthcoming Saturday.  Beck headed in after 2 just minutes, then they haded in for us :lol: a nice OG after 11 minutes.  Donaldson then finished off the scoring after 76 minutes with a penalty.

We're still flying.



Top 3 ratings are all defenders, what :lol:.

After 23 games, we're playing brilliantly.


Average 2+ goals a game and only conceded 5 goals in 23 games :eek:.

FA Cup



Hopefully we can beat Walsall.  I'd like to think we can.

New striker


22 year old Mellor, an ex Manchester United youth player who was on loan at Salford last season.  He didn't do great for them in League Two but with that pace and fitness I'm hoping we can get him to improve a little bit playing more football since he only played 9 games at Salford and hopefully he can be a solid player for us.

Next Month


I'd very much like to keep this form going and qualify for the next round in both cups.

Edited by SpillBlood
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We're fantastic.

We were class vs Boreham Wood, we could of had atleast 5, we hit the woodwork 3 times!  Reid opened the scoring after 33 minutes and Godsmark-Ford put us 2 ahead after 55.

Ebbsfleet were a good side going forward.  They tested Jameson and deserved their goal.  They're not very good at the back though.  Godsmark-Ford headed in after 20 minutes.  Donawa doubled after 25, Reid put us 3 up after 34 minutes before Tanner pulled one back for Ebbsfleet in the 76th minute.  Couto finishing the scorng for our 4th in the 82nd minute.

Being Torquay is never in doubt.  They signed a goalkeepr I was looking at who dreads big matches which is a no go for me.  Mellor opened up the scoring after some good fotball with Donawa down the right after 17 minutes.  King on as a sub headed home after 21.  Reid scored a penalty in the 60th minute and that was that.

And this happened :cool:


Now to see if we can beat Crawleys record which is 30 in the league.  We're currently on 26.

We're such a force.  My backline, no matter who I play are just unreal.




So glad I tied him and Davies down.  If someone buys them for £150k then so be it, it's alot of money for us.


FA Cup



Oh damn it, we're going to get battered.

FA Trophy



We can beat Boreham Wood, especially if we're at home.

Youth intake


Hopefully it's better than last seasons, that wasn't very good :lol:.

Next Month


Really hope we can stay undefeated and beat Crawleys record.  It depends how morale is after Burnley thump us.  There could be some transfers, we'll see.  Some released players of League one and League Two clubs from the summer are slightly interested.

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What an amazing month.  6 league games, scored atleast 2 goals in each and conceded 0.  Also, Burnley were terrible, we weren't :cool:.

Alex Reid got a brace against a club he was once at loan at in Flyde.  We battered them.

An unlikely hat-trick from Tom walker our left winger but he got himself a first half hat-trick.  Reid finished off the scoring against Grimsby.

Armin headed in after just 2 minutes against Altrincham.  Haysman doubled out lead after 13 minutes.  Zak Delaney was sent off in the 91st minute and in the 94th Alex Reid scored a penalty.

Walker was on the scoresheet again after his 30th minute goal against Wealdstone.  Reid doubled after 48 minutes and King headed in in the 87th minute.

Alex Reid with his second brace of the month saw off Aldershot.

It was Albie Armin this time that got himself a brace against Yeovil.  Beck got our third goal before Godsmark-Ford was sent off for a silly foul.  Yeovil have hit a long range pass over the top from the right, to me it looks over hit but Harvey decided to foul one of the two runners and as last man saw himself be sent off.  Never needed to make the foul, we were in no danger.

We're flying, it's amazing.



I love how in the top 3 average rated, two of them are my left backs :D

Full house.







Heck, I asked for more transfer money and they gave it me.


There's no one to bring in to improve the squad that I could purchase.  I can't really justify spending my whole budget on Couto :D.  He'd cost me £190k.

FA Trophy


Easy, we were great.  Having tall players in this save really is helping.  I'm trying not to bring in anyone shorter than 5'10.  We face Halfiax at home in the next round, we should win that.

FA Cup


No fluke.  We created the better chances and put them away.  Burnley had alot of first team players on.  A couple of backup players in defense but they had Pope in net!  They really were terrible.


Well, there goes my records :D.  Atleast I still have my league record on the go after no doubt Liverpool batter us.  Hopefully we don't break most conceded in a game record :lol:.


Still worth alot of money to us :D.



Wright was decent but I saw a chance to cash in on him.  Fielding wasn't good enough anymore and wasn't getting any game time.

I did bring in a new CB.  My CB pairing are amazing, King is a really useful back up but I couldn't miss bringing in a player of this calibre.  An experienced league two CB for no money and isn't on big wages.



Next Month


We've gotta see how our morale keeps after the Liverpool game.  Hopefully it doesn't bother too much.

Edited by SpillBlood
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4 - 4 - 2 feels like a cheat code :eek:.

Reid scored another penalty, this time against Eastleigh after 16 minutes.  House equalised just 2 minutes later.  Reid got himself a brace after 28 minutes and that was that.  We should of had more, 3.38xG and 2 goals.

We were the much better side against Maidenhead.  Mellor put us ahead after 10 minutes and guess what.  Reid scored another penalty after 58 minutes :lol:

My word, we battered Wrexham.  What are they spending all that money for if they play like that!  Walker put us ahead after 26 minutes, Donawa 2 up after 43.  Reid then scored after 54 minutes, this time it wasn't a penalty.  Godsmark-Ford haded in after 62 and Donawa got himself a brace after 67 minutes.  Wrexham didn't have a shot on target until the 70th minute.  They really were awful.

Godmarked-Ford headed in to give us the lead against King's Lynn.  Reid then doubled.. with a penalty :lol:.  Barret pulled one back, hitting the post before finishing the follow up.  Reid got himself a brace after 57 minutes and then a hat-trick after 59.  Lovely.



Maybe I will sign Couto afterall :eek:.  I can't bring back on loan, Oldham want him for first team.  I'll see if there's another LB out there but I have a clause in the loan deal to bring him in for 190k and it might be worth it.


We need two points for record points.  We need 10 goals to break record goals.  We're fantastic.






FA Cup


We scored with our only shot on target :lol:.  But what an effort from our players.  Liverpool absolutely cancelled my wing play.  Donawa and Walker had a horrible time but we did well.  Bradley was sent off for a second yellow but then I got this.. :eek:


Mike Dead has had a shocker and the media asked me a few times about it.  It seems that the sending off was very harsh.


I found it quite interesting :lol:.  What an effort from my team, especially if Mike Dean really did have that much of a shocker.

FA Trophy


My forwards didn't have a good game.  4.24xG, 1 goal.  Atleast we're through.


This should be an easy win.

Loan extended


My left sided CB will be here until the end of next season.  He's more than good enough for our league two campaign.


Next Month


Hopefully we can keep the form going.  Scunthorpe and Southend are both decent sides.  The rest we should be winning.

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3 hours ago, Adi Dhillon said:

Ridiculously good season Spilly, i can see you to get to championship really fast


22 minutes ago, abulezz said:

Extremely well-played! The League Two will be a bit of a jump in talent, but judging on how well you've done the past two seasons there should be zero concern. Awesome job!

I think we can do well in League Two but the quality in League One is at a much higher standard than my squad.  We'll see how the summer goes, I should get there tonight.

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The unbeaten league season is over! Oh well, we've still broke a shedload of other records :D.

Mellor got us off to a good start after just 6 minutes.  Godsmark-Ford headed in after 9.  Reid put us 3 up after 17 minutes and then missed a penalty in the 39th!  Beestin pulled one back for Scunthorpe but then things got worse for them as Matthews was sent off for a second yellow.


Now that's a big blow, Beck is a really good player to bring on or even start against some times due to his aerial ability.

All good things have to end.  Godsmark-Ford gave us the lead after 14 minutes but Southend headed in twice just before the break in added time.  In the 45th+2 and the 45+3rd minutes.  We couldn't find a response, Heaney had our best chance but hit it straight at the goalkeeper.  Might have been different if we had Beck to bring on.

I thought it was going to happen again.  Chesterfields first shot on target was their goal, Tshimanga slotting in after 28 minutes.  Godsmark-Ford equalised and got himself a brace to put us ahead.  Tom Walker killed the the game off in the 95th minute.  Atleast we came back in that one!


Are we officialy a big club being the national league and having a game postponed due to international call ups? :D.  Normally I'd of played it but we had a few knocks at the time.

What a mad game against Stockport.  We were 2 - 0 up throgh Turner and Reid before Ruth pulled one back for Stockport.  Reid then got himself a brace just after and before half time got himself a hat-trick.  Godsmark-Ford scored again!  I made some subs and Stockport came at us.  Robinson pulling one back and then Varian scoring a quality goal from outside the box but that was that and the points belonged to York.

There's a reason Weymouth are bottom.  We battered them.  Reid and Mellor both getting themself a brace.

I'm hoping we can win the rest of our games for a mad point total :D.



Reid has broke Matt Tubbs' record for most National League goals :cool:.




5 goals from my giant CB, that's mad.




Team Stats


As we enter the last game I want to show how mad this season has been and how well we're playing compared to every other team.








FA Trophy



Hoping we can get to our second final.


Alot of football to be played.  I'm just hoping that Reid and Mellor can cope with it.

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That's the league wrapped up in style.

Gratton playing at right mid put ahead against Solihull after 3 minutes.  Benett headed in after 34 and that was game.

Brilliant against Woking.  Mellor gave the lead after 10 minutes.  Reid then smashed in a first time 25 yarder after 16 minutes, it was a quaity hit.  In the second half Walker decided to score two belters to compete with Reid, some proper goals scored.

We love beating the better teams 5 - 0 :cool:.  Harrogate in second got destroyed.  Reid got himself a ha-trick with Mellor and Armin completing the scoring.


This happened against Harrogate though and it's a big miss for our cup final.  He's brilliant.

It was a close game against Barnet!  We were 2 - 0 up after Bennett and Reid scored but they thought back and equalised before half time.  Godsmark-Ford on as a sub headed in to give us the win in the 85th minute :D.

  We ended the season in style.  Reid scoring in the first half with Gratton and Bennett scoring in the second.  Maidstone did pull one back but it was too late.



So many records broke!



FA Trophy



Oddly, much better away then at home.  Barnet made us fight in the second leg but another final it is.


Yeovil survived relegation on goal difference... surely we can win this?

Youth intake


None of them will make it here, they all have horrible personality traits.



The best two.  Retraining Jones to a LB and Randon to a LM.  I don't think it'll help much :D.

Player of the year vote


Shame I can't vote for my own player since we have 5 there :D.  Donawa is always slated in the media due to not having the ability to play at this level because he's just pace yet he's a candidate for player of the year :lol:.

The final is coming.


Hopefully I won't let them down again :lol:


Not sure why it's so far after the last game of the season.  I know we have the play offs to play but it's still a month away.  Playing friendlies at this time of the season feels weird :D.

Edited by SpillBlood
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FA Trophy Final

We really should be beating Yeovil.


First half

York kick off

1st minute: It's 1 - 0 to York.  Donawa dribbles all the way down the right flank, crosses in and Reid finishes.  Easy.

9th minute:  Walker heads at goal but it's saved.

9th minute: Another cross, another Walker header but it's saved.

22nd minute: Quigley gets on the end of a decent cross and Jameson has to get across to deny.

23rd minute:  Lovely football.  Reid plays a one-two with Davies, turns, crosses and Mellor heads in.  2 - 0.

35th minute:  Gorman hits in a freekick, Staunton meets it and it flys into the top corner.  That's game on.  2 - 1.

38th minute:  What a brilliant run by Mellor.  Letheren makes a brilliant save to deny him.  We have a corner but Godsmark-Ford heads over.

42nd munute:  This time he heads it in.  Duckworth corner, Godsmark-Ford header, 3 - 1.

43rd minute:  Brilliant burst down the left by Davies.  He crosses in but Donawa heads over.

That's half time.


Second half

Yeovil kick off.

53rd minute: Couto crosses in but Mellor heads over.

61st minute:  Great ball over by Yeovil and a great save by Jameson.

64th minute:  What a miss!  Corner comes in, Godsmark-Ford flicks on but Reid heads it over!  How did he not get that in!

66th minute: Walker goes for a long shot, it's saved and we have a corner.  It's swung in but Bennett heads over.

72nd minute:  Yeovil have a corner, it's swung in but it's easy for Jameson after the header is straight at him.

King and Bradley are replacing Bennett and Haysman.

77th minute: Good football.  Donawa plays a nice ball to Bradley in the box, he chips over and Walker heads at goal but it's saved easily.

Heaney is coming on to replace Walker.

91st minute:  A cross in by Yeovil and Ashley-Seal buries it but he's a country mile offside.

That's it! 

This year we've won it!!!! :cool:



My first double of the save :cool:


Reid is a bit good for me.  He's scored 8 in 11 in cup games and 46 in 42 in the league.  That's awesome.



Biggest overachiever :cool:

Edited by SpillBlood
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Always love overachieveing.  I also love how we have the top scorer, assists and average-rated :D.


Nice to see I'm decent in the market aswell :brock:


The club is growing which is great to see.  Hopefully now we're back in the football league we'll get more fans in.

My transfers are nearly done.  It's been very difficult finding a goalkeeper that's good enough and is willing to join us.  I've brought in some good players, some decent but I want to keep most of the team that demolished the national league playing.  I'm able to bring in a better CB than anyone I have but the player has poor passing/vision and do I want to break up Godsmark-Ford and Armin considering how brilliant they were?

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