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FM22: York City. VNLN to the Prem!


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Olivera crosses in, Pressley heads at goal but it's saved, only back to Pressley to hit in.. and York are Champions :cool:

I love the fact a 31k loan is top goalscorer.


I love Pressing Forwards.


Bowman is coming along nicely aswell.


At the end of the season I'll show the progress of the youth I've brought in through the game.  Some of them I bought in the summer really could turn into players we'll see into superstars for the club and regular players for their national teams.

I mean, Swaby looks like he's going to be an England international one day!  He's only just turned 18!


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Absolutely brilliant.  We're Champions, we're bloody good.  We haven't lost at home in over 30 games.

Thankfully we got revenge on Coventry, I mean we didn't lose but they got a late equaliser.  Bowman heading in a good cross from Hosannah after 34 minutes and Kalambayi heading in a Couto corner after 92 minutes.  Brilliant.

The biggest game was against Cardiff, a win basically sealed the title.  Pressley just did what Pressley does, got himself a hat-trick after 20 minutes, Doe put us 4 up after 31 and Batista made it 5 after 73.  They started a comeback though!  74th minute saw Kalinowski pull one back and Miya got another back in the 80th minute but it was too much.

I do enjoy beating Hull and we battered them.  Batista scored after 26 minutes and Swaby scored after 40 but we had more chances to score more.  I mean, we're the leagues top goalscorers by 25 goals but we want goals :lol:.

Stoke ruined our month!  Etebo setting up two goals and being a thorn in our side.  McWoods did equalise at first and thankfully that man Pressley equalised again after 67 minutes.  This match showed me exactly why I need a better RB.

Brilliant.  We're Champions :cool:!  What on earth happened at WBA.





What did happen to WBA?


Ah, they failed in March and our thumping didn't exactly help morale it seems :lol:.





Two games to go!


We can chill here and have fun,  There's no records we can break.  Most points is 106 by Reading and most goals is 122 by 'Boro all the way back in 1926/1927.

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The York Youngsters And Their Progress



First up we have Alex Pecino.  Bought for 25k to fill play backup to the RB/CB role.  I've retrained him the best I can as a RB but he's not ideal.  I'm not a fan of his mercenary personality but for 25k he was by far the best option I had.  Now we have Premier League teams interested in him and his value has skyrocketed.  He isn't the best performer and in my eyes he isn't a RB or CB. He's a half back/ball winning DM.

I'm going to try and cash him, the money I'm hoping to bring in for him can buy 2 or 3 players.



Harvey has been a key member of every promotion campaign, winning countless player awards, scoring countless goals because he's bloody massive and he's only 22.  He's probably not going to get better, the Premiership might be too much for him but look at his avg rating, he's been immense.  He'll be here aslong as he can perform.



Benny Couto, my inswinging corner taker.  He's class, he provides from set pieces and open play.  He defends well and I remember thinking 190k might have been too much for him.  He's been a key member of the team every season and he's been here since my first season!  He'll be playing a part next season even though the Premiership might be too much for him.



He's happy to rotate and I didn't realise I'd brought him on in so many games.  For 10k this guy has been an absolute steal, he still has room to improve and he's a great backup player for the step up.



Swaby needs to play now. The game has him as the next paul Gascoinge.  He could be an England captain is he continues this progression. For 250k this guy is an absolute steal and could be my favourite player of this save.



I've been training his passing and I really want to get a few of his mentals up.  He's been very good and he's been brilliant from the penalty spot.  I thought 525k was a risk but his value has skyrocketed, he's signed a new contract to get rid of any min.fee clause and I'm hoping to have a McWoods/Swaby midfield.



Our record purchase and he's had some rocky games learning to play at LM but now we have a RM/LM who's either footed and still has room to improve?  He's a managers dream.



Oliveira has struggled.  He has scored two important goals but he's improved the least.  I might give him more time but either way for 15.5k he's been good, especially with his value.



Bruce just didn't improve and with my new CMs I had no room for him, he wanted to play so I loaned him out.  The only team interested was a League Two side.  He supposedly still has some potential to be a Championship player and I'll be trying my best to cash in.  200k was very worth the punt when I could probably get around 3-4mil for him, English premium.



 I should give Albie a shout out.  He's been a great player even though he's not actually our player.  He's been allowed out on loan every season even though I'm sure Ipswich could have used him since they've just been relegated.  I highly doubt I'll look at bringing him in unless I can get him for very cheap.  He's been a great servant though.



Bowman has really kicked on since December.  He struggled in League One but he has the right personality to push on.  He has improved, he can still improve and I'll be playing him as much as I can.  He's turned into one of my best players the last few months.

I think that's everyone.  I'm a big fan of bringing in youth so I'll be looking to bring more in the summer.  We always need players train at the club for when we play in Europe.

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This season has been brilliant.  I always imagined we'd have a season of consolidation but it all came together quickly and we were winning games we weren't supposed too.  There's going to alot of changes in the summer 'cause some of my players want from their 5k contracts to 25k and that is not happening.  The likes of Hosannah and Watt are not being paid 20k+ a week.

It's going to be a fun summer :D.

Records and Awards






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We're back to the Keith Walwyn

Our new stadium has the same name as our new stadium in last years save.  Shame they didn't name it after me :lol:.  Think last year was Arena rather than Park but Park sounds cooler in my opinion.


28mil :eek::(

And we're moving to Hull for a year until it's completed since the York Community Stadium doesn't meet Premiership standards.


Championship Wrap Up



Even when I'm scouting good players.  Kalambayi is better than I thought :eek:.


Hull have a 22k capacity stadium so I expect this to be broken next season by alot.

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Season 6 - 2026/2027


Dokken has taken charge of the friendlies again.

With promotion came money, with money came wages.  We've upgraded our back room the best we can, I am loyal to some of my staff, for example Milan Baros is still here :lol: and I don't like changing my scouts too often but it's been a really good window to bring staff in.  I've even brought in a different HYOD to test out even though we need a clear investment into those facilities but with the new stadium we just don't have the money.


From what I can tell, we have some of the best coaching staff in the league and our worst is fitness at 3rd.  Hopefully that will help our new recruits to fulfil their potential.


We did recruit some brilliant staff in over the summer. Flahavan and Davies being the biggest improvements in our GK training.


Now for the fun part :lol:



Will just wasn't good enough anymore to be backup.

Williams spent the last 6 months out on loan, he wasn't needed anymore.

I wish we could have got more for Overton but he was in the last year of his contract and he was never gonna make it or stay here.

Simpson wasn't good enough anymore.

Hosannah could have done a job as backup at a push but I wasn't interested.



Yeah, I spent 23mil on transfers... :D but I believe we have a squad now that can stay up.


Cristiano is our record signing by nearly 8mil.  He has bags of potential, I'm training him to play as my Pressing Forward - Support role.  I'm hoping him and Bowman can get goals.


My youth/backup goalkeeper.  Could be a good'un in the future, we'll see.


Another youth striker, needs some work but he was very cheap.


Rough around the edges but with some work and game time I believe Fernandez could be a good left back, heck he wouldn't even be the worst CB.  He's ex-Man Utd and was Real Madrid youth so they must have thought he had potential, they've just not played him and he's been loaned out for one season, shame.


Okay so I had a RB reject me to go play in the Championship 'cause Derby have a better squad supposedly.  I had another go actually I'm not sure I want to play for York, I want 40k+ a week and it was hard to bring in a right back for some reason so I picked up Gomez and he's being trained at RB.  He's more of a RB than he is CB.


I was tracking him all summer but because he'd signed a new contract he wouldn't come.  I've had to pay some wage for him but Chaverra on the right and Doe on the left should be some quality on my wings, really happy with him and 1.5mil is a steal!


Acuna is a utility player that will fill in different roles.  Really happy with the price.  He lacks in some areas but get an English player like this and he'll be x10 the price.

The Squad


I'm sure we have enough depth.  The value of our players has skyrocketed even just after a season.  Swaby has to play this year, look at that transfer value :eek:.  I'm hoping I can tie him down for a long time.

Cup Draw


Now, this we really should be winning.

MKM Stadium


Even though it's an hour away from York, we've absolutely smashed it with ticket sales.  We've probably got Hull fans coming to watch us instead :lol:.

Opening Month


Getting points against Leeds is huge, Newcastle we might get lucky though looking at their squad they've actually got a very solid defense.  We'll see where we can get points and where we may concede 5/6 :lol:.  I mean, we do actually have some good players ourselves.  I'm hoping Cristiano finds his shooting boots on early.

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Welcome to the Premier League



Okay I might need to bring in some other players somehow if I can have 9 on my subs bench... :lol: I didn't realise.

I'm also going to have to keep an eye if I need to get a better 'keeper in 'cause they only had 3 shots on target and the first two went in :lol:.  Where Bowman probably should of had a hat-trick.  My word you can tell Cristiano is on the pitch, he looks about 10ft tall and spins round people :lol:.

This could be a good season.

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What an incredible performance!  5 promotions in 5 seasons from tier 6 to the Premiership.  Not only should York have named the stadium (or Park) after you, they should erect a proper statue.  

I haven’t been around these boards very long but this is an amazing (unheard of) success story.  Now there’s no way you’ll be top 10 this season (but I shouldn’t bet against you), but if you can stay up that would be huge.  Where does the media predict York’s finish to be and what is the boards expectation?

You should be seeing a huge raise and an extension ASAP!

Good luck this season.

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9 hours ago, DD Martin said:

What an incredible performance!  5 promotions in 5 seasons from tier 6 to the Premiership.  Not only should York have named the stadium (or Park) after you, they should erect a proper statue.  

I haven’t been around these boards very long but this is an amazing (unheard of) success story.  Now there’s no way you’ll be top 10 this season (but I shouldn’t bet against you), but if you can stay up that would be huge.  Where does the media predict York’s finish to be and what is the boards expectation?

You should be seeing a huge raise and an extension ASAP!

Good luck this season.

I pretty much used the same sort of tactic as FM21 where I did the same with York. I suppose going to South America in the Championship is sort of like a cheat code.  I spend far too long looking for players.  I'm currently resting post-surgery so I have time on my hands so I actually spent over an hour looking for a goalkeeper last night :lol:.  I enjoy the game far too much.

I'm expected to fight braveley against relegation and the media expects me to finish 20th.  Don't get me wrong, this is going to be a difficult season but anyone out of the "top 7" is beatable.  We've proven that with our opening day win.  Give the players that we've brought in some time to gel and there's no reason we can't finish above the bottom 3.

The only issue with my transfers is the board want me to "make the most of set pieces" which I wish was removed from the game, it makes no sense and I haven't really brought in players that are good from set pieces.  I know corner goals really have helped us climb up the leagues to be judged on it feels very odd.

My success and team building is very much like my FM21 York side.  The difference there was I brought in ASM and Lemar as my wingers and they were incredible.  This time playing youth players who still need to learn their trade properly could be my downfall.

I'm going to try and get this season done as soon as I can, I'm excited to see where we can finish and if I can make some of these players world class.

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Great opening day, we've struggled since.

You can see the fantastic Leeds game above, if teams let us play our game, we'll still win games.  It's the the teams that don't.

Newcastle did deserve their win but Griffiths was so poor in net.  His erratic clearence straight back to Newcastle, saw a ball over and ASM was played in to slot past him in the 16th minute.  A powerful strike from Zapata saw Newcastle go 2 up after 30 minutes.  We couldn't compete.

Griffiths was amazing vs Chelsea and I was hoping we could hold on for a draw but Rudiger headed in after 63 minutes and Osmihen doubled after 66.

My best chance to stay up really is getting in a 'keeper I know fits in my system from previous use and I managed too 3 hours before the deadline.

I think we can finish higher then Leeds, Brentford, West Brom, Brighton etc.  We just gotta make sure we win those games.



Carabao Cup




This should be a good game against a strong Premiership side.




I'm shocked we didn't bring in the most players.  Look at the money spent and I felt 23mil was alot :lol:.



My word, the wage difference :lol:.

It happened again, the goalkeeper who was incredible for me at Rotherham handed in a transfer request late deadline day.  He's on alot of wage and only has a 700k min. fee but if we can perform to the level he did for me on my previous FM22 save.  I'll stay up. 230k for an amazing goalkeeper, here's hoping.


Next Month


Really hope we can pick up points against Wolves and Brighton.  Liverpool smashed WBA 7 - 0 so I'm hoping we don't get beat by that much :lol:.

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Frustrating to lose from the position and chances we did, we have to cut out these mistakes to stay up.

We battered Wolves, we were by far the best team but Dybala hit a long curling shot in the 29th minute that Raya didn't seem to react to until it'd gone past him.  Doe equalised in the 39th minute but Gibbs-White slotted in after 43.  We'd had so many chances to go up yet we found ourselves behind.  Chaverra played it low to Bowman who slotted in after 47 minutes and sub McWoods finally put us deservedly in the lead after 68 minutes.  Honestly could not believe what I watched, it was like when Godsmark-Ford passed it out last year against Convetry and they scored, this time Wood did the same, they corssed in and Gomez gave away a penalty in the 96th minute! Dybala stepped up and Raya saved!  :cool:.  That was a deserved win.

My defense looked like their vision was 1, a silly pass out, Brighton attacked and Maupey slotted in.  We had chances to score, Cristiano missed a sitter and then Mac Allister in the 70th minute hit in a freekick that Raya really should have done better with.  Gomez made things worse when he got sent off for a bad tackle.  Watt was fouled in the box and Bowman put away the penalty in the 81st minute but too many mistakes and not taking our chances saw us lose a game we very much could have won.

We always do this against Liverpool.  We took the lead with a great counter, Cristiano played it to Bowman who finished in the 23rd minute.  A good finish from Rice after 28 minutes saw them equalise.  They attacked us but we stopped every chance.  A simple cross in and in the 93rd minute Malen finished.  We deserved a draw for that.  I feel we've dropped two points this month.

We have to do better, we have to cut ouf these mistakes.



Atleast Bowman can find the net, it's the other end I've gotta worry about right now with these silly mistakes.


Carabao Cup



That's a cracking win.  Glad we won because Valek missed an incredible chance for us.


That should be a good game.

Next Month


Well, that's a very difficult start.  We have to pick up points against West Brom and Sheff Utd or it could end up finishing the month in the relegation zone.

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Two massive wins and two losses that could have easily been draws.  It's slowly coming together and I'm glad we're giving the big teams a good game.

We matched Manchester United all the way, we had our own chances, Godsmark-Ford hitting the bar early on but Mason Greenwood was played through and slotted past Raya to give Man Utd the lead in the 23rd minute.  We tried, we really tried but Gavi scoring a curling shot from outside the box in the 81st minute to kill the game off.

We defended alot of the game against Arsenal but we had a couple of chances and we were unlucky to not pick up a point.  Tomiyasu played a cross into Barbosa who was just onside in the 81st minute to slot in for all 3 points.

Much better against West Brom, Lampard has just left WBA to manage Fiorentina so under their new manager Javier Aguirre we faced a different shape compared to the West Brom we played last season.  Thankfully for us, we lost away last season, we were brilliant away this season.  Doe played in Watt who slotted in after 21 minutes, Janneh pounched a loss ball to hit in after 27 minutes and Doe played in Bowman after 75 minutes for all 3 points, brilliant.

The Sheffield United game was brilliant for a neutral.  The first half saw Sheffield United hit the woodwork 3 times!  Two long shots and a header from a corner.  We did actual score in the first half but it was ruled just offside.  We hit the woodwork ourselves but in the second half we came alive.  Chaverra who'd had a goal ruled off headed in Watts cross to get his first York goal.  Bowman headed after 62 minutes to make it 2.  Chaverra was then set up on the right by Gomez, VAR ruled it onside.  Bowman got himself a brace after hitting in Kalambayis flicked header and then Bowman was the creator in the 82nd minute, playing a killer ball through to Swaby who slotte in after 82 minutes.

What a brilliant month, in the terms of GD we've scored 8 and conceded 3.  Raya has been immense.  I don't think we'd be in the same position with Griffiths still in net.




Carabao Cup


I rotated players due to the Sheffield United game just days after which was more important, I never expected us to play this bad.  Alot of fines went out afterwards, I knew it'd be a hard game to go to Elland Road but 4 - 0 is embarrasing.





Now we're actually making a bit of nice money, I asked for our facilities to be upgraded.  They're in dire need.


As you can see they're pretty... basic :lol:.

Next Month


With two home games I really want to get alot 6 points next month, we're in form, we've got a chance.

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So glad we're a very good home side.  I might need to work on away tactic to drag out draws.

He's on fire this season, he's playing at level he's not even come close to before.  Bowman with a hat-trick against Burnley, they had no chance.  Watt finished the game off with a nice shot in the top corner from outside the area after 93 minutes.

We went down early against West Ham, corner comes in, it's hit on and it hit Watt and into the back of the net for an O.G and he never recovered.  Wood scored his first York goal heading in against his former club.  Poulsen put West Ham ahead after 56 minutes and we couldn't find an answer so I attacked and Bowen punished us for this, scoring in the 81st minute.  It's a good effort, West Ham are in some incredible form at the moment.

What a close game!  I had to rotate to keep my backup LB/RB happy but they're honestly not cutting at this level and they're new signings. Cristiano ended up his goal scoring drough putting us ahead against Leicester in the 8th minute.  Some bad defending saw Ali Akman score in the 54th minute.  Bowman popped up though and put us back ahead in the 62nd minute.  Akman wanted to steal the headlines though and his got his brace in the 71st minute but Bowman wanted all 3 points.  74th minute winner and his 5th in 3 games.

I'm so glad we're a good team home.  That home form has a chance to keep us up.  That and the fact that Bowman has scored 12 in 13 games, his best records being 12 in 22 in League Two and 14 in 33 in the Championship.  He's just taken his game to another level. 




Bowman at the end of last season:


Bowman now:


He's improving so much and he still has room to grow.  Remember, he cost me 35k when I was in League Two :D.

Next Month


Some huge games.  Brentford, Villa, Leeds, I need to give them a proper game.  Hopefully we can get some away results here since 5 of out 7 games are away :eek:.

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What a bad month, we've been so poor.  We've thrown away points and without Bowman, we ain't scoring.

To be fair, Southampton are a much better side than us so to go home with a 0 - 0 draw, especially since they battered us and Raya kept us in it, I'm happy.

Not picking up a win at Brentford is massive though.  We just didn't do enough to create proper chances and a draw was probably a fair result.  They went down to 10 men in the 88th minute for a second yellow but it wasn't enough time to try and get a goal.

I tried to  play counter football against City, it just didn't happen.  Haaland scoring after 11 minutes, Delap after 26 and de Ligt after 48.  We had chances in the game and we played better using 4 - 4 - 2 with Doe pulling one back but the damage was done.

We threw away points to Everton.  Valek assisted both our goals but missed two glorious chances, one of them was an absolute sitter.  Kalambayi passed them to the ball for Facundo Torres to put Everton in the lead, I was livid.  Chaverra equalised and Bowman put us ahead.  Valeks golden chance went and no one closed Torres down as he scored a shot from just inside the box.  Not good enough.  Especially when Bowman can finish like this :cool:.


Losing to bottom of the league at home was embarrasing.  Watkins scored early on and then assisted Alon after 51 minutes.  Janneh fluked a goal later on but hitting the woodwork twice showed how our game is going at the moment.

We should have got a point against Spurs!!! We went 1 - 0 up through Cristiano, they pulled one back through Hudson-Odoi but Bowman put us ahead.  We were playing well, we deserved something.  Konate headed in after 88 minutes from a freekick and Gomez didn't intercept the pass and Hudson-Odoi scored in the 91st!  We threw it away :seagull:.

Leeds just straight up battered us for 90 minutes.  Dean scored in the 81st and 94th minute 'cause Dean always scores against us.

If we don't show up soon, we're down.  We don't have money to bring players in because I need a better CB to pair with Woods when he's back.  We really gotta stop these mistakes.



FA Cup Draw


A home game atleast gives us some hope.

Youth intake


Any okay player is good since our facilities are dire and will be for a few more seasons.

This is a step in the right direction.


Next Month


I don't see our form picking up here.  We really need to beat Brighton and Wolves!

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A really good month.  6 points out of 12.  Brighton game moved to due the FA cup replay.

Newcastle didn't have a shot in the first half!  Where Cristiano put us ahead in the 43rd minute, lovely.  They came at us in the 2nd half, proper attacked.  Raya was MOTM for a reason, he's class.

I went 4 - 3 - 3 against Chelsea to try it out.  We were unlucky.  Pulisic put Chelsea ahead after 32 minutes and Lukaku doubled after 35.  Cristiano pulled one back after 39 but it wasn't good enough.

4 - 4 - 2 at home against Liverpool.  We tried and it was such a bad goal to give away.  Raya has thrown it out quick, Poch on a sub hasn't got hold of it properly, they've stole the ball, put it in and Salah finished after 62 minutes.  Valek on as a sub then got sent off for a nasty challenge.  He's gone in the summer I reckon, 13 games, 0 goals and just, doesn't fit here.

What a turn around.  I went 4 - 4 - 2 'cause it's what we do best and Wolves played well, they had a flurry at the start of the 2nd half that Raya and my defense did really well against but we were clinical.  Chaverra put us 1 - 0 up in the first half.  Cristiano got a 2nd half brace.  Bowman got himself one though he should of had two, he missed a sitter and Wood finished the scoring off in the 87th minute.  Brilliant.  A huge 3 points.

If we win against Brighton we're looking really good.



Cristiano was on fire.  Got himself a double.


FA Cup


That's some money!  That was from our home game that we drew 1 - 1 that I forgot to screenshot :lol:.


We really struggle away and West Ham are our bogey team it seems.

Interview Offer


Cheers lads but no thanks, I'm a 1 club man.



We did nothing, I have no transfer money or wages :D.  I asked my board to bring in a CB that looked class, exactly what I needed.  They accepted, offered star player, good wage for me but he chose Norwich in the Championship. :(  Callum Doyle and Nathan Wood would of been amazing to have at CBs for the forseeable future.



The rest of the world spent money, I'm hoping we don't fall down 'cause of this.


I mean, the fact the next team has 750k a week more budget than me says everything.  We're doing well to even survive here :lol:.

Next Month


We need results against Brighton and West Brom, they're both huge games.  Especially at home!

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Posted (edited)



Just hoping that Brighton result doesn't end up relegating us.

We were 2 - 0 up.  Kalambayi had headed in after 14 minutes and McWoods scored in the 43rd, we were in control, Brighton had been shooting but hadn't hit one on target.  We just didn't turn up in the 2nd half, Woods somehow slipped or something and lost the ball, Maupay picked up the loose ball, Kalambayi came over and gave away a penalty, I was raging 'cause it came from absolutely nothing.  Thankfully Raya saved.  McNeil pulled one back though after 52 minutes with a fierce strike inside the box and Maupay leveled the game after 61 minutes.  It's incredible that we just switched off.

We gave Man Utd a game!  We took the lead through Bowman after 8 minutes but a soft pen given away by Kalambayi saw Fernandes finish to equalise.  We won a penalty of our own and McWoods put it away but Mbappe equalised before half time.  Mbappe found the winner after 64 minutes, a good effort.

This was better and I rotated thinking that some of the lads will show up to prove their worth.  Valek missed another sitter early on thankfully just before half time Watt scored a screamer.  Bowman won and scored a penalty in the 49th minute.  Kipre already on a yellow fouling him which the ref bottled but we were always in control.

Arsenal are just too good.  They battered us for 90 minutes and we had no chance.  Morata getting himself a brace.

We've lost Benny and Fernandez is playing terrible, I hope he picks it up.  He's got a worse average rating then a striker who hasn't scored in 13 games (talking to you Valek).


We're breathing, just.




Next Month


If we can get 4 points here, it'll be huge.  We really need to beat Burnley.

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The West Ham game was moved and we still had enough players that aren't on international duty that I need to keep fit.

I cannot believe how we played against Burnley.  We didn't want it, it was poor, Fernandez was a bunch of swear words.  We took the lead in the 79th minute through Bowman before Fernandez basically passed them the ball in our area that Tyler Adams said thanks and put away after 83 minutes.  Joe Rodon headed in from a corner in the 88th minutes, big loss that, really was.  Not good enough.

We were poor against Sheff Utd and I was hoping we could luck a point until I changed my full backs into wing backs and put my wingers back on attack and then we were bloody brilliant.  We took control of the game and Poch set up Bowman to put us ahead.  Andersen pulled it back for Sheff Utd but Kalambayi headed in from a Watt corner.  Watt killed the game off with a trade mark 20 yarder from the edge of the area.  Watt should be a club icon, honestly.   Huge 3 points.

Shame about Godsmark-Ford.  He might have played his last game here.


It's all on next month.  We're above Newcastle :lol:.  If you put the wage of their top two earners together that's more than our entire team!



Bowmans in 4th with 19 goals!


Facilties Upgraded



They won't let me upgrade again :(

International Debut


Go on McWoods :cool:


Best 50 Wonderkids


We have two of them :cool:.  There is also an American CB that has a 5min release.. I'm asking for more money to snap him up!  I don't think the board will so I'm hoping Spurs don't bid and I can offer the second the season ends and I get my kitty.


6'6 towering CB, yes please!

Next Month


Brentford and Leicester are must wins.  I want 9 points here, we need 9 points. 

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We're so close to staying up.  We have too many mistakes in us and it's cost us points.

It was so frustrating to drop points against Southampton.  They went 2 - 0 up in the 2nd half both through deadballs situations and Harwood-Bellis heading in but Homes was second off for a second yellow and gave us a penalty which McWoods put away.  Kalambayi headed in to make it 2 - 2!  Surely we can hold on against 10 men?  Nope.  Olise in the 93rd minute wasn't closed down and smashed one in after 93 minutes.  Shocking.

Atleast we did the main job, though it wasn't classy, beating Brentford was key to our survival.  McWoods got himself a brace and Kalambayi headed in after 91 minutes.  Honestly it was a poor game so I'm glad we managed to score 3.

I was really happy we managed to draw against West Brom, they're awful to play again, they battered us :lol:.  Bowman put us ahead after 7 minutes but Mir pulled one back after 13.  We gave away a penalty after 32 minutes but Raya denied Mir.  Lamptey put West Ham up, a long throw into the box, Raya caught in no mans land and he headed in, it was awful.  Cristiano was found by Bowman to equalise in the 57th minute.  Cabral put West Ham back ahead though before Chaverra was found by Bowman to equalise.  Huge point and a goal and two assists in a 4 - 3 - 3 by Bowman was class.

We really needed to win against Leicester and I thought we'd won it.  Bowman put us ahead after 3 minutes and McWoods doubled after 15 but Harvey Barnes pulled one back after 22 minutes from a freekick on the edge of the box.  Barnes got a brace in the 70th minute to equalise and then McWoods got sent off in the 77th minute to make things worse.  We managed to hold on but my word we switch off easily.

Just like we did against Everton.  Torres set up Torres to put Everton ahead after just 2 minutes.  Swaby equalised thanks to Bowman after 14 minutes but Richarlison pulled it back for Eveton and make it 2 - 1. Bowman with another assist set up Oliveira to smash in but Richarlison through again hit it past Raya in the 79th minute.  Rayas in the last few games has been absolutely dire.  I thought we'd equalised through Bowman in the 95th minute but was just offside! 

We just need 1 point to stay up.  Going through the data hub our defense are massively letting us down, they just can't tackle.




Youth Intake


Another poor year but we don't have the facilities.


We've upgraded but we don't have the option to upgrade again 'cause they're still poor.


Next Month


This is why April was so important.  This is a very difficult month and we'll be lucky to get a point.

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Posted (edited)

We're staying!


The most worrying part this season.


Without Bowman and Raya, we'd been down.  Maybe it's time to change formation.  4 - 4 - 2 to too open against the big teams.  We're lacking set piece goals this season and we're absolutely lacking creativity from the midfield and out wide.  I do know that our fullbacks are easily our worse position and need massive upgrades in the summer.  Bowman being our scorer and creator is bad.

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Posted (edited)




13th is amazing.  We went 3 - 0 down to City in 3 minutes, pulled 2 back in the 2nd half and gave them a proper game.  We played really well againt Spurs and we gave away a silly penalty to lose against Villa.  There's promise in the squad.



The money difference :D


See what I mean about my wide players/fullbacks? :(.


An amazing season in reality.  Bowman has taken it to another level so no matter what formation I use, I know I have a good striker.


I mean look at that :D

Fernandez has improved, looks good but he's so bad but we do have one player already coming in....!

2.5mil upfront and 5.5mil over 2 years


That is such an upgrade :D

Obviously Yorks first ever season in the top flight.  I'm really happy with our GD, we just gotta improve a few things.  I need a big summer in the window.


This should be fun!

My word, they've nearly doubled my wages! :eek:.


Pretty good budget aswell since I'm going to try and sell quite a bit of my team.

Then they've come to me and asked if we want to improve our youth level


Little things :D

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Posted (edited)

Premiership Wrap Up



Overachievers and signing of the season.  Still got it :cool:.

This window is proving difficult though.  Our rep doesn't really seem to have moved so we have money to spend and wages to give players but players aren't interested.

We're home


Worst bit is it's a 16k stadium and we've been selling out a 23k seater so I've asked for an expansion already.  I did find it weird how small we built it.


Let's see if they'll expand.  There is money to be made.

And at the end of the seasons they will.  That's much better.


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Posted (edited)

Season 7 - 2027/2028


That's what I like to see.  We've played better opponents than we usually do and with our new assistant playing them, we did really well :D.

I've done the best I can to get better staff in every role I can.  The coaching has got even better, we have such a good team.  We've got some better scouts in who have found me some good players.  It's been refreshing to see the quality we've been able to bring into our back room.


Our coaching team is superb.  That's the worst bit when new players go yeah I'll join if you improve your coaching staff.  How.  Our scouting team has had big improvements and there's not much I can when it comes to my medical, we don't have alot of spots for staff.


How good does that look :cool:.  David Gray is an unreal coach.


And we're about to kick off but we're not finishing.  I do need another CB, I just cancelled one at the last moment.  I don't feel the finances are correct at all on it and we can shop elsewhere.  I have enough cover to wait 'til deadline day.


We've made 21.5mil in sales, not too bad.


Fernandez - Had so much promise but he was awful, absolutely dire.

Acuna, Valek, Oliveira and Dinis I'd of usually kept here for home grown but they really need to play.  At the moment all I can see is them being sold for profit.

Kalambayi - Too many mistakes.

Janneh - Wasn't good enough anymore. 

Pecino - Wasn't good enough, he was more a DM than CB/RB, just didn't work for me.




We needed left wingers badly.  Dupuy looks decent and obviously I'm training that crossing.


He's a player I've had before and for free, you cannot complain.  Mingo will be able to do a job for me.


Did I overpay? Maybe.  Do I have a left back to last me for years? Absolutely.  Very happy with this.


My CB and LB cover with room to improve.  Do like this one.


Backup striker who still has room to improve.  I think he looks good, especially for that price.


Solid backup keeper.


Cordoba does have some cons don't get me wrong but at the worst I'll make a profit.  He's still got chance to be a good player.


Type of player I needed last season.  3mil for Pena is a steal!


My scouts came raving about Diamond.  130k is incredibly cheap, one for the future.


I have a proper right back! :D.  8mil for Ramsay is a total steal.  Really glad we got him.  He's such an improvement over last years RBs.


I'll post a picture of the squad when deadline day is over.  I'm trying to sell some deadwood and I want another CB in.

Cup Draw


Let's not mess this one up :D.

Opening Month


If we take our pre-season form into these games, we could come out with a few points.  We're sticking with 4 - 4 - 2.  Let's go! :D

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Posted (edited)



What a month.

Villa were a team we struggled against last season and it was a very close contest.  The winner came in the 61st minute when Dupuy stole the ball on the left wing, he's knocked it over to Cristiano, he's played it back to Chaverra on the right who finds Bowman in space to slot in.  Huge start to the season!

Nice revenge after Southampton beat us 5 - 1 two seasons ago.  Our first game at our new stadium and we were brilliant!  Wood headed in Thomas' corner after 5 minutes.  Thomas then sets up Bowman down the left after 12.  Cristiano made it 3 after 21 minutes.  Bowman then got his brace after 40 minutes and his hat-trick in the 45th.  Bowman then makes it 4 for himself and 6 for us in the 79th minute.  Got to shout out Ramsay who cleared it off the line to keep a clean sheet :D.

We hit the woodwork 3 times aginst Wolves, we could had scored many more!  Wood headed in Watts corner after 3 minutes and Watt with a brilliant ball set up Chaverra in the 74th minute.  Dybala scored a freekick from the edge of the box in the 81st minute to give Wolves a lifeline but we held on :cool:.

Couldn't have asked for more.  The difference when you upgrade from league two fullbacks, an error prone CB to Prem quality defenders :lol:.




Carabao Cup


Ignore the xG :D.  It came from the penalty and they hit the bar, the ball dropped and they missed pretty much an open net :lol:.


Nah mate, we just scored 7 past you :lol:.


Good draw for us next.

Something they didn't fix from last year.


No, they're not as high because our capacity is lower than that of the MKN stadium.  I had the same last year when we moved and they were disappointed even though our capacity is sold out.. :seagull:



So they want us to improve the youth intakes.


But not the actual training facilites?  Not happy with that, went in with an argument.


They gave in :D.


I didn't sell Couto and Godsmark-Ford like I wanted, they're here as fringe players.  I only got loan offers and I need some depth.

We did have two bids.  Cristiano wasn't leaving unless someone bid his 42mil min fee and Bayer 04 bid for him, wasn't enough for me but he didn't want to leave anyway.  Hertha did bid for McWoods and he wanted to move but for the money the offered he had no chance of leaving.  He said he'd stay for more money and I'm like that's fine but how much? He wants 15k a week.. :lol: so I've give him 17.5k.  He's worth more.

We did bring in two players.



Basically anyone more experienced who has a bit better ability priced me out.  They either wanted 75k+ a week or they refused to come.  I had some brilliant CBs scouted but our rep isn't high enough for them.  I did have Papetti coming in from Brentford but I felt 22mil even if it wasn't all upfront and the wage and his bonuses were far too much.  Especially due to his performances in the Premier League with Brentford who didn't even reach 20 points last season and Spurs who he'd signed for before Brentford weren't exactly brilliant.  Faria still has room to improve and I really like his physical stats.


I mean, how can not bring him in?  Training him as a DLP.  He has a bright future.

We've spent this summer :lol:.  Our squad is brilliant though.




I mean we are paying double what we paid last season and somehow we're still a big chunk behind everyone else!


Hertha spent 230mil but would only offer 12mil for one of my key MCs, you're having a laugh :lol:.  Show's what quality we have here though if a team like Hertha are interested.

Finished Squad


We have a bigger squad this year and I absolutely needed more depth.  It mentioned so many times how I only used 22 players last season.. I didn't have anyone else to play :lol:.  I needed to loan some of my fringe players out of those that need first team football.  I'm looking at moving loan players on in the future I think.  If they were 19 and good enough, they'd be playing here.

The squad has been massively improved though and I feel we can get a top half finisn here.

Next Month


I'd be happy with 4 points, I can live with 3 and anymore more is a bonus.

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I wanetd 4 points, we got 6 :cool:.  We're playing so damn well.  I love this team.

What a win against City!  We lost against City at the end of last season 3 - 2 so to reverse it feels good :D.  McWoods was free in the box and Thomas found him with a lovely pass.  McWoods blasted it in after 22 minutes.  Haaland equalised after a great cross and finish after 55 minutes.  Mingo headed in after 58 minutes from a Thomas corner to put us back ahead.  We looked like we were going to win but a long ball over, Mingo should be closing Ugarte down but doesn't, he dribbles down, in the box and whacks in.  I was shouting, it was so poor.  It wasn't over though.  Watt found Dupuy in the box who blasted in for his first York goal and all 3 points.

What a tight game away at Newcastle.  It could have gone either way.  Newcastles defense were superb.  The goal came from De la Fuente.  Raya saved a shot from Gozales but it wasn't saved well and palmed into the box rather than out for a corner and De la Fuente hit into an open net.  That was game.  Poor from Raya.

Much better against Fulham, we were in control.  Swaby set up Chaverra after 23 minutes and then smashed an absolutely brilliant goal from 25 yards after 31 minutes.  I really hope Swaby hits his potential.

6 games in, we're 2nd and already have a 1/3 of the points we had at the end of last season :D.




Carabao Cup


We were brilliant.  Concerned that my new LCB Delfounese ended up with a 6.1 when we kept a clean sheet :eek:.  Of course he got fined.


We can win this!

New Contract


After the Fulham game McGill came to me with this :D


That's a long contract with some nice wages :cool:.  I won't be sacked easy :lol:.

Next Month


Difficult games.  We've got test our stuff here.

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What a brilliant month.  It was so close to being 4 wins!  We played a friendly because I wanted match fitness for squad players.  We don't have many internationals.  Heck, even one of them in good form got dropped :lol:.

The Spurs result isn't a shock.  At the back end of last season we beat them 3 - 1 at home and my squad is much better now.  Cordoba got us off to a cracking start, scoring out of nothing really.  Pena crossed in and he slid in and beat everyone else to poke the ball home after 9 minutes.  Chaverra doubled after 38 minutes.  Pena got himself on the scoresheet after 49.  Malcom hit a sweet shot from the right side just outside the area, was a lovely finish to pull one back for Spurs.  It was just a blip for us as Nathan Wood headed in after 56 minutes and Bowman put away a penalty in the 77th.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

What a game against Liverpool and we were without our best player Luke Thomas who had food poisoning.  Van Dijk headed in Salahs corner after 8 minutes but it was short lived 'cause we won a penalty and in the 13th minute Bowman put it away.  It was a good game and we were having the best chances.  Pedri crossed to Malen on the left side of goal who headed it past Raya in the 82nd minute.  It wasn't lost though as Calvin Ramsay with an insane assist found Bowman onside who did a cheeky dink over the 'keeper which hit the post and went in.  The last chance saw Chaverra played it on the right but Alisson got down to deny him.  It was a good chance and we left Anfield with our heads high knowing we were the better side.

Just look at that pass!


We were not great against Leeds, it was a struggle.  An awful back pass from Shackleton to their goalkeeper saw Cristiano slide in and hit the ball into a huge empty space after 4 minutes.  It was hilariously bad by Leeds :D.  Dupuy played the ball to Bowman down the left who span and set up Dupuy who smashed in after 24 minutes.  Leeds pulled one back after some poor defending from my subs.  Delfounseo with a awful tackle saw Orellano go past him and set up Ruiz in the 66th minute to pull one back for Leeds.  Thankfully we held on though our defense apart from Ramsay were not good enough.

We battered Crystal Palace and us only scoring two was a let off.  Swaby set up Cordoba in the 57th minute and Thomas crossed in for a simple header for Doe to score after 77.  It was honestly that simple.  Palace managed 1 shot int he 85th minute which was blocked.  That was all they did.  Worst performance I've probably had against me.

10 games in and we've already got over half the points we finished with last season :lol:.




Carabao Cup



Now that's a difficult draw.  We haven't faced them in the league yet either.

Player Development


This was interesting.


7 of those are at the club still and Pecino was sold in the summer.  4 first team players, a squad player, a fringe player and a youth player who I didn't see hadn't gone back out on loan.  Developing youth is one of my favourite things about the game and hopefully in the future we'll be top of this chart :D.

Next Month


A big game against West Ham who are our bogey team.  Norwich away I hope we can win and Man Utd are flying this season but we've put up a fight against them who it'll be interesting to see what sort of fight we can put up with this squad.

And above when I mentioned our best player Luke Thomas.  This is how much of a difference he's made.  It isn't Bowman doing it all by himself this year.


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Posted (edited)



A month with injuries.  We missed alot of key players against Norwich and no Raya or Wood for either the Norwich or United game, it's makes a big difference.  Bursik hasn't been the best in goal.

We battered West Ham.  We finally got our goal when Chaverra found McWoods in the box to hit in after 56 minutes.  I mean we had so many chances I feel the draw means we got "FM'd".  Sabitzer out of nothing scored an amazing curling 20 yarder to equalise in the 92nd minute.  Look at those stats...


Bowman missed a great chance.  Cordoba somehow hit the post and free in the box, Ramos Mingo somehow headed over.  It was such poor finishing.

Now without Raya or Wood it was the other end that was concerning against Norwich.  We did take the lead in the 1st minute when Gomez hit a great free kick over to Resende who was onside who finished in style.  Some poor defending saw a defender we tried to sign last January in Callum Doyle head in Aranguizs corner in the 20th minute and just 2 minutes later he headed in Arganguizs freekick to give Norwich the lead.  McWoods found Pena in the box who equalised for us in the 56th minute and Pena then found Swaby to put us ahead in the 56th minute.  Both teams had chances, we had the best but neither found another goal.  Gallego scored for Norwich after Bursik fumbled an easy saved after a header from a corner but thankfully we was offside or I'd of probably listed Bursik for that fumble.

There's still a massive class difference between Manchester United and York.  Lukaku scored after just 5 minutes after Bursiks save went off the post and in, it wasn't great.  Rashford then scored a brace just before half time and we couldn't even pass to each other.  Doe came on and changed the game for us.  He set up Dupuy to hit into an open goal after he beat Henderson to the ball but then Soler got Manchester United 4th in the 77th minute when Cristiano missed an interception, Soler wasn't closed down and he scored a long low drive.  Cristiano headed back to Doe in the 89th minute to finish and make it 2 but it was far too late.  I'm a little bit salty 'cause I had Doe to start this game but the match preview was all about Chaverra and I fined him after because he was that poor, same with Faria.  I know he's new but I expect a certain level.

Being 2nd is incredible.  I'm just hoping for a top half finish at best and if we play like this we might even get Europe :eek:.




He was missed against Manchester United.  Hertha are back interesting in him :(.

Feeder Club


I needed somewhere to send my young loans.  Jones and Diamond have already been sent to play.  Jones is only a fringe player but Diamond is starting every game.

Next Month


We go into the busy period without my key player and right back Ramsay.  That's a huge blow.


What is an incredibly difficult month, can Gomez step up? 

If we can get 12 points here I'd be buzzing.  So many games in one month.  December and January are always mad :lol:.

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Okay we have a proper bogey team.. it's Arsenal :lol:.

A tight scrappy game against Sheffield United and there wasn't a clear chance in the match.  92nd minute, their only shot on target.. CB Edgaras Utkus with 12 free kick taking smashed in a free kick to give Sheffield United the win.

We were superb against Chelsea though, infact with the chances we had and an xG of 3.52 we could of had more!  Cristiano gave us the lead after a great cross from Chaverra after 27 minutes and the game was finished with a Thomas cross that Chaverra finished after 32 minutes.  Superb win.

We were great against Everton!  We were just brilliant.  Cristiano gave us the lead after 15 minutes through a Bowman assist and then Bowman doubled after 25 minutes after a Cristiano assist.  Ramons Mingo headed in after 31 minutes and McWoods finished the scoring after 90 minutes.

Arsenal were brilliant, we had no chance.  Saka got himself a hat trick and set up Barbosa.  We just got played off the park.

We rotated against Brighton and it was the defenders who won us the game.  Faria headed in after 7 minutes and Delfouneso scored a brilliant long range shot after 15 minutes :eek:.   Charles set up Moran in the 77th for Brighton to pull one back but we held on.

We were shocking infront of goal against Leicester.  3.17xG and we won thanks to Bowman putting away a penalty.  Too many chances missed, thankfully Leciester didn't really threaten.

Love beating Villa.  They were poor and we took advantage of that.  Doe put us ahead after 18 minutes and Swaby scored after 75.  Lovely.

We're 3rd after 20 games, that's amazing.  Look at Thomas' assists and Raya's clean sheets :D.




Carabao Cup


Arsenal are just far too good for us, give it a few more seasons.

FA Cup Draw


One we should win.




And we're improving again.




I argued again :mad::D


Youth intake


Ohhhh.  Bryan Klugs first year here and it has potential.

I've upset the fans


Yeah, I could not turn down 10mil for Watt, that was far too good.

I mean I had a choice of Patino or Cook to replace him.  Patino hasn't played enough and he's injury prone.  Lewis Cook joins when our window opens(the day after the Championship).

Next Month


Some difficult games.  Aslong as we pick up 6 points I'll be happy.

We could see some players moving.  I have interest in one of my CMs and one of my MRs.  I'd rather not sell but if the right bid comes in I won't have a choice.


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Posted (edited)


I'm really happy with the results on the pitch 'cause it's been one horrible month.


We've been without Gomez, McWoods, Chaverra, Batista, Cristiano and Pena due to a South American Olympic qualifying for the Southampton and Newcastle games.  We were still missing Gomez, Cristiano and Batista for the Man City game.

Thomas was suspended for the Southampton and Newcastle games.

Ramsay suspended for Newcastle.

And then we've had injuries on top of all that.

We had a 4 player bench against Southampton and a 3 player bench against Newcastle.

I hope we don't have to do that again.


I mean we've picked up 10 points from 5 games, that's really good. 

Doe got us off to a great start against Wolves in the 8th minute a quality ball over by Wood, Doe picked up and finished.  Cirstiano hit in Thomas' cross after 17 minutes and Doe crossed in, it's hit Ribeiro and we've got ourselves an O.G.  Tabata crossed in who is just onside for Chiquinho to finish after 68 minutes but it was game over.  Luke Shaw got himself sent off for wolves in the 92nd minute.

I love beating Southampton after them beating us 6 - 1 when we were in the Championship.  Bowman set up Swaby in the 51st minute and Ramsay who had moved into midfield was set up by Resende to get his first York goal.

A bore draw against Newcastle.  We had the best chances and Bowman really could have put us 1 -  0 up but without any subs to change the game, we had to settle for a point.

A real "Jekyll and Hyde" performance against Fulham.  Bowman, Pena and Ramos Mingo had all scored in the first half and I thought it was game over.  We made some subs and in the 2nd half we were terrible.  Torunarigha pulled one back for Fulham in the 71st minute and Lewis-Potter who was onside put Fulham closer to restoring parity.  Thankfully we didn't let this happen and all 3 points belong to us.

City absolutelyed battered us.  de Light heading in afer 16 minutes and Sterling getting himself a brace.  We had a couple of chances in the 2nd half but so did City.  Awful performance from us.

We're still in the race for a Champions League spot though so that'd be cool.  I'd be happy to even play in Europa.




FA Cup


Brilliant 2nd half.

We face Liverpool in the 4th round but we're at home and that really does give us an advantage.  We love a home game.


I wasn't planning to bring anyone else in but a deadline day bid from Dortmund saw a very unhappy McWoods.  If I could get over 30mil for him I'd be happy to let him go and thankfully, we did.



Watt - really was a class act but I cannot turn down 10mil for him.

Jones -  was never going to make it, he hasn't kicked on at all so any money would do.

McWoods - I can't turn down 32mil for him.

He's good but 32mil worth? Not with those mentals.




Honestly, I've probably signed Kristensen to send him out for a couple of years to cash in on him.  He can become a good ball winner but we don't use a ball winner.. :lol:


Lewis Cook is to replace Watt.  Experienced and can do Watts job better.  He's club captain and I'm using him to mentor.


Tiago is one for the future but could become McWoods replacement easily.


Maybe I already have McWoods replacement


I have Jorge Rodriguez, a summer purchase.  If I give him some game time, train him as a DLP.  He has potential to be my best CM, or atleast as good as Swaby can be.




I can also use the McWoods money in the summer when I need potentially replace my GK, one of my CBs and I need another proper striker in. 


I mean it was a big sale for us.  We've never sold anyone for that close and I can reinvest that into more youth players that can become better than McWoods.


We're still rock bottom :D

Next Month


If results go the same way, we'll take 7 points this month.  It's a tough month, we could end up with 0 points or 9.

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FA Cup win and home wins.  Good month.

We didn't play well away though and neither did Spurs.  Their goal was lucky.  Nunes has hit a long shot, Raya has already started to dive for it.  It cannons off one of my defenders into the feet of Son to hit into the empty net.  That's pretty much all that happened.  Oh and we lost Bowman to injury :(.

We played our game brilliantly against Liverpool.  I switch to cautious and hoped they would leave us space.  Mingo headed in Does free kick after 8 minutes and Liverpool had chances, they blasted over alot.  Cordoba missed a great chance but then volleyed in Does cross in the 51st minute for the win.

A very frustrating game against Leeds.  They did nothing yet they found themselves ahead after Strujik headed in Harrisons corner.  I blasted my team at half time and it made a diference.  A poor pass back from Leeds(2nd time this season :D) saw Cristiano steal the ball, the angle was so tight that he could only hit the post but it landed in the path of Doe who slotted in after 47 minutes and in the 48th minute Ramsay hit a long range free kick with Cristiano headed in.  We had more chances, we should of had more goals but then Leeds should have equalised in the 92nd minute.  Freekick over and their attacker at the back in space hits the post!  Phew, we deserved a win, a draw would of stung.

From 2nd to 5th it's so tight :lol:.




Oh and we're staying up :D.


FA Cup


Terrible first half.  Brilliant second half :cool:.



I mean we're at home but our bogey team Arsenal :seagull:.

We might get new owners


In my pre-match interview for the Arsenal game I've been let known that Jason McGill is happy to stand aside.  Shame 'cause in recent years he's been a really good Chairman.  I hope if it's new owners that they're decent.

Next Month


I'd love to beat Arsenal but it might be asking alot.  Hopefully we can get a home win against Norwich and atleast a draw against Palace or West Ham.

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What an amazing month!

Our defenders were showing our forwards how it was done against Palace.  Faria headed in Chaverras corner before Jeong pulled one back for Palace.  Ramos Mingo headed in Thomas' corner and Chaverra killed the game off with a good curling shot in the 93rd minute.


We haven't beaten West Ham until now and what a win it was :eek:.  Faria headed in Ramsays corner after 16 minutes.  Corner comes in, it's cleared out, Swaby has a long shot that comes back off the bar and Wood is there to hit in the net after 20 minutes.  The second half belonged to the returning Bowman though as he got himself a hat-trick. He might not be the best ability wise compared to some of the players we're now able to bring in but he knows where the net is! So glad to have the vice captain back!

We're looking strong for a Champions League finish :eek:.




FA Cup


Talk about cup magic!!! That was fantastic!  What a come back and to beat Arsenal of all teams! :D:D:D


And it isn't stopping :cool:.  Ramsay is so good.

Can we make the next step up and play at Wembley?


We've got a good chance of getting into the final.

Youth intake


Not the best at all but Hanson doesn't look too bad.


He might end up playing in the Championship.

Top 50 Wonderkids


We only have one.  The player I signed for free that's out on loan :lol:.

Looking through them all there's one player I really would like to try and bring in.


He looks like he could be absolutely amazing.  I mean he looks like he could do a job already.  My scout report is a year old it seems so I reckon he's defo an A now, if he'll join.

Next Month


Alot of games in not alot of time!  Just try our best and hopefully keep our Champions League spot.


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We crumbled at the end :(.

I cannot complain about the draw against Sheffield United.  They're a good footballing side who matched us all the way.  Cristiano scored in the 7th minute and then Symanski set up Anderson to equalise in the 10th minute.  Chaverra scored in the 46th minute to put us back ahead but then Gelhardt scored a quality team goal in the 48th minute.  It was a good game of football.

I rotated against Norwich and we played really well.  Basista put us ahead after 18 minutes.  Resende put away a penaly in the 20th and Cordoba scored in the 41st minute after a quality piece of play by Delfouneso!  Things didn't get better for Norwich after Thaller was sent off in the 76th minute for a professional foul as he was last man.

We went 2 - 0 up against Man Utd!  Doe scoring after 11 minutes and Bowman putting away a penalty in the 55th minute.  Faria gave away a penalty in the 56th minute which Mbappe put away.  Greenwood headed in Malacias cross as Raya came out and missed the bell for United to draw level and then in the 89th minute Martinez is just onside and finished from a tight angle.  We did not defend well :(.

I rotated against Arsenal and well, Wood has his worst game in a York shirt.  He's not been in my first 11 due to picking up a knock every week in February and Faria playing too well to drop.  Ramos Mingo and Thomas were rested for Wood and Delfouneso and they didn't do a good job at all that I had to bring Ramos Mingo and Thomas on at half time.  Odegaard set up Saka in the 16th minute and Martinelli in the 21st and we went in at half time 2 - 0 down.  Cordoba pulled one back in the 52nd minute and another back in the 58th to equalise.  Ezquerra had other ideas though as he scored in the 64th and 78 minute to get himself a brace and take all 3 points home.  Bad day at the office.

I need to get my CMs playing better.

We are still on course for a top 4 finish.  We should hopefully finish in the top 3.



FA Cup


Down to 10 men through injury, we held on :D.



Why Man Utd :(.  Why couldn't Leeds beat them and we play Leeds in the final instead :D.

Youth Facilities




We have the money, as if I have to argue :D

Maybe 'cause I think he wants out.



Tipped for Youth Player of the Year


They're all York players :lol:.

Next Month


I'd like to think we can get ourselves a 2nd place finish against those three teams though we only have one home fixture.

And then let's see how we do in a Cup Final :D.

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The League Season




Maybe I don't need a new goalkeeper after all :eek:




Onto the FA Cup. 


We have money to spend in the summer.  I'm going to try and sell those out on loan except Diamond and Kristensen who'll be loaned out again.  I just want someone to take the club from McGill.  We had a guy very interested but McGill outpriced him.

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FA Cup Final

I'm not expecting to this win at all.  If we faced Leeds we'd have a chance.  Manchester United have one of the best teams in the world and the best team in the league on my save.  They aren't in the best form though so we have a small chance.

They do have Lukaku, Greenwood and Mbappe upfront though.

Look at that team, that isn't their normal defensive pairing though.  Can we exploit it?


Cordoba has been in fine form and is playing really well up with Bowman so I can't put Cristiano on. 

We haven't beaten Manchester United in 6 attempts.  Can we break the record?

I have to repeat.  I do not expect to win this.  We have a few years before we can get up to Manchester Uniteds level.

First Half

York kick off.

2nd minute: Mbappe bursts through and goes very close!

8th minute:  First york goal for Lewis Cook!  Great patient passing, Swaby plays to cook Cook who is in the box and smashes it into the net! 1 - 0 to York!

15th minute:  Cracking passing from York and Pena plays a ball over.  Swaby has broke the offside trap and has alot of time.  He dribbles into the box and slots in! 2 - 0!  DON'T THROW THIS AWAY!

19th minute: Balde crosses in and Greenwood gets on the end of it but it's easy for Raya.

22nd minute:  What is this game! Raya kicks it up to Cordoba who flicks on to Bowman, he's in space and pokes back Henderson!  3 - 0!!!

25th minute: We cross in and Sarri blocks 'cause if he hadn't that could of been 4!  Ramsay hits in the corner but Ramos Mingo heads over.

27th minute: Fernandes hits in a fre kick but Sarr heads over.

28th minute:  Too much messing about from us!  United steal the ball, Mbappe knocks it out wide to Greenwood, he crosses in.  Lukaku hits it, it hits the bar and hands down straight into of Lukaku to hit in!  3 - 1!  Come on lads! A bit of luck but a bad goal to give away.

39th minute: Huge chance!  Doe hits in a quality ball to Bowman but Henderson denies him.  That should have been 4!  Ramsay hits in the corner but Pogba heads out.

Half time!  We've seen how quick Manchester United can score.  This isn't over by a long shot.


Second Half

Manchester United kick off.

45th minute: Dalots cross is blocked and United win a corner.  It's swung in but we deal with it.  Mbappe has it but we clear our line.

47th minute: Mbappe bursts down, crosses in and United have a corner.  It's swung in but we clear.  Swaby fouls on the edge of the box.  Greenwood hits it and Raya saves and hits a quick ball out.  Doe hits it over to Pena and he should score but it's straight at Henderson!  Come on lads, we gotta take these chances!  It's a corner.  Ramsay hits in and Ramos Mingo hits it over.

55th minute: He makes it 4!  Bowman plays it through to Pena who this time hits in!

64th minute: Long ball over to Pena and he goes for the chip and gets it all wrong.

69th minute: Cross in and Sancho heads it straight at Raya.

80th minute: Wood is coming on for Ramons Mingo.  Chaverra replaces Doe and Cristiano replaces Cordoba.  10 minutes to go.  3 goals up.  Can we hold on?


82nd minute: It's to Manchester United!  St. Jago is booked in the 81st and 82nd minute!  He fouls Bowman and gets an early bath!  Surely we can beat 10 men United with 8 minutes + added time to go!?  IS THE GAME GOING TO SAY SORRY FOR BREAKING THE FA CUP ON MY ROTHERHAM SAVE!?

83rd minute: Thomas crosses in, it's headed out.  It's back to Thomas, he passes to Bowman who threads through to Swaby.  It's 5!!! 5 - 1 against United at Wembley!!!!

85th minute: It's crosses in and Chaverra heads but Henderson saves!

88th minute: Thomas' corner is swung in and headed over by Wood.







What a win!  Our English youngsters Bowman and Swaby were brilliant!  :cool:.

Bowman was the 3rd top scorer again in the Premier League yet Gelhardt and Nketiath have been called up before him, pfft.



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C+!?  The guy should be an A*.  He's been unreal.  Those fullbacks have made such a difference I can't explain it.



Last game of the season we played Leicester and destroyed them.  That's where Cordobas goal was scored :applause:.





The FA Cup run has been amazing. The Arsenal and United games had so much drama, the sort you'd hear about for years.

What a year overall.  How much we've improved by getting in a few key players.  I reckon we could strengthen the CB position but Faria and Ramos are playing well together and we already have a CB coming in.  I need to get rid of my deadwood and see where to go from there.  My wingers are great, my midfield is strong.  I could do with better strikers, that's without a doubt but it isn't that easy.

I'd still replace Raya if I could bring in a world class English goalkeeper but I don't see that happening.

We'll see what the summer brings, we have one heck of a team currently :D.

Edited by SpillBlood
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Season 8 - 2028/2029


We've looked good in pre-season with one of my coaches Wooton taking control it seems.

Gutted is the word.  We're about to start the season and Real Madrid have gone round unsettling everyones right back as they've sold theirs and they've targetted Ramsay.  I've tried to keep them off but Ramsays asked to leave so I'm going to let him go.  Gutted.  There is one okay right back I can bring in but he's going to cost the rest of my kitty.  Considering the money I've spent that isn't that much of an issue.  I've got a bit mad on players youth that look like they could have big futures.

As norm I've tried to improve the back room staff as much as I can and for some reason all of a sudden I can have a silly amount of scouts so I'm waiting for their permits to be passed.


Just look at my coaching team :cool:


Only Marc Bridges isn't a real coach, he's a newgen HYOD who decided he'd join me as a coach


Our facilties have been upgraded over the last 6 months and our youth facilities are currently being upgraded again.


We're in Leeds for the next year.



That should bring in some money :D.

France Wanted Me!


Sorry lads, I'm York only :D.


So far.  We need a right back.



Club Legend Harvery Godsmark-Ford has been released and is now on the books of Luton.  Sadly he's no way near good enough for our level.


Poch wasn't good enough anymoe.

Neither was Couto.

Neither is Resende but no one offered money.

Oliveira just never improved, any money was good money.

No one wanted Acuna for money I'd take so it was another loan.

Valek was never going to make it here.  He didn't do well enough in the Championship.

Batista did he job here, for 10k I've turned that into 10mil.

Bursik got replaced.

Gomez is good in his own way, his way just didn't fit my team.

Dinis wasn't going to make it here.




I'm going to turn Cunha into a striker.  I just really like the look of him and he was only 18 when he signed.  His freekick taking and corners stud out.


My scouts alerted of Zaitsev and we beat some top top clubs to sign him.  He looks very good.


Solid backup RB.


22mil for backup GK :D.  He looks fantastic for 18.  He'll be playing cup games etc and I hope he'll take over Raya in a season or two.


I got my CB :cool:


The Squad


I think there's more depth this year.  You can see it's a young squad :lol:.  23 players and only 6 25 and older :lol:.

It's gonna suck to see Ramsay go and I think I'll be spending around 50mil on a 29 year old right back to replace :seagull:.  Right backs seem like gold dust on my save.  Especially if you want one that can jump.

Opening Month


We could end up with no Community Shield and 0 points.  What on earth is this opening month :eek:

Let's see if we can beat United again!

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Community Shield

Will United play their first team defense this time?

We're missing Faria due to the Olympics and that's a huge blow.  He was superb with Ramos Mingo last time.


What formation are they playing.  I'm not sure.  They have Fofana on so we know it's more serious.

All we can do is try!

First Half

York kick off.

2nd minute: United corner and Mingo heads out.  We break, it's Cordoba and that's one heck of a block to deny Cordoba.  It's back down the other end but Lukaku blazes over.

3rd minute: Fofana crosses but it finds no one.  Mbappe gets to the loose ball, crosses in and It's Greenwoods ball to head in.  1 - 0 United.

18th minute: Great passing by United and Raya makes a great save.  They win a corner, it's swung in and Greenwood heads over.

We're getting battered, we haven't turned up.

19th minute: Cross in and Lukaku heads at Raya and that's easy.

28th minute: Awful pass by Wood sees United in but thankfully he's there to block.  Come on lads, wake up!

29th minute: Brilliant curling effort by Fernandes and it's 2 - 0.  We haven't had a shot yet.

35th minute: Looks like he loves a goal against Man Utd.  What a strike by Lewis Cook to pull one back.  2 - 1.

37th minute: They're playing so well.  Mbappe is in but hits well wide.  That could have been 3.

Half time and it's a very one sided effort.  They're getting a telling.


Second half

United kick off.

51st minute: Soler hits it high and wide for Utd.

60th minute subs.  On for his debut, Zatisev replaces Swaby.  Chaverra is on for Doe and Cristiano on for Cordoba.

61st minute: Jurcec makes his debut on for the injured Wood.

73rd minute: Dupuy on for Pena.

It's gone very quiet, no team is creating a chance.

81st minute: Last sub Kristensen is on for his debut for Thomas.

Come on lads!

83rd minute: Dupuy hits a long ball up and it's found Bowman who goes for the impossible which goes well over.

85th minute; Cross in by United, the header is missed and Mbappe hits in.  That's 3 - 1 and game over.

89th minute: Ramsay corner and we head over.

We've been shocking.

We have to do better in the league next week.


United win the Community Shield


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I wasn't happy with that Community Shield loss so I swapped my team a bit.  Vandeputte made his debut and even though he conceded 4, he was brilliant.  Delfouneso was terrible and finished with a 5.8 so I fined him for 2 weeks.  He's now listed by request and for a English player who can play CB and LB, no one wants him :lol:.  I have no issues letting him rot in the reserves.

United are brilliant.  Since that FA Cup defeat I think there's added fire to them.  Mbappe, Berge, Lukaku and Martinez getting on the scoresheet.  All world class players.  Our new CM Zatisev got his first York goal but if you think we did bad against Man Utd.


They're unreal.  They're going to walk the league.

We were amazing against Spurs though, what a reaction.  Bowman got himself a first half brace before having to go off with a knock.  Cordoba made is 3 and new signing that replaced Bowman in Cunha made it 4.  Brilliant result.  Doe assisted 3 of the goals and was unlucky near the end not to get a 4th assist as Cunha went close.

What a mad game against Arsenal! We went 1 - 0 up through Bowman after just 4 minutes.  Neves hit in a quality strike to equalise after 27 minutes.  Garbial was free in the box as the ball drops down and he smashed in to give Arsenal the lead after 30 minutes.  Ramos Mingo headed just before the break to equalise.  Bowman then put us back ahead in the 64th minute but Ezquerra scored a worldy to equalise.  Cristiano came off the bench to score the winner in the 91st minute! It was so close though as Arsenal went down the other end and hit the bar.  On another day it'd of been 6 - 6 with the amount of times both teams hit the woodwork :lol:.  Amazing win to beat Arsenal away.

A great reaction after being hammered twice in a week by Man Utd.




Cup Draws


I'm hoping we can qualify.  I don't mind dropping into Europa.  This is one of the easier groups and to me it's still going to be very difficult.


500-1 odds to win it :lol:.  I like those odds :cool::lol:.  We're just happy to be in the competition for the venue and rep.


Even though we're away this is one we should win.

Gazza Stadium


With a bigger stadium means more fans and more money :cool:

He's staying!


I changed Ramsays status' to key player 'cause in realtiy he is.  He was my best player last year and we do not have the rep to replace him.  Seems giving him Star Player status made him stay :D.


With my backup left back throwing a wobbler so the point I have no interest in playing him.  His time here is done.  I needed a LB.



He might be past his best but he's in the same mould as Thomas and could easily do a job here.


I mean we've spent money but we did have 20+mil from the McWoods deal left from January.


We have a cracking squad.



Milan are powerhouses.  They have Tomori on 325k a week and Bellingham on 400k a week.

Zebre spent 78mil on a CM I offered 100mil over time for.  I even offered him higher wages but he chose Zebre.


21 year old English MC who is pure class.


19th still :D.  I'm pretty sure West Brom have lowered their wages compared to last time we were in the same league as them.

Next Month


This is why I've made sure I have a proper squad this year.  We're gonna need to rotate.  That's alot of games to play.  Let's see if we're up for it.

Edited by SpillBlood
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So close to full green and if you'd of watched the match, it should have been.

Not the best game in the world against Leciester but a win is a win.  Chaverra was set up straight after half time by Bowman to give us the lead after 46 minutes.  Chaverra turned creator in the 76th minute with a quality early cross to Cunha who hit in first time on the volley, lovely finish to kill the game off after 76 minutes.

We were in control against Palace.  Ramos Mingo heading in after 20 minutes and Chaverra putting us 2 ahead after 30 but in the 78th minute Edouard hit in a quality free kick to give Crystal Palace a lifeline.  We held on to take all 3 points.

You know one of those games where the goalkeeper has a wordly?  That's what happened against Chelsea.  Man of the match was Lafont, Chelsea's goalkeeper.  Thomas gave away a penalty just after half time and Mason Mount converted.  Pulisic doubled for Chelsea after Mingo missed an interception after James' cross.  Corobda pulled one back in hte 90th minute but it was too late.  We had 10 half chances and 2 clear cut chances.  Chelsea had 3 half chances and 1 clear cut chance.  My strikers had a horrible time of putting the ball in the net.  I can't believe we didn't even get a point.  10 half chances!

Atleast we went to Bramall lane and got a result.  Bowman putting away a penalty in the 24th minute and Cristiano finishing Thomas' low cross after 65 minutes.

Look at Liverpool :eek:.  Maybe it isn't Manchester United's year after all.



Champions League



Bowman has scored 7 goals in 2 games and got a 10 rating in both :cool:.  Doe has been unreal also.



I really liked the look of Cunha in this game.  His movement really did help alot.  Maybe he'll take Cristianos place sooner than later if he keeps it up.

That 500-1 currently doesn't seem so stupid :lol:.

Carabao Cup


it took longer to get the break through than I'd hoped but a win is a win!


We should win at home to a League One side.

Gazza Stadium


We broke a 90 year record :D


And then broke it again :cool:.

Next Month


Hopefully keep the good form going and we have ourselves our proper Champions League test.  Especially with it being away.

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I don't feel like we're playing as well so far this season.  I need to get us back up to the level we were playing at.

A game of two halves against Southampton.  Kristensen missed his tackle on Danjuma and then took him out in the box.  Olise stepped up but Raya saved.  The breakthrough came from a chipped shot from Dupuy which the Southampton goalkeeper Cleiton fumbled and it landed straight to Cristiano who hit in one of the easiest goals he'll ever score.   Cristiano doubled in the 85th minute after heading in Thomas' freekick.  Adson pulled one back for Southampton in the 88th minute but it was ruled offside.  I don't think it was!


We were lucky that it wasn't Swaby that was injured badly 'cause he came off aswell.  He's been out for 2 weeks compared to Danjuma.

Brighton set up in a very defensive way that my wide players struggle to make an impact and that makes it very difficult for us.  Brighton were very unlucky not to take the lead, a powerful header hit the underside of the bar, bounced down and out!  They did the the lead though after Carnesccho, Brightons goalkeeper kicked up upfield, Dwight McNeil collected and smashed in a 30 yarder.  Oh it was a goal and a half :lol:.  We did pull one back through Bowman just before half time.  He was fed through by Cristiano, rounded the goalkeeper and fnished.  McNeil wanted the headlines though as he headed in Mac Allisters corner to give Brighton all 3 points.

We did not play well against West Ham and their only chance in the first half came from some good football down the right.  Lamptey finished the move off by chipping the ball into the center of the box for Origi to hit in after 37 minutes.  We got lucky.  Chaverra crossed in and Bowman couldn't quite get to it but id idn't matter as Caceres hit the ball into his own net after 65 minutes.  Thanks went worse for West Ham after using all their subs, Lamptey went off injured.  Subsitute Cunha made a great run down the right and a great pass to Chaverra who smashed the ball into the net to give us the win after 78 minutes.  West Ham came at us though and we had to defend well to deny an equaliser.

How close is the top 7! :lol:



Champions League



Bowman loves the Champions League!


Look at that xG!  Their defense was amazing at blocking last gasp chances and their goalkeeper had the best game of his life!

Compared to mine who.. what is Raya doing? :idiot:


Carabao Cup


Cunha was brilliant.  He really could become a superstar.  He looks like he was worth the money I paid.

We have a great chance to get to semi final and City and United play each other in the Quarters :cool:






Looks good but 4 year contracts is a bit much!  Got rid of that stupid judging on set-piece atleast!


McGill wouldn't upgrade the Youth Facilities after that..

Stevens did straight away :cool:.


Just waiting on Youth Level now.

International Debut


He might be 31 but age is a just a number! :lol:

Next Month


I don't see a reason why this can't be a full green month.  These are teams we should be beating.  Newcastle just aren't as good as they should be and they have some quality players that would walk into my team.

If we beat Dortmund we've won the group after 4 games so that'd be nice :D.

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Took a few day break from FM, had an urge today to get a month played and we've been fantastic :cool:.

We were brilliant in the first half against Brentford.  A quality through ball from center back Faria found Bowman to put us ahead after just 2 minutes.  Luke Shaws corner was headed in by Nathan Wood after 28 minutes to put us 2 up.  In the 55th minute Bowman was brought down in the box, a clear penalty and he put it away himself to put us 3 - 0 up.  Brentford did mount a comeback though.  A ball came across the right hand side, it's been tipped wide by Raya, Di Rosa crosses it back in and Elia beats Rodriguez in the air and heads top corner from just inside the box.  Raya and Rodriguez could have done better.  In the 87th minute a quality ball from the right found Di Rosa running into the left side of the box who was onside and pulled another one back for Brentford.  Thankfully we managed to hold on.  Not happy we condeded two.

For all the money they have, Newcastle are terrible :lol:.  Max Aarons with a poor throw saw Bowman steal the ball and play in Cristiano to put us ahead after 23 minutes.  Luke Thomas with a great ball over found Chaverra to put us 2 up after 29 minutes and Lewis Cook did the same, great ball over and found Chaverra in the same area to put us 3 up in the 32nd minute.  A rare mistake from Bowman saw Olmo score a 20 yarder for Newcastle to pull one back.  It was all over though after former York defender Claudio Gomez scored an O.G :D.

What a mad first half against Norwich.  I decided to put Vandeputte in net for this game and Norwichs 2nd goal he didn't even dive :lol:.  I want him trained at club but he might need a loan.  York took the lead after a corner came in, it was headed towards goal but deflected on.  Chaverra hits it back across and Cristiano is there to poke home from 6 yards after 19 minutes.  Styles pulled one back for Norwich in the 23rd minute.  Cantwell played a freekick low to Pitchford, he drove is low across goal and Styles was 2 yards out to hit in.    Thomas' freekick was headed in by Bowman after 31 minutes to put us back ahead.  Norwich equalised after 34 minutes though!  Jurec with a poor ball out to the left was headed back to Yazici by Lauriente, he plays it back to Ndombele who hits a ball over to Cantwell who was onside and curls on into the bottom corner.


Have I spent 22mil on a mime artist? He looked like Mr. Mime trying to save that shot :lol:.

We took control of the game just before half time though.  Pena found Cristiano who dribbled down but his shot was blocked by Doyle.  Balacombe couldn't get it, Doyle couldn't get it.  Cristiano got it and finished into the empty net after 45 minutes.  We weren't done for first half goals though.  Bowman crossed low and Pena shot, it was saved straight back to Pena, he's put it across goal and it's hit Wong and into the empty net :lol:.  Another O.G for us this month.  The 2nd half was less eventful and saw Faria head in Ramsays corner after 52 minutes to make it 5 and the only goal of the 2nd half.

I kept faith in Vandeputte, he needs game time afterall.  Cristiano put us ahead after 34 minutes after his shot hit the post and rolled out to him to hit into an empty net.  Thomas put us 2 ahead after hitting in a nice freekick after 39 minutes.  Scott pulled one back after a good finish after 70 minutes.  Raya may have saved that one but we were the better side and we held on comfortably.

We're 2nd and making a gap from 4 to 5th.  I wasn't expecting Everton to be in 4th!  Being 2nd at this stage is great, especially since next month is incredibly tough.




Champions League




Can Bowman score 5 more goals this campaign? :eek:.


I thought it was going to be a loss after the early Isak double to put us 2 - 1 behind but what a comeback!


4 games, 4 wins :cool:.




Sadly not another 8 - 0 :lol:.



Come on Danny, you're better then that.



That's better. 

I've no idea why they argue.  We have money in the bank, we should strive to become the best club we can.



I got myself another Affliate.  A team I quite like from France aswell.  Sadly, they have no youth we can try and steal :D.

That makes 4 affilates :D.


I'm still trying to get Rotherham as one :(.

Next Month


Liverpool, Everton, City and United in the space of two weeks.  That is one crazy month :eek:. I could come out with nothing.  I really want that Carabao win.  I always fail to win that trophy and this is a great year to try.

The teams left are:


I'm not sure we're going to get a better year.  If United get knocked out by City, we have a huge chance.

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On 21/01/2022 at 01:44, Blarney said:

I love arguing with the board for things that make complete sense.... 

I wish I'd stop actually screaming at the game though. 

Yeah it's something that needs a re-work for sure :lol:.

I'd love to see changes such as what level of facilties we can upgrade too.  EPL has too much money and you should be able to abuse that with the money you have instead of going up 1 level by 1 level.

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