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FM22: York City. VNLN to the Prem!


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Season 3 - 2023/2024


Pre-season has been amazing.  This time I let my assistant take control as I really needed to sort my team out.  It's been very difficult finding players that look like they can do the job and play the role I want them to play.  My parent club helped alot.  There really isn't any decent wingers at my level to bring in, the club reputation obviously doesn't help but they're just not the type of wingers I want.  I managed to bring in a striker and a winger for each side from Huddersfield, one is costing and two are free.

Transfers so far.. 'cause they ain't done :lol:.  I'm about to play my first game and I need a first team goalkeeper, another CB in and I have my eye on a youth striker that I'm going to take a punt on.

First, who left,



Donaldson wasn't good enough anymore and his wage was mad.

Heaney wasn't good enough for this level.

I hate releasing Duckworth and he would have been signed on for another year but he's declined massively, it's such a shame.

Dyson was no way near good enough.  Has potential but will never make it.

Gratton can't cut it at this level and I knew I could bring in better.

King might have been worth keeping on another year but I felt League Two might be too much for him.  Shame, I did like King.

Whitley was my backup goalkeeper that I didn't need since Jameson signed on for a year as my backup.




I had to do it, he's somehow an assist king and I'm a big fan of Couto.  He's just going to get better and better.


Osborne is here to play as my B2B.  Ravenhill was sent back, I wasn't the biggest fan and I feel Osborne can do a better job.


Backup for Osborne is Tim.  Training as a B2B and hopefully can play a part this season.


Pitaluga is a good backup and has alot of potential.  At one point due to lack of good goalkeeper he was going to be my first choice.  It's been so hard to find a goalkeeper.


Jackson does have some cons but with the lack of wingers and he's costing little money, it's a good enough loan.


Same again, I'd prefer someone better in the air but Harratt has some pace and can do a job for us.  Especially with no cost.


Jones is here to play RM.  There honestly is a lack of right wingers I can bring in, it's crazy.  So glad I found someone!


Ramsay is a cracking signing.  His wage is a bit more expensive but I no doubt more football will make him a better player and he'll be here whenever we hit League One.


The Hopeful Transfers

Even though we put two past him at his Huddersfield trial.  Cumming is the best goalkeeper we can bring in.  His wages aren't cheap but I need to best goalkeeper available to me. 


If he'd of signed earlier Downing would be my captain.  I can't turn it down.  He'll be on 1.8k, lacks passing ability but he's League One quality and has spent many seasons playing there.


He'll cost me 35k but I feel Bowman might even get some chances in cups this year.  He looks pretty decent for a 17 year old.




Every year I check if I can replace my current staff with better and I couldn't with coaches but I had some decent scouts willing to join and I have an incredibly good Physio team that I could probably take with me to the Premiership.  I have a Head Physio with 20 physio in League Two.  Nice.

I asked for more coaches, signed one up and they already want to drop the number.  I want more!  We don't have a fitness coach and we're dropping quality so the coach workload isn't heavy.


JPT Draw


That's a very tough group and we'll do well to get out of that.  I really didn't want Manchester United :lol:.  I've seen the "U23s" they play.

Season Start


Can Reid do it again?  I mean I imagine he'll score more than 22 goals, or I hope anyway.


I'd like to think we can beat Newport and Harrogate but Lincoln will be a tough game.  Let's see how we start. Also, how amazing is it I can have 7 subs this year!

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We love winning on opening day :D.  Walker scored out first goal of the campaign, heading in a lovely cross from Mellor.  It was Mellor who put us two ahead after a great long range ball by Ramsay, Mellor burst in and smashed past the keeper.  Reid did his usual, scored a penalty :cool:.  We went 3 - 0 up in the break but Collins pulled one back for Newport in the second half.  We were great.

Harrogate Town....


I have no idea how we didn't win this.  There was nothing Cumming could do to deny Stobbs from scoring but we should have been out of sight by that time.  Osborne opening the scoring after the ball was cleared from a corner by the keeper and Osborne vollyed it back into a huge empty space in the net.  Armin and Mellor both hit the post, I have no idea how Mellor didn't flick his header in, it hit the inside of the post and came back.  Frustrating.

I never expected to beat Lincoln let alone hammer them.  It was a nervous first half and neither side really created a good chance.  We came out fighting in the second half.  Godsmark-Ford heading in Couto's corner.  Couto then playing a quality ball through to Jackson who slotted past the keeper.  Harratt on as a sub finished well after Davies' through ball and in the 94th minute Jackson finishing the scoring for an amazing victory.

We're top :D. Hopefully we can stay there.





Carabao Cup


Cracking win against a League Two sides.. onto Sunderland next but we're at home.


We weren't at our best but a win is a win :D


Yeah... :(.  I hate playing Arsenal.

Deadline Day



So I brought in the three players I was looking at and then I decided to try my luck, asking for Russell on loan since he's listed.  He actually came. 

As a Rotherham fan, I am not gonna say no to Joe Newell.  Weird that he has no ability to play on the left wing since that's where he played before his move up to Scotland.

I noticed after the first couple of games I needed better quality in the center of my midfield, they were two brilliant options to bring in.


1.2k a week but he's a 6'4 of a proper midfielder. 


Newell could do a job for me in League One.  It's a proper good signing.


I got offered George Hirst :D

As a Rotherham fan, George Hirst is probably the worst striker I've seen play for us.  He didn't score a single goal in our Championship campaign last season.  I nearly brought in him for a laugh since ability wise he's probably on paper better than any of my strikers but I'd rather try and get a proper striker in, even if I have to wait 'til January.


That's Hirst's scoring record. 

The Squad


We have a massvie squad this year but we need it.  I don't want to keep resting my players when I can have good enough players in to rotate.  We have a squad in my opinion easily good enough to challenge for the title.  We may need to bring in a better striker at some point but we'll see how it goes.

Next Month


Why I need a full squad this season, since we're allowed 7 subs aswell and we're playing alot of football.  Hopefully we can get a few wins under our belt here.

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Well, my goalkeeper really has to do better but atleast we're scoring more :lol:.

It was Bromley who took the lead after just 3 minutes after some dodgy keeping from Cumming.  Reid equalised in the 15th minute after Jackson set him up.  Jackson was the goal maker again after he set up Mellor to put us ahead after 24 minutes.  Mellor got himself a brace in the 27th minute and just after the break his hat-trick from the penalty spot.  Whitley pulled one back for Bromley but  Jackson set up Mellor again for his 4th in the 84th minute.  Newell scored a lovely shot from the edge of the box in the 92nd minute to kill the game off.

Not good enough against Tranmere.  We both hit the woodwork but my wide players and Reid really didn't have a good enough game.  It was a tight contest and neither team could edge the other one out.

I'm glad we beat Accrington, we deserved it but we didn't help ourselves. We hit the woodwork 3 times, we had 4 CCCs, 4 half chances and Cumming was awful in goal.  Godsmark-Ford headed in after just 4 minutes but Nottingham equalised in the 14th.  Harratt headed home Ramsays cross to give us the lead in the 26th but Broom equalised in the 60th.  Reid found the deserved winner in the 80th minute but my word, we have to put our chances away.

Well, I rotated against Hartlepool the best I could to still give us a winning chance and what a crazy game.  Mellor gave us the lead after 6 minutes but March equalised in the 25th.  Armin headed in after 40 minutes to give us the lead going into half time.  Mellor got himself a brace in the 49th minute but Hartlepool equalised in the 52nd minute.  We won a pen which Mellor put away in the 67th minute and Jackson set up by Mellor scored a quality finish to hopefully kill the game off.  Fondop pulled one back but that was that.

A bad day infront of goal and from my wide plays against Gillingham.  We were the better side and they seem to spent most of the game defending but thankfully Donawa was brought down and Newell put away the penalty in the 77th minute.

We're just top.






I'm glad I did bring in more midfielders when I saw Davies was basically out for a month and a half.



Carabao Cup


Unlucky.  Arsenal did play some squad players but thankfully we're only in season 3 so Nelson, Balogun etc haven't peaked into the players they can become.




Really good win, happy with that.


New Contract



After the Arsenal game they asked if I wanted a new contract.  Of course I do :cool:.

Next Month


Alot of football, alot of good teams.  Not sure how we'll fair but hopefully we'll still be at the summit.

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Really good month!

Orient deserved their win.  Danny Ward put them after 14 minutes and i've to go full on attack to get something out of the game.  Harratt equalisd in the 76th minute until Ramsay gave away a penalty and got himself a second yellow which Winnall put away in the 84th minute.  Was it a pen?  The media didn't think so, neither did the refs rating.


Cheers Andrew Kitchen :thdn:.

We were much better against Rochdale.  Downing getting his first York goal after just 3 minutes.  Mellor doubled for us after 21 and Harratt killed the game off in the 52nd minute.  We were a class above.

We struggled for a bit.  All Carlisle did was defend.  They managed two shots, one on target all game.  Thankfully Newell found Harratt who put us ahead just before half time.  Harratt got himself a brace in the second half to kill the game off.

We really did struggle against Cambridge.  They parked the bus and my strikers weren't getting anything out of it.  My defense and midfield were heavily rotated due to the amount of games but they were playing well.  I switched to my 4 - 3 - 3 formation, Rhys Bennett off all people made an incredible pass which found sub Reid who slotted in after 65 minutes for our winner.  Goalkeeper Cumming was out with a knock and my backup Pitaluga made his league debut and did well.  Cumming has been alot better this month.

Very tough game against Bradford.  Watt found O'Connor who put Braford ahead after 16 minutes.   After kick off we went up the other end, got ourselves a corner and the partnership of Couto finding Godsmark-Ford struck again to equalise.  It was Harratt again who found that winning goal after Ramsays through ball in the 55th minute.  Cracking win.

We're playing the top teams and we're having to heavily rotate so to come away with wins show's the character of the squad.  Walsall just defended, they managed 3 shots, 1 on target.  The problem is we had 19 shots, 4 on target with an xG of 2.38.  Some games we really need to hit the target more.  Thankfully our constant pressure saw Donawa fouled in the box and Reid put away his penalty in the 66th minute.  It was deserved.

Tranmere were neck and neck with us but have dropped off the pace.  We've got a small gap uptop.



I'm the only award winner from our team this month.







We played well and conceded from nothing twice.  Show's the class in League One.  Atleast we're into the next round.

FA Cup Draw


We should be winning this.  We've played them twice.  Winning 3 - 0 and away 4 - 1. 

My strikers vs Bowman


He came as a sub against Manchester United U23's and did well and started again Crew and did well.  He doesn't look out of place.  My strikers aren't always playing well and it might be time already to give him some first team football.  Do I bring him off the bench?  Do I wait until he's 18?  Making youth better isn't my expertise in this game but to me he's already improving nicely.  First team football can't do him any harm surely?  He'll be starting my cup games next month and we'll see from there.






Next Month


Couple of tough games against Donny and Notts Country but we should get a few wins out of this.

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Brilliant month.

Harratt gave us the lead against Doncaster in the 24th minute and become the creator as he set up Walker in the 54th.  Jon Taylor pulled one back for Doncaster before Reid put away a penalty to give us the win.  If we'd of stayed onside we'd of got 5.  I'm not even sure Downings goal was offside.

Mellor gave us the lead just before half time against Port Vale before Godsmark-Ford tried to turn into Messi, lost the ball and they countered and Hurst finished to make it 1 - 1.  Thanksfully Coutos corner was flicked on my Godsmarked-Ford and he fell to Reid to hit in after 72 minutes.

Notts Country were very poor, I expected much more.  Harratt opened the scoring and Bowman came off the bench to put us 2 - 0 up in the 65th minute.

Crawley with their only shot on target took the lead through Amario Cozier-Duberry, now that's a mouth full of a name :lol:.  Thankfully our captain for the game Joe Newell was brilliant.  He put away a penalty in the 43rd minute, set up Bowman in the 57th minute and then set up Jones in the 69th minute.  Exactly why I signed him 'cause I know what Newell can do.

Since we played Sutton on the Wednesday and play Exeter on the Saturday I made alot of changes.  Bowman and Reid started and it was Bowman who scored after 5 minutes.  3 goals in 3 games for our 17 year old striker :D.  Shame he picked up a knock and will miss the JPT 2nd round.  Donawa put us 2 up and in the 27th and 28th minute Reid scored a brace, one from the spot and one from open play.  In the second half though we were terrible and Sutton pulled two back.  Thankfully we were out of sight but that's not great.

We're great though.  I never expected to make this much of a gap.



Same again, I'm the only award winner this month.



FA Cup


Reid was brilliant!


We should qualify for the third round. Playing away makes a difference though.



We were the only team to beat Manchester United U23, that's cool.


I let Bowman take the pen at the end :lol:.


We should qualify here, especially playing at home.

I've just spent 1.8mil of my 2.1 bank balance

I mean, we already had good training facilities but now we'll have better.




I'm sure we'll be fine.

Next Month


8 games!  My word I'm glad I have a good squad.  We face some good teams but we should win if our players continue to play this well.

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We actually lost at home.  I was shouting during the game, you'll see why below.



Cracking result again Exeter.  Newell missed a penalty early on but Mellor put us ahead after 36 minutes.  Reid doubled our lead after 69 minutes and we took home a very good win.

We made it hard for ourselves against Oldham.  McGahey scored an OG to put us ahead and then just before the break Godsmark-Ford got himself sent off for a second yellow.  Mellor put us 2 ahead before Oldham pulled one back in the 76th minute through Collins but we managed to hold on.

We played very well against Mansfield.  Couto scored a penalty within the first minute and Haysman scoring a cracking effort in the 17th and that was that.

Tight game in the reserve fixture against Exeter!  Haratt put us ahead after 25 minutes and Jackson doubled in the 50th.  Sparkes pulled one back for Exeter in the 56th minute but Reid scored to give us some breathing space.  Glad he did 'cause some poor goalkeeper saw Ladapo pull one back in the 75th minute we managed to hold on.

We had so many chances yet it was mistake after mistake against Orient.  Ward scored in the 2nd after a poor pass from Davies.  Dozzell headed in after 37 minutes to put 2 up.  Ward got himself a brace after a poor pass from Newell.  In the 58th minute they'd had 3 shots and scored all 3.  Really not good enough.


Atleast we're still nicely ahead.



Two awards for Couto :cool:






And we dodged an U23 side to hopefully get through :cool:


FA Cup


We're getting some lucky cup draws.


I think we should beat them, we just did twice.



First time I've seen this message this FM.


He's now Driven, hopefully he'll keep kicking on.  He's doing well.

Youth intake


We'll see how this goes.  I don't hold any hope since the last two have been poor.

I sold my backup goalkeeper and now my other backup has no permit!


He's been playing cup games and has played the odd league game, this is such a shame.  I'll be looking for a new #1, Cumming really is replaceable.

I found the striker I wanted in Jan.

I'm not going to offer Reid a contract for what looks like a League One campaign.  I might Mellor but this lad could play in the Championship!  Only costing me 55k!  Easily worth £2.2k a week.


Next Month


9 matches, let's see what we can do.  Davies might be leaving, he wants first team and he's the 5th best CM at my club now.  We'll see.  I reckon there will be some player movement.

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:(:(:( Gutted that we couldn't get Cuni in.

I've just lost my 6'4 midfielder due to Darren Ferguson being a tosser and recalling him because he was moved to B2B 'cause Newell is much better at DLP so I really need a replacement as I left Davies go also.  Russell could be bought but I ain't spending 300k on a player.

I'm sure we can find someone.   We could have some brilliant players in if it wasn't for work permits :(.


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Really good month overall!

Great response after the Leyton Orient defeat that we absolutely smashed Rochdale.  They didn't have a shot on target.  Downing headed in after 20 minutes, Haratt doubled in the 31st, then he scored two offside goals and actually managed his brace in the 71st minute :lol:.  This lad could have a future here.

It was Cambridge who took the lead after 34 minutes through Freestone but Walker equalised just before half time.  Donawa put us ahead after 48 minutes and Bowman came off the bench to kill the game off in the 83rd minute.

Harratt gave us the lead against Salford in the 24th minute.  Morris equalised after Ramsay was caught out of position, Salford countered and Morris hit in one heck of a shot.  He then put Salford ahead with another belting strike.  It was that man Bowman again, off the bench found by Harratt who equalised. 

It was a tight game vs Bradford City.  Armin headed in after 18 minutes to put us ahead and Harratt put us two up just after the break.  O'Connor pulled one back but we managed to hold on.

Much better against Carlisle as we battered them.  Newell scored a penalty after 9 minutes.  Osborne was in the right place to put us 2 up after 14 and Harratt put us 3 ahead after 17.  Just before the full time whistle Bowman has come off the bench to score another goal.

Walsall deserved their win.  It was Watts debut but the whole team didn't play well enough.  We didn't take our chances and to be fair neither did Walsall but they atleast finished one of them, Earing scoring in the 17th minute for a deserved win.

We're still absolutely flying.



Harratt has been awesome.  Deserved his double award.






Not really a shock.  One or two very good players but there weren't many big names playing.  We're brilliant at home.


I'd like to think we can win this one.

FA Cup


Freddie Ladapo was terrorising Godsmark-Ford.  He did him to set up the first goal and then beat him in the air for the second goal.  I had to sub him after that and it really did help.  We were brilliant second half.


I'll need some luck here :(.


We've buying the league :lol:.  Over half a mil spent on players this season.





Tim needs to play.

Beck isn't good enough and is on far too high a wage.

Jameson isn't good enough.

Davies was good enough but wanted more football that I couldn't promise.

Bradley was backup and wanted more football.



Woo a backup goalkeeper!  It was so hard to find and he isn't exactly a bad one to have.


Joe Newell and Elliot Watt in midfield together is just :cool:.  Easily good enough for League One.  Two very creative players, I think 275k is a cracking price for such a player.


I'm a fan of Miller in real life, he'll be playing at LM.  Wingers were impossible to find in the summer so I've brought them in now.  My other wingers will all be leaving in the summer.  I won't be extending any loans or contracts.


Edwards is already better than any winger I have at the club.  He comes in to take over the first team roles.  Donawa is away alot on international duty with Bermuda and Roberts isn't cutting in the league.  I think Edwards and Miller are two good players to make my wings better.



Next Month


Hopefully can get atleast 10 points here.  Only team that we'll struggle against in Tranmere.

I'm just thinking that playing Leeds is like a friendly :lol:.  Cheers for the income.

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Far too leaky at the back.  Not happy with that.  We've missed Kian, he picked an injury against Tranmere.

We battered Accrington for 80 minutes, we were class, our xG of 3.55 shows how good we were.  Godsmark-Ford heading in for a brace in the first half courtesy of Couto corners.  Harratt scored just before the break and in the 63rd minute to get himself a brace.  I made some subs, the 81st minute hit.  Accrington pulled one back, 84th minute another and 93rd minute another.  Can't really blame the goalkeeper, we just turned off, it was embarrasing.

Miller scored a 30 yard screamer to open the scoring against Tranmere after 8 minutes.  In the 11th Azaz decided to show some skill of his own and hit in a brilliant freekick for Tranmere to equalise.  Edwards was having a bad game until he popped up in the 47th minute to finish a brilliant ball from Watt.

This is the exact reason I want new strikers.  We had chances, Donawa missed an absolute sitter in the 90th minute, I screamed at my monitor because it was that bad.  Baxter put Gillingham ahead after 30 minutes but Mellor FINALLY scored again in the 43rd minute, it's been ages since he put the ball in the net.  Hastie scored an absolute brilliant hit in the 77th minute for us to be defeated.  Gillingham had an xG of 0.31, we had an xG of 2.76.

Now this was much better,  Miller was unplayable.  Todd Kane was sent off after 9 minutes for Doncaster after an awful lunge on Miller and we just destroyed Doncaster for 90 minutes.  Miller finished off some cracking football in the 23rd minute.  Watt with a nice strike got his first York goal after 25.  Miller got himself a brace in the 44th minute.  Godsmark-Ford headed in a Couto corner in the 48th minute and Donawa finished off Reids through ball in the 79th minute.  38 shots, 14 on target, xG of 3.85, much better.

We're still on to break record points which stands at 102.




FA Cup


To be fair my defense had played brilliant all game and I can't blame the goal on Downing. 


Money :cool:


No Harratt, no chance.  They were a class above as expected.

I've had enough of Darren Ferguson


We have 3 players in from Huddersfield on loan, 1 of them isn't playing as much because he isn't that great, I have Miller and Walker is now my backup.  He's had a proper tantrum about it so I've cancelled my link.  To be fair if it continues, we'll be in a higher league next season :lol:.


2 points off relegation in league 1 :lol:.

I've asked for another parent club, let's see if I'm lucky enough.



Hopefully this will help players improve and help bring in better.

Next Month


Alot of football again.  The Spurs game is most imporant for me.  I'd like to win the JPT.

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Pretty good month!

George Hirst scored an absolute a belter again me though to equalise against Crawley.  Miller had put us ahead after 36 minutes.  It's alright though 'cause Mellor, Donawa and Armin all scored in the second half to get rid of the sting that Hirst had scored a goal against me :lol:.

It was a quiet first half against Vale, we were much better in the second.  Cumming has kicked it up to Miller who's free, lovely first touch, he dribbles and slots past the keeper after 52 minutes.  He really has been a brilliant purchase.  Miller was the goal maker this time as he set up Osborne in the 90th minute for all three points.

Bore draw.  Neither York or Notts Country created a good enough chance.  We had a couple of half chances but that was it.

Better against Hartlepool.  Cumming with another assist as another great first touch this time by Harratt as he dribbles and slots it past the keeper.  Things did go bad for us as Haysman was sent off for a second yellow just before half time.  Hartlepool were terrible though, even against 90 men they recorded 1 shot, 0 on target all games.  Godsmark-Ford put us 2 up after a Watt corner and that was that.

Good result against Harrogate.  Mellor put us ahead after 20 minutes and Bowman got himself a second half brace.

We're promoted and set for record points :cool:.



With promotion our budget has been announced


Pretty good considering how much I've spent.  I can fill the spots up with frees or cheap players I reckon.



My word we made that hard for ourselves, we were nearly knocked out to 10 men!

Not that it matters...


Ah yes an U23 side that has Delap, Doyle, Palmer and Braaf.  Ah yeah and Ferland Mendy played in the semi final :idiot: vs Everton.

We have no chance here.

New Parent Club


You know who I chose :lol:


Board Takeover


Currently on the 1st of April


Hopefully it's a good one.  I'm gonna make a 2nd save for backup just incase they sack me... it's supposed to be a one team save!

Next Month


Let's go and try win a cup final and beat record points!

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JPT Final

And let's see what sort of side City are putting out...  DYBALA IS UPFRONT, WTF.

What on earth is this!!  How is this fair :idiot::lol:.


Oh well, atleast we're in a final huh?

City kick off.

4th minute: Dybala swings in the corner and Harwood-Bellis heads in.  1 - 0 City.

18th minute: Newell crosses but Donawa heads over.

38th minute:  Harratt goes for glory but it's wide!

40th minute: City corner, swung in but it's headed clear.

43rd minute:  Couto swings in the corner but City clear.  It's back to Couto, to Donawa who shoots over.

44th minute: Braaf plays a one-two with O'Reilly and smashes in.  That's 2 - 0 and game over.


York kick off.

54th minute: Dybala plays in Braaf but Cumming makes a good save.

Reid and Bowman are coming on to replace Mellor and Harratt.

59th minute: Walker goes for glory but it's high and wide.

60th minute: A ball through to Delap but his shot is poor and it's easy for Cumming.

61st minute: Donawa crosses but Walker heads over.  Come on lads, get a shot on target.

Time to attack with 20 minutes left.

73rd minute:  Quality ball from Reid, Bowman is through but he hits the post!  That's a sitter!

Jones replaces Donawa.

82nd minute: Osborne dribbles into the box but hits well over.

84th minute:  Good dribble from Breckin and his shot is only just wide.

85th minute and we still haven't shot on target.

85th minute:  Newell plays in Reid and how in the world has he missed that!!!  We've missed 2 amazing chances.  That was off target also!

90th minute: Cracking football from City and Delap really should score but he hits the post.


90th minute:  Jones crosses low, Reid doesn't get a full hit on it, Bowman only has to touch it and HE HITS IT WIDE.

92nd minute: A chip into the box and Delap heads straight at Cumming, easy.

Oh my word, 15 shots, 0 on target.  Get me some new strikers please.

Full time.  I can't believe we didn't pull that back.  We had more than enough chances....





Try again next year...


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Brilliant month in the league.

We dominated bottom of the league Bromley.  All our goals coming in the first half and Newell missing a penalty.  It was a one sided contest.

This is a cracking result.  Lincoln are a good side.  Mellor gave us the lead after a Watt assist and Watt created again to set up Mellor.  Carter pulled one back in the 2nd half for Lincoln but Osborne found Harratt to slot in for his 2nd.  We won a penalt in the 78th minute which Harratt got his hat-trick.

Really strong win against Oldham who managed 1 shot on target all game.  Mellor scoring in the 13th minutes, Donawa scoring in the 16th and Haratt in the 83rd minute.  Easy.

Bowman was an absolute hero here!  Turnbull scored to put Salford up and we weren't playing well enough.  Bowman came on, Watt found him and he equalised for us.  In the 88th minute Salford took the lead, I'm still on very attacking but Gosmark-Ford got done far too easy and Cumming should be getting to that ball, he doesn't and his mistake let Parker in to slot past.  In the 92nd minute Miller found Bowman who equalised and in the 95th minute Osborne found Bowman for a super-sub hat-trick.  He's only 17, what a player!

Newport are 22nd, I rotated slightly but Cumming well very well in the first half to deny a couple of good chances from Newport.  Harratt pounced on a loose ball to put us ahead in the 38th minute and we won but it wasn't a great game.

We've broke records this month anyway.  Most points and most wins in a League Two campaign :D.





When someone decides to basically hand in his resignation


Sorry Dungworth, Couto isn't good enough?





Literally the next continue after my last post this came up :D.  We're all safe.


He even did this for me so in the summer I'm hoping we can get the coaches in so every area has atleast 3 and a half* coaching.

Youth intake


Yeah, not a good year.  We're being promoted too fast for our poor youth facilities/intake etc to have any real effect to bring in players good enough.

Two staying

Even though Huddersfield really should have taken him back.  Harratt is here as a squad player next season, he's currently my best striker.  Ipswich have kindly let us keep Albie Armin aswell who is great cover for CB and LB.



Next Month


Two games left to go :D.  Let's finish in style.

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Hopefully Promotion will bring in some more fans.






Crackin' season.  We need a bit of a rebuild, some players may stay depending on how much money they want put I'll need a backup LB, a backup CB, maybe a new RB, I'd love a better GK and Reading have interest in buying Cumming.  I need atleast one if not two new strikers, a backup LM, a starting RM and another MC.

I do not expect to get promoted out of League One.  I expect it to take atleast two seasons, I couldn't manage it in one with my Rotherham team so I feel like it's a different challenge this year.  League Two/National League isn't that much different.  League One really is, much better quality.

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League Two Wrap Up




This is definitely more difficult so far.  Only one Goalkeeper looked good enough for us and Ipswich snapped him up.   Most good players on loan their parent clubs want full whack, much more than any of my players are on and I'm not cool paying 4k a week for someone that isn't a star player.

Wish me luck! :lol:

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Season 4 - 2024/2025


I've let my new assistant Kenneth Dokken take control of my friendlies. 

Again I've strengthened the back room the best I can. 


I've asked for us to have more coaching staff and my board accepted.  We have a goalkeeper coaching and a general coach on the way.



Our backroom is great.  We have so many different nationalities.  French, German, Dutch, Italian, Israeli, Montenegrin, Polish, Norwegian, Spanish, Bosnian, Danish, Belgian, Portguese, Scottish, Northern Irish and obviously English.  For a League One side I think it's cool we have so many anyway :lol:.

When the game goes silly


Yeah, he did have alot of potential.

But Paul Downing dude, HE HAD NO WORK PERMIT, WE HAD TO LEAVE HIM MOVE ON.  :seagull:.  The game should really know this.




It's great to see the club growing and we're getting more fans into the stadium.  Hopefully with some big teams in League One we get even more fans in.




380k is some nice money to bring in and it's been re-invested into the first team.

  I'd of loved Pitaluga to develop here but no work permit.

Osborne had a year left, was alright but I'm not gonna turn down 120k.

Glad to see Cumming go, especially for 180k.  Too many mistakes, was a decent stop shotter at times but got caught out too much for my liking.



Habergham wasn't good enough anymore.

Nor was Bennter

Nor Bradley

Mellor just, I liked him but he didn't improve, he actually declined.  I felt we could bring in better.

Beck gave me a great two seasons but National League is his level.

Walker did well but just doesn't cut it now.

Heavy heart releasing Reid.  What a striker in the lower leagues.

Donawa isn't good enough for League One sadly.

I never gave Tim a chance, I loaned him out and released him.

Haysman had potential and he might improve elsewhere, I just couldn't fit him in, I wasn't a big fan.

Turner didn't improve.



Lakin is backup B2B to replace Osborne.


Simpson isn't the most skilled but he's a beast physically and that's what I was looking for.


Pochettino is my new right winger.  Edwards has been so poor.  Hopefully he can be as useful as Miller is on the left.


Fringe player on a year contract, backup to Couto.


Fringe player on a year contract, backup to Ramsey.


Cadden is a good left winger, he comes in as a fringe player, backup to Miller but I can see him playing.


Came in as a 16 year old, I beat Stoke U18s and another higher profile U18 team to his signature.  I'm gonna try and train him as a MR.  He isn't a striker to me.


I may be overpaying on Wilsons wages, especially since I didn't even notice he was recovering from a broken ankle when I signed him but he's the best goalkeeper I can find out there.  It's been so difficult. 


I'm hoping Janneh can replace Reid and Mellor.  Hoping.


All the CBs that were out of contract weren't worth it, wanted too much wage for their ability etc.  Joyce is pretty decent cover.


I can't help it, when I see an 18 year old English player with potential I always try and get them in.  There was one at Fulham I wanted to make into my MR but he signed a contract extension there.  Overton is going to play B2B, he's going to be trained there, I'm hoping to make him a bit better.  But he's English, he can become trained at club and he's pretty good in his own way for an 18 year old for 200k.  The only way to get him to come was offering him an important player role.  Championship clubs were interested so I wanted him here asap.


The finances are pretty good.  I still have 200k budget and 10k wage budget left.


I don't think I'll need anyone else in.

The squad:


I'm pretty much covered in every position.  I think we have a strong enough squad to try and mount a play off challenge.  I have no idea how it'll go in League One, I'll be honest.

Cup Draws


We should be able to beat Tranmere.


I think we can top that JPT group!  I want revenge in this, I can't believe City played Dybala, Harwood-Bellis and Lewis Cook :lol:.

Opening Games:


Difficult opening month.  I hate the idea that I'm playing against Rotherham :(.  I'll see how good my squad is against this lot, that's for sure.

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Just read through this - you've had a cracking run! Well done!

I've had Tyreece Simpson in League 1 on my Hartlepool save - should comfortably get you double figures. I use Nicky Cadden as my starting LWB in the Championship, he's an assist machine from there if you need an alternative to Couto. 

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1 hour ago, Spiegel said:

Just read through this - you've had a cracking run! Well done!

I've had Tyreece Simpson in League 1 on my Hartlepool save - should comfortably get you double figures. I use Nicky Cadden as my starting LWB in the Championship, he's an assist machine from there if you need an alternative to Couto. 

Hoping Tyreece can pick up some form, he's been rubbish so far.  What role did you play him in? Cadden is out at the moment, not injured, just decided to drop kick a player for a straight red.

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We do love an opening win!

Brilliant victory against Portsmouth, easily the better side.  Janneh set up Miller in the 15th minute to open the scoring.  Janneh was the goal scorer next when he was in the right position to hit home after Godsmark-Ford flicked on with his head.  It could have been more as Janneh and Simpson both hit the bar but so did Portsmouth.

A very close game where we didn't put our chances away.  Butterworth put Crewe ahead with a 25 yard screamer, it was a seriously sweet strike.  Some quick passing through my defense saw us 2 - 0 down in the 61st minute.  We attacked, we had proper chances but my players didn't put them away.  Janneh set up Harratt in the 90 minute but it was too late.

We came close against Wednesdays hitting the woodwork, we played well but both teams defended well.  We love a late goal but it was harder to get since Cadden decided to drop kick a player for a straight red in the 85th minute.

Oh Warne, oh Rotherham... what on earth are you doing :(.  THEY'RE THE HOME TEAM.


That's embarrasing lads.

Not a bad opening, we're more than good enough it seems to stay up this season.



Carabao Cup


What the heck was that York...



Season Tickets


We are growing :D

Deadline Day



I tried to bring in two players.  A youth goalkeeper who chose Coventry and a youth CB from Scotland who Ayr wanted a replacement first.  It was probably best I didn't sign him.  140k for a potential future player who would at most sign a 2 year deal didn't sit right.

Next Month


Some tough teams, test the water.

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28 minutes ago, SpillBlood said:

Hoping Tyreece can pick up some form, he's been rubbish so far.  What role did you play him in? Cadden is out at the moment, not injured, just decided to drop kick a player for a straight red.

I use a DLF (S) and an AF pairing. 
He was my third choice striker at the time, and would play DLF (S) with Rodel Richards as the AF, or as the AF when paired with Freddie Ladapo. 

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39 minutes ago, Spiegel said:

I use a DLF (S) and an AF pairing. 
He was my third choice striker at the time, and would play DLF (S) with Rodel Richards as the AF, or as the AF when paired with Freddie Ladapo. 

You're a brave man for picking up Ladapo.  I'll give him time to bed in.  He's a PF-S for me currently, might need to change role for him.

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I need to get my strikers firing.

Enough pressure against Colchester saw us win a penalty which Simpson put away for his first York goal.  We had chances to extend our lead, we just couldn't put the ball in the net.

It was a difficult game against Sunderland.  Wilson was brilliant in net but could be potentially at fault for Sunderlands goal.  Just after the break Pritchard has his a freekick from deep, Stewart has followed the ball and hit into the empty net as Wilson didn't get to it.  He did well overall and Sunderland deserved their win.

I rotated a little and Sinclair put Swindon ahead after just 7 minutes and I thought oh man, I've made a mistake.  Armin headed in after 12 minutes and I'm thinking right, game on.  It was a very even game and we hit the woodwork twice, our luck.

We were the better side against Oxford and thankfully the amount attempts created an opening.  Bowmans shot was saved by Stevens put only into the path of Miller who slotted in after 82 minutes.

If I want to get promoted, my strikers have got to wake up 'cause my defense are playing well.  Crewe are flying.






Atleast we didn't mess this one up like we did against Tranmere!

Junior Coaching


New Contract

After the Swindon game I got this.


Of course I'm staying.


Next Month


Very tough month.  It's what I mean between the difference between League One and League Two.  League One has some proper quality that pay alot of wages and still have players for when they were in higher leagues.  I mean, Forest Green have Michael Smith.  All we can do is try.  Be great to beat Ferguson at Huddersfield.

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Really good month.  We've had a few knocks, I changed shape and we're so good at the back with it.  I messed up against Fleetwood, silly of me.

We were amazing against Lincoln, we were so clinical.  Pochettino has put us ahead after 22 minutes and then from open play this time Simpson has scored after 33 minutes.  Not only that but he got himself a brace in the 40th minute.  Harratt put us 4 up in the 86th.  Really good.

We took that confidence into the Bolton game.  Simpson scored from the spot after 19 minutes and Armin headed in just before half time.  Pochettino got himself a second half brace but an error from Godsmark-Ford with a very bad pass to Watt let Weston scored after 74 minutes.  The game said the goalkeeper could have done better, so could the CB with that wonky pass :lol:.

We were the better side against Forest Green and Simpson pounced on an awful pass back to slot it in.  A long ball over and Harrop is onside to hit past Wilson who was beaten to the ball, what a pass.  We pressed but we couldn't find a winner.

We had injuries so I went 4 - 3 - 3 against Huddersfield, Janneh really did struggle so my 17 year old Prescott came off the bench in the 72nd minute and scored the winner in the 73rd minute.  Go on lad :D.

I was impressed with how well we defended last game so I kept the same shape here.  Pochettino set up Harratt in the 31st minute and then Miller in the 48th.  Lakin with a fierce strike scored our 3rd in the 91st and Harratt with a a cracking strike of his own scored in the 93rd.

I messed up here.  I kept the shape, we were doing well.  Pochettino putting us ahead after 10 minutes but McMillan with a wonderful hit equalised for Fleetwood after 18 minutes.  Watt struck a loose ball low into the bottom corner to give us the lead after 32 minutes.  I decided to go back to 4 - 4 - 2 to give the returning players some fitness and Fleetwood were much better after I changed shape.  Wilson with not the best save considering how brilliant he's been, the ball landing to Kabia for an easy goal to equalise in the 87th minute.

We'ere doing much better, I think we may have a new formation.






Good win, they had Areola in net :D.

FA Cup Draw


Let's do better than we did against Tranmere in the Carabao Cup!

Next Month


Stacked month.  I think I'll be testing 4 - 3 - 3 away and 4 - 4 - 2 at home and see how it goes.


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Good month!

Josh Earl put Peterborough ahead after 13 minutes but Lakin equalised in the 20th.  We pushed at them, we had some good half chances but we went home with a draw.

There's a reason that Wigan are near the bottom of the table.  We battered them, went 4 - 4- 2 and just dominated from the first whistle.  Edwards put us ahead after 28 minutes, Miller put us 2 up after 46.  Harratt made is 3 after 51 and Miller got himself a brace after 63.  It was that easy. 

Cracking result against Walsall.  4 - 4 - 2 has been working again and I got 4 - 3 - 3 if I need a goal or to reinforce the back, I know that sounds weird if we're chasing a goal but it's just the different style seems to open up defenses if we can't do it with 2 upront.  Harratt with a brace put the sword to Walsall, Harratt is class.

Another cracking win, I found this interesting!  VAR please :D.


We really didn't play as well as we could against Northampton.  Harratt put us ahead after 25 minutes but Pollock was found in space and put it past Wilson 3 minutes after.  I changed shape at half time, we attacked and we finally found a goal when Overton hit a ball over that found Harratt got his brace.  Jenneh couldn't even score against bottom of the league.

I played a friendly due to our match being cancelled due to water, was fine the next day though :lol:.

We're closing the gap on Crewe!








I played both my youth strikers so we did well.


Their first team actually plays on the Wednesday and alot of players are out on loan.  Can we get revenge?

FA Cup



We should win the next round, especially if they're rock bottom of League Two!


Paul Warne


I said they should stick with him.  Former Miller Johnson Clarke-Harris was apart of the Peterborough side that then beat them 3 - 0.







He's going to be sold as early as possible to be honest.  I can't seem to get him playing well and it's a shame.  Stats wise he does look good.



Typical December, a silly amount of games.

Watt is wanted by a Championship side and two Scottish Prem sides and it's pretty funny to think that they're saying he can leave for 500k.  He has no clause in his contract, he's the best player at the club.  Offer me a mil or he's staying, he's contracted 'til 2027 :lol:.

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2 hours ago, kingjericho said:

I think I managed Janneh two years ago, like you said stats wise he was good but he never performed especially well. Possibly having to do with the hidden attributes.

I swtiched his role to poacher, he scored two in a game :cool:.  Then has gone AWOL again.

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What an absolute brilliant month, we're really coming together.

We've spent the month without Miller aswell.  A sucky injury.


We smashed Plymouth, we had an xG of 4.06!  Simpson opening the scoring after a blocked shot fell to hit feet to poke in after 14 minutes.  Pochettino who has been a brilliant signing, he's made that MR spot his own put us 2 ahead after 39 minutes.  We won a penalty in the second half and Simpson does love to smash in a penalty, we got himself a brace after 63 minutes.  Pochettino matched him, getting himself a brace in the 64th minute.  Very late on, Plymouths goalkeeper has booted the ball up, their striker Kinchant has been clever and done Godsmark-Ford, dribbled down and chipped over Wilson, it was a really nice goal.

We had to work against Morecambe!  Not because they were good, because we couldn't bloody finish!  xG of 3.71, we won because Simpson smashed a penalty that hard their goalkeeper fumbled it into his own net!  Not good enough!



HE DID IT!  HE WENT SCORED!  Infact he got a brace with some good movement and finishing!  Which is a good thing 'cause Bowman pulled one back for Shrewsbury from the penalty spot!  Yeah, Janneh has gone AWOL again.

We love titting about against Northampton.  We were two up and cruising thanks to Edwards and Harratt until Godmark-Ford decided to chest it down to dribble? Norton said thank you, stole it and scored.  We went in the break 2 - 1 up.  They equalised though as sub Newell got caught out, really simple stuff and Henri Saivet scored a 20 yarder, good hit.  Thankfully, with a bit of luck Newell broke through and played in Bowman who scored in the 81st minute to give us the win.  SO MANY MISTAKES.

This was a tight game, we usually do better than thiis against Lincoln and we got lucky.  Hosannah crossed in, Simpson headed at the goalkeeper who fumbled in after 51 minutes.  I'll take it.

This was much better, we should of had more.  xG of 3.23 but thanks to Simpson and his brace, of course one of them being a powerful penalty Bolton went home empty handed.

We're top, I need reinforcement to keep this form going.  I've left my RB Ramsey go as Hosannah is just playing better and I've tied him down.  My backup LB Reid is about to leave.  I need a LB and a player who can play CB/RB.


My striker have found form.  Harratt and Simpson are both playing well.  Jenneh though, pfft.






We made this so hard for ourselves, so glad we won.


Gotta beat The Owls :mad:.

FA Cup



I'll just take the money thanks.

Youth Intake


I'd take a good Striker, we'll see though.

Next Month


My word that's alot of games and I might not have the depth for this.  Watt is still very much wanted and they reckon I'm going to let him go for 325k, 50k more than I spent on him :lol:.  I'm gonna see what I can do, I've just got 200k in between both fullbacks being sold.  There's a great leftback who can fill in a LM and CM but I'm not sure about giving him 4k a week.  I don't need a starting LB either, I have Couto and Armin fills in there when I need a LB.  We'll see, I do need depth.

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Not a good month.  Simpson has been injured and we've missed him.  Wilson has been shocking in net.

Huddersfield were shocking.  Janneh started because Harrett can't play against his parent club and from start to finish we were in control.  They didn't have a shot and guess what?  Janneh finally scored one of his few chances but heading in Newells freekick after 74 miutes!

We went into the break against Forest Green 1 - 0 down and I thought I'd switch to 4 - 3 - 3 and see how it goes.  We were terrible, we defended so poorly.  They had 4 shots, we conceded all 4.  Alot of players got fined after this.

I broke my golden rule against Fleetwood and it backfired on me.  Overton gave us the lead after 16 minutes and Bowman doubled after 17.  We were in control, playing well, I made subs and my rule is if you're playing well, do not sub your CBs.  My defense struggled after subs, with Hill scoring in the 86th and a 91st minute suckerpunch by McMillan.  I'm an idiot.

Awful football, pigging awful.  They defended, we did nothing.  I know I rotated because of the Chelsea game but we really should have done better against 20th in the league.  Terrible.

We're in 2nd by 5 points but we have 3 games in hand.





Yeah, Wilson gets one over Sheff Wed, he wasn't very good though :seagull:.


They played kids, easy enough.


Let's hope Manchester United do the same.

FA Cup


I thought, my word are we on for a steal here after Harratts goal. Nah, United came out 2nd half and Kovacic absolutely ran the game.  Good effort though>



No one to spend on it though :lol:.  I could have bring in Harratt permanently but for 190k I'm not sure, it's a summer thing that.



Pecino has some good mentals but needs to train his physicals, he's versatile and for 25k I can't exactly complain.


When Armin covers at LB I need cover at CB so Abbey can do that job, I hope.


I need someone to fill in for Lakin as he's playing ML to fill in for the injured Miller.


And that's it.

Next Month


My word we have to start playing better again.  How did we go through December to that.

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It's amazing what holding a team meeting does.  We hadn't won in 6 league games, I told the team to believe and we then scored 11 in 2 games :lol:.

We dont' do well against Sunderland.  With an away defeat and a home draw, we managed 16 shots with a whopping 1 on target.  It wasn't our best performance by a long stretch but atleast we'd got a point.

Yet against Hull we had the best chances.  Gavin Whyte was just in the right place at the right time to score two goals against us.  Janneh had equalised for us but in the 90th minute when it was looking to be a draw, Whyte thought otherwise.

And after a team meeting we welcomed Swindon and my word, what a second half.  We were 0 - 0 at half time and I thought our fortunes aren't going to get better here.  Simpson opened the scoring, Harratt made is 2, Poch made is 3, Simpson made it 4 with a brace and Harratt made it 5.  Brilliant.

It didn't stop though.  Next we welcomed MK Dons and scored 5 in the first half :cool:.  Ilunga got himself sent off for MK dons in the 54th minute and Watt finished the scoring, making is 6 in the 56th minute.  Brilliant.

Going away to Oxford was a different sort of game, Oxford didn't offer much.  They managed 1 shot on target and thanks to Lakin heading in at the back post, we went home with all 3 points.

With this many games I'm having to rotate players so it saw a different strike partnership uptop.  Godsmark-Ford opened the scoring but Cover pulled it back for Porsmouth just 4 minutes later.  In the 2nd half we saw goals from Bowman and Janneh to seal the victory.

Peterborough opened the scoring through Szmodics but we thought back.  Harratt equalised, Watt put us ahead and Poch finished the scoring off to seal the win.

And then it came crashing down.  I had many tired players, I had players out with knocks, I didn't have either left back and had to try Cadden there.  My defense were awful, it was a backline that hadn't played as a 4 together and after that, won't again.  Cadden doesn't play well in for formation and I'm glad I can let him move on in the summer.  Will Keane got himself a brace in the first half, with the 2nd being a penalty.  Prosilis pulled one back in the 86th minute for his first York goal but that's all we could muster.  It really was poor.

We're still top, just.




Next Month


This is a massive month in the title race, especially that we're at home to Crewe which we really need to win.  I'd love us to beat Manchester United U23s but I've no idea what sort of squad they'll play.

A good month could see us make a big gap between us and Crewe. 

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What a brilliant month!  The title should be ours.

Shame about the draw to MK Dons.  Janneh are a glorious chance later on and somehow missed.  We were behind, Diallo put MK Dons after 60 minutes but thankfully Godsmark-Ford headed in to equalise.

Good win against Walsall.  Poch put us ahead early on, Perry equalised for Walsall.  Simpson buried a penalty and it felt tight all game, we were the better side but we needed to kill the game off.  Prosilis' shot was blocked, straight back to him with the goalkeeper already commited, it wasn easy goal for him in the 91st minute.

What a nervy game against Crew!  We got a penalty after just 2 minutes but Simpson battered it against the post.  Thankfully the in-form Poch was set up by the returning Couto to give us the win after 49 minutes.  Huge win!

Rotherham had just scored 6 so I expected a very tight game and it might have been if Ogbene didn't get himself sent off after 11 minutes for a horrible tackle.  Poch got himself a brace and then set up Prosilis late on, it was a very easy game against the 10 men.

Compared to the game against Sheffield Wednesday which was very tight!  Couto got himself two assists, Godsmark-Ford heading in and Watt curling in a wonderful shot in the top corner just before the break.  We weren't as good in the 2nd half and Wednesdays had a free kick late on, it was saved but straight to O'Riley who slotted into the open net, we had enough about us to hold on.

Another very tight game.  A mistake at the back for Plymouth let Poch set up Janneh to take home all 3 points.

We're top :cool:.  We can actually beat record points if we don't drop any points in our last 3 games!






"Ease" :lol:.  It was a very close game with Manchester United U23s missing some good chances.  Simpson made up for his penalty miss against Crewe, happy to be in another final.


I feel Liverpool may not play the same sort of players City did.. :lol:

Next "Month"


We should be able to beat all 3 of those teams and I really want to beat Liverpool after what happened with City last year.  Liverpool do play on the Saturday and then Tuesday so we do have a good chance I reckon.  Well see if I can get record points after that.  Gotta get some friendlies in surely... some very weird breaks between those league games :idiot: 

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JPT Final

After last years loss, let's try again.

Harvey Elliot and Joe Gomez :lol:.  This is a pretty strong Liverpool side.  They do have some weak players though, especially their LB Beck.


First half:

York kick off.

6th minute:  Newell is lining up a freekick about 20 yards away.  Popovic saves well to deny.  Couto swings in the corner but Godsmark-Ford heads over.

18th minute: Pochettino crosses in but Bowmans header is easy for Popovic.

19th minute: Good ball from Poch to Bowman but he shoots over.

21st minute: Popovic makes another good save to deny Poch.  We're knocking on the door.

23rd minute: Great flick on by Harratt, Bowman is in and Popovic denys again!  Watt takes the corner, Godsmark-Ford heads it straight at Popovic.

28th minute:  Brilliant passing from York, Harratt is in and Popovic saves!  Who is this 'keeper he's having a blinder!

42nd minute: Bad pass from us, Liverpool hit a long ball up, Moreno takes a good shot from edge of box and Wilson does well to save.  They have a corner, Eilliott takes, Downing clears, they recycle posession.  Back in, headed at Wilson, saved.

44th minute: Lovely ball over from Couto, it's Harratt and it's just wide!

Half time.

Surely this is our year?


Second half:

Liverpool kick off.

56th minute: Lakin replaces Miller

58th minute: High long from shot Watt.

65th minute: Simpson comes on to replace Bowman.

78th minute: Corner in and Godsmark-Ford heads well wide.

Last throw of the dice

78th minute: Janneh on for Harratt.

80th minute: IT'S THAT MAN AGAIN!  A ball over the top from Lakin to Poch, he slots past Popovic!  1 - 0 York!

83rd minute: Lakin has assisted again!  This time playing in Janneh who has acres of space to pass the ball into the net.  2 - 0!

85th minute: Good ball to Musialowski who shoots from edge of the box but it's easy for Wilson.

We're passing round at the back and that's it!  WE'VE WON THE JPT!






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What a season.  A double and thanks to a 92nd goal from Watt, record points :cool:.










Brilliant :D.  We need some reinforcements in.  I need a LM or two, a backup RM, Downing is declining so I'm going to let him go, it's a shame, he's great and we play better with him at CB, we'll see if we can replace him first.  Could be an interesting summer.


New Stadium?  No thanks.  I'd rather wait a bit on that.  So they call it after me :D.  4 Promotions and 2 cups and I'm still only favoured!

Records and Awards






Wait... Janneh!? :eek:


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League One Review


Overachievers :cool:


The difference in havin' a good goalkeeper in net is huge.  I'm shocked it wasn't Poch though, look how many goals he's scored from MR compared to Simpson who's scored 16 goals with 8 of them being pens.


Now that is growing nicely :eek:.  No wonder they want a new stadium!


Now I do like this :cool:.

Transfer Update

I'm digging in South America for some of my transfers.  I've got two good players for less than 20k each and spent some good money on a couple of good players.  It's really hard to find good English players that are willing to join.

I was looking to keeping Lakin and Downing but they want silly roles and money.

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Season 5 - 2025/2026


I let Dokken take control of friendlies again, atleast all my players are fit to start the season.

I tried to bring in better quality staff for my back room and staff are willing to come but we can't afford their wages.  My biggest concern is the lack of decent HYOD I can bring in, I mean mine is okay but I'd someone better.


I'm actually quite shocked how high our coaching team is rated and i'm really happy we've above average in both recruitment and medical.


I'm really happy how many coaches they've let me bring in over the past year, I'm hoping it can make a difference in our training because we have gems that have arrived :cool:.


I've only sold one player, I did look at selling Janneh and Simpson and I might still but right now it's hard to find good strikers.


Miller isn't Championship quality and 250k for him was well above value imo.


Downing - started to decline and wanted an imporant role, wasn't happening.

Joe Newell - on the decline, isn't Championship quality.

Edwards - massively declined, no way near Championship quality.

Lakin - wanted to keep round, not for 5k a week.

Cadden - wasn't good enough, didn't have a good season either.


We've spent 1.1mil :cool:.  There's still 3mil left :lol:.


Edun comes in to rotate with Couto and potentially play backup at LM aswell, looks decent.


Ro-Shaun is my 4th CB but looks pretty decent for a free transfer.


Kalambayi has some pro's and has some con's but he should be a good player here.  He's a bit like Downing and will be starting with Godsmark-Ford.


Chem is here to play backup to my wings, has loads of potential.  Wingers are really hard to find.


Batista has all the quality to be a real player here, for 10k he's an absolute steal.  Does lack a bit of flair and vision but still has some quality.


Swaby is 17 years old.. if we can get him to reach his potential, surely he'll be a key player for us in the prem?  He looks incredible for a 17 year old.


I'm training Oliveira to play as my left midfielder because it's been impossible to find a good left winger and he only cost 15.5k :D


The big purchase, he has a 1.5mil release clause and I'm hoping I can make McWoods into a good DLP.


I don't think this is all the singings, we could see new GKs, new strikers.  I'm not sure yet, I need to see what happens from now until the end of the window.

The Squad


I'm not sure if we have enough depth yet and I'm not really interested in bringing in loan players so I'd expect more transfers.  Bowman really needs to start this year to hit his potential.

Cup Draw


We better not lose in the first round of the Carabao Cup this year :lol:.

Opening Month


Some difficult games but I reckon we can pick up 6 points this month.  Obviously Palace will be difficult but we love an opening day win and I think we can get one against Coventry.


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Welcome to the Championship


Assisted and was subbed off before half time in our opening game.  Looks like I'm going to have to dive back into the transfer market though I'm really struggling to find wingers :seagull:.

Edited by SpillBlood
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We can attack :cool: but we can't defend :lol:.

Janneh was brilliant against Coventry.  Scoring both goals in the first half, set up by Oliveira and Watt.  Koroma pulled one back just before the break but we were looking well.  Oliveira went off injured, Poch went off injured, Godsmark-Ford wasn't fit enough to play and in the end if ended up that messy, we weren't playing aswell and Hosannah gave away a penalty which Kiefer Moore put away in the 86th minute.  Frustrating.

Palace threw the kitchen sink at us and Wilson was superb.  McWoods gave us the lead from the penalty spot but from point blank range Ballards header was headed in by Rodriguez after 33 minutes.  It was just a barrage in the second half and Wilson had his best game in a York shirt to keep it a draw.

Poch gave us the lead against Hull after 5 minutes but Scott headed in after 9.  McWoods this time set up by Poch headed in after 13 and got himself a brace just before half time with another headed effort.  Scott got himself a brace for Hull making it 3 - 2 and it was a really good attacking game, Poch was set up by Campbell to make it 4 - 2 and our first Championship win.

How didn't we win vs Ipswich :seagull:.  We were 2 - 0 up in the first half with Godsmark-Ford and Kalambayi heading in from Watt corners.  Ipswich pulled one back in the 49th minute but Kalambayi headed in again after another Watt corner.  Veerman pulled one back in the 84th minute with an absolute powerdrive of a shot.  94th minute, this happened.  What in the heck is Godsmark-Ford doing?  Why can't I fine him for this?  What the heck is that pass?  It makes it even more sour that he's playing Chaplin onside.  


No losses and being in 10th is a good start though!




The fans are coming out to see us


Carabao Cup



Two good games and I think we can win our third.


New Contract


My current deal expired at the end of the season and they hadn't offered me anything, so I asked, and I got :cool:.

Deadline Day


Our highest fee paid and recieved were both broken :D.



Doe is an MR/AMR who's either footed that I'm training at LM. His second nationality is English!


Pressley comes to cover upfront from a League One side :lol:.




Yep, I just sold a player I paid 35k for 2.5mil upfront and


This is him, he's good in a way but will he make his "Prem Potential"?





And there's me who's really happy with my squad way down at the bottom :D

Next Month


Some very tough games.  I could really do with picking up some points against Luton and Crewe.



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What a month!  Pressley has been amazing with Janneh upfront, so glad I kept him, they've been brilliant.

A goalless first half against Watford saw an incredible second.  Janneh opened the scoring after 61 minutes and we'd been the better side, out of nothing Keaton Parks equalised in the 62nd :lol:!  Pressley was having none of that and put us back ahead in the 63rd! :cool:.  Godsmark-Fod headed in out 3rd after 73 minutes and Pressley got himself a brace after 76.  An awful pass by Kalambayi saw Hernandez pull one back for Watford but it was too late, a good win.

A tight game with some poor finishing from Cardiff to give us the win.  Gavin Whyte, who was on loan at Hull last year and scored two from the same position missed a sitter early on and we had more chances then we put away.  Pressley scored from the spot after 57 minutes but Perry Ng equalised in the 62nd with a good hit from 18 yards.  Campbell off the bench got the winner in the 69th minute, Eduns shot was blocked and 6 yards out was Campbell to volley in.  He's been a decent free signing.

A quality performance against Luton. We took the lead in the 58th minute after Armin headed in Coutos corner, Janneh with a headed flick on set up Pressley has he ran down and lobbed the keeper, lovely finish in the 64th minute.  Great win.

Crew registered 0 shots on target, loving that!  Godsmark-Ford headed in Coutos corner after 52 minutes and Janneh headed on Coutos throw in where Pressley was waiting to head into the net.

Brilliant.  Godsmark-Ford and Armin are my CB pairing again and Pressley and Janneh my strike partnership.  It's really coming together now.






Carabao Cup


We didn't put the ball into the net atleast we didn't give them a chance.  Thanks to Jaakelainen, we won the shoot out.


Why, do, I, always, draw, Man, Utd :seagull::mad:.

Next Month


Some tough games, I reckon we can get atleast 6 points though.  We're in amazing form though Janneh is out for the Reading game with food poisoning.

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Draw specialists :lol:.  Janneh has been out all month with a knee injury and we've proper missed him.

There's a reason Reading are so low in the table, they were terrible.  Poch put us ahead after just a minute, Pressley doubled after 11 and McWoods scored a penalty in the 60th, it was just that easy.

A draw with Swansea was probably a fair result.  Poch put us ahead after 5 minutes but big Dan Burn headed in after 57 minutes.  Doe was found by Poch to put us back ahead after 61 minutes but Swansea kept coming at us and the pressure paid off, they've shot and Godsmark-Ford has cleared off the line, the balls landed back down, Andone has squared to Mostovoy who smashed in to equalise after 86 minuters.

A frustrating draw against Blackpool.   We've had to rotate and Kalambayi has given away a penalty after 31 minutes with McGrath put in.  5 minutes later though Williams has headed in Eduns corner to equalise.  We've not been good enough and Blackpool could have won this, I thought we'd of done better.

A deserved draw with Bristol City.  They took the lead after 5 minutes when Cavaleiro found Scott free at the back post but a good pass through from Overton found Olivieria to slot in after 7.  Batista found Bowman late on and he's hit wide.  The lad can do everything but his finishing is going to see him being sold if he doesn't improve, he misses too many chances!  A point away at Bristol City is still a good point.

5th is very good at this stage!




Carabao Cup


I was never interesting in trying to get a result here.  When they play the likes of Greenwood and Varane, I have no chance so I rotated, a good game for match fitness.

Next Month


Alot of games, some great teams, some teams flying high and underperforming.  If I can get 9 points here I'd be buzzing.

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Posted (edited)



That's a good month.  I found out a few things and I need to find myself a striker in January.  If Pressley and Janneh aren't here together, we struggle.

Not a good draw against Southampton, it's a game we should have won.  We had all the chances yet after 19 minutes Stuart Armstrong is in the box and volleys into the net.  Watt with a good strike equalises in the 39th minute and I felt we were the better side to find a 2nd, we just didn't do it.

Millwall were 1st when we faced them so to give them a proper game felt good.  Godsmark-Ford headed in Eduns corner after 15 minutes but Bennett found Hamilton in the box and they equalised just 3 minutes later.  Just a minute later though Pressley is found and he puts us back in the lead.  I thought we were going to see this out but in the 78th minute REG is free in the box and absolutely smashes it into the back of the net.  Still a good draw.

We were away at 'Boro and had no Janneh still but we didn't take our chances and ended up being punished.  Echevveria gave 'Boro the lead but Chem Campbell scored a good strike to draw us level.  Dijksteel then put 'Boro back ahead in the 38th minute.  We huffed and puffed and had chances but Coburn scored in the 92nd minute to kill the game off.

Crackin' effort again WBA, they have a brilliant team.  We went ahead after McWoods put away a penalty but Karlan Grant equalised with his 1st of the match.  Pressley put us back ahead but Grant bullied Armin and in the space of 10 minutes had gotten his hat-trick.  We tried int the second half but sub Couto gave away a penalty which Anjorin put away to kill the game off.

We then faced Blackburn, another team that was 1st.  I went back to 4 - 4- 2, Janneh is back, let's go.  Godsmark-Ford headed in to give us the lead but Sima equalised for Blackburn, in the second half he's put Blackburn ahead but Pressley equalised in the 76th minute.  92nd minute, sub Kalambayi headed in to give us all 3 points, a huge huge win.

We then faced another top team and it was McWoods that gave us the lead, Radonjic was found by a low cross that Godsmark-Ford didn't cut out to equalise after 30 minutes.  Janneh slotted in low to give us the lead in the 36th minute and Pressley scored our 3rd in the 44th.  It was a huge win.

We're 5th with a game in hand!  I tried to bring in Pressley but Sunderland want over x2 more then they did when I originally went to buy him :lol:.



International Debut


It's been teased since he joined here but he finally got his Gambia debut.  Janneh really transformed at the back end of last season and he's become an important player for us.

Next Month


Alot of games, alot of good teams, just gotta rotate and see what happens.  I'd take 9 points happily.

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Turns out all I needed to do was stick with 4 - 4 - 2 :eek:.  We've been incredible.  We've faced some big clubs but their position the league and the players they're paying alot of wages for just don't cut it.

I had to rotate against Bournemouth and Chem Capmbell took it in his stride.  He gave us the lead after just 4 minutes and then doubled our lead in the 57th.  He did give away a penalty in the 83rd minute with Lucas Moura put away but we still went home with all 3 points.

QPR are poor, they're bottom for a reason.  We were dominante at corners with all three goals scored from them.  Williams headed in Watt's corner after 25 minutes, Kalambayi headed in Couto's corner after 29 minutes and Kalambayi headed in Watt's corner after 68.  Johansen pulled one back for QPR in the 71st minute from a freekick but that's all they could muster.

Great spirit from us against Barnsley.  Mads Andersen headed in after 2 minutes, goalkeeper out of position, defenders not good enough, I was expecting a hiding.  Batista scored in the 8th minute for his first York goal and to restore parity.  Chem Campbell though was sent off after 13 minutes after a bad challenge.  In the 38th minute though Oliveira burst through and slotted in to give us the lead and in the end a huge win!

Beating Stoke 5 - 1 was brilliant, I'm not a fan of Stoke so this was sweet.  Godsmark-Ford headed in after 17 minutes, Janneh doubled in the 18th, Pressley put us 3 up in the 23rd.  Surridge finished a lovely cross from Laird in the 25th minute to pull one back for Stoke but Pressley scored again in the 51st minute and Godsmark-Ford headed in again in the 76th.  Brilliant.

It was such a tight game against Nottingham Forest, I was expecting a draw.  An absolute cock up at the back for Forest saw Janneh hit into an open net in the 84th minute to seal the victory :cool:.

QPR being QPR saw a Bowman brace let us do the double over them this season.

Bowman didn't stop.  A man who'd scored 1 all season, just bagged 2 and then decided to score 4 against Crewe!  All he needed was to improve his finishing and he's done just that, he was fouled in the box in the 90th minute and I gave him the pen :D.  Brilliant.

It's a shame though, I want to tie Bowman down, he wants to a contract but his agent is putting in stupid min fees that clubs could trigger far too easily.

We're top of the league :lol:.





FA Cup Draw


Boring :(

Youth intake


Not the best, we'll see.

Next Month


That's a quiet January compared to normal :eek:.  I'm looking to do a couple of transfers, nothing major.  We have a good GK that would join us but it feels wrong changing GK half way into the season.

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Not a great month in all honesty.

We gifted Reading their goal.  Hosannah didn't block the cross, Wilson did poor at saving and Godsmark-Ford didn't clear. Meite had the ball at his feet to pass into the net, really terrible at the back, we had a couple of chances but didn't put them away.

Much much much better against Blackpool.  Pressley scoring a brace, Couto scoring a freekick, Watt with a goal and new signing Wilson also on the scoresheet, proper good football.

A draw was probably a fair result against Swansea.  Bowman was fouled in the box and Couto put us ahead after 13 minutes, Doe should have doubled our lead, he missed a really good chance.  Swnasea never stopped and Whittaker equalised in the 89th minute hitting in a loose ball in the box.  Kalambayi then failed Whittaker in the 94th minute to pick up a second yellow and for us to go down to 10 men.

Yeah.. Southampton battered us from the first whistle.  John Swift setting up Zeqiri twice in the first 10 minutes.  It isn't a name I know so checking his stats and value, Zeqiri is pretty much worth more than my entire club :lol:.  Matt Clarke made is 3 to Southampton after 28 minutes but Poch with a strike from outside the box pulled one back for us.  Marcus Edwards made is 4 after 49 minutes.  That's the sort of quality a Championship side has!  And Matt Clarke made it 5 with a brace.  They just had too much quality.

Not our best performance but thanks to Bowman in the 26th minute, we took all 3 points against Bristol City.

We're still top but only 'cause WBA have a game in hand.



FA Cup


Yeah, Spurs have an unreal squad.

Kane is a CM now :D but they did have Moukoko upfront :lol:.


I did do some business!  Mostly loans out because the squad players for some reason needed more playing time...



Overton wanted to play more and I don't have room for him.  We're not using a DM, he isn't good enough as a B2B.

Simpson isn't needed here and any money and to get him off the wage bill was good.

Wilsons contract expired at the end of the season so I took the money.

Williams was unhappy and wanted more football.



At 33, Wilson is still a very good striker.


My new #1.  Hopefully playing will help him improve.


I needed backup at RB so City let me have Duffy.





New contracts and the new signings mean we're not bottom of the wage table!  Bowman has to be tied down due to Fulham wanting him.


The money in this league is bloody silly :lol:.

Next Month


Hopefully we can get some wins under our belt and stay first.

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We threw away 4 points in what could be huge in the title race.

We weren't at our best infront of goal against Ipswich but a Couto corner, Kalambayi flicks on and Bowman hits in at the back post after 37 minutes for all 3 points.

We threw it away against Watford.  Onomah took the lead, slotting low past Griffiths after 35 minutes.  Bowman did the same to their goalkeeper after 40 minutes.  Godsmark-Ford headed in after 49 but.. in the 94th minute, Hernandez smashed one inte top corner to steal a point from what looked like a victory to York.  I was :mad:.

We were 2 - 0 up against Luton, Pressley scoring a brace but Saavedra pulled one back just a minute after Pressleys second goal.  In the 70th minute Saavedra has hit a cracking curling shot in the top corner to restore the scores and make it a draw.

Bournemouth really are terrible, they didn't create a chance.  Doe hit a low **** which hit the post and went in after 37 minutes to win us all 3 points.

Millwall weren't much better and it's a typical goal from us.  A corner swung in, Armin heads on and Pressley hits in after 18 minutes.  We had more chances but atleast we made one count.

Next month is going to be huge.



Next Month


Four huge games.   We face 4th, 1st, 3rd and then Crystal Palace who have a brilliant team, they're just underperforming.

This is going to be a huge say who wins the league.  We're up for it.

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What an amazing month.  I'm dissappointed though.  Teams like West Brom and Blackburn should be attacking us like Southampton did and they don't.  They just let us play our football :idiot:.

We weren't great against 'Boro.  We gave away an early penalty which Echeverria put away after 7 minutes.  We battled on and Kalamabyi headed in a Watt corner after 38 minutes.  In the 2nd half we won a penalty of our own which McWoods put away after 53 minutes.  We were the better side and probably deserved our win but 'Boro had a glorious chance at the end they really should have equalised with.

So when we played West Brom away, Karlan Grant was unplayable, he made my backline look stupid so.. West Brom didn't play him or even bring him on.  I mean they have a brilliant team on but they decided to play players they have on loan from Spurs instead, one of those is Devine though who should be playing in the Prem.  Just before the break Bowman found Doe who put us ahead after 41 minutes.  We were clinical in the second half.  Bowman scoring after 54 minutes, setting up another goal as Janneh scored in the 84th.  It wasn't over though as Batista made is 4 after 92 minutes.  WBA had 7 shots, 2 on target.  I expected so much more.

It was no difference against Blackburn, we're the away team.  They had 6 shots, 1 on target.  Pressley who's classed a League One player, who I've loaned in from a League One club scored a brace in the 2nd half to take back all 3 points.  I really did expect more.

And we should have beaten Palace.  My word I can't believe their first goal.  Pecino decided to pass it back to our GK Griffiths, Edouard about 5 yards out and basically gone "Thanks my dude" and slotted it in.  I was raging.  Swaby gave away a penalty which Edouard slotted in after 35 minutes.  Janneh did pull one back in the 68th minute and had another chance later on but created their goals, we can't be doing that if we get promoted!

We're top by 7 points!  But there's still 7 games to go, WBA are very much still in this.  It doe slook like it's us and West Brom that are going up though.



I'm still finding it funny that I saw Pressley and knew he'd fit into our tactic, he's top goalscorer of the Championship and his parent club are sat 11st in League One... :lol:

Well, I did have a good laugh.


Yeah, you did your job in a football game mate.  Why on earth would I give you highest pay AND highest earner clause? :lol:.  I told him to jog on and play like that more often.

Next Month


This is going to be huge in the title race, we play teams I know we can beat and it helps 3 of our games are at home.  Are we really going to do back to back to back to back to back league promotions? :lol:

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Posted (edited)



We're up :cool:.  WBA really have dropped form, we're still 10 clear with 5 games to go.


That's 3.5 times our current wage budget and an insane transfer budget.  South America here we come :lol:.  Atleast I already have a very good midfield.


Youth Intake


Uhhh, maybe it's time for us to invest in our youth :lol:.

Edited by SpillBlood
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