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Why can't discipline some players?

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Mr. Useless earns the most of the team and plays like a drunken basketball player that has to play football because of his mum. Its already late October but since the season started i couldn't take his wage even once. And its really frustrating. He doesnt deserve that money. 


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20 minutes ago, Tyburn said:

I’ve found that discipline options are available after a game where the player played badly for a short window of a couple of days only.

Yes, and if you have very recently disciplined a player for poor performance, there's some delay before you can do it again with the same player. So can't take his wage after every game no matter how badly he plays.  Generally speaking, disciplinary actions for poor performances are a very good idea though, because it most of the time yields a positive reaction and often a permanent +1 boost to determination and/or work rate attributes. But I think this only works if your relationship with the squad is good. If they don't trust you the reaction is more likely to be negative. 

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