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  1. In the rules it says if you loan a player for an italian club, it still takes a place from the slots. If you loan a player abroad, you freed one of the non-EU slots. So, I bought a player that is far better than anyone in my team. Ofc he couldn't play because of this rule. So, I just loaned off 2 of my non-EU player to abroad, yet he still doesnt allowed to play BUT the pink "Extra non-EU player" warning disappeared from one of my non-EU player's name that loaned to Germany. I mean what the hell? He is on loan so he shouldn't be count, as the rules say. Also, why I cant pick who should take th
  2. So, last season one of my best player had a "minor issue". He belived our squad is too weak for "his ambitions". Next season this issue gone away, in the moral section there is nothing under "negatives", but he is still refuse the new contract talks because "he is unhappy at the club". What I want to ask is WHTF?
  3. Could someone explain me how is this fixures is possible in the European Leauge?
  4. I was in Serie A, bought an asian player, everything went fine, there were the little: Tr - joins Südtirol in the next transfer windows. But because i finished as 18th I started my new season in Serie B where sign players from non EU country is forbidden, and now I see my sign just cancelled...
  5. Sometimes, its true. But he played bad since the begining of the season. Like my whole team. I accidentaly promoted from Serie C to Seria A in two season (I finished at 8th in Serie B and somehow won the promotion matches). We doesn't belong to Seria A at all, we are the worst team of the league in any ways. So, my team is terrible since the start of the season, and halfway these 6.1 and 5.9 guys started to think they deserves a new contract...
  6. Dear striker guy whose last game rating is 6.12(!) tells me he deserves a far better conctract because he is sooo <snip> useful for the team. In the dialogue why I cant tell them he is worse striker than our goalkeeper and he should be glad he still got a job?
  7. What decide a player's lvl? I have 2 center defenders, both of them 3 stars but one said Serie B lvl and the another is just "leading player for Serie C".
  8. My player wanted a new contrart so I offered him a new one which will start at the end of the season. He agreed and penned it. So why is he still crying for new contract when he already accepted the new one with its conditons?
  9. Mr. Useless earns the most of the team and plays like a drunken basketball player that has to play football because of his mum. Its already late October but since the season started i couldn't take his wage even once. And its really frustrating. He doesnt deserve that money.
  10. So, I propted to Serie B, but the player I want still claims he only talks with me if I earn the promotion. I mean, yeah I'm still in div 3, but I am already champion, so I will start the next season in div 2 for sure, and he only can come to me then, in the transfer windors. So why is he still refuses to talk with me? My question is: Is it on purpuse? Because it sounds dumb if you ask me. (Its important because for those long months somebody could steal the player I want because of this.) Btw. its really fun I can win italian leagues with germans. Love Serie C, and really miss m
  11. I tried the recommended ones at every team. Defensive, counter play. Players in their positions 2,5 starts to 4 stars, still everyone plays like crap. Even train the actual tactic, team cohesion every week, but nothing change there neither. I tried 4-4-2, 4-1-2-2-1, 4-1-4-1.Most of the time I dont even have a goal chance. I play FM since 16, never had these issues.
  12. I'm not an fm noob, man. Before the patch I played more than 15 years in Hungary. Started in division 2, and became Champion League semi-finalist. But since then nothing works. The game just decided to being an A-hole... I even try start a brand new game, but its the same. Even 4 star players plays like handicapped drunk dudes... Its just nonsense... Even if somehow i lead 2-0, in the end i will lose anyway
  13. Before the update I was semi-final in CHL, 10x domestic champion. After the latest update I moved to Italy, and cant even won 2 fcking match in a season... Expectation: mid-table finish, and I was the last team in the league with both teams. Then I moved to germany only for this: Never mind the tactic I try, the players and their ratings, evebody plays like 50 year old drunk homlesses from the nearest bar. At least now my players can coming out and tell everybody they are homosexual. It was really awesome update, cause I always wanted to know my players sexual preferences. We
  14. So in the end, yes, in my case its a useless funciton
  15. I never said i expect 11 hungarian Messi in my youth academy, but at least 1-2 usefull guy after 10 years of CL.
  16. My club is national 3,5 and youth is 2,5 stars. And I'm in the Champions League since 8 years. Once were in the semi-final.
  17. So, I play with a hungarian club since more than 10 years, developed my youth facilities and yout recruitments. Wasted a tons of money and i got literally 0 player i could even use. I have to kidnapp starving argentinian kids and force them to play in my club if i want players i can use. So, spending millions on youth recruitment is just useless? My head of youth development's talents: working with y 17, juding player potential 17. Is there any secret i dont know if i want good local players or in this game you only can find talents in africa and south-amerika?
  18. I was 2 weeks holiday if i remember well. But its not transfer window, and - in other player's case - the unhappy status usually comes in transfer window. I went holiday at 21 of march, so it must had somewhere between 22 and 26. Oh, I see the problem, those emails are deleted by the system.
  19. I have two problems: First: I got the event my player is happy to stayed at the Club, but still has the unhappy status because "wants to move a bigger club" Second: My goalkeeper wanted a new contract. I offered him one but it starts only at the end of the season. He happily agreed and pen it but still has the status "unhappy - wants new contract". I mean he accepted it then what is his problem? This time I have the save file, if I did well I uploaded it in Cloud. File name: unhappy.fm
  20. Does AI has some direct free kick cheat? Every fcking free kick means goal... And I dont even play a top league.. Last 3 games, one i had 3-2 lead, 88. min, random direck free kick, shot 3-3-. 91. min, random free kick - goal. It had even the same animation! And opp. won. My last game, the same. 3-2 for me, random direck free kick, shot, 3-3... I dont care if i lose or play draw, but these fcking free kick cheats are really makes me mad... It feels like good old fifa, when you must lose never mind what..
  21. I loaned a player out and in the deal we made were an optional transfer fee. So, why they can't refuse my offer?
  22. So, at the beginning of the season one of my best player wanted to leave to "play international cup" (I hope I remember well the english name of it). I promised him we will earn promotion to European League. But somehow we accidentaly won the league and promoted to Champions League. And now I got a message "promise not kept", he disappointed in me and wants to leave. What the hell, man?
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