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  1. I've heard that when player learns a new position by positional training, it "consumes" some CA, therefore limiting the maximum development of his attributes. I think the same is true for learning to be two-footed (how about PPMs btw?). If this is indeed the case, how big of a CA cost are we talking about? and is the CA freed up if the player forgets a position by not training/playing there? Generally speaking, I would not want to think of CA as a finite resource like this, it doesn't feel realistic. Learning to also kick the ball with your left foot should not limit your capacity to improve your crossing ability, for example. If anything, the opposite should be true.
  2. I think he was asking if being in the process of upgrading facilities will negatively affect the quality of the youth intake, not if upgraded facilities in general improves the quality of youth players...?
  3. I had one of my players determination attribute suddenly drop from 16 to 6 because of 'personal issues', according to a news item. I've never had this happen to a player before in any FM, is the drop always permanent or can the attribute recover back up again later (the player resolving the 'personal issues')? Practically that's the difference now between keeping the player or replacing him...
  4. Tha Thanks very much for your ideas! You're right about the high risk on the left flank, and I do indeed usually put the left back on support/defend and turn off the overlaps for away games and against the big 6. Previously I also used and anchorman, but I switched to a DM(D) in order to involve the DM a bit more in buildup play, as the player (Gennaro Ruggiero/Blakesley) is capable of contributing a decent pass or two. What I wonder about your suggestion is having both an IFsu and IWBsu on the left flank... with both wide players cutting inside, won't that leave the whole flank uncovered and vulnerable (aside from an occasional run wide by the mezzala, who really can't defend to save his life)? I played two matches, the first against Arsenal at home using my normal tactic. Tough match, but we won 2-0. Blakesley had a very average game again playing as a BBM (although I dropped him to the DM position late in the match), no glaring mistakes but nothing great either, 6.8 rating. For the second game away at Burnley I took your advice and changed the striker's and DM's roles to a poacher and an anchorman, respectively, and moved the overlap from the left flank to the right. Again a 2-0 win. My right back seemed to especially enjoy the tactical tweaks, and had a really good game. Blakesley got injured and I took him off at half-time, but his half-game performance was a business as usual, a 6.7 rating. Now he'll be out 3-4 weeks.
  5. Yes I also thought he might play well as the more attacking-minded DM of a 2-DM system, where the "gets forward" trait might not be a defensive disaster. Maybe that's something to think about, although as a whole I feel the system is not working badly at all, especially at home. We could try for example having a DM-pair of DM(D) and SegV (Blakesley), and an AP(A) in either CM or AM position...?
  6. This how we are set up tactically at the moment. I occasionally use an F9 instead of the CF(S), depending on the situation. Haven't really been able to settle on RCM position's role in the premier league. In the championship we had good success with an RPM there but I thought that system was not defensively solid enough in the premier league (for a team of our standard).
  7. Meet Josh Blakesley. He should be my best player, if I was to only go by the star ratings (which I don't), but I'm struggling to get the most out of him. He's natural at DM and CM positions, and I have tried him in all kinds of roles in the midfield triangle of my 4-1-2-3 (most often consiting of DM(D), Mez(A), and Dlp(S)), but he's not really performing well in any of them, gettting 6.5 ratings while the other's are above 7. Also tried him as a BBM and a CM(S) alongside the mezzala. As DM I think his problem is the "gets forward whenever possible" trait, which gets him out of position and exposes us defensively. His positioning and teamwork attributes could be better as well, and although his tackling attribute is high, his tackles won ratio is quite poor (maybe because of "dives into tackles"?) I could try to train him out of the gets further forward trait, but on the other hand that trait could be very useful if I were to mainly play him as a BBM or mezzala. However, I think he lacks the flair, dribbling and passing skill I would want from the mezzala. He should make decent box-to-box midfielder, although his finishing is very poor, and he hasn't really performed well as a BBM when I tried it out. I want to hear your opinions, in what kind of role would you use Josh Blakesley? Or would you think he's not worth the trouble and you'd rather cash in on him? We are a mid-table premier league team.
  8. I don't think it only happens when the player improves his knowledge of a position, it seems to revert to "playing position" every time the player plays at a position other than what he's been assigned in training. Quite annoying, especially since it usually takes some time to notice the change unless you keep checking individual training after each game.
  9. May be, but there seems to be no way to influence that decision. Now starting second season in Prem (finished 7th in the first season, just missing out on Europa League as relegated Newcastle managed to win the Carabao cup), and still no U23 league team. Doesn't look like I'm going to get one.
  10. Agreed 100%. Do you think it's more a matter of SI intentionally keeping the AI "dumb" with regard to tactics, or is it just that the current level of AI development isn't enough for it to be able to compete? During the next few years it will certainly be possible to code an AI even in a game like FM that can make smart, proactive tactical decisions, so it would be a real pity if that possibility was intentionally ignored in order to provide an easy feel-good game. Yes, people want to be succesful and feel like they are accomplishing things, but I think that is actually hampered by making the game too casual, as you know that although you took an amateur team from non-league to champions league glory, everybody else and their uncle has done the same, so it doesn't feel like an accomplishment. You are not special. I think people in general find a tough challenge more rewarding psychologically than a casual one.
  11. I'm afraid you may be right, but one can dream... Still, I don't think you'd have to be tactical elite (I don't consider myself as such) to enjoy the challenge, and picking a Man City or Barcelona as your team would still make it rather easy to have at least some success in the game for the more casual player. Perhaps SI could implement difficulty options too.
  12. I really can't wait for the AI to reach a point in development where it's actually able to read the match, react to the player's tactics and exploit weaknesses (not just accidentally). Hope to see some hints of that in FM20, but I'm not holding my breath yet...
  13. I don't think Dulwich have an U23 team IRL, but that's a little bit besides the point. Not having U23s in the Vanarama South is fine and realistic, but at least when promoted to the Premier league the situation should change.
  14. I don't have too many staff members in my U23's, because due to the lack of competitive matches, I send almost all of my U23 players on loans, and use the U23 friendlies only to build up match fitness for first team players who are backups or recovering from injuries. Could this be the cause? I do have an U23 manager and a couple of coaches though. Asking the U23 manager to arrange a friendly each week does not work, he just doesn't do it, and I have to manually arrange each friendly. Didn't know this, thanks for the tip!
  15. Update: got promoted to the Premier league, but U23's are still not playing in a league. They are in the Checkatrade trophy though.
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