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  1. It's back-to-back promotion time baby! The Steves manage to do the "standard FM thing" of going from top of league 2 to top of league 1 as we just about sneak into winning the title on the last matchday again. For the first time, the top scorer was not Tommy Stevens, who finally found his match in League 1 and only managed 4 goals. His place was more than adequately taking by a new signing, colombian striker Stiven Sanchez (yes I know there is an "i" instead of "e" in his name by I say it's close enough and within the rules of the save) with 47 goals in the league and 51 in all competitions.
  2. Tommy Stevens is a great example of why you shouldn't look at the star ratings too much.
  3. Our second season in the football league ends in triumphant success, as the Steves are promoted as Champions of League 2!
  4. Yes, and if you have very recently disciplined a player for poor performance, there's some delay before you can do it again with the same player. So can't take his wage after every game no matter how badly he plays. Generally speaking, disciplinary actions for poor performances are a very good idea though, because it most of the time yields a positive reaction and often a permanent +1 boost to determination and/or work rate attributes. But I think this only works if your relationship with the squad is good. If they don't trust you the reaction is more likely to be negative.
  5. Yes, it has been like that for a couple of years now. If you keep extending the loan before the end of the season, AI clubs often let you have very good players for years and years, often for free or little wage contribution.
  6. The Steves are almost promoted back-to-back, but an extra time penalty to Burton Albion in the playoff final sees us facing another season in League 2 instead. To make matters worse, the penalty was scored by Stephen Humphrys. He should have been be our man. A very good season for a Steve side that was predicted to finish rock bottom in any case. Tommy Stevens was struggling with the level at times but still finished with a respectable 24 league goals. =)
  7. Some of the key Steves of our title-winning side: John Stevenson, a young centreback, released by Huddersfield at the end of last season Another young Scottish defender Stephen Davidson came on a free from Ross County a couple of seasons ago, most often plays as an inverted wingback on the left side of our system. Steven Gethins is a promising Northern Irish central midfielder. We actually paid Ballymena United 10k a couple of years back to get him.
  8. The Steves are promoted to the Football League! We finish our 3rd season in the Vanarama National as champions after amazing final day drama against Barrow, who had been leading all season but dropped to 2nd after losing to the Steves 2-1 on matchday 46. Tommy Stevens was doing what he does again, top scorer with 41 goals. We have now turned professional and are also expanding our stadium, Stevenson Road to a whopping capacity of 5000. Exciting times! To be honest, I would much rather have used the money to improve our training facilities th, which remain at a very poor standard, but the boar
  9. Don't look at the stars too much. I know it's a cliché but it's especially true in the non-league. A player may have low current ability (and thus few stars), but if he has decent attributes at right places for his role in your tactic, he will be great in the non-league. For example, I have a 2-star striker who has scored 39, 47, 40, and 30 goals in the last 4 seasons. He has very low CA but good / decent attributes for pace/acceleration, off the ball, composure, anticipation, and finishing, enabling him to do really well in a poacher-type role in the lower leagues. Currently I'm also str
  10. Curtains close on the second season in the Vanarama National with another defeat in the first round of the playoffs. Leyton Orient. 3-2 After extra time having taken the lead twice. Gutted. Tommy Stevens had an off-year, only 30 goals.
  11. Once you win the league, you will always win it after that unless you make some really stupid (I mean like AI-level stupid) decisions in terms of squad building or tactics. IMO there's little point in playing a save beyond that point as it becomes rather tedious.
  12. We had a good first season in the Vanarama National, even managed to sneak into the playoffs (massive overachievement) where we unfortunately lost in the first round to professional moneybags Southend Utd. Tommy Stevens proved that he can keep scoring even at a higher level, and was once again the top scorer in the league with 40. Hopefully our young players keep improving and we can make a couple of signings in the summer to make another promotion push next season!
  13. Within the game as it is, you're right that focusing on CA/PA/age makes total sense, but that is because experience has no value in FM and PA is set in stone and way too obvious (yes yes bad scouts sometimes it get it a tiny bit wrong but still).
  14. Jamie Vardy didn't have a PA. He had drive, determination, and other abilities and characteristics that allowed him to develop into the player he became.
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