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  1. In a weird and slightly masochistic way, I kind of like how the updates sometimes push me out of the comfort zone and force me to rethink my tactics a little bit. In-game it feels like the AI managers are "learning" how to counter my tactics, although of course that's not what's really going on. I enjoy the extra challenge, as sometimes when you get your tactics working well and have built a team with players suited to the way you play, the game can get a bit too easy and eventually boring. If there was an option for the game to intentionally throw a spanner into the works this way from time to time, I would definitely choose it! That being said, for some reason after the 19.3.0 update my tactic (a 4-1-2-3) actually started working even better than before and I scored more goals, boosting my young Dulwich Hamlet side to a glorious League 2 title!
  2. I've noticed a decrease in goals scored (both my team and AI) in my own matches as well since updating to 19.3.0. I think a lot of it has to do with there being less direct free kicks scored, which is nice to see IMO. Before there was at least 1 direct free kick scored pretty much every game, often even 3 or more. I think it's more realistic now.
  3. Fully agree that FM19 newgens are an improvement over FM18's colour-shifting aliens, although by chance a minority of FM18 newgens actually looked quite ok IMO. Obviously, this is not the most important part of the game but it is a source of constant annoyance, especially considering the decrease in quality in comparison to earlier versions of the game. Thanks, I think I'll analyze some newgen IDs and see if I can spot a pattern related to ethnicity. That might take more time and effort than I can afford to spend though, so it would be great if anyone knew how the ID numbers are constructed and what information they contain. Yes.
  4. As we know, the FM19 newgen faces are an abomination and quite severily break the immersion of the game. Something has to be done with them. If we could just have the newgen faces from FM16 back I'd be happy, but since those were 2d while 3d faces have been used since (for some completely unfathomable reason, you can't see the faces in the ME anyway), that ship has probably sailed. Of course it is possible to manually replace an individual newgen's face, but that is not feasible to do in a large enough scale. One possibility is to use replacement face packs such as this one (works for FM19 as well): https://fmfan.ru/board/index.php?/topic/61531-agp-regens-megapack-fm18/ The only problem with this is that (well, aside from many of the pics being from ice hockey players; how many footballers would don a turtle neck and a mullet?) player's ethnicity is not taken into account, resulting in many black players having white profile pics and vice versa, east asians having caucasian faces etc. Again, highly immersion-breaking. Therein lies my question: would it be possible to specifically assign certain pictures to certain ethicities? I.e., is the information about a newgen's ethnicity carried for example in their ID number? Alternatively, SI can just fix the facegen or re-instate the FM16 2D facegen in the 19.3. patch and we can all relax, forget about this issue and enjoy the game. B
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