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  1. That's true, I was using encourage quite lot when we still had a lot of matches where we were the clear underdogs. If your team is beginning to be the top dog it's much less effective.
  2. Throwing the water bottle has actually worked pretty well for me when losing at HT in match where we're the clear favourites. =D There may be one or two negative responses but those can usually be turned around with a more supportive individual pep talk. I also like the small bit of satisfaction it brings by rather accurately summarizing my actual feelings at such a moment.
  3. Is there ever a good time to use these shouts? I don't think I've had a positive reaction even once, even when those shouts would seem logical in the circumstances (e.g. "Focus!" after a lapse of defensive concentration during last 10 min of a game). Practically I only use "praise" and "berate", and sometimes "demand more" (although a positive reaction is also rather rare with that one).
  4. Loan fees are certainly tougher to receive in FM21 than FM20 and before, but I haven't really noticed any difference after the latest update-
  5. True enough =) but being able to create decent tactics should enable you to do ok in the game, not rocket you from non-league to the Champions League in a few years.
  6. Never. Agreed, but you don't need to use unrealistic exploitative super-tactics to overachieve, any decently balanced but attacking-minded tactic that suits your players will do.
  7. Not sure when exactly, but it's been the case for at least a couple of years. Tbh it feels a bit too effective, unless you fine them when they actually played ok or fine excessively (2 weeks wages) there's almost never a negative reaction. Either "accepted without comment" or the +1 boost in work rate / determination. I suppose the reaction you get does also depend on player personality.
  8. My DLP getting a rating of 6.5 when he plays well allows me to fine him for bad performance after every game. Has done wonders to his work rate and determination.
  9. Playing with Chester. Had 5 back-to-back promotions from VNN to PL, just won the PL in 2030. It's too easy due to multitude of factors, but most importantly; the AI can't adapt their tactics and is too defensive, the AI is horrible at squad building. Finding wonderkids (who somehow preferably sign for the human player) is way too easy, and their development is way too fast. The Ai stacks their squads with overpaid 31-olds who are quickly overpowered by the wonderkid army of the human player, as experience has zero value in the game world.
  10. Looking at Jose Mourinho and Spurs, it doesn't work in the real world either.
  11. Using plug-and-play tactics of course makes it even easier, but let's be honest , it's way too easy to overachieve exactly in the same way with any decent tactic of your choice (in particular ones with higher mentality and pressing). For some reason consecutive promotions from the lower leagues to the PL are much easier though than winning the PL is. This is probably because as a newly promoted side with low rep, you are grossly underestimated by the AI managers, and it's really easy to punish them for it. In the PL it's quite easy to achieve a top-half finish in your first season, but actual
  12. Deep-lying playmakers seem to struggle a lot to get decent ratings. In early versions of FM21 it was the other way around and they were almost always the highest rated players on the pitch. Looks to me like some sort of over-correction was performed to downgrade playmaker ratings in the more recent patches.
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