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  1. Any news about this? Happens every time there's more than 1 bid at a time, which is more often than not. Very annoying.
  2. I fully agree with this, I've been playing FM/CM since the CM days and have never had more than one save per game. I start playing from the bottom and keep going until a new FM comes out (or I get bored), then start all over again with the new game.
  3. That's an impressive team for Copenhagen, how on Earth did you manage to get (and keep happy) Pellegri in particular? On my saves he always goes to Man City for 140 million or so.
  4. I've had more than 60 players on international duty during 2 UEFA Super Cup finals. That included EVERYONE in my first team except one experienced player who had retired from international football, and everyone half decent in the the U23s and U19s (+ obviously several loaned-out players). So we had to play a bunch of u23's and U18's who were not good enough to be U21 or U19 internationals. The funny part of it is though that we still won both times...
  5. Can I somehow roll back to 19.3.5 then, as editor software like FMSE and FMRTE do not and very likely will not support 19.3.6 (not sure about the official editor as I haven't tried it)?
  6. The length social justice warriors are willing to go these days to find "racists" to lynch... To suggest that something like this would reflect a racist agenda at SI is just beyond ridiculous. Fully agree with RBKalle on everything he has said. It hurts my scientist's soul that something like this can be published in the guise of a statistical analysis. And in the end, what's the point of SJW nonsense like this, other than trying to collect points in the Wokeness Olympics by unveiling "problematic" people who don't even themselves realize that they are actually nazis?
  7. Safer still, just set the asking price for the player at 0 (or another low enough value). AI clubs will not make bids above the asking price, allowing you to reject the bids without the board interfering. It is an exploit of course, and can also make the player unhappy for not being allowed to leave.
  8. I finally also had a penalty not given after VAR review. Unfortunately, the decision was against us in a Champions league final which we eventually lost to Bayern in extra time. I was already celebrating.... *sigh* Btw, does somebody have actual data on how often IRL a VAR review results in a penalty being awarded vs not?
  9. That exactly is the point, it becomes an annoying feature very quickly.
  10. If you are / have become a top side, this is normal circumstances most of the time. Even the big six play ultra-defensively away from home against you, and sometimes even at home. My Dulwich Hamlet side just had a game at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea parked the bus with a 5-4-1 and didn't even try to attack us until the final two minutes of stoppage time. The system I use to try and break those parked buses is btw very similar to the one you suggested. Switching a mezzala in a 4-2-3-1 from support to attack duty in particular is something that the AI seems to have a lot of trouble dealing with. This is what my "break-them-down" tactic looks like: PO IFs TQ IFa/Wa MEZa DLPd WBs BPDd CDd IWBa Or sometimes, depending on the players and how the game plays out: DLFa APs SS IFs MEZa DLPd IWBs BPDd CDd CWBa
  11. I fully agree that axioms saying "you can't do this and that in lower leagues" are utter nonsense. Like Herne said, the game only considers the abilities of your players relative to the opposition. As a consequence, there's no reason why you couldn't tiki-taka and gegenpress all you want in the lower leagues, and be successful doing so. That's also why a non-league match will look indistinguishable from a champions league match in the ME, with the same animations, and patterns of play etc. This is actually something that I hope SI do something about in future iterations of the game, so that the actual skill levels of the players would be better represented in the ME. Now a non-league player does all the same things that Messi and Ronaldo do as long as the opposition is of similar or lower standard, which is quite unrealistic.
  12. Sounds pretty normal behaviour, I would do the same if I was the Bournemouth manager. And besides, why would you a expect 20-year-old boy to act reasonably? In any case, nice to see someone else also guiding Dulwich Hamlet through the leagues!
  13. After way too many hours of playing FM19 since release, I'm yet to see the ball actually cross the goal line, a foul to be inside the box, or a penalty not given after a VAR review. Has anyone? If not, what's the point of having the VAR feature at all?
  14. Somebody correct me if there is actual data to show otherwise, but I don't think people here in colder countries are ill any more often than in warmer places! Maybe when you first move from a warm climate to a colder one there might be a short period when you're more susceptible to infections, but even that would probably have more to do with just change of environment in general (different viral populations, immune system not yet adapted), and the effect would be the same the other way around too.
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