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  1. I don't know what the people who say the game is too easy are whining about. They should try playing the game blind-folded and using only their feet to control the mouse and keyboard. It's a proper challenge, I tell you!
  2. Overall, it would be nice if the value of experience was increased in the game. Then 30+ players wouldn't feel like the dead wood that they do know, and it would actually be important have some experience around.
  3. Still returning to this, am I right to conclude that experience has absolutely nothing to do with improving for example the ability to handle pressure? Playing in 10 champions league finals doesn't improve the hidden pressure attribute at all? If this is so, I think experience is seriously undervalued in the game.
  4. All aspects of the game improve every year, so the most recent one is always the best. Far from perfect, but improving gradually. Apart from nostalgic reasons, preferring earlier iterations makes little sense to me...
  5. Oh don't count on it happening. I won 2 champions leagues and had highest youth level with state of the art facilities with Boreham Wood, and never got the u23 team playing in a league.
  6. Well at least it does take slightly longer with Wealdstone. ; It's also true that once you get to the top, you never ever fall off the top again.
  7. The hidden personality attributes, do they / can they improve over time as the player gets more experience and gets older? Or is mentoring the only way? The reason I started to wonder about this was that my star striker was reported by my ass man to "have trouble handling the pressure of first-team football", and indeed he hates big matches and performs horribly in them and generally towards the end of the season. I take this to mean his pressure attribute is very low. His personality is "fairly determined" though. Mentoring is unlikely to make a difference anymore, since he's 23 and quite in
  8. Unfortunately, I don't think that's true at all. I'd argue that it's even easier to play with Wealdstone than Liverpool. Because AI managers always underestimate a small newly promoted club with no reputation, it's easy to counterattack your way to at least 4 back-to-back promotions and eventually to premier league glory. It's just a longer-term save. With Liverpool at least the opponents play ultra-defensively, which can sometimes be challenging to crack.
  9. You were right about this, I realized I had indeed set an asking price for the player that was only a little higher than Atletico's recurring bid. Still, AI clubs do make recurring identical bids even when no asking price has been set, but perhaps not with such crazy frequency as in the example I gave here.
  10. Agreed, and also when you take Norwich (or for that matter a non-league side), it will be somewhat challenging for the first season, but then it starts to be easy as you improve your squad. With a non-league side it's way too easy to achieve back-to-back-to-back-to-back promotions. I'm currently managing Palermo (and this is with zero desire to brag, what would be the point anyway?), and first two seasons in serie D and serie C we finished top of the table unbeaten. In serie B we lost our first matches but still won the league, first season in serie A we massively overperformed and finished 3
  11. Atletico Madrid just made exactly the same transfer offer for my player 10 times during one (in-game) day. 22:58 21:59 21:45 19:00 16:46 14:46 12:47 10:46 9:47 8:47 Rejected them all. I guess it was deadline day over in Spain, but come on, get the message already...
  12. If you have to go out of your way to try to avoid making a tactic that's too effective (or even avoid certain tactical styles altogether), impose special rules on yourself to make things harder, and generally take pity on the AI in order for the game to provide any challenge, then yes, the game is too easy. Don't get me wrong, I love FM and have bought each and every version since '05 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but it's a shame that there are many interesting features of the game (analysis features for example) that you never bother to use because there 's no
  13. Does anyone know if playing friendlies affects player development at all? I.e. does it count as "game time"?
  14. I see no reason why growth could not in principle be infinite? Of course, in practice it would have to be adjusted so that we never actually see infinite growth (with other factors like age weighing in), but a hard ceiling for development makes no sense to me.
  15. True, and I agree that just improving (in most cases slowing down) the dynamics of how CA develops would go a long way towards fixing the system. In principle, yes. In practice, they develop super fast until 21, reach their PA, and remain there until they start declining in their 30's. But why not make this "speed of development" -factor that now differentiates between young and older players a lot more dynamic in determining how individual players develop? I don't know how the mechanics of this factor work in the game, but I still wonder if PA could be made redundant by dramaticall
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