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Key DNA attributes Gegen-Intensity-Pressing

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Is it right to have this follow attributes to make a DNA Club for high pressing-high intensity (similar to Gasperini with Atalanta style):

Technical: for me, no attributes are fondamental for this style

Mental: Aggress, Bravery, Determination, Anticipation, Team work, work rate

Physical: Natural fitness, Stamina, Acceleration


Is there any fondamentals attributes to make this DNA?


This is my TI:



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I haven't watched too much of Atalanta, but I imagine to play that style you would have to have at least decent composure, first touch, passing as well to play the short passing and playing out of the back style

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Positions / Roles / Duties ?

You have shorter passing and play out, so composure is a must, mainly for defenders and GK. Underlaps work best if your wide players have decent passing and vision (the "underlaper" should have off the ball). They should also have decent crossing since you are playing wide. Regarding the high pressing, strength is also advised (so they "bully" opponents out of the ball). I agree with the others you have already mentioned.

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