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  1. I was reading here and there in the forum ... And in my various tests, I have drawn conclusions, I don't know if completely correct. Assuming that I am mentally bound to the fact that when I want to create a tactic, I also want to create alternatives in the other 2 slots, with different instructions so that in the game if I change some instructions, the team would not be affected. Well, let's get to the point. In the tests done I have compiled which team instructions affect tactical familiarity if you tap / click. Here is the list of "clicks" that affect familiarity: Mentality POSSESSION PHASE Attack width Type of passing Rythm Creativy TRANSITION PHASE -------------- nothing PHASE OF NOT POSSESSION Defensive line Line of engagement Tight marking Yes/No Typology contrasts This brings me to 3 final thoughts: 1) I ask if this evaluation of mine is correct and, if not correct, what other instructions affect the familiarity (I took the test on each instruction and I noticed that it changed only with what is reported above) 2) To avoid changes in the game and be ready to adapt to situations, it is logical for me to think of adopting 3 tactics where in each of them the aforementioned instructions are modified. Not extreme. can this be a correct approach? 3) Without obviously considering that the change of a role influences familiarity for obvious reasons, I think that with the same formation you can recreate different ways of facing an opponent only by changing some roles. And here I ask, do I base individual training on the game system that I would use "basic"? Thanks guys for the support
  2. i am trying to reproduce an atalanta / leipzig style of play. So pressing high on the field (I have all 3 central defenders on marking - BPD,CB,BPD, they work very well and I did not believe) but once I regained the ball I did not want to push directly forward, also because I already have high lines and therefore I would already be in the opposing half of the field . So the style reproduced is a high pressing and a fairly patient attack, but not too much tiki taka style (I use offensive mentality). Regarding the roles in midfield, is it indifferent on which side to play them? @rsihn I immediately look at the site, even if I already know it and the 5-2-1-2 always finds the problem on the hips. even if I find this problem, can I neglect it according to you?
  3. HI guys... I've a question, i play with 5-2-1-2, with AM on support behind two strikers; DLP-su and BWM-su in middle of the pitch. For you, it's better the combo TM-att and P-att or DLF-att with P-att? i know that depends of my type of players, but, in general which are your preferences? And in the middle, the DLP is better on the right (the side of Poacher) and BWM on the left (side of TM or DLF)?? or is not important? thaks for your considerations
  4. thanks for the replies. I would say that you went very specific, pointing out the skils in specific situations!
  5. Guys! Is it right to have this follow attributes to make a DNA Club for high pressing-high intensity (similar to Gasperini with Atalanta style): Technical: for me, no attributes are fondamental for this style Mental: Aggress, Bravery, Determination, Anticipation, Team work, work rate Physical: Natural fitness, Stamina, Acceleration Is there any fondamentals attributes to make this DNA? This is my TI:
  6. Sorry you're right, even Bielsa has a well-defined tactical style but uses different formations ... I think I orient myself towards this choice: tactic 1: ok the usual one tactic 2: with 4 defenders, so as to face formations against only 1 attacker tactic 3: sit lower to restart quickly
  7. Thanks for the reply... I am exactly undecided whether to maintain the tactical core (it is very similar to LIpsia now that you make me think about the style I use: offensive and intense pressing) and modify only LOE and DL or whether to model, keeping the tactical style as mentioned before but change formation and also LOE and DL ... Example: If I created a 4-2M-2-2 it could be used with low LOE and DL for counterattacks and play on the flanks with cross Or A 4-2-3-1 with very high LOE and DL but with a balanced or prudent mentality so as not to blanch too much and try to play in the opponent's half ... I am very undecided and aware that there is no correct answer but it only depends on how I want to set up the team ...
  8. è possibile ... dici che crea un rischio di giocatori infelici allora? excellent intervention! Thanks Jack! In these 3 years I have built the team with certain player values and based on this style of play (atalanta: high pressing, intense, playing wide, etc.) So the best solution would be to adopt 3 different formations ... What do you say if I do this: Tactic 1: the basic tactic used for 3 years (5-2-1-2 high pressure and high LOE and the basic team instructions of the positive / offensive minded style) tactic 2: 5-3 (midfield in line) -2 (high blood pressure, standard LOE and standard DL and the basic team instructions of the balanced or prudent minded style) tactics 3: 5 - 1M - 2 (3 midfielders) - 2 (always high pressing, low defensive line, low LOE and offensive mentality to restart, always with the team instructions to play on the flanks etc etc which are the core of the style tactical) Could it be a right solution to "play" ONLY on the LOE and DL lines?
  9. great question! maybe it definitely helps me in the final choice! If, as in my case, I have structured a team with high physical and mental values, at the expense of technical values, it comes to think that you have to use the same tactical style, or I should find other 4/5 players who would be used for the other styles tactics possibly to be added ... correct?
  10. Good evening guys, I am in my 3rd year in Serie A TIM with SPAL, taken at the start of the save when he was in Serie B and hours between the top 10-12 of the championship. I'm happy with what I see on the pitch, atalanta style, high pressure, defenders who mark and play high, speed on transitions and domination of the game. But I wanted to evolve my game. I have always used only one tactical slot, where I use a 5-2-1-2 WB Offensive; I wanted to create 2 more tactics to insert into the slots and already have different tactics schedules so that I could be ready to change during the match. I wanted to ask you, is it more useful to always use the same tactical style by changing only the formation or to keep the same formation but with a modified tactical style? Example: in a slot keep the tactical style but use a 4-1-2-2-1 or a 4-4-2 (for example); or maintain a set-up with 3 central defenders and modify only the team and individual instructions, for example one tactic with a high LOE and another with a low LOE. What solutions do you recommend me to adopt? Thanks
  11. I already watch season 1 and 2... i think that is better than “all or nothing- Man City or all or nothing - Tottenham”... beatiuful series...!! And your answers is very very nice🙃
  12. Guys!! i need your help.. i want to start a new career, but i don’t know who... Sunderland have a new owner, no debit and beautiful structures (Corporate Facilities: Good; Training Facilities: Superb; Youth Facilities: Excellent; Youth Level: 1) Nottm Forest have a big squad, i think that is possible to try to get promoted at the first season in Premier League, but have some debit, and the structures are not like that Sunderland. can you advise me which career to start? perhaps with reasons pleeeeeese thanksssss
  13. @Experienced Defenderafter 2 month, this is the situaztion.. not bad results.. ok.. but!! we create a lot of chances, gol chances.. but often we shot in the middle of crowd, often we have a 55/58% of possession and 10/15 shots total and 6/8 on target.. but so much often we waste the gol chances.. like 0-0 witch Atalanta or Napoli.. i try to change mentality (reduce), i try to change the duty of offensive roole, i try to play more wide and more slow.. try to open the defensive line of the opponent.. but... i'm not happy for the rapport xG - Gol... Any suggestions?
  14. thanks for your intervention! It is always precious ... So as for the central penetration, I think I am right, for the type of game I want to undertake it is a calculated risk .. but he will exploit one thing: set "stay wide" to the IF and attack task. The complete tip, on the other hand, is imposed as a support task. Do you think the maneuver can vary in this way?
  15. only a few attacks in the central area but maybe I play other games so I can give you better feedback .. I just wanted to know if at a glance there was something wrong
  16. 1.is a calculated risk, I have the same formation created exactly mirror .. to reverse the weak / strong side .. 2.solution already thought out. the distribution of the goalkeeper will be towards the playmaker or towards the full backs in case he faces 2/3 forwards sincerely? no... I just created a save where I made 4-5 friendlies against teams much lower, the same or slightly higher .. just to do some tactical tests without "wasting" games in the "official" save. so to see it has no defects I seem to understand right?
  17. @Experienced Defender (or someone can want to help) is there any problems for you in this tactic? (the last tactic that i have post)
  18. Created the save .. studied well once again the style I want to implement, the attitude and characteristics of the players .. This is what I have produced The individual player instructions are (in italics those by default of the role): SK-De: short passes WB-So: Widen the game; Go ahead as soon as possible; Shoot less; Stay wider BPD-Df: Take more risks, Hold your position; Tougher contrasts CD-Df: Shoot Less, Dribble Less, Hold Stance, Harder Tackles, Short Passes CWB-So: Dribble more, Widen the game, Go ahead as soon as possible, Stay wider, Freedom of movement, Shoot less DLP-Df: Shoot Less, Dribble Less, Hold Position, Less Pressing, Harder Tackling BBM-So: Freedom of movement, Tight marking, More pressing, Moving in spaces, Dribbling less, Short passes AP-At: Shoot Less, Dribble More, Take More Risks, More Pressing, Tight Marking IF-So: Dribble More, Cut Inside With The Ball, Take More Risks, Cross Less Often, Tight Marking, More Pressing, Go Forward ASAP, Shoot Less, Short Passes IW-At: Go ahead as soon as possible, Cuts in with the ball, Dribble more, Tight marking, Tougher tackles, More pressing, Throwing less, Short passes DLF-So: Keep the ball, Take more risks, Move in spaces, Tighter tackles, More pressure, Shoot less, Short passes I open a brief parenthesis on why I chose these team and individual instructions: As for the departure from the defense it is clear, I want to exploit the technical characteristics and the idea of the game of starting from behind so as to try to open a gap on the first opponent pressure; the pressing across the board has been inserted for the same concept and that is to remain in the opposing half of the field, it is obvious that I can be exposed to counter-attacks or loss of position especially for the first 3 in front and that this requires considerable physical effort, but if current characteristics of the players do not allow it will be implemented players who will allow it. The attack width and / or the pace will then be changed in the game depending on the opposing side and if you are unable to open a passage. Passing to the power stations and kicking it short is simple, it is the famous Lavolpian salida. the use of the centromediano would be the top, because it would also push the DC to widen and also increase the height of the full backs, but in that case having a CCQ and a RAv-at would be more difficult to exit, perhaps in that case changing the CCQ in Mezzala-at and RAv-at in RAr-SO would be ideal. to be evaluated when we face teams that press high or that have 3/4 players in front. The high and high lines therefore allow a center of gravity of the game slightly beyond the midfield line, neither too far back nor too forward, which can be modulated according to the opponents I meet, the offside is not the direct consequence but that too. Having said that, I briefly explain the game idea: Roma have values in Technique, Ball Control, Dribbling and Passages among the best in the league, behind only Juventus, while on a mental level they have deficiencies in the skills that are needed for total control of possession, but nothing alarming. The idea, thanks also to the players already present, is to start the ball on the ground from the defense, thanks also to the contribution of the RAr in front of the central players, it will favor the exit of the ball and the instruction to pass it to the central will help the full-backs of propose already towards the half way line, thus allowing the formation of the famous "triangles". As you can see in the image attached above, the goalkeeper in possession of the ball has the possibility of 5 passes, if the ball reaches the RAr he has at least 3 safe passing possibilities (2,3 and return to the Por). Once the ball reaches the height of the midfield, it will be the task of the RAv to bring the ball to the opponent's trocar where it will have 3 possibilities: the insertion of the CCQ, the sorting on the wings or the support to the tip that will favor the advancement of the whole the team in the opposing half, where it is where we will have to stay for most of the game, or rather, that's where I want to stay. Once the ball reaches the height of the midfield, it will be the task of the RAv to bring the ball to the opponent's trocar where it will have 3 possibilities: the insertion of the CCQ, the sorting on the wings or the support to the tip that will favor the advancement of the whole the team in the opposing half, where it is where we will have to stay for most of the game, or rather, that's where I want to stay. Case 1: The ball is unloaded on the outside wing, the striker will meet or, according to his decisions based on the skills, he can propose himself externally for a further unloading favoring the insertion of the ATE or the RAv, same thing on the other side but with the difference that the AI will tighten a lot more towards the center, sometimes even arriving on the opposite side. Case 2: the Rav finds the support of the attacker who, thanks to the technique and the vision of the game, will open either on the defensive outsiders who have now arrived in the trocar zone or on the offensive wisers who exploit the space created behind him. Case 3: we lose the ball, opponent counterattack, goal !! joke, the RAv can also dialogue backwards with the RAr progressively progressing the maneuver forward in the final third of the field The idea, however unapproachable is to create that phrasing in zone 14 of the field (the part that is in front of the penalty area) between the two offensive wingers, the striker and the RAv, trying to open a space in the opponent's defense or overloading the central part so as to unload externally to the external defenders who will arrive from the rear .. Explained in a nutshell what I am looking for .. now, I ask you, certainly more experienced than me or maybe you have already tried something similar, to exchange opinions on it .. Thanks a lot to everyone
  19. Last but not least; a summary of the skills and traits needed to fill the tactical roles: Attributes SK Secondary role: Free Goalkeeper - Support Preferred Foot: Both feet if possible Traits: none basic  Ball control  Steps  Intuition  Coldness  One on one  Reflections  Exit  secondary attributes: acceleration, decisions, courage, agility, position NOTE! These attributes are in addition to the goalkeeper's default basic attributes: grip, communication, aerial ability and area command. It is particularly important that the goalkeeper has a low eccentricity so as not to take unnecessary risks between the posts or with the ball at his feet. Central Defender Attributes (DC-def) Preferred foot: Mainly right foot (DCsx) because if pressed in the direction of the goal it will be able to manage the ball with less difficulty, if instead carried on the weak foot, the left, it will kick the ball in the ring of the farthest stadium; able to use even the left all the better. Traits: Make short and simple steps (not mandatory); Mark the opponent in a suffocating manner  Coldness  Ball control  Steps  Intuition  Acceleration  Location  Concentration  Decisions or secondary attributes: technique, vision, speed NOTE! It is also important to note that based on the opposing side I prefer to mark solitary attackers by man. For example, against a 4-2-3-1 with an Attacking Midfielder it is important for me to deploy the central defenders where one is fast and has the ability to read game situations (cover), while the other has the task of marking. to man. The above attributes add to aggression, tackling, marking, strength and courage. Central defenders are also an important factor in defensive and offensive set pieces, so Headers and Elevation will also be two attributes to consider. Ball playing Def Attributes (BPD-dif) Preferred foot: left foot (DC right) for the same reason reported for the DC, but here more attention is paid to the use of the other foot, the right.  Traits: Marks the opponent in a suffocating manner; Take the ball out of defense (not mandatory) What differentiates the center-back and the DImp within the system I'm creating is the difference in vision and passing technique. In my opinion, the central defender should have greater aggression, marking and strength similar to Smalling, which we already have in the squad, while the other could be faster, more agile and very comfortable in maintaining possession (see Mancini ed Ibanez), transforming the defensive phase into offensive if the backward playmaker is closely marked.  Coldness  Ball control  Steps  Intuition  Location  Concentration  Decisions  Technique  Game vision  Acceleration  Speed CWB Attributes (CWB-sup) Preferred foot: right of course Traits: Go ahead as soon as possible; play one-two (optional)  Resistance  Without the ball  Game vision  Decisions  Steps  Cross  Ball control  Technique  Team play  Contrasts  Marking  Aggression  Acceleration  secondary attributes: Commitment (being used often in both phases of the game, this attribute should not be underestimated, also considering that he will often have to be seen in the outer space of the field); fantasy (never hurts); balance, concentration and positioning Wing Back Attributes (WB-sup) Preferred foot: left Traits: Go ahead as soon as possible  Location  Contrasts  Marking  Intuition  Acceleration  Speed  Without Ball  Concentration NOTE! If I believe that the opponent does not create too many problems for me on the right flank, I am inclined to select the attack task, giving me the possibility of overloading the right flank with numerical superiority. In this specific case I can also opt for the double CWB, therefore considering the skills that will be needed in that case (having Florenzi in the squad now would be perfect). Deep Lying Playmaker Def (DLP-d) Secondary role: Half Back Preferred Foot: Both if possible Traits: Always stays behind; go back to get the ball; Take short and simple steps Intuition (must be able to predict and react to what will happen after he unloads the ball - always be one step ahead of the game both in the defensive and offensive phases)  Location (always be in the right place at the right time, that was simple)  Decisions (crucial value, since a wrong decision in coverage, in setting, in turning the ball, intervention to steal the ball from the opponent can reveal the defense and be really bloody as a thing)  Team play  Contrasts  Marking  Coldness (Must keep calm regardless of pressure and make an intelligent decision, we hope!)  Steps  Ball control  Secondary attributes: game vision, technique, concentration, courage, aggression, strength and balance BBM/ Mezzala / DLP (BBM/Mez-sup / DLP-sup) Preferred foot: right Traits: Set the timing, go ahead as soon as possible, try the decisive passage  Team play  Without the ball  Game vision  Intuition  Decisions /  Ball Control  Coldness  Steps  Resistance  Technique  Contrast  Marking  secondary attributes: concentration, aggression, balance and position determination Advanced Playmaker (AP-att) Preferred foot: right or left does not matter in this case Traits: Go forward when possible, Play one-twos, Enter the opponent area, Try the decisive pass often  Without the ball  Game vision  Dribbling  Decisions  Intuition  Technique  Location  Steps  Ball control  secondary attributes: agility, balance, concentration, endurance, team play, marking and commitment Left Winger Attributes (IF-sup) Preferred foot: right Strokes: Cuts inside (from the left side); Enter the opponent's area; shoot by placing the ball; go ahead as soon as possible  Fantasy  Dribbling  Ball control  Coldness  acceleration  Technique  Intuition  Finalization  Agility  Speed  Without Ball  secondary attributes: Commitment, decisions, team play, balance, aggression, long range shot, position, stamina (considering I want them to do the defensive phase as well) Attributes Right Wing (IW / IF-att) Preferred foot: left  Traits: Cuts inside (from the right side), Enter the opponent's area; Play the one-twos; Shoot by placing the ball; Go ahead as soon as possible (optional)   Fantasy  Dribbling  Ball control  Coldness  acceleration  Technique  Intuition  Steps  Finalization  Agility  Speed  Without Ball o secondary attributes: Commitment, decisions, team play, balance, aggression, long range shot, position, stamina (considering that I want them to do the defensive phase as well) NOTE! These are the same attributes of the winger on the other side obviously with the addition of a stroke and passages if an inverted wing is adopted. Deep Lying Forward (DLF-sup / att) Secondary role that you can try: Complete Forward Preferred foot: both possibly (Edin Dzeko is there) Strokes: back to get the ball; play the one-twos, play in the spaces  Dribbling  Team play  Ball control  Steps  Head shot  Without the ball  coldness  Game vision  Technique  decisions  Finalization  Generic physical attributes such as Strength, Balance, Acceleration, Speed and Endurance on all  secondary attributes: agility, position, concentration, maximum elevation (often he will have to manage 2 vs 1 situations, the ball must be played on his feet in this case) distance shot, intuition N.B: I use Google for these post.. so, English in sot perfect.. sorrrrrrrryyyyyy
  20. So, as promised here are the screens. TACTICS Let's start with the most important topic, tactics, indeed tactics: As mentioned, this will be our tactical base from which to start, balancing measures against opponents will be adopted match by match, see width of the game, defense and rhythm. "The variant" .. as mentioned, to be adopted when we go against opponents with a 4-2-3-1 or with a strong propensity to press high with many players. And finally this hybrid here .. where the outside attackers turn into inverted Wings and the tip becomes a Pco. 1ST TEAM TRAINING Following, the workouts: For athletic training I keep two weeks of purely physical work, where at the end of the second I start to insert the tactical phase and the second week Follow the multiple friendlies I do in each pre-season, with the following weekly training Let's now move on to the actual season, where I created 4 basic training sessions to rotate, obviously modifying if there are midweek matches, full weeks or national breaks. I state that the slot "rest" that you find on Monday, is replaced by "game review". The first is the general tactical style week The "typical" week defensive phase offensive phase national break the maintenance of the load on "dark green" in the two days before the match, for the tests and the results obtained by me, are of vital importance. Never like this year have I noticed that the condition is even more fundamental than the form, both for the duration in the game and for the performances. obviously follows the workload: PLAYERS Many of you will already know the Roma players, or at least those I am about to post since they are the fixed points of the first season for sure. Let's start from the defense, where we find the Mancini - Smalling duo We continue on the median and we find two pillars, the current captain Lorenzo Pellegrini and Jordan Veretout We still advance in the department, in the one called "Old but Gold" because there are really old players in front but who still have their say, at least in the first season for sure, with Pedro, Mkhitaryan and Dzeko forming the offensive trio I conclude, with him, the gem, the talent, in March it will blossom again and we are waiting for him ... Nicolò for the moment I would like to stop here and leave you some comments .. considering precisely that tomorrow I will carry out the start of this project.
  21. Hello everyone! I will be brief in this preface because the post that I will do (or rather that we will do for those who want) will be rather full-bodied .. I start by saying that everything stems from the curiosity to create a DNA of a club, a structure in which, and on which, we have the solid foundations to build a future, in Italy we have the example of Atalanta, which has some of its nursery made a fundamental component, we have the icon of Barcelona, who dominated Europe at the end of the years 2009-2010, lately we see Klopp's German football, rooted in Germany and become a symbol with Gegenpress ... Well, where do I want to go? I have done hundreds of tests (seriously, hundreds of saves since November) to prove if it was feasible, regardless of what you can find on the web, and I must admit that I have partially succeeded, partially because I lack those basic tactical notions that I am still perfecting ... I come to the point by saying that this post will be dedicated and called "Project Rome - Caput Mundi". A trivial title but full of meaning for me, who obviously cheer for the Giallorossa team. In the myriad of tests carried out only 3 out of 16 teams gave me a good satisfaction: Man City, Lille and Real Sociedad; with these 3 teams I managed in 3 years to bring home the most prestigious European cup (with City in the 2nd season), but the thing that really moved me was when the regens arrived at the club, all in the positions used in the main tactic and very often with skills already over 8-9 in those that I considered fundamental (others were great blowjobs, but you can't want everything !!). I also tried save in lower leagues such as Serie B (Spal and Venezia), Serie C (Alessandria, Pro Vercelli, Olbia, Palermo), League One (Sunderland and Charlton), Championship with Forest and Blackburn, Segunda Division with Malaga , Premier with Villans, West Ham and Leeds ... Lyon and Marseille in Ligue 1 ... but nothing to do with those 3 teams mentioned above ... maybe even the time available and the years spent in the clubs have made it that I did not arrive at the end of the course (longer season at Man City 9 years) Having made this small but important premise, let's get to the word “we will do”, why will we do it (for whoever wants)? Because it is with your help, with the opportunity to confront and exchange ideas that this post can take shape and become an inspiration for someone else in the Forum; inspiration that came to me from reading two discussions on the internet about Pep's position game and about developing an idea in the club ... Blending them together and mitigating them with my ideas on football ... here we are! CLUB PHILOSOPHY What is the philosophy of a club? How can this be implemented in Football Manager? What limits must we respect? Few questions to ask, because everyone can use the method they prefer and arrive at the same final result; how did I approach my construction of philosophy in the many tests I made? Simple: Playstyle + Attributes / Traits + Training + Personality Search + Scouting / Recruiting + Staff. Style of play (I state that this is influenced by my personal taste): Possession of the ball in the opponent's half (as the Guru of this style said: "I don't worry as long as the ball is in the opponent's half, I worry when it's in my ”-Pep Guardiola-) and intense pressing on the ball carrier, marking the free ones as a man. Attributes: for a correct feeling with the style of play (Pressing-Possession in this case) we will need certain skills to implement it correctly, and they are Ball Control, Passing, Technique, Courage, Decisions, Determination, Fantasy, Coldness, Team Play , Intuition, Off the ball / Position, Vision of the game, Acceleration, Balance, Endurance, Physical Integrity, Speed. These are the attributes necessary to implement it in the best possible way, but not all basic, as you can see I have put in bold those in my opinion indispensable. Training: A very delicate section for the design, as the fundamental skills for the style of play will be built both in the members who make up the first team and, above all, for the youth teams. In my case, I created specific training sessions for both the First Team and the youth teams (2 types). They will also follow here screens. Personality: Here you can spend days and days talking about it endlessly, I only rely on my tests and experiences; I believe that the personalities to be sought are Model Citizen, Model Professional, Professional, Quite Professional, Very Ambitious, Ambitious, Determined, Quite Determined, Perfectionist and Resolute. In my opinion, these are the absolute best personalities to look for, both in the young players and in the creation of the team, in the long run bring considerable benefit. And Roma have Mancini, Villar, Dzeko, Florenzi (at PSG at the beginning) who are already TOP personalities! Scouting / Recrtuiting: Another piece of fundamental importance for the construction of a DNA of the club, luck has it that Roma already has the best, if not one of the best managers of the youth sector of the game (Bruno Conti); this section will be based on instructing the observers to search for players based on the skills we mentioned above and above all who are able to fill the role we use in the main tactic. It is therefore very important that we assign the task to the observers. Staff: I will pause briefly to tell you that I did 3 tests in my saves, in one I looked for and hired staff with Tiki-Taka, Tika-Taka Vertical and Possession Control playing style, in another with the preference of the module and style game, in the last I did not pay attention to these things and I hired the best possible in the category I was looking for; conclusion? None of the 3 gave me the results I was hoping for, only in one thing I found it useful, and that is the tactical style of the Youth Manager, the U20 and U18 coach and finally the coach in 2nd of First Team, U20 and U18; the rest of the staff I assume do not make any contribution in terms of building the DNA. I will leave with many words but tonight when I come home I will start by posting screens, so that it is also easier to guess. Tactics: I will use all 3 slots at my disposal, if there are any, why not use them? I will fabricate / fabricate 3 tactics based on the same style but in such a way that they adapt to different game situations: 1) It will be our basic tactic, with which we will play most of our matches, considering the style of play, the players available in Rome I opted for one of the more classic 4-3-3M (4-1-2 -2-1) structured like this (patience until tonight that I will post the screen of the module): SK-d (right) WB-s (pull less-more pressing) BPD-d (harder tackles - Short passes) DC-d (short passes) (left) CWB-s (pull less-more presing) DLP-d (right) BBM / DLP-s / Mezzala-s (short pass-plus press-marc narrow) (left) AP-a (dribl of minus-direct passes-more pressing-marc tight) (right) IF-a (IW-a) (short pass-plus narrow press-marc) (left) IF-s (short pass-plus press-marc narrow) CF/DLF-a (plus narrow press-marc) Team Instructions: Ball games on the ground from the defense, Kick it short, pass to DC, Line engagement and defense higher, offside. This is the general idea that I have written down, obviously we will focus on optimizing it, changing it, exchanging opinions on roles-duties and possibly single instructions. 2) The second tactic, based on the experience gained in the tests, I conceived it with a Methodist Centromediano, the choice is simple, I want to create numerical superiority in the ball exit from the defense against teams that attack high or have 2/3 players forward (often teams like Hellas, Wolves have 3 players in front, or wide or two half shoes behind the center forward, and the ball release is certainly not the best, so the idea of the centromedian) You can think of just changing a couple of roles, setting two DImp-ds, putting two T / F-s in defense and changing the Rav-a to Rar-s. 3) Last slot to be set up with a strange but highly effective tactic in my opinion, the 4-1-4-1. We will use it to put the result on ice, to maintain the advantage without leaving too many spaces for the opponent to act in, compact and trying to manage the ball in the opponent's half by making it circulate from right to left patiently. Here I still have to think carefully about roles and duties but I already have some ideas that I will add later. I promise that as soon as I have FM I will post the idea of the tactics, the training sessions and a few screenshots of the players (although many of us already know them) and some ideas for the market. In detail I will tell you that tomorrow I will start the new save with Roma, DB 21.4 + some additional DBs found on the net (if you are interested I will tell you which ones), the coach will be myself, without the fist of the licenses because for my current level it is already very complicated like this, so I will start with the maximum points to be assigned (I can then specify the qualities of the profile), I will not use the market at the beginning of the save but only at the first useful opening, that is in January 2021. I do not want to dwell further also because I believe that as a preface it is already very full-bodied in itself, I just have to leave the word to you on any ideas, comments, criticisms and observations in this regard.
  22. OK! I'm here.. After 15 matches in League One, and other games (friendly, Carabao Cup ecc), i'm at 1st of November and i'll post stats and 3 tactic that i use now, for different situations.. 4-3-3 with HB it will be used against teams with two forwards or with an attacking and attacking midfielder, favoring the exit from the defense with the full backs rising to favor the discharge. the other two tactics remain very similar, but tend to be divided into home and away games; with the TM away obviously, but it still depends on the opponent, I can start with the center forward and then change to protect the advantage. it depends on the situation then. I would be happy if you could comment on those choices. thank you!
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