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Quick update before the end of the season.


First up well done to Hayes. He has been my striker since I arrived 


He's been the one player I have never complained about!

So the reason I'm updating is this...


No Im not showing Staines have won the league, although that has happened, or that we have secured a Playoff spot, although that also has happened. With 3 games to go we have beaten our points total from last season with a chance for 9 more. It means if we had played like this last season we would have gone up.


Very good run after that awful month apart from the terrible 5-2 loss. We weren't bad they were just clinical. We were also 5-0 down so could have been worse!  

Staines have been too strong all season, we haven't really got close to them. Lets see what happens in the Playoffs. See you there.

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Getting sick of Ice Cream!

The end of the season has hit. So where did we finish? Spoiler Alert....it wasn't top.


A bit of a meh finish. I'm hoping this is down to having nothing to play for really. Although we needed a win last game to bag second.


We did just that. We finished with 5 more points than last season, still not good enough for the Title in my opinion.


For the 2nd year in a row we draw 4th place. We have two home games to go up. 3rd time lucky?!

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3rd time is the charm! 

Taunton brings back memories of spending a very strange night there after visiting Stonehenge. Only 1 pub open after a certain time at night, which descended into some kind of "club" / disco, except every other song was "I've got a brand new combined harvester"

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4 minutes ago, andychar said:

Getting sick of Ice Cream!

The end of the season has hit. So where did we finish? Spoiler Alert....it wasn't top.


A bit of a meh finish. I'm hoping this is down to having nothing to play for really. Although we needed a win last game to bag second.


We did just that. We finished with 5 more points than last season, still not good enough for the Title in my opinion.


For the 2nd year in a row we draw 4th place. We have two home games to go up. 3rd time lucky?!

good luck

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Here we go again....again!

So for the 3rd time in a row we face a Playoff Semi and for the 2nd time in a row its a home game. Strange decision to play this game on the Tuesday after the Sunday fixturs but its affecting us both so shouldn't have too much of a say in the outcome.

We are in a better place than we were last season but somehow I just don't feel confident.


I...erm...plan on winning the Playoffs and securing Promotion to the Vanarama North/South. Come on sort these out SI for the love of God. Too many promises continue to be buggy. If you can't get them right take them out the game. Last thing I need is my Striker annoyed because of a broken mechanic.

In what feels like no time at all we are ready for the Semi. The other Semi is happening at the same time which again is good in my opinion. 

Come on please. At least lets get the monkey off the back and win in the Semi!


Maybe this will get the game started! A simple cross where the striker has risen higher than the defender. Heading has been Truro's weakness all season and its exploited here. Once again Truro find themselves behind in the playoffs.

30th minute - There's Truro's first chance and its a big one! Very similar circumstances to the goal. Free kick comes in and its met by the striker but his header is blazed over the bar. Two headers in this game one went in and one didn't. 


What. A. Goal. A cross is headed away and the Striker Hayes has to come to the half way line to collect. From there he turns and charges. Past 1, 2 and a 3rd defender until he's through then its a cool, calm and collected finish. What a wonderful way to bring Truro level. Game on.

Truro have looked good since going behind. Almost like they needed a shot in the arm.

42nd minute - Free kick in a dangerous place for Truro but its well saved and out for a corner. Corner is headed away but only as far as the edge of the box where the Truro player is bought down and its a free kick in another dangerous place. This one is fired harmlessly wide.


Truro have been the better team since the opening goal. Should be a good 45 minutes here. 

3rd place Hitchin lead the way 1-0 in the other game.

48th minute - Lovely worked move by Truro ends with a powerful shot saved and pushed over the bar. Corner. Which is well cleared. Truro picked up where they left off.


A brilliant over the top through ball and a brilliant finish gives Truro the lead!

Wait...the ref has blown. The linesman is flagging. Huge call here. The goal won't stand. We stay at 1-1.

55th minute - From the resulting free kick Truro get it back and are straight back on the attack. A weak shot is easily saved. This is all Truro. We have seen this sort of performance before...


No doubt about this one! Route one unstuck them last season in the playoffs, this season its a friend.  Free kick booted forward puts Hayes through for his second. He really wants to stay at this club and win Promotion.

20 minutes to hold on or maybe get a 3rd? Big decision for the manager.


Unreal. Taunton haven't been a factor since they scored their first and suddenly they are level. Once again a free kick is whipped in and the defender is beaten in the air and the ball finds the corner. Game on yet again.

Have Truro got anything left in them to retake the lead? Remember both teams played a game Sunday, some tired legs out there.


Its a penalty to Truro. Corner is whipped in and the defender is a little to forceful. Hayes took a penalty this time last season and missed. This is a chance to put his team back in the lead with 15 minutes to play and to give himself a hattrick. What a huge moment in this semi final.



Lightning strikes twice! Huge save from the keeper who has had a great game. Is that the moment that changes this tie?


Absolutely unreal! The resulting corner is cleared and Taunton push up but the ball is hit back in and finds Hayes on the edge of the box who unleases a thunderbolt. He has made up for his miss straight away. 

What a finish we have in store. Can Truro hold on this time (for longer than 1 minute anyway).

90th minute - Taunton are coming forward now, getting desperate. Cross is throw into the box and again the striker meets it but its a weak header and easily saved. We have 5 minutes of added on time. FIVE MINTUES!

91st minute - Hayes is put through on goal. He tries a cheeky lob but the keeper sees it coming a mile away. That could have been game over. 

91st minute - Taunton straight down the field and force a corner. Truro fans know what this normally means...its headed behind for another corner...the tension in the Stadium is huge...its headed away! 3 minutes to go.

94th minute - Another fine save by the Taunton keeper. 1 more minute, one more attack....


Truro have done it! What a 90 minutes of football!


Fully deserved! Truro are 90 minutes away from the promised land of the 6th Tier. 

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I mean I've got nothing to lose. If I lose and have to stay I'll just not go for an Interview but it would be nice to have my foot in the door of the next job already!


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Oh the season has one more game!


2nd vs 3rd for Promotion. Just as it should be. Not much time to recover and it means we will be finishing the season playing 3 games in 6 games.

We lost both games against these in the league. 


We blew a 2-0 lead and missed a penalty in the first game. A very entertaining game.


Utter b*****ks in the second game. If we play like we did here then I fancy our chances!

Lets do this!

10th minute - The bar has been rattled! Hitchin with a corner and the striker rises high but his header skims the crossbar. Good start by the visitors.

20th minute - Another corner, another chance for the visitors. A nice volley but its blazed over.

25th minute - First half chance for the hosts. A long range shot harmlessly wide. It had an xG of 0.01.


A free kick on the edge of the box and its curled perfectly into the corner of the goal. First shot on target by either side and its in! Truro have a lead to protect. 


The lead didnt last long and for the 3rd time these playoffs Truro concede from a cross. Its been a troubling stat all season and its continued here. They were lucky to be leading, will they be lucky again?


Neither keeper with much to do but when called upon they were awful! Even half where you can argue the visitors just edged it. Biggest 45 minutes of the save coming up.

50th minute - The first save of the game and its a great one. I think anywhere else and its a goal but a powerful shot in the box is straight at the keeper. He still had to get his hands up to block it. Good save, chance for Truro goes begging.

65th minute - Hayes is through but the defender comes back brilliantly and puts a last ditch block in. Corner comes to nothing. Still 1-1. 25 minutes to go.


Route one football and surely thats it. What a bitter blow.

92nd minute - The 2nd of 5 minutes added on and its a wonderful save to keep the visitors ahead. Free kick is on target but pushed over the bar. You feel that was the chance.


Oh my word. From the result corner its a penalty. Hayes will take it. He missed last season in the Semi. He missed this season in the semi but more than made up for it a minute later. 


This has to be the most pressured moment of his career. Can he take this game into Extra Time?


Straight down the middle! No mistakes! What a huge moment in this game!


Is there another sting before we have another 30 minutes?


The Semi was dramatic and this one has quickly turned the same. We have another 30 minutes. Are we going to get a winner before penalties?


Truro are going to finish the game with 10 men as the sub is sent off just before the break. Huge moment and its advantage Hitchin heading into the final 15 minutes of the season.

Time to dig deep. Is there going to be a hero or a villian in the second half of extra time?

That's it. Its going to penalties. What a way to finish the season. Who is going to hold their nerve. 

Amazing this is Truro's 3rd Penalty Shootout this season they lost both. Its their 5th Shootout during McGowan's rein. His record is 2-2. Talk about a decider.

The away side will take the first penalty.


Keeper dived the right way but couldn't get to it. If he was confident he would have done but he hesitated slightly.

Hayes steps up. His 92nd minute penalty sent us here.


And he makes no mistakes here. Into the opposite corner of the first penalty. The goalkeeper didn't move, you can't blame him after the penalty in normal time.


Straight down the middle. All the pressure shifts.

Spencer steps up. It was his free kick that opened the scoring today...


Lovely penalty. Sends the keeper the wrong way. We go from best of 5 to best of 3 now.


Another straight down the middle. Confident but risky.

Ford steps up, the RB. He hasn't had a great game, can he make up for it?


Straight down the middle! I'm starting to think the keeper shouldn't move.

We are in the territory of next miss could be fatal.


Is there such thing as a bad penalty if its scored? This one will be seen as one that got away from the keeper. Pressure shifts and continues to grow.

Preston steps up, he's only been with the club for a few weeks. Instant hero?


Straight. Down. The. Middle. 

Here we are...sudden death.


Keeper went the right way but even he couldn't get to it as its blasted wide! Truro are a kick away from Promotion!

Smith steps up. The midfielder. Biggest kick of his career coming up!


The keeper finally learned! Down the middle! Saved. We go on. What a blown opportunity.


Josh Allen in goal makes his first save of the shootout! And what a time to do it! Truro have another chance to go up. 

Kujabi is stepping up. He is in his 3rd year on loan at Truro. This could easily be his last kick in a Truro shirt. Can he make it count?


He's done it!


What a way to do it!

I need a lie down.

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No stand out performances for the newbies but solid.



I said Lowestoft was proably the best 90 minutes I'd seen and they agreed with me!


We are in trouble financially. The club won't be going Pro any time soon lets put it that way. Do I care? Nope!


Once again only one standout performer. I'm going to miss him and his goals!


I have the Leamington job still applied for and I've also declared interest in the insecure Hereford job. Either move would be brilliant. We won Promotion to Tier 6 but I don't have any intention of staying there just yet.


Good to see some green on here.


Also here!

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They really weren't happy with me declaring interest in other jobs. I told them that they can't sack me because of the Compenstation they would get. They didn't like it one bit! This is the first day since the start of the save we are without a job. Leamington...come and get me!

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I hate this inbetween stuff. Waiting to hear from Leamington. I'm classed as favourite but still no interview. Would be great if I could stick to the road map but I'm not against moving somewhere completely different. As high as possible of course.


Finally! Lets not blow this!


Looking good!

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The next step of the road map is complete. 


Back up the Country we go. 

This is County 4 and Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.


More colour to the list.

It means we are on track still as mentioned before. The Out of Box phase still has Leamington, Hereford, Blyth Spartans and Fisher. Still plenty to be getting on with.


Looking at the strongest XI at the start of the season. We have some holes that I'm hoping to fix. 


I thought Truro was bad this is x3 worse! Don't think I'll be asking for that final Coaching Badge anytime soon!


We are still going to be taking part in the Southern League Cup! Our record is less than stellar in it.

It also seems I have misunderstand the Tier that Leamington are at! They are actually a Tier 8 side they were relegated last season. We have gone down 1 Tier. Our first look at the 8th Tier. It isn't the end of the World and might make things easier for us in the long run.

This should be interesting. I can see this taking another 3 seasons!


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3 hours ago, iamnobody said:

Great job.  That last game was fun to read.  I'm sure your heart rate was up a bit while watching it.  

Haha you are not wrong. My Mrs asked what was wrong. I explained. She didn’t care. It’s like she didn’t understand the life or death situation. 

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Would you believe me if I said I posted an advert and she applied. I didn't go out and find her personally. Honest.

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19 minutes ago, andychar said:


Would you believe me if I said I posted an advert and she applied. I didn't go out and find her personally. Honest.

no I would not, she needs to go to specsavers, you ain't that attractive 

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Pre-Season 2026-27

Ok I really underestimated this job. The finances are awful to the point where I can't sign anybody new and I can't keep the players that are already here.

This could be a painfully long time. We aren't in any Cup Competitions where I'd say we are among the favourites, we aren't even favourites in the league, we are there or there abouts with the current squad but this is before contracts run out. I can see our stock falling.

I did however fill the holes in Staffing so we are looking good there.

Getting out of Warwickshire is going to require Youth and tricking players into coming. "Sure you will be paid....I mean I can't tell you when but I'm sure it will happen at some point."


The expectation is playoffs and looking at this its also the Media Prediction. 

I think this is all going to depend on who we can keep and how the players react to my tactics.

You know you are in trouble when there are players who need scouting in the Trail Day.

I have resorted to finding loan players who arent going to cost me anything!

Heading into the new season we have done well keeping players but as the Transfer Window is very much all year round there's a good chance we won't throughout the entire season. We are still predicted to be finishing in the Playoffs which would be a good season in my eyes. No pressure on trying to finish Top. I can see it going the same way as last season (hopefully with the same result).


Our best line up to start the season. It could be worse. Don't know what to expect here but lets get to it.

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The Old FA Cup Update

Our first FA Cup game is normally a good place to show how the season has started.

What sort of season are we in for?


At this point I still dont know! We had 1 good game but other that that its been boring! We were the better team in 3 out of the 4 draws. We should be picking more up but we aren't. So I suppose its been a frustrating time so far.


And it seems once again there has been 1 team that has said "lol watch this". We are already 8 points off top. Am I happy? I'm not sure to be honest. I think the answer is...no.

We have a Tier 7 team at home in the FA Cup so it could be my first one and done season in the competition.


I mean this is a brand new level of "hahaha f*** you".

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In the Interview I made a promise I would hit my requirements this season. With the FA Cup "Loss" I have failed straight away. The board aren't happy with me and already I am treading on thin ice. Could Leamington be the first club to fire me before I've reached my target?

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Posted (edited)

So I thought this would be interesting. 

When we started the save Leamington were in the 6th Tier so were the best team in Warwickshire to go to. Now they are down to the 8th Tier its worth looking at the other teams in this County.

Atherstone Town - Midland League Division 1 - Tier 10

Bedworth United - Southern League Premier Division - Tier 7 

Nuneaten Borough - Southern League Premier Division - Tier 7

Racing Club Warwick - Midland League Division 1 - Tier 10

So funny enough Leamington are now the 3rd best team in the County. I may have made a mistake coming here I think! I will be keeping an eye on both Bedworth and Nuneaten and seeing what happens with Leamington.

Edited by andychar
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Another Update. Another Cup Exit

I thought I'd mark another cup exit with the latest update. 


Still more internal takeover crap. 

So how have we got on since the last time you saw?


Its been decent although we seem to have hit the yearly sticky patch. And yes that's 2 Cup exits by Penalty Shootout. I've had 7 shootouts in less than 3 seasons. Never know it before.


Once again the team at the top seem ridiculously overpowered for this Tier and we are just working towards getting a playoff spot. We aren't scoring enough. Clear problem. 18 goals in 15 games is not good enough.

If we can start firing then I'm confident we can get playoffs. 

Next update will probably be New Year.

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1 game! all it takes to be on thin ice! Ouch, though yeah, turning a few more of those draws into wins and you would be really comfy! 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I haven't booted up the game for a while so I need to catch myself up and you lot as to where we are.


Starting to remember why I took a break :lol:

The league table doesn't look pretty either...


I think its safe to say at this point we have 7 teams fighting for 4 playoff places. We went up last season with a different team via playoffs. Whose to say we can't do it again?

Our confidence rating is D but we are only 4 points off 2nd which seems crazy. We need to turn this run around if we are to get into a playoff place.

Lets jump straight into it.

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Like a rainbow in the dark

I was beginning to get worried! Glad to see you back, did you throw the old laptop out the window 1 too many times? 

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Looking at our finances this is an absolute must. I have a feeling if we can't go up this season it might be a few seasons....

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New Year and Feels Like New Everything

Happy new in game year.

So how did my glorious return go?


3 cup competitions this year and 2 exits by penalties and 1 after ET. Although we did deserve to lose, we conceded in the 88th minute. Hammer blow which had the potential to ruin a good result in the league.

Luckily we bounced back well and have managed to win 4 games in a row in the league for the first time this season. d877f8e21133ac3a0619240268dec865.png

Of course Church Stretton Town also win 4 in a row so we are still the casual 14 points behind them! It does lift us into a playoff place and we have a nice mini 4 point cushion. 

Its been a good return and made me thirsty for more.

I started off with a D board confidence rating. Amazing what 4 wins in a row can do...


C+ baby! C fing plus.

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Spa Day

I'm glad to be back on FM. I've missed it. Didn't realise it at the time but now I'm back on I've missed it!

This helps...


We needed a big run to cement a playoff place. Top spot was gone and even after what is now 7 wins in a row in the league its still gone. If we can finish 2nd we take all the momentum and advantage into the playoffs. We proved last season with Truro that its important.

I think this needs to be a one and out team. Finances are awful. We can't afford to offer anybody a new contract. Basically if we don't go up this season then it will be a lot of hard youth building to even stand a chance of doing so in the next few years. And I don't think I'd last long enough to see it through.

So here are January's results.


Some big results. We were lucky to come away with a point against fellow Play-Off hopefuls AFC Rushden and Diamonds. Kept us in check afer 7 wins in a row.


A very good run cuts the gap at the top to 11 but honestly I'm happier with the 10 point gap over 6th place Bedford Town.

We have cemented a place in the playoffs and with 12 games to go until the end of the season its important we don't lose this momentum now. Although next game is away to Corby Town. A proper test for us.

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2 hours ago, abulezz said:

Welcome back - that Intake looks really good. 

Thanks :-). I was excited.


Then this came through. Nobody I can stick in straight away but a lot of potential if I need to stay for a few years.

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1 hour ago, andychar said:

Thanks :-). I was excited.


Then this came through. Nobody I can stick in straight away but a lot of potential if I need to stay for a few years.

Let's see them! How is McKeown looking?

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40 minutes ago, abulezz said:

Let's see them! How is McKeown looking?


Here's Eugene.

Our best Youth Prospect is this guy...


Honestly I'm really hoping I'm not going to be around to need them.

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With 4 games to go our place in the Playoffs is secure. We currently sit 12 points off top with 12 points to play for. Got them right where I want them!

I don't think there's going to be any milking and its just a case of get the season over with and see what happens in the playoffs. We should be comfy in 2nd so there's not even tension there. We will have the home advantage throughout the playoffs. It will soon be time for the lottery to begin.

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2 hours ago, andychar said:


Here's Eugene.

Our best Youth Prospect is this guy...


Honestly I'm really hoping I'm not going to be around to need them.

doesn't mean you can't steal them when you move on? 

put a "will follow current manager for a mars bar (other chocolate bars available)" clause in their contracts 

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So after a good few years in a row I was able to milk the end of the season for dramatic effect...here's the final league table.


Title was won with 3 games to go, just before I faced them and 2nd was so also wrapped up with 3 games to go. All playoff spots sorted before the final game. Such an underwhelming finish! I used Instant Result on the last 3 games just to speed through. We finished with enough points to go up in all but 2 seasons in this save. This season was one of them. We couldn't match the consistency and despite losing only once in 18 games we closed the gap on them in that time to 2 points. Crazy!


Playoffs was the aim and after a tricky start we really found our form in the 2nd half and actually made this season a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be! Lets end on a high!

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Before we find out who we are facing in the Playoffs lets take a look at the teams we need to keep interested in.

Starting with Hereford. 


Playoffs in Tier 7 secure for them. We will be keeping an eye on that. Either way can't see that job becoming free.

Onto Blyth Spartans.


Smack bang in the middle of the league. No movement on the manager front. 

The always disappointing Fisher.


Missed out on Playoffs by 3 points. Big story there is the fall of Dorking Wanderers Reserves who normally destory the league.

They are the 3 we need to keep an eye on and really. I can't see any movement on the jobs. All 3 have hit their targets. If Hereford can go up and stay up they can actually be removed from this portion of the save. Once we get to National League North/South this save will open up massively.


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Playoff Semi Final


The good news is we are at home. The bad news is we are playing 4th and not 5th. Makes no sense to me but here we are.

We obviously played them twice this season already...


We drew at home to them first in what looked like an absolute barn stormer!


Then beat them 1-0 away in what looked like an absolute barn stormer. 

One thing is for certain, you are going to need to strap yourself in!

Season preview had us finishing 5th and them 3rd so it seemed our paths were destined to cross in the Play-offs. I'm happy with how this season has gone and I'm confident going into the playoffs. We finished the season very strong despite a loss on the final game of the season. I'm ready for this.

14th minute - First real chance and it comes from a free kick for the visitors. Its placed wide. A sighter if nothing else.

32nd minute - The ball is in the back of the net! A delicious through ball and a calm finish but its chalked off. The hosts thought they had a breakthrough. They were wrong.


Hope you are all strapped in! Its been an interesting game to say the least. No...wait...sorry...I spelt interesting wrong....awful...thats better. Its been an awful game.

AFC Rushden and Diamonds go into the break 1-0 up. They finished in 3rd.

50th minute - Biggest chance of the game so far, although it was just a half chance. Shot in the box straight at the keeper. Leamington look most likely...if we had to choice one at least.


The very next attack and its in the back of the net. Good ball in finds Edge free at the back post and he fires home. 1-0!

63rd minute - Oh what a goal! But the ref is blowing. Despite it going in from 30 yards there was a player in an offside position standing in front of the goalkeeper. The ref has chalked it off. Bedford thought they had levelled.


Will that be enough. An absolutely beautiful early cross finds Prince wide open in the center of the 18 yard box and he heads powerfully home. Brilliant stuff.


Now then! A very nervy finish to this game for Leamington. A lovely drilled cross confuses the entire defence and Pearce ghosts in the back post with a simple tap in. Can the hosts hold on for a place in the Play-Off Final or do we have one final sting?

94th minute - A corner for Bedford. 40 seconds to go. This is literally all or nothing...

It bounces around but Bedford can't get a clean shot away. Its cleared and that is that.


Leamington reach the playoff final. It was a lively second half. The hosts will de delighted. They are 90 minutes away from a return to the 7th Tier of English football.


2nd v 3rd for Promotion...just the way it should be!

But how did Hereford get on?



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Its basically like Truro. If we win at least I've got a chance of moving on straight away. If we lose then I can always turn it down anyway.

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1 hour ago, andychar said:



Its basically like Truro. If we win at least I've got a chance of moving on straight away. If we lose then I can always turn it down anyway.

wow you gave that guy the hairy eye! he was safe 2 posts ago and now he's out the door! 

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3 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

wow you gave that guy the hairy eye! he was safe 2 posts ago and now he's out the door! 

Had him right where I wanted him. Plus I looked at their fixture list and guy lost like 8 of the final 10 games of the season. He went into the Playoffs with a Sheff Utd run of form. 

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The Playoff Final

Well this was always the goal. It seemed the title was out of hands quite early. A rough start left us battling to get in but once we did we stayed and made a home in 2nd. This gave us home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


Given this its only right we are favourites to win and earn promotion.

According to the season preview its 5th v 2nd so once again it feels like out paths were destined to cross in the playoffs.


A last minute goal saw us steal a point in the first game of the season.


Once again we finished 1-1 in the return fixture and once again we were 2nd best.

Suddenly I'm not feeling as confident as I once was!

Lets get to it!

Script it calling for a Rushden and Diamonds opener with an equaliser.

10th minute - The ball hits the net but you don't need to be trained as a referee to know it was about 3 miles offside. But its a sign that the Rushden and Diamonds strikers are going to look to get behind the Leamington defence. It was that offside its not even appearing on the Noteable Events as a noteable event.

29th minute - First proper attempt of the match. R&D have a free kick thats whipped in and headed straight at the keeper. Straight forward save and that's as exciting as it gets at the moment. In fact its not gone down as a shot so maybe it came off the defender.


And that's how I know it didn't go down as a shot.

Its not been a classic. Both these games finished all square in the season and it appears they have each others number here. 

To coin an FM phrase. Surely the second half can get better.

48th mintue - First half chance for Leamington. A ball played forward hits Lowe on the edge of the box he turns and shoot but its horribly wide. Snap shot if nothing else.

50th minute - Now there's a chance. An absolutely brilliant ball through that has no place in this match so far finds the striker. All he needs is a cool head but he fires straight at the keeper. Good if not easy save. Leamington let off with one there.

R&D's first and only shot so far carried more xG than all of Leamington's attempts so far. A let off.

55th minute - Penalties and McGowan in the playoffs. Name me a better duo! Its a penalty for the home side. Big moment in this Final.

Ellis Edge who opened the scoring in the Semi will step up and take it...


Straight down the middle! Under the keeper! We have a goal! Leamington have a lead! We have a game!

57th minute - Parsons on the left hasn't had a great game but a lovely run beats a few defenders before a weak shot is aimed at the keeper. Good chance there.

58th minute - The woodwork has been rattled, allbeit from a tight angle. Lowe finds space but he forced wide and his shot somebody hits the post and rebounds into play but can't find any Leamington player who would have had an easy tap in. Its all the home side at the moment as they look to double their lead.

60th minute - Jackson at CB is limping and is going to have to go off. Shame to happen. Leamington are forced into a change. Liam Hughes the Center back, midfielder, attacking left mid, striker comes on.


"Hey Liam what position do you play?"

76th minute - R&D have a corner. Its whipped in and the keeper comes and flaps. Luckily for him it falls to a defender who clears it as far as he could. Real heart in mouth stuff and a reminder that the lead is only 1. This game is still in the balance.


That has to be it! Corner comes in and is met by Lowe who heads it straight in the bottom corner. Leamington in complete control.


R&D's heads have gone. Edge scores his second, a well worked move ending in a drilled cross from the left finding Edge in the box who drills it home. Leamington are going up in style.

87th minute - Save of the game! A mix-up at the back and the R&D striker is buck naked in the box. He fires and the keeper makes an amazing save.


Leamington FC are going up!

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No new signings because I couldn't afford anything. One really made an impact, the others...well.....less said the better.




I'm glad to be leaving because Financially the club is screwed!


Thinking about it wonder why Walford doesn't show up on the new signings list. 



For once both of these statements are bang on.




Hereford.....come get me.

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I'm going to turn this down because I don't want to do anything that might stop my application to Hereford. This could lead to a long period of unemployment but we need to move forward.

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Wow not even an interview! That throws a massive spanner in the works regarding the future of this save!

I thought I was going to be able to walk into most jobs 6th Tier and below. That clearly isn't the case. So we have Blyth Spartans and Fisher as the other 2 teams in the first stage of this save. I could hope Leamington offers me a new contract and stay with them. I can look at other teams in Herefordshire such as Westfield and Bromyard Town. Neither of which have a job going but it keeps my options open.

My worry now is after having to go down as low as Fisher in the 10th Tier I'm not going to be able to just walk into a 6th Tier job even if I finish both Fisher, Blyth and then a Herefordshire team. I might need to use one side from a compeletly different County as a stepping stone to the 6th Tier. If Blyth doesn't do that anyway. 

My biggest fear in this save was being stuck in the lower Tiers for the majority of the save. 

I suppose I can't really worry about until I get Fisher, Blyth and Herefordshire finished.

At this moment in time I'm hoping Leamington offer me another contract because I don't want to be unemployed. I don't want to become even more irrevlant!

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Well at least I'm not going to be unemployed. Although I think I'm going to be in for a long hard season!

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