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B teams not training full time

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In Germany, the B(II) teams are set up as semi professional teams however they should be training full time similarly to their U19 teams  - This significantly hampers player's development in B teams and defeats their purpose.  Example screenshots below:






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@Andrew James Is this intended behaviour or a bug? In real life, German II (or U23 as they're being increasingly known) teams of professional clubs - at least down to the 3. Liga clubs AFAIK - are full-time. E.g. Dortmund U23 train at least 5 days a week whereas the part-time schedule in FM only allows for 6 sessions across 3 days (4 days if you have a match scheduled on one of those days).

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On 14/01/2021 at 11:12, Viktor Ilivanov said:

Hello, everyone, and apologies for the late reply.


This is now under review with the dev team :thup:


Kind regards,


Any news on this as still seems to be an issue? Fm22 fix? Was it looked into and turned out to be correct?

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