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  1. We hadn´t set his features set, so the game randomizes it. I will look into this. Thanks
  2. I have not found any anomalies in the database. Have you seen it more often? Is this something you could test? Load up a quick season with Fortuna and see if it happens again (Let´s check if it is local first...) Also, was it a crazy local derby were all the fans joined together in a specific segment? :-D
  3. I decided that Goal-channejhad is going to be utter utter dross.
  4. This is something to consider. I'll liaise with the Austrian researcher. Looking at your perspective anything else you would suggest regarding the "root data" ?
  5. Amended. I have already created Bilal by the way
  6. Well, we have given the Jong teams a special disposition coding wise, so there is no further need to touch it really. All the Dutch FA rules regarding usage of players is implemented correctly.
  7. The Jong teams are technically allowed to use any player from the first team. Just with a limitation of 2 per game. But if Ajax want to play Viergever and Schone in their next game, they can. (There are more advanced rules, but if we keep it simple for this situation)
  8. I would like to add something to this... the final line should be Lyvtsov vocht zich succesvol terug na (...)
  9. Woops! I have amended him in the central database. Fixed
  10. Hey @BelgianResearch - apparently cities link to the "wrong" region. Now, I have a "Limburg" in my database, however - there is also a Belgian "Limburg" in the Local Regions. How should we handle this? We could make it Limburg (NED) and Limburg (BEL) for example? And then amend the individual cities...
  11. Can we amend "zowieso" to "sowieso" please?
  12. Yep, another two goals. No need raising this again, mate. I am keeping him in my radar. As said, his previous rating was due to his performance abroad. He will get a look through come an (potential) update. Cheers!
  13. Yes, I will be deliberating with myself... and also the Turkish researcher and my FC Twente assistant for (potential) future releases. I agree that the lowest side of -8 (130s) would be too low. I'm hesitant if he falls i the high scope of -8.5, let alone -9, though... Thanks
  14. Set, thanks! Well, both of you are correct. I have increased their "Jumping reach" - It is pretty much how good a player is at reaching a ball in the air. Generally we consider a player height and take this as a mean average. Of course you have your shorter players that have great jumping height (think of NBA/basketball players shorter than 6 feet tall that dunk like mad men) / but generally we have a set range per height. Hey, I improved Enes from 102 to a CA of 121 as well as a good adjustment attributes wise. I am not sure if he is warranted a -8,5 although it is a difficult decision to make, he has been great so far.
  15. Hm. I actually took your last file and then made lots of changes from there. So I left all the divisions etc. in tact, but did make a lot of tweaks to players etc. But as said, no competition changes