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  1. Thanks, fixed for FM 2018. Kahraman Demirtas is what we will go with.
  2. Yes, he is already with Alby. These are no longer data issues by the way - so no real point logging this here. Feel free to contact me directly (eg. via PM) if you need anything :-)
  3. Yeah, just had this confirmed. Thanks!
  4. Do you have proof of this, please?
  5. Haven't seen much of him for his club, so I'll refrain from doubting this - as it seems much too low; but maybe he acts normal at other times. Wotte should already be in your database? If not, best to log this as he is not in mine
  6. A bit off topic, but what is Belhanda's aggression & dirtiness rating? What a disgraceful showing.
  7. Already set ;-)
  8. Hi guys, Just to let you know - whilst I have zero solutions for this problem and no direct input as Head Researcher; I have requested for this to be followed up on Monday. (During the weekend, but those are not working days)
  9. I'm sure he is too, but my question is whether this latest update features amendments to CA/PA/attributes regardless of FM18.
  10. Have you guys adjusted CA/PA's and attributes as well?
  11. Agreed, I don't recall - bar Rai Vloet, any players moving to FC Eindhoven anymore. I'll definitely drop the "players move on loan" part.
  12. Why not? We added several players as legends/icons - and Menzo is one of them as goalkeepers. Not on the same level as Van Breukelen or Van der Sar, but still.
  13. Just to be sure, currently De Kuip is the one and only stadium for the Cup Finals. If Feyenoord make it to the finals, the Dutch Cup will still be held in Rotterdam stadium and not in the Amsterdam ArenA or elsewhere. There have been ideas of moving the final to the ArenA, but currently it is De Kuip.
  14. Think my previous was called 2.0