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  1. Tagging @Freddie Sands - can you help us out, please?
  2. Well, that is exactly why we put restrictions in place in the past - looks like it's done a U-Turn again. It was tested in internal saves and it didn't look bad at all.
  3. This happened post deadline I'm afraid. We had a deadline on March 2nd. eg. Grammozis was appointed on March 3rd
  4. if I show you our database, you won't see the same Not allowed to show this though But we will check it. Could this be happening to more BVB players too?
  5. Thanks, looks like a Philpp was created too and this didn't get caught out.
  6. Where does this show in game? The only thing we have on 27/6/2020 in the actual DB is runner up for Dortmund. So very peculiar!
  7. Definitely a typo Fixed. I don't see a relegation with the right Julian Brandt. Where does this appear?
  8. That is correct. Abdoul Camara is at Hoffenheim U19 with Belgian/Guinean nationality - born in Conakry. (FM player ID: 2000069211) Hmmm, looks like he got duplicated. Great :-( (FM player id: 18116093) @Fire_03- let's have a look to fix this - thanks mate!
  9. The next data release will be coming out soon. Unfortunately there is always a perpetual form of movement in the football world. With the previous update the Alaba move was not 100% official. It is now. For the next update, for example, we don't yet know who the new Bielefeld manager will be. And who knows what will happen in a few weeks. The instant a data update is released, it's already outdated.
  10. The start date of the game remains "1-9-2020" regardless of the update the ONLY exception is Moukoko, but the same age rules apply as before.
  11. We'll leave him out then. Now, let's end this at data issues which will/won't be fixed as we have no interest in such comments.
  12. My mistake. Footing changed for next update.
  13. The winter update has been released today!
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