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  1. This is an issue in FM20. This is not issue in FM21 - because what you are talking about has not fully finalized yet and we will have to wait and see which developments are to occur so that we can choose the path for the next game. CC my boss @Woodg SI - this saves you an e-mail. I'm happy to receive feedback from him where we are incompetent. Now I would prefer you to stop being plain rude, because we do ignore users that are just plain rude and disrespectful. Now, have a nice day - because I can again confirm once again that your suggestions will be taken on board. THank you.
  2. It doesn't matter right now as we work towards FM21. FM20 is done. As is this discussion.
  3. I did not take away his suitability as CM/DM. Pipe down please - DMC remains his natural position!
  4. Whether Leeds get promoted and whether or not he will actually transfer. What do you think? This is a future issue and not something that we can adjust just yet and this will appear in the future when FM21 gets released in retrospect there. It's a non issue at this particular moment.
  5. Well, we now will have to wait and see regarding Augustin and Leeds Utd for the moment. Reputations will be considered after the season/start of next season, this is something which is a little broader than entering a few missing players (which is also important!) and this is something we will discuss amongst the three of us German HR's and which will also be compiled in comparison to other leagues. Thank you for your input.
  6. What are you referring to please? As previously stated all issues in this thread have been taken into account.
  7. If you would like to help out for either (or both) please drop me a DM or send me an e-mail: Dutch research -> fmnederland@gmail.com German research -> footballmanagerdeutschland@gmail.com
  8. Head of Dutch and German Research

    If you would like to help out for either (or both) please drop me a DM or send me an e-mail:

    Dutch research -> fmnederland@gmail.com
    German reserach -> footballmanagerdeutschland@gmail.com

  9. I happened to spot this, and we will improve Davies in those categories.
  10. Agree as AML, he has also played AML mostly at Leverkusen.
  11. I would not add this unless if this is something that the player would say. There may have been something like this generally in the past... although several Germans have played in Italy before - so I'll see if this is something that has been set a bit too ambitiously.
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