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  1. Unfortunately I cannot move/transfer posts and threads etc. But two users have logged this issues in the Dutch Data Issues thread: when starting a new game with ajax a few times i've noticed that half the team wants to leave, and the other halve ends up wanting to leave because big clubs are bidding for them (7 mil for bazoer is rediculous 1 mil for Cerny 800k for de Ligt) for instance Bazoer explicitly told IRL that he did'nt want to leave this season (his agent said this too even when big clubs came) now he wants to leave no matter what. (man U, Real madrid, Barcelona bid not more than 8 mil) even when players won't get a chance at 1st team football they dont care. and refusing bids only makes it worse youth players at ajax should be wanting to stay and break trough to 1st to team not leaving without any prospect of playing 1st team.
  2. Already logged in the other forum! Thanks very much for mentioning this though. Not a great bug... Here now, sorry - sometimes it's confusing what goes where
  3. I have no idea, that doesn't sound right at all though. I have quoted your question in the following thread/forum:
  4. What is Anita's DL rating currently?
  5. Unfortunately we cannot accurately represent this. We have to make an estimation of what type of money is more or less "available" If we give Ajax 120.000.000 EUR as balance, it will be too easy to have this funnelled towards transfer budget and wages budgets. It's the actual "Cash" they have as opposed to more so the "Eigen Vermogen"
  6. Gery Vink is Director of Football at TEC and that weighs in more heavily than scout at Ajax. Logged, thank you! Slivka's wages are not clear and randomly generated by the game. I agree that it should never be in the range of 2.200 per week though! Looks like I made an error with FC Den Bosch. I have Brabant Utd. set as their B-team and registered as Derde Divisie Zondag team. I should rename this to Jong FC Den Bosch instead. I have logged this as well. Thank you, excellent find. We didn't add his date of birth, so this is now random. I have logged his correct details.
  7. You mean the picture of the trophy? Hmmm, that is not a research issue though - not something I deal with. I will log this though
  8. FM has stopped adding new leagues to the game for several years. I (and others) will create a file that edits the Tweede / Derde Divisies in though. What do you mean with the trophies? Can you please indicate what is wrong how it needs to be improved and provide evidence?
  9. I am responsible for Matic. Glad to see he has been doing well - which surprises me a little bit. Which attributes would you change? He slowly declined in Holland and actually struggled at times in the 2nd tier at NAC although he has showcased that he has good basic footballing skills.
  10. Formations: I agree. Don't think I have touched Van den Brom's formation for this edition - so if it was wrong before.... but yes, he plays with wingers at AZ so a 4-2-3-1 or similar would be better. With Bosz too, definitely a big nuance in this one. How would you describe motivational though - this is a tricky one. Gio seems a lot more introvert in his interviews where Bosz is a lot "tougher" - but who motivates players better...? Gio seems more reserved, whereas Bosz will openly praise - but mostly criticise players too. Has he been taking the right approach on Ziyech for example?
  11. Excellent information, thank you. I have logged all these issues. One note: Rob Maas (and Van der Vegt) has only happened recently, and was way after any deadline, so will not have been amended in time for the beta release. Had been logged, but not sure if this or anything else will make it. Also: Albers is Chairman of the RvC which is not possible to reflect - considering the following I have set Gerbrands as Chairman: similarly with Wijers.
  12. Thanks! Regarding Reza; I have only received him recently from previous researchers. (Belgium and Charlton) We have a rule that we do not massively alter players unless if they are completely falsely rated. Reza looks pretty decent as he is, perhaps slightly underrated. I agree on Alireza, he has actually taken corners at AZ too. We need to push this to a higher level indeed.
  13. @Stuart Milne For more information on Sjaak van den Helder: and also:
  14. Please post all issues here, I will do my best to answer each and every situation and if there are legitimate issues we will attempt to fix it. With that being said, I cannot make any guarantees. Happy to hear all feedback though, to the benefit of FM17... and beyond!
  15. Used to be an Irish footballer who was quite active in the OTF years ago... think he played for Bohemians - but I can't recall his name.