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  1. I'll be blunt here. Buy FM20 :-D It's not very much adjusted in FM19 - some amednments absolutely, but I don't believe this has been change hardcoded wise (I actually have no idea how it appears in the editor/actual game code by the way) - I just enter it in specific fields in my database, so if I consider that - I'm not sure if we can "un-hardcode" it.
  2. This will be overhauled for FM20. There was a decision made to not enter thousands of cities (or rather small towns) - and I had added all municipalities over time. I've started to get annoyed with the mass merging of municipailities which are forming into too large areas. One could say Rijssen-Holten is an example of such. So, I have been adding literally hundreds of cities and will be changing this information. Do bear with me, there might be a slip up here and there, but this is definitely on the radar. There may be newgens in future from incredibly small villages such as Rhee for example (Population 35) ;-)
  3. Quite probably. Cannot tell for sure yet, but likely.
  4. For Holland Typos: Danique Kerkdijk Desiree van Lunteren POB: Renate Jansen -> Haarlemmermeer (Abbenes not yet in DB) Lineth Beerensteijn -> Den Haag Ellen Jansen -> Hof van Twente (Markelo not yet in DB)
  5. Think again :-) https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/andre-krul/profil/spieler/71123 https://www.noordhollandsdagblad.nl/cnt/dmf20190503_91866183/avontuurlijke-doelman-andre-krul-geniet-van-zijn-rol-bij-ajax?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic https://www.linkedin.com/in/andre-krul-bb021390/?originalSubdomain=nl
  6. There won't be any leagues added, it's been like this for several years and I'm afraid it won't change in the foreseeable future unfortunately.
  7. Fixed for FM2020! I may have to merge it into De Friese Meren - but I don't like where the country is going with all this combinations of cities and even muni's merging into bigger ones. This was a decision years ago to not flood the database with very small villages, but it's starting to concern/annoy me now.
  8. Yes, I plan to add more - cannot give you a set number - but I current;y have a list of a few hundred more to add and I am to have as many squads as possible updated for FM20. Having said that, Eredivisie and KKD are the only one required. I want the Tweede Divisie too. Derde Divisie is a nice to have and already lower priority, as are the levels below.
  9. The actual problem is that the role should have seen him extracted but it didn't. Anyway, thanks for your input. I have some time on my hands during this period of 'void' in between FM19 and FM20 - so you've triggered my frustration on this aspect and I will look for an option so that I can destroy all academy scout roles - some will have slipped through before due to time contraints.
  10. The bigger club generally trumps the smaller club - although we are investigating roles at multiple clubs I would rather have a person as a non playing staff member at a playable club than a player at a non-playable club. Which could still occur despite his move to DOVO. Unfortunately there has been an issue of academy scouts not being extracted into the game in the past - which is really annoying. This is a relatively new role, but it had been decided that this role would ultimately not appear in the game for FM18 (and FM19) - we'll have to wait and see how to resolve this in the future. I had requested to change all academy scouts into regular scouts, but this idea was shot down unfortunately.
  11. @Ben Kenney Hi Ben, I'd like some clarification as to why this has been deferred to me when this is not a database/research issue. The future transfer has been set to € 75 million, This area of finances is not up to me.
  12. We have had issues with the non-player roles and this has caused some changes not to be adjusted. This one is on me though.:(
  13. Several players have had updates, including Bergwijn. It may not have been as much as eg. Ajax - but that wasn't deemed necessary.
  14. But this is not a database issue. I can't just add 75m to the funds and then have the transfer happen - and have another high amount included. I'm not sure why this is being referred to here.
  15. He hasn't??? Edit - I see the issue. We have Sebastiaan as an academy scout for Vitesse. Even though he is not 'deleted' - he does not get extracted.
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