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  1. Yeah, he's just so terribly slow he's utter useless. Of course mate. He only has 19 pace and acceleration. Worst player ever!!!!! What should his wages be? It's possible we added one "0" too many.... so this will be amended. We fixed this, but only per July - but this will be accurate as per FM 2022.
  2. Why does he use first names for all the players, except for the three DC's? (Blind/De Ligt/De Vrij) ?
  3. Sunday 20 June Group A: Italy vs Wales (17:00, Rome) 2-0 Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (17:00, Baku) 2-1 Monday 21 June Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (17:00, Amsterdam) 0-2 Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (17:00, Bucharest) 1-1 Group B: Russia vs Denmark (20:00, Copenhagen) 1-1 Group B: Finland vs Belgium (20:00, St Petersburg) 1-2 Tuesday 22 June Group D: Czech Republic vs England (20:00, London) 1-1 Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (20:00, Glasgow) 2-0 NAP Wednesday 23 June Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (17:00, Seville) 0-1 Group E: Sweden vs Po
  4. Wednesday 16 June Group B: Finland 0-2 Russia (14:00, St Petersburg) Group A: Turkey 2-1 Wales (17:00, Baku) Group A: Italy 2-1 Switzerland (20:00, Rome) Thursday 17 June Group C: Ukraine 3-0 North Macedonia (14:00, Bucharest) Group B: Denmark 0-3 Belgium (17:00, Copenhagen) Group C: Netherlands 2-1 Austria (20:00, Amsterdam) NAP Friday 18 June Group E: Sweden 2-1 Slovakia (14:00, St Petersburg) Group D: Croatia 2-0 Czech Republic (17:00, Glasgow) Group D: England 2-0 Scotland (20:00, London) Saturday 19 June Group F: Hungary 0-6 France (14:00, Bud
  5. Marco van Basten is such a salty grumpy bugger.. although U2 were dull as mad really.
  6. Andrea Bocelli already better than the match will be. But the match will be better than U2 to be fair.
  7. Donny van de Beek is injured and out of the Euros. No replacement called up. Duhhh....
  8. Tonight, another match to bottle as we face Georgia.
  9. Friday 11 June Group A: Turkey vs Italy (20:00, Rome) 1-0 NAP Saturday 12 June Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (14:00, Baku) 1-2 Group B: Denmark vs Finland (17:00, Copenhagen) 2-0 Group B: Belgium vs Russia (20:00, St Petersburg) 2-1 Sunday 13 June Group D: England vs Croatia (14:00, London) 1-0 Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (17:00, Bucharest) 3-1 Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (20:00, Amsterdam) 1-1 Monday 14 June Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (14:00, Glasgow) 1-2 Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (17:00, St Petersburg) 2-0 Group E: Spain v
  10. Agreed. This was set by the previous HR. Kittel is two footed ,but I agree - he takes the set pieces with right so that is a clear preference.
  11. I understand that the club records have been annulled, but there are situation where the players´ achievements etc. still get counted. So I just need to verified that this is 100% FA confirmed, yearbooks, soccerwaywhoscoredopta etc etc. are in unison.
  12. He still played the games though? What is the official common stance, do the actual players apps appear here and there? (eg. yearbooks, websites) ?
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