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  1. Looks correct to me. Donny vd Beek has played 61 games for Ajax and a bunch for Jong Ajax. There is a differentiation in the fact that the Jong Ajax games do not count towards Ajax games. You can argue for adding those - you can argue against it. :-) Maybe it would be neater if we specify Donny has played 61 games for the Ajax first team - but that would mean code change and that is not in my hands
  2. Ferdi has not declared, but his original/official - first nationality is considered Dutch. I'll look into the Kokcu's. Thanks!
  3. This is not the place to be discussing this matter - although I understand it is an item; and that's why I don't mind touching on it. But please keep the things to research issues. This item would be better off here on in some general transfer fees are buggered thread
  4. I have been told the take over problem has been resolved, according to the coders; it will probably require a new save though.
  5. Well, use something at least. The current outgoing transfers in the Eredivisie are making no sense. Lozano for 14 million to Benfica?? Are you serious?? Frenkie de Jong for 15 million to Tottenham? Where is the realism guys? Both transfers in the first transferwindow as well... This needs a fix, playing in the Eredivisie makes no sense with these transfers. Btw im playing FMT! Again. I am not responsible for transfer values. I cannot set these. You have already logged it here as well as have other people. Thank you. ->
  6. There's still a few more items for me to respond to, which I will do later.
  7. All these stadium names have been set in the DB - I think there's a translation issue in there somewhere - so I will log this. With capacity obviously.
  8. This annoys me. I mean we might miss, or sometimes not know an attribute - so yeah the AI will automatically generate a number. It's a bit **** that he only gets 1 though. Although we probably should have set something for Denzel, the AI should probably have understood that it should have been at least.... 7 or 8 or so (And that's obviously still very low)
  9. This is how I received him from Germany, I haven't seen enough of him to make major adjustments but we will look into him for future updates Already after final deadline. Too late for inclusion am taking @Chef Raekwon 's suggestions on board. I had logged the records, but I suppose they weren't deemed important enough to have them still included unfortunately. They should have been set for future updates and games. Something to set by me it seems - good call. Unfortunately it seems this hasn't been fixed, although I did log it.
  10. Thank you. This was too late to implement. We don't do all the amateur connections as connected clubs. I was given Bero like this by the Turkish researcher. He does feel more like an AMC, so will give it look for future updates. Requested for future updates, thanks! Yeah, we looked into and have the possiblity to set multiple assistant managers - but unfortunately the game still doesn't handle it. Requested for future updates, thanks! Has been reported a million times ;-) But fixed! Mentioned before, and fixed! Transfermarkt is not something we can really use as it's not fully correct. I however don't set transfer values as part of research. Fixed I had requested this, but looks it hasn't been set by the coders anymore perhaps due to time restraints. Thank you :-)
  11. I have already logged this issue as you can see above - and Stephen is looking into it. We (I) have lowered RvP's physical attributes as I believe he cannot play 90 minutes per game when there are several matches in a short period. This is a natural regression. With easy training and occasionially resting him - he should definitely be a key factor for your team though. The transfers of JPB and Amrabat contributed to € 6 million in total (as base transfer fee, not the actual amount that the club receives) - which doesn't have a lot of effect on their transfer possibilities. Feyenoord haven't been linked to many other "big" incoming transfers at the start of the season. I might tone up some finances if a lot of things happen during the winter break - but for the moment I don't believe they have a lot more to spend.
  12. I have no idea. @Stephen Davidson @David Siddall
  13. I'm left handed but I'm right footed ;-) For me it feels like he does some things on instinct with his left foot. Will check!
  14. Will respond to all things from the last several days, in the next few days. (Y)
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