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  1. Used to be an Irish footballer who was quite active in the OTF years ago... think he played for Bohemians - but I can't recall his name.
  2. Hey, that would be our USA researcher Al. I'm not sure if he's already on-board for the new forums - but you can find his profile here:
  3. No problem! I have created those teams in their basicness. Had put Enschedese Boys in there already, as they play somewhat higher - but I have added the others. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Great stuff, thank you!
  5. 50 is a big improvement. Would be grand if we could manually set this ourselves - but 50 is probably ideal anyway.
  6. I will look into this, and also fix Stegeman. He was at Heracles in 2008, but definitely not as manager probably an override due to a date typo. Thanks for spotting! Fixed, thanks
  7. Blaczsczsczszczykowski saved
  8. Portugal off to the semi finals after 5 draws? (not including the ET goal against Croatia)
  9. Penalties, yay!
  10. Pitch invasion. Most exciting thing of the last hour or so?
  11. Poland 0-0 Portugal (0-1 aet) Wales 1-2 Belgium Germany 2-0 Italy France 2-0 Iceland
  12. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. WOW! This is insane.
  13. Oh my absolute goodness...
  14. Cheers, he is not in my DB. I have no idea about this fella to be quite blunt. Feel free to create him.