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  1. Thanks! We did increase Martinez a bit, compared to FM21, and an improvement in quite some important areas. He had a CA of 133 there. There might be a bit of room to increase him by 3-4 points perhaps for the winter break, but I don't see that much more gain coming from him. Neres is difficult to judge, as well as Antony because they are still quite inconsistent. Just when you consider lowering Neres, he actually does some good stuff too. I'm not convinced who is the better one. At least Berghuis has moved to the centre so we can compare Neres and Antony some more. We might see Antony overtake Neres for the winter update. I had strong doubts about Ünüvar, but he really stepped (back) up in the past few weeks. The beta data is a couple weeks old, and we decided to increase him - so he'll be a bit better for the final release. The youth facilities have a rating of Youth facilities 17 Youth coaching 19, youth recruitment 19, youth importance 20 out of 20 --- making it one of the absolute best facilities and systems in the world. Facility wise there's no comparison to eg. Man City. I'm a big fan of Gravenberch personally by the way, but I do think he should start getting even better than now - it's slowly time for him to mature more. So hopefully he will make that step up - he is the complete package.
  2. How often have you seen him play this season, in between being banned and injured? Stick to factual and argumentative debating and lose the snide comments, thanks.
  3. Being the son of a "legend" doesn't automatically make one good. How about Joe van der Sar or Frenkie Overmars? He has the technique and possibly the skills to play higher than the Dutch 2nd tier, but he wouldn't be a given starter on any team in the Eredivisie. Maybe one or two in the bottom. The same can be said now in Italy. He was a free transfer and he earnt relatively low wages so he's a good gamble to pick up.
  4. The hight end of -8 PA is too high. This would make him a Dutch International and I don't see it happening. (But never say never) - Some of the other points definitely make sense - he did have some fitness issues but as confirmed by SoloTitano his ip/nat fit has been looked at. Good post by the way
  5. Regeer - Nope, he has a 20 rating for DMC and is more defensive and also very skillful as DR so he is fine. Aning - has 13 in pace/acceleration - might push this up for the winter update, want to see him 1-2 more times haven't really evaluated him strongly myself, but my assistant has Rasmussen - We see him more as an outside player coming in. He is sort of in-between Dall - we did tweak him for the full game release but still main position AML Agougil - isn't he more a defender though? We will check him for the winter release of course Misehouy - will chcek Aad - have not seen him play there, but possibly. Also will check Kalakoh too - he does have 15 for ST so can play there Verhaar -> This is unfortunately impossible. (It's annoying, as there are more cases not just in Holland - but FM does not allow this.)
  6. Not if he is very much linked to Vitesse as a preferred supplier, he had several instagram photos with the Vitesse players/selections. Same for external physios who work with clubs. They will simply put have a one-year business agreement for example, to get renewed or not.
  7. He has 17 for pace, so that's really fast. We don't believe his style of play warrants a much different rating. You can always argue about 1 point but that's not going to change much. We will also have to see whether he remains (as) fast coming back from his injury.
  8. Thanks, had set it the other way around with the full game release. Cannot adjust Johannes Spors anymore. It's always a bit difficult as sometimes the role also vary per team. In FM we actually can also set specific tasks to the staff member, so a TD could be a DOF - but to be fair I have not done that. The Yuri Cornelisse situation is not clear (to me) so I have kind of kept there - in that sense that he has an external fitness company and is potentially still doing things with the club as reason. Maybe you can confirm, or deny this?
  9. Everything since Monday morning is not going to make it in the game.
  10. That's correct. They were under Löw previously but they are back in contention. This has been fixed for the full release.
  11. Thanks! Fixed for Game release: Dotchev has been set Not fixed for game release: Kalig; he is a free agent but we haven't retired him yet. I have now set this. Kämpfe and Jähnigen adjusted Not (really) possible: - Stadium capacity information has been given to us by the licensing. - Can't set two youth stadiums. Do you have any idea if this will continue? It "feels" like one is more a match stadium and the other is more a fitness/prepation location? Any thoughts on the future? - I can renamed the Rasenplatz into one for example. Question: The FDGB Cup, I'm not a connaisseur of the old German leagues & cups... we have a current GDR Cup for reference, this was won by GFC Dynamo in 1958/59 (beating Aue) and 1959/60 it was won by Jena. Is this the same one? (This will save me some Google time to be honest) Is this another one? You do mention Aue winning it in 1959... If we need to add old leagues, this is possible - but is this information easily available? We will check this, for winter / future updates.
  12. Thanks, we won't be able to do this for the game release anymore but I have requested he gets sent over to Bayern as per start of season database wise
  13. Indeed, this should be Kosovo. I have requested for a change for future release.
  14. Yes. That is bizarre. We have Dardai set as most overall games 373 and most league games 297. I have no idea how Holger Brück is there
  15. This will be per the full game release, not in the beta.
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