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  1. Cold at the moment. 99.99999% gone. I have specifically set something in our database that makes it impossible to do a take over. So unless there's some kind of wrong line of coding somewhere it's not possible, so 99.99999%. (Never exclude miracles)
  2. Not yet, will look into it. It's not high profile - but will get it sorted - don't worry :-)
  3. Cheers mate, the years' tables were butchered. Put the points before for and against tables so it's a bit off. Fixed for FM21.
  4. ^^^^ Technically this thread is for issues regarding FM20 and not FM21. @lbowman6
  5. Added, we spotted these two already
  6. Exactly. It also doesn't really mention the benefits and the way the deal is established. This would actually be better here too haha
  7. I mentioned before that all issues in this thread were taken care of So you can expect him for sure. Thanks!
  8. We don't add internships, but will look into Ronald de Boer. It was a bit unclear whether he had an actual "prope"role. Will have a look-over for FM21.
  9. Yes that makes sense. We have actually already added him after the FM20 cycle, so expect him to be there in the future
  10. Are they all there through to the 2020-21 season? (Contract dates 30/6/2021?)
  11. If you would like to help out for either (or both) please drop me a DM or send me an e-mail: Dutch research -> fmnederland@gmail.com German research -> footballmanagerdeutschland@gmail.com
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