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  1. Are those common phrases outside of FM? The game was the first place i encountered them being used.
  2. As the title says, a player (let's called him player X) got injured when slide tackling another player (player Y). However, the commentary said that the injury was caused by player Y, who had the ball, not a result of the challenge by player X. Uploaded 'CommentaryBug.pkm' to the SI cloudservice, injury happens as 38:04 in the match
  3. I'm collecting .pkm examples when I see them, just waiting until the end of the current season so as to have a good amount of files
  4. BSC Young Boys made a €2.4m bid for Alavés' player Mubarak Wakaso in October 2018, outside of the Swiss transfer window. Somehow the player is signed despite this, even though he can't be registered until the winter transfer window opens. I think this might be a bug because the league rules state Under-21 players trained in Switzerland for 3 years between 15th and 21st birthdays can be registered between 10 June and 31 March, however Wakaso doesn't meet this requirement as he hadn't played for a Swiss club before. Bid is put in on 15 October and transfer goes through on 18 October. Savefile "last save overwrite backup (v03).fm" from 14 October uploaded to the SI cloudservice
  5. On the other hand, the Crossing attribute is described as a lot simpler than that, just "reflects the ability to cross the ball accurately from wide areas". You can train passing and shooting individually, when similar arguments can be made for needing to learn to do so while under pressure, so I don't understand why crossing would/should be held to a different standard.
  6. Playing as a leading German 3.Liga side against a mid-table Verbandsliga (6th tier) team, their players, despite terrible tackling attributes, managed an utterly absurd 90% tackling success rate (37/41 tackles won; was 100% success rate until the very end of the game). Their central midfielder is rated between 1-3 in tackling, yet managed 12 tackles at 100% success. I'd also be curious to know what the tackling attributes of the other players are too. Tackling success rates in general in FM19 are overpowered, especially for teams sitting deep in their own half rather than attempting to attack. It would be very disappointing if this wasn't rectified in FM20. This issue was also raised in another thread that hasn't had an SI response other than asking for .PKM files. Uploaded "Zeiskam v Kaiserslautern.pkm" to the SI cloudservice
  7. At the moment you can set a minimum length in the pre-game editor, but that's a hassle and sometimes you only feel like answering one or two questions (I see a lot of comments from other people saying they want to get them over with quickly) , while after an important match, for instance, you might feel like a longer press conference would be in order—I tend to enjoy the press conferences in the game, so I'd choose long ones whenever possible! While I expect not all of the questions from a longer conference would be totally relevant (After a lot of games, one of the two questions as is are "how do you get on with so and so manager?"), it's kind of disappointing to only get a couple of questions when the screen says 6 expected journalists in attendance. I think a feature like this, where you can select the desired length of the press conference from the inbox screen, would be beneficial. I've added three default lengths to choose from in this quick mockup—short (1–2 questions), medium (3–5) and long (6–8) as well as a custom (click to enter a number) length if you want to be crazy and answer 200 questions in one sitting.
  8. I tend to find that a good amount of staff my II team have on their shortlist are staff I'm already trying to sign for the first team, too.
  9. A couple of questions regarding training, firstly is there any specific reason that II team training is greyed out? Secondly, my team cohesion seems to be improving only very slowly if at all and always seems to be "hasn't seen much change in recent matches" - is that the intended behaviour or a bug?
  10. Didn't realise I had kit textures in the wrong order, fixed it after the match started and somehow only a few players changed their kits to the correct (grey) ones And from the same match, my team did a good job scoring two goals very quick in succession
  11. I strongly think that they should at least be able to fluctuate slightly over the course of an FM save. Not so much that San Marino becomes a wonderkid factory, but enough for a large, somewhat underperforming, country like Russia, Romania or Ukraine to climb up the ranks if enough clubs invest into youth/training facilities, and eventually rival Germany, Spain, England in terms of producing talent
  12. Been reported in the bugs forum a couple of times, so SI are already aware
  13. @Christopher Lewis hi, any update on this bug? Slight correction on the previous info, the bug happens when I go from Pitch view to Tactics/Analysis/Stats/Updates and back (or Pitch>any of their submenus>Pitch). Each time it will move the AssMan Feedback panel up by 1 pixel.
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