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  1. This is because of licensing restrictions; the Netherlands national team has the same issue. Contact the facepack maker and they might be able to help you
  2. Some clubs, especially lower-level ones or those who only have a home and away kit with no third kit, sometimes use their away/third kits as options for the GK kit, or sometimes even the home kit in away matches (e.g. Sampdoria's GK comes to mind) when the outfield players are wearing the change strip. A "Use as GK kit option" tickbox for each outfield kit could be useful in this regard, especially where the club only have one (or none) GK-specific kits. I'm sure there are a littany of examples if you need any
  3. This isn't a bug. English clubs can only offer contracts to a player from another English club if they're in the last month of their contract. Clubs from other countries can offer in the last 6 months.
  4. One thing I've noticed is that you'll occasionally see AI clubs' youth/reserve teams interested in a player (e.g. "Dortmund II" or "Porto B" will be listed under the "wanted" label), but if you're the manager of the senior team then you don't have that option. Here are some suggestions I have to improve this area: Option for "Add to shortlist/Declare Interest" > U23/II/B Team/etc > For Transfer/Loan" - this can affect media stories and social feed posts about a player and the player's interest in a transfer - e.g. a 17 year old might be interested in a U23 team expressing intere
  5. You'll need to upload a save file (either from before the promise was made or before the transfer bid) for SI to investigate this
  6. I think OP means that before the interaction, the Relationship/Opinion was Very Close/Highest Regard, but when the interaction was initiated it changed to No Relationship/Opinion. When the game is continued, the Relationship/Opinion changes back to Very Close/Highest Regard.
  7. Player conversation histories being intentionally removed is a very disappointing answer as well, it was a feature I often used when praising/criticising training, because if you so much as dare speak to a player one time too many in a given month, the player then is "sTaRtInG tO dEvElOp CoNcErNs AbOuT hOw HiS mAnAgEr Is TrEaTiNg HiM". 🙄🙄🙄
  8. Worth reporting as a bug, upload a save from before you sold the player.
  9. Away team scored a penalty at the 62 min mark, then a minute later scored another goal (it wasn't disallowed, no offside/foul or anything), but that goal didn't show in the match stats, scoreline or match report. Ghost goal is at the 63:00 min mark. Thalkirchen v Neuburg.pkm
  10. @Neil Brock Could this be answered please? The ME team not replying in order to spend more time developing the ME is one thing, and understandable, but .PKM files not even being downloaded?? I can go into almost any Match Engine bugs thread from the past 3+ months and find .PKM files that have no downloads.
  11. Would be a good feature request https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/353-football-manager-pcmac/
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