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  1. I find it really disappointing and immersion-breaking how some of the press conference dialogue offers "Manager X is one of the good guys in football", "I consider him a friend", "I'm looking forward to a drink with him after the match" options yet the only real interaction you can have with another manager is when a loan player is getting far less gametime than they were promised.
  2. autohoratio

    Transfer Rumours

    It's still there in FM18. Go to the league profile and it's under the "News" dropdown with Headlines and Transfer Rumours
  3. I didn't choose my manager's preferred formation when I created the profile before the start of the savegame. When trying to select a preferred formation or 2nd preferred formation with the dropdown in the in-game editor, it stays as a blank field. The dropdown for the preferred defensive and attacking formation works, however when confirming the changes and reopening the editor window those changes aren't saved. Additionally, the dropdown for preferred defensive formation doesn't have as many formation options as the other three dropdowns – is this intentional?
  4. To add to this feature request, I think it would be useful to see how the club we're managing compares to the top producing clubs.
  5. autohoratio

    [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Omar Hamid (93054351) has erroneous data for a different player with the same name who doesn't have a profile. In FM18 he's listed as playing for Hittarps IK and previously IFK Göteborg; however it was a different player who played for Hittarps. The correct information for the two players should be as follows: * Omar Hamid Abdallah (93054351); DoB 1997/12/10; Clubs: IFK Göteborg (2013-2015); Kungsbacka IF (2018-present) References: 1, 2, 3 *Omar Khalid Hamid (no UID); DoB 1997/01/05; Clubs: Högaborgs BK (first club, 2013 or before-2015), Hittarps IFK (2016/01/01[?]-2017/11/22[?]), Torns IF (2017/12/22[?]-present) References: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [?] around uncertain dates