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  1. autohoratio

    More control over camera views

    IMO the current camera views are too restrictive; there's no way to get a 3D vertical view, which is something I would use a lot as the 2D classic player icons are far too big on a 1440p monitor and Data Analyst view (the next closest option) only offers so much flexibility. Allowing player customisation of the camera's rotation, x and y axis would also help a lot during free kick/corner routines, for example, as a lot of the time when a player who recieves a cross can be obscured by another player; the additional camera options would negate having to cycle through the camera views to get a clearer angle.
  2. More info on this subissue; the view is zoomed in every single time that tactical changes get applied. Using Sideline view at max camera height, full match.
  3. I don't disagree there, but despite noticing passes going out of play more I'm still achieving 80-85+% pass completion so my players clearly know how to keep the ball well enough that way. The opposition have far worse passing stats which is understandable as most of the division is your standard two-banks-of-4 Contain setup with terrible in-possession attributes. Do you feel the amount of attempted and successful tackles is thereabouts realistic? I can't help but think that, if it isn't the entire league being world-class BWMs, that they simply get dispossessed like Sunday League players up against a PL side.
  4. I'm managing lower division teams than I normally would when initially having bought the game, so it might just be the drop in talent resulting in this, or simply confirmation bias, but am I mad to think that the amount of passes that go out of play is too high? I can't remember it being anywhere close to this high in previous iterations, however I can't really compare to RL football as the standard of football I'm managing at in FM is lower than the type I usually watch IRL. That and the amount of tackles being made which also feels too high; both in amount attempted and completed (basically every game is 100% successful for one team and 85+% for the other. Admittedly I need to do more research to see if the amount attempted is realistic though) – has the spirit of N'Golo possessed every player in the game or again is it just confirmation bias on my part?
  5. The 'Action Zones' and 'Assistant Analysis/Feedback' (highlighted) panels will, many times throughout the match, move up several pixels by themselves during the match when I go to the tactics tab and back to the pitch tab. If I don't move the panels back, the AA/F panel will start overlapping the Body Language panel and AZ will end halfway up Player Performance panel. I think it might also happen sometimes in between highlights where tactical changes have been made, but I'm not sure. When this happens, my view is also zoomed in for some reason. First screenshot is regular position, second screenshot is after they've moved (or to be precise, after they've moved, I moved them back again and then repeated the issue). I play on a 2560x1440 monitor in windowed mode. Graphics settings attached if they're of any relevance.
  6. autohoratio

    THROW-INS players don't stay at the right positions

    This issue is extremely annoying. Somewhat relevant is another bug, in that one side (e.g. left throw-ins) you're unable to drag the taker to a different position, whereas on the opposite side (e.g. right throw-ins) you can drag the taker. Can SI please comment on this bug? The general communication from SI has been very lacklustre this year
  7. The red arrow would in that case only point slightly down (mirroring the angle of the green arrows) rather than straight down
  8. It's a long-term plan, I don't see a problem with that
  9. Uploaded the save as 'testfile1', I can upload a file from before the contract was offered if needed
  10. autohoratio

    [Germany] Data Issues

    yes, see my post above - whoever added their kit data chose to add a red square on the back of the shirt, however that feature was disabled since FM18 (it would be nice to know why this is) so it only shows up as fully white on the back. Since FCK's kit isn't able to be accurately portrayed in-game regardless due to the limited kit selection available, there are two options if shirt back features won't be re-enabled; swapping foreground and background colours around and choosing 'PSG' style shirt design instead ieven if it means losing the white sleeves; or red numbers on the white back.
  11. Shows how much I've been paying attention to how that instruction affects my players then; I always thought it was telling them to move into the half-spaces/vertical gaps between the opposition defenders
  12. autohoratio

    [Germany] Data Issues

    having looked at the team's editor data I see that the back-of-shirt options for 'same as front' and 'blank square' still don't work in this year's game. That's disappointing, since I remember reading a staffer say SI were considering re-enabling that feature...
  13. autohoratio

    [Germany] Data Issues

    Not sure if this issue goes in this thread or in match engine; the shirt name/numbers 1. FC Kaiserslautern home kit are the same colour as the back of the shirt and thus are invisible
  14. Sorry if this was already reported, I couldn't find which forum would be most appropriate to post this bug in. I've offered Böhme a job as a first team coach, which he has accepted. However the above news headline appears in the social feed. His staff profile says he has a preference to be a manager in his next role which might be contributing to this issue
  15. I'm still not sure how to feel about the changes to individual training for FM19. Some of the changes are useful, but now being unable to train heading, crossing, dribbling, tackling, can't train any individual GK attributes, or finishing/first touch/etc by themselves is a bit frustrating tbh