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  1. I think that slightly ironic when Neil's statement of "we're sorry you feel that way" and conflating popularity with quality didn't exactly address community concerns and came across as a press release rather than a sincere attempt to talk with the community, in my opnion. However, I understand that Neil is restricted in what he can (and is encouraged to) and cannot say. If there is one particular reason the falling on deaf ears comment is mentioned often in these forums, I believe it's because Miles as game director (this isn't intended as a personal dig, just an observation based on what the outside world sees of SI's business model that evidently seems to be doing fairly well given the increase in players year-on-year) appears to have a "grand vision" for the game series over the course of the coming years, and any feedback/suggestions that don't directly slot into that vision tend to be dismissed or ignored. I'm willing to accept any reasons why those suggestions/feedback get ignored, why SI thinks they would/wouldn't benefit the game and why they choose certain development routes that might make one feature/addition/change unreasonable, but apart from comments on his twitter feed it's mostly silence. Again, not intended as personal attacks, just observations that I hope can help improve community dialogue and benefit the series in the future
  2. I'd like to add another available pitch shape to this suggestion: I remember an interview with a manager a couple of years ago (I can't remember who sadly), where they introduced a hexagonal or rhombus pitch shape in training, which essentially removed the ability to force play out wide or play from the wings and instead focus on possession play through the middle of the pitch. I don't know exactly whether it would be realistic or feasible to introduce or even how it would be possible, but it's something that I've wondered about quite a few times. 7v7 or 5v5 pitches would also be interesting. Examples of "hexagonal" training pitch shapes below, whether or not these shapes would be useful I have no idea
  3. Can't agree with this suggestion enough. I've had a few cases where a player with a high skill ceiling wasn't being played on loan and the manager promised to play him more but never did anything. I'd love to have a proper talk with the manager about it, perhaps even have the ability to talk to their club's chairman if the manager is being completely unreasonable, and maybe drop a strongly-worded hint to them that you'll send a message to young players' agents to avoid a certain manager/club because they won't give playing time to hot prospects.
  4. Purely anecdotal evidence here but I've watched a few games where a manager giving the 4th official a talking to when the added time is announced led to the referee blowing the whistle before the time is up or letting play continue for a significant amount of time afterwards. If players on the pitch can swarm around the referee to protest a decision (even if they only end up influencing the ref to be more lenient/more strict in future decisions) I think allowing the manager to protest would be logical as well. It would add a welcome layer of depth for a manager with low temperament (maybe Conte, Mourinho or Simeone for example) raging at the 4th official and getting sent off, or even having the ability to shout at the VAR official to try and persuade the on-pitch referee to review the VAR screen.
  5. To be honest (and just my opinion of course), is there any reason not to lock this thread already? Everything to be said about the match engine has already been said so many times it would be beating a dead horse to vocalise complaints any more. There's still 6 months to go before the usual release date and with no plans from SI to update FM20 any further it's not like the consensus is going to change. The lockdown/quarantine should be the ideal time to completely immerse myself in playing FM, but the ME has completely killed any desire to play the game anymore. Sad.
  6. Read the message again. "I believe the player is no longer worried about being replaced following the departure of Randell Williams from the club" report the bug in the UI subforum, OP
  7. No, there was an update to FM19 recently, within the last week. The updated files within the game are to: ads.fmf graphics.fmf panels.fmf ui animations.fmf
  8. I've been thinking about PPMs/player traits over the past few days, and I believe that it would be beneficial for Player Instructions to expanded to include most PPMs, so that rather than having to train a player to (for example) Run With Ball Down Right Flank or Like To Beat Offside Trap, you could set it for the player's role in their Player Instructions, and a player who already has those PPMs, instead of attempting that more often, is merely better at doing so. Currently if a player has the "Tries Killer Balls Often" PPM, they'll literally try it whenever possible, but in my proposal a player with that PPM would only try it more often if it's set as a PI, but would be more competent at playing killer balls than if the same player didn't have the PPM. Being able to set the PPMs as PIs instead would also be beneficial to playing certain styles of football, like "Plays One-Twos" for possession football or breaking down a parked bus. Perhaps PPMs could change from the current binary toggle to a 0-20 system like attributes, as well (or just a 1-5 scale if 1-20 is too precise) - a player with 1 set for Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble would be worse at doing that and more prone to hoofing the ball upfield than a player with 5 or 20, a player with 1 for Attempts Overhead Kicks will struggle to hit them well, and a player with 1 for Tries Long Range Free Kicks will struggle à la CR7 even if they have good technical attributes Thoughts?
  9. But according to this article, he is still set to join Kortrijk on 17 March (it was a pre-contract deal where he would join after he turned 18 on 5 March, so he had never officially joined Kortrijk yet) https://www.nst.com.my/sports/football/2020/01/560034/luqman-train-selangor-cardiff-stint-postponed And this article from last Friday corroborates the same, albeit he is still in Malaysia due to the Coronavirus outbreak. https://www.vocketfc.com/luqman-hakim-tunda-penerbangan-ke-eropah-ekoran-penularan-wabak-covid-19/
  10. I'm not part of the research team, I wanted to point out this thread isn't the place for posting missed-out transfers. FrazT is just a forum moderator here and not a research team member. The research team *should* check if you post the transfers in these threads, but for what it's worth I agree with you that not having any researchers provide a response when feedback is given or data issues are raised isn't good (I have plenty of experience with that unfortunately). https://community.sigames.com/topic/495344-south-korea-data-issues For Ki Sung Yueng transfer https://community.sigames.com/topic/495372-germany-data-issues/ For Lee Chung-Yong transfer
  11. edit: ignore, wrong player with similar name
  12. +1 to this. Playing on a 1440p monitor, I'd love to have this camera view. The current 2D view just doesn't feel right to me
  13. I seem to remember reading a few years ago that stats providers nowadays (or at least one of them) use a combination of time with the ball plus number of passes, maybe with another metric as well (e.g. making it a "Meaningful possession" stat by making timewasting count for 0.5 of a posession).
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