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  1. There have been several threads suggesting that idea. Are you looking in only one subforum (reviewed suggestions get moved to a separate subforum)?
  2. I posted a feature request last year for a similar type of thing to the one you're suggesting here:
  3. On the same day in-game... (no continuing between screenshots) 🤔
  4. I seem to recall seeing someone from SI say finishing didn't matter for the penalty itself, but instead for converting a rebound from a possible saved penalty
  5. Ah yes, a productive loan spell. (His loan contract was as a Regular Starter, but their manager decided he never wanted to play him apart from in friendlies... and refused to budge on the issue when I asked him to fulfill the expected playing time...)
  6. I like playing with teams who have unique names, so perhaps Chaco For Ever in Argentina's third tier (I think you'd need a database addon as iirc the default database only goes down to the 2nd tier) would be up your alley if you want a hard challenge.
  7. Of course, but there comes a point where that much self-flattery will only set people up for disappointment.
  8. Maybe if the game's marketing didn't describe it as "unrivalled simulation gaming", the "closest thing to being a real manager", "a living, breathing game world of unparalleled realism" that "achieves football authenticity that other football games can only aspire to", peoples' expectations would be tempered.
  9. I think if you add [Discussion] to the thread title, it will indicate to the SI staff that you're not making a direct suggestion, but want to talk about the features that instead. From the Feature Requests forum heading:
  10. Keeping in mind as well that the size of the newgen faces in the video is ~4x the size of them in profiles in-game, I think the hair is definitely good enough. Happy with the improvement for FM21.
  11. I think it was @Weston who brought it up in every "FM20XX feature wishlist" thread for the past few years but it's one I've been wanting for just as long
  12. From a bug report thread - SI devs have said players will only look to play low crosses under limited circumstances. But it is/was under review as a possible bug, because player should still be attempting them when the opportunity arises, but because of player behaviours (e.g. dawdling allowing their marking full back to catch up) that opportunity almost never arises.
  13. Do you think "Uses first touch to control aerial balls instead of jumping for headers" would be a useful PPM addition? The amount of times players refuse to do that when attacking corners in FM20 makes me wish it was in the game :P
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