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  1. This is a perfect example of the terrible crossing behaviour in the game since FM20. In a counter-attack situation, the central striker is in loads of room and only has one defender, behind him, in close proximity. The player on the right flank is chasing after the loose ball, will get to it before the nearest defender, and has a perfect opportunity to hit a first-time cross into the box, where the striker is likely to get to it before the defender. Instead, he languishes, slows play down and waits for the defender to get to the by-line before attempting to cross. Of course, the ball then g
  2. One of my favourite FM matches I can remember - albeit I would certainly be frustrated rather than satisfied if I was the manager of the losing team. How this didn't end up as a 4-0 win for the home side I'll never know! The foul count is rather high considering there were only two yellow cards, too. Love this commentary line, as well:
  3. Does anyone else feel that acceleration/pace is too overpowered when a player has the ball and is running at defenders? A/Bing between watching real life German 3. Liga matches, and then playing as a German 3. Liga team in a test save, it certainly feels the case - real life players are slower to move, change direction and accelerate. Then again, my primary save is in the German sixth tier, where the average acc/pace attributes are between 5-8, so it might just be me being used to much slower players in-game.
  4. Report it as a bug and upload a savefile from before you make the board request
  5. Sometimes you're able to convince the player that you think they don't deserve to be given a new contract immediately; the dialogue option of something like "If you think you've earned a new contract, prove it", then "you need to improve your crossing/passing/shooting/etc".
  6. After the update, Mistakes and Interceptions Missed are still not being recorded in Analytical Data -> Players FSV Offenbach v Kaiserslautern.pkm Idar-Oberstein v Kaiserslautern.pkm Kaiserslautern v SpVgg Greuther Fürth.pkm Primstal v Kaiserslautern.pkm TSG Kaiserslautern v Kaiserslautern.pkm
  7. Yes, a loan until the end of the season https://www.rcdeportivo.es/noticia/diego-rolan-completara-la-temporada-2020-2021-cedido-en-el-pyramids-fc
  8. Minor issue but just something that bugged me in my save as I can't change it with the in-game editor (data not set in DB, so he was generated with dark skin in my save). Rory Hanson (2000016235) should have Ethnicity Northern European; Hair Light Brown 3 or Dark Brown 2, Short; Skin Tone 3 or 4 ; Birth Place Nottingham, England; Born in Nation England [as far as I know he is a naturalised Australian Citizen after moving there in childhood, I don't know what that would fall under for Nationality Info.]
  9. 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Ryszard Komornicki was released from his contract along with Saibene, new assistant manager is Frank Döpper (876628) https://fck.de/de/spieler/sportliche-leitung/frank-doepper/ Thomas Hengen (8192) will become the "Geschäftsführer Sport" ("Managing Director of Sport") from March 1. Current Sporting Director Boris Notzon's contract expires in the summer; it seems Sören Oliver Voigt will become just the Commercial Director and Hengen will be the counterpart for the Sporting side, with Notzon one rank beneath him but I'm not entirely sure. Maybe you'll be able to interpr
  10. I suspect this is because of how the game views "Primary" kit colours. It views the "Primary" colour of the Wolves home kit as Black, and the "Primary" colour of West Brom's home kit as Navy Blue, therefore judges it to clash. West Brom's third kit is judged to be either primarily Red or Yellow, therefore incorrectly no clash. This has been an issue for years unfortunately.
  11. Something that continues to annoy me is youth team tactics being locked to first team tactics, at least if you take control of the youth team's individual training. I fail to see any logic in this design decision. Posted as a feature request:
  12. Re-raising a feature request that has been brought up several times in the past, as I don't feel that SI have satisfactorarily responded to this suggestion, and have not satisfactorarily communicated why this design decision was made. In previous FM games (either FM18 or FM19 and before if memory serves), you were able to change the tactics used by your youth teams, and even make them use the same tactic as the first team if you wanted to. But in the past few FM games, at least if you have taken control of the youth team's Individual Training, this choice has been taken away from you - for
  13. I think this issue has been raised before, but I can't find a thread for it. Firstly, youth team tactics are "by design" locked to the first team tactics. Not only is this a bafflingly poor design decision - e.g. there are many times where I want to play less intense pressing for the youth team, 4-4-1-1 instead of 4-2-3-1, a Poacher instead of Advanced Forward, Winger instead of Inside Forward, etc. etc. - but in previous game versions (FM18 and before IIRC) the youth team tactics weren't locked to first team tactics. However there is still a bug with *attempting* to change player roles
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