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  1. After a meeting with a couple of players about Fred's change in playing time from squad player to regular starter, Paul Pogba now doesnt think Paul Pogba deserves the playing time he has been given. Matic was the same too. Before/After save games in cloud under names: Paul Pogba doesnt deserve playing time.fm Paul Pogba doesnt deserve playing time 2.fm
  2. I'm unable to see any star rating of players in my B through the player report screen, however it is available in the development centre. See images below:
  3. FC Andorra's home kit colours/style are incorrect: Current in FM21: Actual home kit: source: https://twitter.com/fcandorra/status/1303777696305082370?s=20
  4. At the moment we have the option to disable the first transfer window when starting a new game. However, with the winter data update, it includes transfers both windows, it'd be great to be able to disable transfers up to when the winter data update (or the most cutrent data updated in case) is finalised.
  5. The players should be training full time no matter if they're playing in the second or sixth division.
  6. I find that B teams in Germany/Spain are almost always Semi-Pro, which is mostly not the same in real life. Sending a player to them almost always has a negative effect on their development because they're not training full time.
  7. With the long term gameplay in mind - has there been any consideration in the massive slow down in processing from day to day and navigation through player search 5+ seasons in? Would love to know if this has been looked into for this new version. It'd be amazing if fm20 has the same performance in season 10 as season 1.
  8. Been playing this challenge in the background last few years and given up about half way through. So thought I'd post here and maybe that'll get me over the line to finish the challenge. Starting as Rot-Weiss Essen in 3.Liga. Decided to make this post here after I started so all my images are a couple of games into the season. I'll just get these out quickly and give a better update after first season: My Manager Starting Facilities Finances Transfers before I took over (previous season) & Current season transfers Senior squad Star
  9. Something that has confused me in recent editions of FM is the main club colours and choices used to represent some clubs. Most of the club colours seem to be either red/blue/black with white text which differs to the main colours of their home kit. For example in the playthroughs of FM 19 alpha, Leverkusen is red/white but their main kit is black/red. Is there something I'm missing as to why these colours were chosen or is it just for aethetics?
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