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  1. Hello and thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue and the dev team are already looking into it Kind regards, Vik
  2. Hello and thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue which the dev team is looking into Kind regards, Vik
  3. Hello and thanks for the feedback. Is it possible to upload a savegame for us to investigate? Here's how you can: Ideally, one before the transfers occurred (a week or two, or even a month prior) and one after the deals Kind regards, Vik
  4. Hello and thanks for the feedback. This is something we're aware of and the dev team is already looking into Kind regards, Vik
  5. Hello and thanks for the feedback. The B Team not training in the 2nd Spanish tier is something I just passed on to the dev team, as I just encountered it in my own save. @teknokryptik, if you can pass along a save so we can have a look, that would be great. Here's how you can: It could be the same issue as @liamkay's but better to be on the safe side and provide further examples Kind regards, Vik
  6. Hello and thanks for the feedback, saves and screenshots! From the Finances page you can see that the board is actually reluctant to part with any income (0% of transfer revenue is made available). With that being said, this is an issue of the news item not appearing correctly and have forwarded it to the dev team for further investigation Kind regards, Vik
  7. Hello and thanks for the feedback. If you can provide a save before the offer is made (a week or two, or even a month before), so that we can look into this. Here's how you can upload to us: Kind regards, Vik
  8. Hello, there was a previous issue where those deals were still visible when you click "Hide Inactive Deals": With that currently solved, all your future transfers are hidden when you have this option ticked Kind regards, Vik
  9. On paper, you can exploit that, yes. You will likely have a lot of unhappy players being demoted, though.
  10. Hello @Lord Rowell, can you upload a savegame for us to check? Here's how you can: We haven't received any reports on this since the hotfix, so this is surprising to hear. Can you share some more detail when you upload the save? Kind regards, Vik
  11. Cheers for the save, @JulesD I understand your frustration, but there's a lot to take into account when it comes to transfer and loan dealings. For example, trying to loan out 4 of those younsters in mid-June (Li Jin, Petur Brjornsson, Oskar Siira Sivertsen, Robin Horst) returned only two loan offers for Li Jin. Offering out the same 4 on 11th July resulted in 40+ offers (only Ivar Jenner didn't gather any interest, but I guess he can be taken up during the season, if you persist offering him out). I hope this helps and let me know if the problem persists!
  12. Yes, it's only visual It's the same tactic as the Primary one on my save, but they differ in yours. I'll have to investigate a bit further before coming back to you on this one I figured you could've used the In-Game Editor and not the Pre-Game one. But since it's the Pre-Game, it shouldn't be having an effect on the training report. So, will come round to this for the tactic training and training report
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