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  1. Hello and thanks for the feedback. If you keep a save from before 13th September (could be a day, a week or two before as well), please upload it here: So that we can investigate further Kind regards, Vik
  2. Hello and welcome Appreciate the feedback! The "buying big and not playing" is something that we have under review This is also something we're already reviewing It's always been a tough area, as sometimes deals IRL can take time too. The top thing I would consider when making transfers is that they can take time - it's not always that the "team A" is looking for that RB you just put on the list. As an example - on my current save, I decided to revamp the team I managed and put 7-8 players on the list. A couple I sold straight off, another two I sold
  3. Hello and thanks for the feedback. I remember this being reported before, but don't think we were provided with a save (and my attempts on reproducing were futile). If you have a save from before you enquired his agent (could be a day, a week or even a month before), please upload it here, so that we can investigate further: Kind regards, Vik
  4. Hello, everyone and I appreciate your passion on the subject! Reputation is based on a lot of factors, and there's a lot of good points raised in this thread by @Freakiie and @plcarlos (to name a few). Football has always been this great because everyone has his own perspective But as far as bugs go, this has been something very carefully crafted in the game, therefore not a bug. @Hovis Dexter I would think the issue in your save would be the message being wrong, but his reluctance valid - it just should be saying something in the lines of "wants a new challenge"
  5. Hello and thanks for the feedback. There is a lot that gets into consideration when players choose their preferred destination and it can seem strange (at times) on the outside. Without having access to the save, I'm going to take a guess that it's likely linked with playing time? If you do encounter something like this on your own game - feel free to attach a savegame (ideally, a day or a week before the offer), so we can investigate further Kind regards, Vik
  6. That save is much appreciated and the issue is now investigated by our dev team Kind regards, Vik
  7. Hello and thanks for the feedback. Do you have a savegame you can share with us? Ideally one before you offered the player out (around 22nd August or earlier). Here's how you can: Kind regards, Vik
  8. Hello and thanks for the feedback. Whenever a custom skin is involved, the first thing we can suggest is reverting to the standard FM21 skin. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us again Kind regards, Vik
  9. Hello and thanks for the feedback. It appears the Copa Sudamericana has a latter start (January), as Rosario have qualified for the preliminary round (by finishing 8th). Hope this helps! Kind regards, Vik
  10. Hello and thanks for the feedback. Is it possible that you upload the save for us to have a look into the issue? Here's how you can: Kind regards, Vik
  11. Hello and thanks for the feedback and savegame provided. There's a lot of factors that go in that decision and the number cannot be increased indefinitely. With your coaching team already at 21 members, I would tend to agree with the board's reasoning. Kind regards, Vik
  12. Hello and thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue which is already investigated by the dev team Kind regards, Vik
  13. Cheers for the save - it's now passed on to the dev team for further investigation (The issue in your 2nd post is a known one, which is already investigated) Kind regards, Vik
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