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  1. Of course, I suppose I was just holding out some blind hope of a change. The classic "nets doing their best Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman impression when the ball trickles into the goal" is still in the game too, I see 🤣
  2. Set piece menu is the same as last year then. If the bugs/poor behaviours from previous editions when it comes to set pieces aren't fixed that would be incredibly, incredibly disappointing. This is an area of the game that needs vast improvement.
  3. With that being the officially recommended method of playing on tablets, I think SI might need to make a tutorial for how to use it given the confusion in this thread...
  4. Yeah, I noticed it quite a few times. Maybe it's improved compared to last year but SI seem to have overstated how much they improved on that front.
  5. One single attribute isn't the be-all and end-all. If he performs in the match engine as effectively as he does in real life then he doesn't need to have 20 Dribbling. And as always, the Liverpool researcher will be finetuning the player data to ensure that the players are accurately represented. Besides that if you have any data issues to raise you should post them here:
  6. Completely agree; right now ratings 1-5 are completely pointless, and ~99% of ratings will be in the 6-9 range.
  7. Definitely worth copy+pasting this into the feature requests forum. Completely agree with your suggestions.
  8. I suspect (but just a guess) that it's something to do with this issue: Hopefully it's fixed for FM22 as well.
  9. It isn't the case in real life, this is something I raised last year that was being investigated as a bug, so I hope it will be fixed for FM22
  10. This is why, for me, the user-made German league database expansion is crucial when starting a save.
  11. I don't agree. Would Wilder at Sheffield United have said to his team after finishing 9th the first year back in the PL that he thinks that they'll finish dead last? Of course, that dreaded second-season-syndrome actually did happen, but the media expectation going into the season was that despite their players' limitations, that they would be better than the sum of their parts and still manage a lower-mid-table finish – very few pundits predicted that they'd finish stone dead last. I really don't see how it's unrealistic to tell your squad that you think that you can keep the positive momentum going. Sheffield United aren't the only example of course; Burnley consolidated their position in mid-table on a small budget after regaining promotion and in fact went on to improve to 7th in their second season. The media's "power rankings" of teams in real life is far more reactionary than in the game, so unless a club loses their managerial genius to replace him with a relegation-firefighting journeyman or lose their star players, naturally they'll be expected to finish somewhere close to the previous campaign's position.
  12. Coaches/analysts in real life can definitely show the manager short clips and replays from during the match though. Without the match timeline you have to wait until after the game to analyse a short snippet of play. Unless SI add some kind of feature (which will be far more hassle than it's worth to implement, taking up precious development resources, if it's even feasible at all) to intuitively "request" your backroom staff show you a replay of that pass on the far side of the pitch, or an alternate angle of defending a corner, or a high-up analyst view of your midfield to see how they press the opponents in possession, then removing the timeline makes the game less accessible for little-if-any benefit IMO. Maybe an option in the settings to hide the timeline would be better for those who want to play without it while leaving it in place for those who do wish to make use of it.
  13. The posts in this thread resonate completely, and I'm someone who enjoys the interactions/press conferences, at least on paper (I prefer having a 10-question press conference over none at all, but it's a struggle when half of them are irrelevant questions about other teams/managers or other such nonsense). The Gesture System™ did nothing to improve press conferences over the previous Tone System™, especially because most of the time you're limited to just a couple of pre-selected gestures – what's even the point of having them then? Why can I say So-and-so Manager is my best friend when a journo asks me about him in a presser, but the only way I can talk to that manager is if one of us has a player on loan from the other who isn't getting the agreed amount of playing time? And even then, half of the time that manager just shuts you down saying "I don't have time for this, I'll be going now". Either that question should be removed from the list entirely or an interaction module with other managers should be added. Another gem produced by the player interactions in FM21 was when I had a player sent off in the first half of a match (I think it was a defender, but I can't recall; IIRC this was back in January so I don't remember every detail) – I needed to make tactical changes so I subbed out one of my wingers to plug the gap. After the game the player was furious and demanded to know why I brought him off when he felt he was playing well. There was no option to tell him that I agreed but that I had to take somebody off to bring on a defender; only options such as "it was my mistake and I apologise" or "I don't think you played well at all, that's why I made the change". Of course, I was only able to select a dialogue option that made him even angrier, and he was unhappy for a few months afterwards.
  14. Completely agree with these suggestions. Players have attribute masking so I don't understand why staff don't.
  15. Here's hoping the new iteration will bring minor bug fixes FM21's match engine was a step in the right direction overall, I have trust in SI to keep making progress, but I'll wait until more info (or the beta) is released before purchasing.
  16. This is because of licensing restrictions; the Netherlands national team has the same issue. Contact the facepack maker and they might be able to help you
  17. Some clubs, especially lower-level ones or those who only have a home and away kit with no third kit, sometimes use their away/third kits as options for the GK kit, or sometimes even the home kit in away matches (e.g. Sampdoria's GK comes to mind) when the outfield players are wearing the change strip. A "Use as GK kit option" tickbox for each outfield kit could be useful in this regard, especially where the club only have one (or none) GK-specific kits. I'm sure there are a littany of examples if you need any
  18. This isn't a bug. English clubs can only offer contracts to a player from another English club if they're in the last month of their contract. Clubs from other countries can offer in the last 6 months.
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