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[FM21] Nostradamus - 4-1-2-3 tactic - by Zealot

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I just found a very interesting tactic by Zealot on fm-arena - https://fm-arena.com/thread/625-fm21-beta-nostradamus-an-unstoppable-4-1-2-3-tactic/

The author posted very good results with Man Utd, he won every trophy during his 1st season.

4-1-2-3 DM WIde is my favorite formation and I can't wait to try this tactic :)

Here are the author's results with the tactic:










Nostradamus ( 4-1-2-3 DM Wide ) v1.0.fmf

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Finally I got time to try this tactic with my beloved Borussia Dortmund
I had a great season, comfortably won the league with 84 points(11 points ahead of Bayern), also, got Champions League cup and DFB-Pokal cup
I can say this is the best tactic I've tried in the FM21 beta so far... I hope it won't get nerfed for the full release :)




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2 hours ago, ilyes92300 said:



I didn't use any OIs in my test Borussia Dortmund

Btw, I don't know whether you should use any OI with this tactic or not because I'm not the tactic author... you try to ask Zealot about the OIs

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37 minutes ago, Englishhammer said:

This was an epic fail for me 

That result I got in the beta but Nostradamus tactic has stopped working in the full release

Zealot released new tactic for the full release

Now I'm using Obelisk and Prophet... they work great for me

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