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  1. I'm using this tactic in The Championship with Preston and for the most part, I absolutely love it. The football is good, the wingers cause mayhem and I love the fact it's a traditional 4-4-2. My only frustration is the fragility with long balls over the defence (is this a general ME issue?) and conceding from set pieces. I must admit that I've set myself a challenge on this game by limiting myself to players aged 22 or less and from the UK... Could having a young team be the issue or am I just being picky?
  2. Using it in League 2 with Macclesfield. Predicted to finish 23rd, no money, no signings. Unbeaten in 25 league games, top of the league and 14 points clear of the play off spots.
  3. Considering the success others and myself are having with this tactic I suspect there may be other attributing factors to your results. Man management, team talks, training etc. I'm predicted to finish 23rd in League 2 (Macclesfield) and currently 10 points clear of second with less than half a season gone. Also in the League Cup QF.
  4. Is there a way of withdrawing a player from his national team ? Perhaps injuring him or just being able to terminate it?
  5. So I decided to come back to this tactic after 10 games away and won 7-0 against Notts Forest! Do you let the AM do general and match training?
  6. I'm Preston so not a top team but the initial start was so good I thought it would be ok. I do team talks and talk to press - I tend to leave training on balanced (I've always done this on FM so perhaps an issue here?). Dressing room support is very good. I have just changed to the GOODBYE tactic - the problem is finishing. I create a hat full of chances and miss them all. So much so its comical as we have missed 4 penalties in a row!
  7. This tactic started really well for my first 10 games. All of a sudden it's collapsed. My team is being over-run, only taking long shots, no short passing. Morale is very good and nothing has changed in terms of training. Not sure why it's happened!
  8. Tactic looks very encouraging so far with my Preston side. 16 goals in my first four games (W3 D1) and dominating them all.
  9. I'm currently 14 games into a season with a team that is expected to just about survive relegation. I've used this tactic from the start and currently sit top of the league having won W9 D4 L1. The performances are dominating, the football is brilliant with chance after chance being created. Loose balls are swept up by the midfield and the defenders seem to be everywhere. I checked the stats against the strongest team in the league and we managed to intercept 25% of their passes. We completed over 600 passes with only 50 interceptions. Barcelona eat your heart out. I played a solid Premier League side in the cup - completely outplayed them for the whole game but eventually lost on penalties having played the second half and extra time with ten men. I must admit I am not very good when it comes to creating my own tactics. I don't have much time to play the game so when I do I like to have something which has been tried and tested elsewhere. This has to be one of the best first release tactics I've used. I would also add that the match engine certainly adds to the experience as this year it seems much smoother and easier to manipulate a teams style of play. Really impressed, keep up the good work. Let's hope my form lasts!
  10. Only used this tactic in pre-season so far so too early to say how it performs although the signs are encouraging. One thing I have noticed is a large number of long range shots from my BBM... I'm not sure if this is because of the tactic or perhaps due to the player not being creative enough to spot / pick out a pass? Will keep on trying as I am a huge fan of your tactics.
  11. I used Tweeblers tactics for a couple of seasons and was very happy with it apart from the defence. I thought I'd give this a go as the players I have suit the formation and style of play. I'm using 16.2 and so far I've played 12, won 12, scored 35, conceded 6. Based on what I've seen so far it's one of the best tactics I've seen on FM for a number of years. Attack after attack after attack. Great work Franky.
  12. Has anyone compared having 2 good attacking wingers in the deep lying forward roles versus having 3 natural strikers? I'm interested to know if it makes much difference as I'm currently playing with the wingers in this role due to a limited budget.
  13. I've recently started to use this tactic as I've found it really difficult to get anything to work on this years game. From an attacking perspective I really like it, there's lots of nice interplay between the forward 3 and the wing backs. My major concern is the defence which, at times, is non-existant. I hate conceding goals and despite numerous attempts to make things tighter at the back I haven't been able to. The centre halves I have are pretty good so I don't think thats the issue. I'd be interested to see if anyone can keep the attacking prowess of this tactic whilst also making it more predictable defensively.
  14. It does seem strange that the download hasn't been available yet considering he said it would be on the 24th. I'm a little surprised the thread has been allowed to stay on the upload/download page and not moved to tactics discussion.
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