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  1. If you go onto it and untick the transfers it shows all of them anyway.
  2. When you go to transfer listed just the list of players
  3. Anyone know Evertons budget? Just heading home from work atm. Also can some one show me the transfer list screen for all players?
  4. Looking for a short term save until the transfer update is out. Any suggestions?
  5. I am using the beta in season 2 as Roma and cannot get a consistent run going at all. I have no more than 2 wins in a row. Which tactic do you suggest I try?
  6. I was and its still not working. What's the best tactic you have for the beta?
  7. I may be silly but what actually is the beta once the games out? What difference does it make? Is it just the beta versions of the match engine updates coming out?
  8. How do you try beta? And if so do you need to start a new save?
  9. @knap Season 2 as Roma I'm struggling. Any idea what tactic to try out in serie a? My defense are getting beat over the top time and time again.
  10. I agree. Season 1 with Roma finished third and won Europa League. Season 2 I feel like I need to score 3 goals a game just to get a draw
  11. @knap my first season went well with my own tactic with Roma. Now I concede so many goals whatever i do. HELP
  12. I am looking to try FM20.2.3Wulf442DLKnapP101ECFA How are people doing with it?
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