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  1. Celtic - 2019/2020 Season First year of the new challenge and we are starting at Celtic. We'll dive straight in and talk about transfers. Realistically the squad is good enough to win the treble in Scotland without the need to sign any players. However, I decided we needed to add a few players and move some names out to get the squad playing the way I would like. Ins Straight away I decided to sign a CM and CB and went with the Scottish due of Ferguson and Findlay. Both relatively cheap deals so was please to get these over the line. The last transfer I made was for Ajorque from Strasbourg to play as the target man, I spent most of my pre season scouting for a target man and we managed to scout this lad and pick him up on deadline day for a fairly large fee in Scottish football. Outs A lot of players left the club over the season. All the transfers down to Soro were in the Summer and from Soro down these were done in January. Not a lot to say about most of them, Gordon was allowed to leave as he was third choice behind Forster and Bain in goals. Julien was allowed to leave on loan after a poor few starts for us. Rogic and Bayo were sold after only playing a handful of games in the first half of the season. League As expected we won the league fairly comfortably with 32 wins from 38 games, I have to say I was gutted to miss out on the 100 point mark and the 100 goals scored. But look at how solid our defence was, Forster in goals was phenomenal, as were the entire back line all season. Cups We lost in our first game of the league cup, now what we wanted but with a rotated side I only had myself to blame. The Scottish Cup was the big one of the two cup competitions. We had a fairly routine run to the final and oh my the final did not fail to deliver with drama. We had goals, we had a sending off and we had a club legend score the winner from the spot in injury time, what more could you want. Europe As a Scottish club we started back in the first qualifying round so were delighted to do as well as we did. The overall group table ended as follows: We were pleased to finish third and looked forward to a cup run in the Europa League. This however wasn't to be. We were knocked out on away goals sadly. Squad Stats Overall our squad played phenomenal. Edouard with 45 goals in all comps was insane. Christie bagging 22 assists was another great achievement for the season. Edouard cleaned up the awards as well: Celtic Team of the Year Hall of Fame The current worldwide hall of fame after this season has me here: As you can see we have a long way to go. Hopefully you are still here at the bottom of the post and enjoyed the read. We won the double this season, I would like to win the treble next year and then more club having sealed 10 titles in a row..
  2. He has been killing it and we are still in December: The games and goals in Europa League weren't for us.
  3. After watching the All or Nothing documentary with Tottenham I have decide to somewhat copy Mourinho in that I will manage the biggest club in my home nation (Celtic at the time of writing) and try and progress my own career for my ego picking up titles everywhere I go. This wont be a stay at a club and bring through lots of youth players, I will bring a few through but I won't oversee a 10 year development at any club. This first post will be updated on the map and with a breakdown of accomplishments below. Aims of the save Travel around Europe winning trophies in countries that jobs are available, it will mainly be the top divisions in the world so the whole map above will not be filled. Spend 2 to 3 years at a club before moving on. Top the in game hall of fame. Club Summary Celtic 2019- Scottish Premiership - 2020 Scottish Cup - 2020
  4. Playing a 442 this season so hoping he and Edouard will tear the league up. Signed him on deadline day.
  5. @Ronaldo Beckham I have signed Ajorque to be my target man at Celtic. How good is he?
  6. After seeing your success with him I had already made a bit that was accepted but he wont talk to us.
  7. I am playing as Celtic and need a target man to partner Edouard in the formation I have created. I have £7 million to spend up front but I would be willing to structure a deal for the right player.
  8. Haha I am a pessimist being a Scotland and Everton fan.
  9. I really like Malaga. I'll be interested in following your career.
  10. Bolton 2020 Summer Transfers With an unexpected promotion and a lot of player contracts not being renewed it was going to be a long summer of recruitment, so let's start with the outs: All of the above players were either sold to raise some necessary funds or they were just seen as surplus to requirements. And now to the ins, most of which I am very excited about: Ralston has been brought in to rotate with Emmanuel in the right back slot for the season ahead. Federici is an experienced back up and nothing more, he is on low wages so its not a big financial drain to us. Garbutt I feel is a real coup and will be our first choice left back and could even do a job on the left side of midfield if he were needed there. Hornby and Gilmour have been brought in to add some depth to the overall squad. Not on the above list as the deal was done at the end of last season was the extension of Curtis Jones on another 12 month loan deal. Season so Far We were expected to finish 23rd so what we have done so far in the league blows my mind: This is the table as of the 4th January. We were 2nd for a number of weeks but we have started to slide down the table as I expected us to do. The aim is still just to stay clear of the bottom three.
  11. Ooft right at the death, well done. Also I hope everything is okay based on your post from yesterday.
  12. Season one transfers at Barca are done. On the outgoing we have: We have then went to spend a lot of money to essentially futureproof our squad (including some of the players already out on loan) A lot of deals in instalments, which may bite me in the ass later on. This leaves my starting like up looking like this for the season: I hope that my front 4 will be free flowing and destroy teams and smash goal records.
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