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  1. I had a fun save with them in FM20, a really fun club to manage. Good luck and I will defo be following how you get on.
  2. What are Barcas starting finances like? Are they poor like irl?
  3. Transfers Out The poor financial situation at the club meant we needed to sell players before we could bring anyone in. We quickly sold Marchesin to Ajax for £8.75 million as I had decided I was going to use Diogo Costa as our first choice goalkeeper straight away. Loum was also sold to Werder Bremen for £1 million as honestly he just wasn't going to play for us at all. Marega was sold to Arsenal for £8 million. Mbemba was the last major name to leave and was sold to Real Sociedad for £9.5 million. A number of others players left for free or on loan aswell. Transf
  4. In the 2nd division Hamburg is a fun save. There's also 1860 Munich and Dresden in the 3rd tier aswell like @silentwars mentioned.
  5. @noikeee What facepack are you using?
  6. I have decided to start a game as FC Porto as I was wanting to manage a big club in a smaller league compared to the top tier leagues. I have always enjoyed the Porto squads ever since Mourinho's tenure at the club. As one of Portugal's 'Big Three' we have a large trophy cabinet already but are just behind Benfica domestically in terms of league titles and Portuguese cups. In recent years while Benfica seem to have been free spending FC Porto have had to contend with monumental debts as seen in the game. We will have to be shrewd in the transfer market for the next few seas
  7. Cheers guys forgot to mention its an online save so missed out on a few of these. Donnarumma signed a new deal 1 day before I could offer him a deal 😂 I'll take a look at Horn and Strakosha
  8. I am looking for a youngish gk for my Everton side before the 2nd season starts. We have £45 million to spend and I would be willing to spend it all to sign a gk I can start from this season who will be my starter for the next 10 years. I finished 3rd last season so we have Champions League football this season.
  9. I'm going to start as Everton tonight and rotate this save with my Tenerife one. Can someone tell me what their transfer budgets like after the winter update?
  10. Season Two Preview Transfers in For some reason Fran Sol is not on the list above but we managed to secure him on loan for another season. Securing Vada was one of my main aims for this window as along with Sol he was vital to our promotion last season. Suarez scored 39 goals in 34 games in the youth leagues so I have taken a punt on him. Pacheco has been signed to add some top flight experience to the side along with Camarasa and Bentaleb. Fernandes (goalkeeper) and Pierie have both been brought in as cover and nothing else. Now on to our record transfer Pellegri, I w
  11. Yeah I sent them all out on loan, I just felt this was the best way to get them decent first team football.
  12. Hamburg and Hannover in the German Bundesliga 2 would be good. Or in Italy you could go Brescia and Monza?
  13. My apologies I forgot to even attach it. Here you go : The B team isn't in a league in the game but I didn't plan on using it anyway. I don't tend to use B teams at all, I either promote players into my first team or send them out on loan to 2nd division sides anyway.
  14. @Sunderland AFC I played as AEK in FM20 and loved it, was a really fun save.
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