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  1. I don't think there will be enough activity for most PL sides, best just using the other thread for now.
  2. I restarted as Everton a few days ago after my laptop was wiped due to needing a repair. I will be updating the Premier League thread as I feel it will be more active, I have just posted my season one review if anyone is interested.
  3. Everton 2020-2021 - Season 1 My transfers for season one were as follows: Antonio was signed only as a potential ploy to bring in the better Donnarumma on a free transfer next season, at the start of the game he had no interest in joining us. Garay was brought in as a free back up at the back. Ugarte and Arezo were both signed with the future in mind and would feature here and there in the season but not consistently. As you can see Garay wasn't with us long and was sold in January after a poor run of games in December when he did make appearances for us. There isn't m
  4. I have had his brother talk up a transfer all season in the press and have a scout watching all of his games. We're into February and he still wont talk to us but no other club has approached him yet.
  5. I signed his brother in the first window to try and have him be tempted as well. Also how do you get your own players to talk up transfers?
  6. Position: GK Role: Any Team: Everton Available budget: around 20 million, wages not an issue Season: start of season 1 Additional information/requirements : Preferably under 25 but not essential, I want a first choice keeper
  7. RB: Vagnoman from Hamburg DM: Ugarte ST: Forss from Brentford was good for me at this level.
  8. The issue I had was it would not allow me to register players until January so it seems different to yours.
  9. Has anyone been able to sign him for free at the end of the first season? In my 2 test saves when the game came out he signed a new contract at Milan before I had a chance to approach him on a pre-contract.
  10. I had the issue where any player I tried to sign it said they would arrived the following summer, I restarted the game and the issue was fixed. I am not sure how it would impact completed transfers however.
  11. Can you advise which tactic would be best for Everton to get the best out of James, Allan and DCL?
  12. I have not had my laptop since before xmas as it was getting repaired, get it back tomorrow and I am going to start my Everton save. Has anyone else started with them and been able to shift the deadwood successfully?
  13. I haven't signed him this year but I had him in fm20 and he tore up the Bundesliga. Over 4 years his lowest league goals a season was 17.
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