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  1. Season 2022/2023. That season that has the World Cup and the calendar is very tight in the 2nd part. I started with Anihilator. But I realized that the team did not control the matches well and I switched to CyberV4. But he realized that Willians did not play so well and something was missing. So in the 6th round I changed to CYBER AMR for Inaki Willians to play as "natural". And since then it has gone very well. In some moments when I needed to score desperately or the opposing team was very closed, I changed to EXECUTIONERv4, with 2 attackers. Thus, sometimes an isolated goal came up. Usually the CYBERV4 AMR controlled the matches very well. Some easy victories and others suffered. The problem was to open the scoreboard before 20 minutes, after that it was much more painful and I tried to change it to Attack, executioner and sometimes the other goals came up. But the results speak for themselves: Spanish Super Cup champion; King's Cup, La Liga and UCL Vice Champion. In the final against Man City they scored twice from set pieces. Note that my team's AC average was 153. So not bad. Odriozola despite the good CA did not have good ratings. I suspect it is because it is not natural in the position, but I had nothing to do in this regard.
  2. If you want to hold the result, remove the AMC and move the MC to the center. If you want to try your luck and win, remove the MC and move the AMC to the center In some matches I made the team narrower, I don't know if the TTF also recommends that ...
  3. This season I played all over Fighet v2. In the Spanish league a little inconsistency, but it ended up in third place. I realized that the team was really focused and focused on the Champions League, so the inconsistency. In the Champions League it was the best surprise: we reached the final of the tournament by defeating giants on the way. Only the final was not possible. But notice that my team's AC average was no more than 150. Considering that, I think they were good results. I will wait for a new TTF tactic to play another year or another career. Will another TTF come out this year? Thank you!
  4. In the 2nd season with Bilbao, suffering until the end, but I managed to win the Super Cup, the King's Cup and the League. In the Champions league we failed badly and came in 4th place. However, I had to use three tactics. We started the year with Cyber, for ten rounds everything went well, but the victories taken in the Champions League and silly defeats in the League made me look for alternatives. So I came with Raptor in close possession. It was incredible and overwhelming. Victories, easy wins, goals coming out very easy. But in February the problems started and we lost two in a row. In the King's Cup I started by taking two to zero from Atlético de Madrid. Then I saw the comment here on the forum and switched to Fighter V1 and incredible. I turned the game from 2 to 0 to 2x3 and in Liga Liga the victories came back. It was the tactic that remained consistent until the end, but we lost two decisive games in the final stretch, but luckily Valencia also lost and we won the title. The conclusion is confusing. The game's ME takes its tactics easy and what was super sure starts to go wrong. Some clear signs are when you start to take foul goals, penalties, etc. Then you change the tactic and it starts to work. Well, I'm looking forward to the new TTF tactic! If it takes too long, I think I'll try my luck with Fighter 2. I see that players being "natural" in tactics is one of the determining factors. As Bilbao has transfer restrictions, the way is to adhere to the squad and always try to play with AML AND AMR
  5. From my experience what can help: 1 - Increase your team's morale urgently. As? a) team meetings, as TTF suggested in the initial topic. b) score friendlies against very fragile teams for you to win with a goal difference and thus increase the confidence of your players; c) a lot of conversation and interaction with your players to improve team morale. I realized that team morale is one of the strongest weights in determining hell or heaven. 2 - As you are in a crisis, maybe it is time to prioritize tactical training that gives your players greater happiness. As team cohesion, and training aimed at games ...
  6. Cuts inside is a bad move for MR or ML, confirms @Totalfootballfan TTF? Better to train to forget this favorite movement?
  7. ttf is the best! Game break, so what is it called? CEBER! 2nd season with a team from the second division of Brazil. The forecast for the time was to stay at 15 °. But the tactic was perfect! Control of matches, game dominance, opportunities created and a fluid game. A peaceful campaign. We also won the cup and the regional championship. Amazing! What I realized makes a considerable difference is the players' favorite moves. At Athletic Bilbao I taught players to "cuts inside" and things did not go very well. However, at Operário there was no such instruction and my MR and ML performed very well, and more goal opportunities are created. Finally, I hired the player on the print, "Palacios". However, it has the preferred "Cuts inside" motion. It's a problem? Should I train him to forget about the movement?
  8. And to improve the rating of the position, just using the player in the matches and putting him in the individual training of the position / role?
  9. @Totalfootballfan TTF, basically in my post above I asked if with my two AML it would be better to use CEBER or FIGHTER. What would be better?
  10. I'm testing Cyber in a low league in Brazil with the Operário team (translation of the team's name in English would be "proletarian" kkk). Well, the start of the season was overwhelming. Amazing. Victories after victories, including an access to the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup, beating teams from the front row of Brazil along the way. However, in recent games I have noticed many difficulties, including against weak teams that were easier before ... I gained a reputation and things got very complicated. What is the solution? Another question refers to "Positional ability", whether I choose between Ceber or Fighter ... How much does the fully filled green circle interfere? I know that from the tests the Ceber is more efficient, but if your two ML and MR are more comfortable playing AML and AMR, should I choose Fighter? Have you reached this TTF calculation or other players? Below are the prints for analysis. Ps: sorry for my english, i'm brazilian and i used google translator to help.
  11. What is the best training style for Cyberv4? Titi kaka? Ball possesion? Vertical Titi kaka? I didn't find the information in the post. Do you have any suggestions for general training? Or is it better to leave entirely with the assistant coach?
  12. The inconsistency made me evaluate a message from the tactical system: the areas in major issues. Mainly linked to DM. I made an adjustment for DMR and got an improvement in some games. However, I believe that @Totalfootballfan TTF has already done a statistical analysis to see if this is effective, or depends on specific weaknesses of players and teams. Can you tell?
  13. I'm with Athetic Bilbao in 2024. The Fight v2 tactic is still inconsistent. He plays spectacular games (5-0 at Atlético de Madrid), but at the same time draws zero to zero other very easy games. What is most frustrating is the time of the match passing very fast, without "key moments". Against the big ones (Barcelona and Real Madrid) I lose out easily. The tactical familiarity is already 100%, only positions that are not. Are there any tips / suggestions? Should I wait any longer to engage?
  14. Now I was a little confused. I understood the concept of additional focus and makes sense: only use it if it is really a weakness of the player as it can diminish the others. However, what is the use of double intensity if the risk of injury increases? Can RDF and TTF speak their perceptions?
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