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  1. Dani Olmo is the best player for me in the AMC, just a beast
  2. second season with man utd, i used the cerber until December and the executioner until the end of the season, I bought the lautaro in January but it didn’t have the expected impact ps: dani olmo and martial are two demons in this tactic
  3. the executionar works if i have the winger with inverted foot?
  4. This is my first season in Man Utd using CERBER, great results.
  5. whats the difference between the MCL and MCR in the slayer
  6. Check this http://www.cmportugal.com/index.php?showtopic=160257&st=0 This guy in cmportugal has copied your tatic Steaton.
  7. Hi, i'm brazilian and i've tested this tactic in a few games with citizens and here are the results: i'll continue with this test and at the season's end, post here, sorry for my english. EDIT short passing off on team instructions.
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