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  1. hi @knap have you tested any tactic in this ME? https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm20-match-engine-patch-by-fmkorea.html
  2. i've a lot of sucess using the blackecho 4231 and the firewater 41212
  3. the bendixkunert2 tweak HOLY GHOST FIRE VOL3 4231 P103 EC is the best 4231 at the moment, the 41221 im liking the PREACHIN BLUES 451 VOL 4 P108 EC
  4. i've tested this tactic in a 06-07 database and was so great, thanks for the autors
  5. hey TFF, whats the best line up for the Newcastle using cerber v4?
  6. Dani Olmo is the best player for me in the AMC, just a beast
  7. second season with man utd, i used the cerber until December and the executioner until the end of the season, I bought the lautaro in January but it didn’t have the expected impact ps: dani olmo and martial are two demons in this tactic
  8. the executionar works if i have the winger with inverted foot?
  9. This is my first season in Man Utd using CERBER, great results.
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