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{Fm20} Fantasy USA and Canada 1.0

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Fantasy USA and Canada Beta
This is the First Version in a Mega project that divides the USA and Canada In to 8 regional Pyramids. (They all act as Individual Nations and all the Files Can be used together)
1.Eastern Canada (Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Southern Ontario)
Top Flight Eastern Canada Ligue 1 
Middle Flight Eastern Canada Ligue 2
Bottom Flight Eastern Canada Ligue 3
Regional Cup  Eastern Canada Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup Eastern Canada Super Cup (Winner of Ligue 1 and Eastern Canada Cup)
International Cup  Canada Cup (136 Eastern and Western Canada Cup) 
Super Cup Canada Super Cup ( Winner of  Ligue 1 And Jupiter League)        
Theses Two Competitions Are Only found on this File If you want to play in these cups as a western Canada Side you need to have this File.
2.Western Canada (Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska and the Far North)
Top Flight Canadian West Jupiter League
Middle Flight Canadian West Saturn League
Bottom Flight Canadian West Neptune League
Regional Cup  Western Canada Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup  Western Canada Super Cup (Winner of Jupiter and Western Canada Cup)
3. NorthEastern States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, And Northern Virginia)
Top Flight Northeast Super League
Middle Flight Northeast Junior League
Bottom Flight Northeast Minor League
Regional Cup  Northeastern Regional Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup Northeastern Super Cup (Winner of Super League and Northeastern Regional Cup)
4.Southern States (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky)
Top Flight Major Southern League
Middle Flight Minor Southern League
Bottom Flight The Southern League
Regional Cup South Regional Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup South Super Cup (Winner of Major League and South Regional Cup)
Super Cup Mason Dixon Super Cup ( Winner of  Premier League And  A League)
This Competition is Only found on this File If you want to play in is cups as a Northeast Side you need to have this File
5.Great Lakes States (Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Eastern Missouri, Wisconsin, and Eastern Minnesota)
Top Flight Great Lake Premier League
Middle Flight Great Lake Championship
Bottom Flight Great Lake League 1
Regional Cup   Great Lakes Regional Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup Great Lakes Super Cup (Winner of Premier League and Great Lake Regional Cup)
Super Cup Steel and Wheat Super Cup ( Winner of  Premier League And   A League)
This Competition is Only found on this File If you want to play in is cups as a Rockies Side you need to have this File.
6. South Western States (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona)
Top Flight Southwest La Liga 1
Middle Flight Southwest La Liga 2
Bottom Flight Southwest La Liga 3
Regional Cup Southwest Regional Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup Southwest Super Cup (Winner of La Liga 1 and Southwest Regional Cup)
International Cup   Usa Cup (408 Usa based Club Cup)
International Cup  American Champions League ( 32 Top Four Sides of the 8 Regions)
Super Cup Sand Super Cup ( Winner of La Liga 1 And Serie A) 
These Competitions are Only found on this File If you want to play in these cups as any side you need to have this File
7. Rockies and Plains States (Memphis Area,  Western Missouri, Iowa, Western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Eastern Nevada)
Top Flight Rockies A League
Middle Flight Rockies B League
Bottom Flight Rockies C League
Regional Cup   Rockies Regional Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup Rockies Super Cup (Winner of A League and Rockies Regional Cup)
8. Pacific States (Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii)
Top Flight Pacific Serie A
Middle Flight Pacific Serie B
Bottom Flight Pacific Serie C
Regional Cup Pacific States Regional Cup ( all 68 Clubs)
Super Cup  Pacific States Super Cup (Winner of Serie A and Pacific State Regional Cup)
There was a loading problem with Pacific 1.0 Please re download 1.1 let me know if there are any other Problems. This was only true with Pacific
Each Region has three Professional Leagues with 68 total teams with histories going back to the 1890s and 1900s.
Top Flight(20 teams)
Middle Flight (24 teams)
Bottom Flight (24 teams)
Also a Regional Cup With all 68 Teams and Super Cup between The Top Flight winner and Cup Winner
This File is all the Records and History for the leagues without this File there is no Records at all.
All These Files are Updated as of 8/10/2020
If downloaded before that Re upload Please
Just Added as of 8/13/2020
The Logos for All of the Clubs.
Coming soon is... 
An 2nd tier Champions League Know as America Cup, it follows the same format as the American Champions League ( may be a while)
I am Building a Player Database that will be used next year, add any players from your save into it by sharing screenshots of stats and History here in the thread or dm me, there is a high chance I will be able to add them to that database, I probably won't add it to this years version.
I have all the Jerseys and Logos done but I need to still get them in the proper Format for Football Manager I hope to have this done soon.
All these files are also going on to steam shortly.
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Added the First Full version of Files
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2 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

That's quite the study you made there.

Yeah basically I was doing a world where the us has a system similar to the European one. I tried to divide it up by the regions that are culturally a like. Anyone want me to do more posts?.

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Yes sir, I am working on a little project to mess up the world and it is always good to get some different inspiration. The US has so much options in real life and so little in the game.

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813198757_CanadaEastMap.thumb.PNG.1bd3fed90b564bdb57b1e9cd057c1382.PNGEastern Canada

From the ocean stoked Maritimes to the busy streets of Toronto and the Isle of Montreal, the Eastern Canadian Clubs have a rich History.  The Top Flight was formed in 1899 under the Name Inner Canadian League after a group of 7 Ontario and 3 Quebec came to an agreement to start paying professionals full time to stop their players from leaving to the Money Rich Eastern State Leagues. In the Maritimes the semipro system ruled until the 1920's Except for Saint John City, who would Join the Inner Canadian League in the 1904.  The lower leagues were formed in the 1930-1950 by this time they had taken the name La Ligue The Region of Eastern Canada was one of the First to go to the closed Promotion and Relegation three tier System found in the 8 Regions today. They only opened up in the 1980s when they expanded the lower two Ligues by four Clubs each.

When it Comes to the Power house Clubs, they mostly are based in the interior, with the Strongest Two Clubs being  Toronto Football Club, and Montreal Football Club. They together have won a total of 35 league titles, or close to 30% of the Leagues. They both have Two Champions League Cups wins. The Queen of the Marritimes in modern times is Halifax City, who have won 7 of their 9 since the 1980 Season, backed by a Local Billionaire they have turned the duopoly into a tripoly.

In the 2nd Tier there are two Sleeping giants of the Region, Kingston Football Club and Moncton Football Club , Both side where staples of the top flight from the 1940s to the 1990s. Each has a period where they competed with the Tops Sides of the decade with Moncton doing so in the 1950s and Kingston in the 1960s. Both have had a trophy starved fan based that dreams of the days of their Grand Fathers.

I plan to do this style of light lore for every League I finish, do you guys like this style or would you like it to be more club based? also if any one wants a link to my map let me know.

Here is the File Last Up Dated (8/8/20)



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351473167_CanadaWestMap.thumb.PNG.5a1b0d691ee7c4cb96f2ac05e21b4b90.PNGWestern Canada

From Victoria bay to Thunder Bay there are grand rivals and history for all to know. The professional League was formed in a back room by the Victoria 3, Edmonton 2, and Vancouver 3 in 1903 with plans to start to by the year 1910, Plans Quickly Changed when The Chairman of Winnipeg City Threaten to Break away If his club was not Brought in to the fold and that they need to turn pro by 1905. With his backing they rushed to catch up to the few years old Eastern Canada, with their help the two regions set up salary rules to keep their player from Leaving to the states, this would lead to the lower leagues in Western Canada being set up decades before those found in other regions. They also had the full 68 Professional Clubs by 1950s.

The Top Clubs in the Region are the formittion Winnipeg CitySurrey City, and Calgary United. They have won a total of 38 League Titles, 28 Regional Cup Titles. In National Competition they have 19 Canada Cups titles. 

There are Three sleeping Giants in, Port Mcneill United ,West Kelowna  Football Club and Thunder bay United even as they have only won one major honors between them, a western Canada Super Cup title by the now named West Kelowna. This stat doesn't change that they have been the loved bridesmaids for most of history and now are only an old maid in recently times, can you lead them to find a gloom and a way back to the Jupiter League.

Here is the File Last Up Dated (8/8/20)




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Pacific States

707972700_PacificMap.thumb.PNG.859a291f631d5a278c7c8a715baa7301.PNG1479779654_HawaiiMap.PNG.03d961c405847c3996d9569d1a24a083.PNGThe Youngest of the 8 league, the Pacific has grown to one be of the toughest League on the continent if not one in the world. There Top Six has made it hard for any teams to get in the four champion League Spots. The "Power Six"  Sides are LA UnitedSeattle Football Club, Real Anaheim, SF CityAtlético Oakland, and Portland United.  The have gone toe to toe with the Best of the east, south and north in all comps. 

There is also the Forgotten Inland Empire clubs of Riverside United and Real San Bernardino both want prove that they can beat anyone especially the La Sides. If you want beaches then Honolulu United Or Santa Maria Football Club. If you want a Team in the trees then Spokane Woods maybe be the side for you.

There is more to the Pac then one would think.

Here is the File Last Up Dated (8/8/20)



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7 minutes ago, t27 said:

Homestead it's near the town I live in third tier side build them up


Home                                                       Away                                               3rd

here is the Kits and the main logo, Homestead Florida Right?

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15 minutes ago, t27 said:

i like them you used miami fc old jersey manufacture

Miami Fc had a Joma jersey  that is interesting? could if there is any local stuff you want me to add let me know.  Ex, Local Family that be the owners or Famous people the Field can be named after

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Rockies States

From the Rockies to the Plains, the middle of the Usa Sides have always punched above there own weight.

There has always been a inner Rivalry between the Mountains  sides and the Plains sides. this can be shown by the rivalry of the Big two of  Denver Football Club and Kansas City Football Club , they have been in control for a majority of recent history. 

With two Champions League Spots up for Grabs each year they are normally fought by the Four Clubs upper middle Class Sides of Las Vegas Football Club, Memphis City, Salt Lake City Football ClubOmaha Football Club .

The Fallen sides of Fort Collins United and Pueblo United both want to show everyone from their fans to the the Powers on the coasts that they can hit their mid 20th century stride again. 

Even as this is the Poorest Region Money-wise it is still a Place that is competitive with the Other regions.

Here is the File Last Up Dated (8/8/20)



El Paso Map.PNG

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Southwestern States

1352139218_SouthwestMap.thumb.PNG.9c7b30d6d8fa2a08db4e9b21d47e8327.PNGIn the Deserts of the Southwest there is a Great Tradition of American Football, it doesn't mean that Soccer hadn't been big here too. While the Texas's two of Dallas Town and Houston Football Club have dominated.



Here is the File Last Up Dated (8/8/20)


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2 minutes ago, PostMovieCam said:

Cool cool, anything you want to see or any Questions?

I'd be interested in seeing the teams you made for Pittsburgh Colorado Springs and Omaha. Second, when do you plan to release?

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To answer your 2nd Question First, I have put up all of the beta files today, I am working on getting the Usa Cup played between the 6 usa Regions and the Canada Cup play by the 2  Canadian Regions. 



Here is Pittsburgh United they play in Downtown Pittsburgh in the Great Lakes Premier League




Here is Pittsburgh Steel, They play near Pnc park and the Children Museum,  also in the Premier League




Here is Mt. Washington they play southwest Pittsburgh, in the Championship


Do you like this format and do you want the 3rd Division Sides?

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18 minutes ago, jcp1417 said:

I'd be interested in seeing the teams you made for Pittsburgh Colorado Springs and Omaha. Second, when do you plan to release?

Colorado Springs Only has One side, Colorado Springs City they Are in the Rockies A League


Omaha Has an A League Side(Omaha Football Club) and two C sides ( Bellevue Town, Fort Calhoun Football Club)







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50 minutes ago, t27 said:

 Louisville please

Louisville only has one Side Louisville FC, in the GLP, but the next Closest teams are in Evansville In, and Owensboro Ky both in the GLL1.


Louisville I'm thinking of Changing the away Ad to an Kfc logo.









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