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  1. Here is a link to the Freshly Made Club Logos, I hope everyone enjoys. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VQiMNaqg0XOZO10kVoraVQYh42XSer1Q?usp=sharing Let me know if any Problems Arise.
  2. I haven't Played around with at all but if they can it would be five plus years in there based nation
  3. best new all day, also I am half way done with Formatting the logos. also please upload some Screen shots regens if you start a save.
  4. Fantasy USA Pacific States Leagues and Cup 1.1.fmf Try this and let me know please. thanks for communicating with me on this.
  5. are you Using any Mods that would affect Anguilla? That is the Base nation for Pacific. I just load with the Pacific one File and it fired with the pacific. you were right about 1.0 tho.
  6. was that when it was Loaded with the other Files or when it was loaded alone.
  7. I just Played tested this File, let me know if it works. Pacfic One.fmf
  8. Thanks I'm happy that people are liking it so far, I hope that it can be come a long term save for people.
  9. Good news I have started to format the logos for Football Manager, so far the normal size logos has Worked well, the small ones have not taken. I tried 18*18, 25*25, 18*25 and 25*18 and none of them have worked. am I using the right size?
  10. You will want to Redownload the Files I have add a lot of stuff over the weekend.
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