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  1. I basically want to set up a rotation of host cities for my cup final, like new york will host in year one, boston in year two, etc. The only option I see is host nations or something tied to stadiums. Is there a way to do want I'm trying to do?
  2. As I was updating my Custom Data Base for the winter update, I noticed that the some of the cup history was incomplete after reloading the same file. What was interesting was that the even reloading well before the crash the cup history was still incomplete, when it was not before hand, anyone have an problem like this before. North American Football Association .9 test 2.fmf
  3. So from what other people have found works when this happens is, for you to change the continental based nation slot on the club. Because the game thinks the team is still in the SPL. This is done in the editor under club.
  4. I thought he fixed it like he showed here?
  5. Cool, I will look into it thanks, that has been a problem, I may just go to 25 man Squads as the only rule.
  6. So the logos are tied to an Id, what happened here is that you have an fictional club that is taking up one of the slots. ie, the sudbury id is 2000066618, and your game has the id as 2000066619. do you have any other databases on at all?
  7. Thanks, Have you been able to download the logo, and jersey sets? I love hearing about people being able to play with a club near their hometown, which was one of my goals with this mod, because it was always weird to me that people from the plains have to root for a team half way around the world.
  8. There is normally a few wonder kids above 160 each year, I have seen it as high as 35 and as low as 15, Transfers are normally big the 2nd and third years as the ad money gets divided out. and the international is still very under baked right now.
  9. I Just added the 2d Kit Files to the main post, let me know what you guys think of them.
  10. Thanks I hope to keep it updated year after year, anything you want to see?
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