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  1. In a normal year you can do that because I have been able to rebuild everything and have my new system work fine. But because of the added Canadian clubs in 2024 you only get an error message with your new system. I am really hoping that it isn't a problem to do concacaf stuff in 2025 with us having to have two databases etc. The roadblocks this year have been really frustrating as an American fm fan and as a complex database editor. I get the mls has a lot weird rules but it shouldn't affect continental, and international comps this much. I get that the American fan base is a lot smaller but this could become one of the fastest growth parts if they are all in on the different game passes. And all Americans are gonna want a pro/rel database, and a big 4(mlb, nfl, nba and nhl) database that works
  2. Hi, I hope this makes sense, but I spend a lot of time editing north American continental stuff. And normally a lot of it hardcored so it can't be edited like other continents, normally there are some work rounds that work but this year it is really bugy when you touch the continental cups and the internationals. I hate to say this but it may be best to wait until fm 24 at this point. I know this has wrecked a lot of my plans. Sorry
  3. Also to answer the 2nd part of your post, all the clubs in this database are fitctionial, and not part of our actual league strugage, normally by now other content creators would have posted a database with the Real life MLS and etc Clubs in a Pro/Rel System but I think a lot of data has been hard coded this year so I don't anyone was able to get the Pro/Rel System right. I do know that Gum's Databases is great other then lacking Pro/Rel. But in my Universe there is Savannah Town, which a Div. 2/3 Club. That I called the Foxes but as an outsider may not fit with the Local Culture. Is there anything that would work better from your pov? Also looking at the Population of that region, I may move a Div 4/5 Club to that region seeing as there is almost 500k people in that metro area. is there a good town or neighborhood that would work as an 2nd clubs for that region?
  4. To answer the first question, that is not an error message because both the real life US and Canada Nation files are empty in this database, because I took some smaller Caribbean Islands files to act as the individual regions for the universe. This choice was made in 2018 because so much of the Data tied to the US and Canada is hard code to the point it wouldn't be possiable to reach my goals with the NAFA Database. Normally both the US and Canada would be completely grayed out to avoid this confusion you see in FM 23. The Choose Nation Screen should look like this. You would be able to use whatever European nations you want since no data is changed for any of them. Also Mexico is good to be used as a Nation but they wont be able to play in any US Champions League since they gave me any error message when I tried to add them to the competitions. On the Active League Page it should look like this. I would recommend to use the Add players option for now, the biggest change I have for next FM is to add players to the clubs so we don't have to use that option next year. All you can see eastern Canada is Grayed out here, this is common place with how the game loads it will not give anyone any problems.
  5. Thanks, between the file here and all the stuff on the Google drive are play able. The biggest change going into fm 24 is gonna be adding enough players that the clubs don't need to use the fm capped at pa 135 ones. Also if you are based in America and have any suggestions on clubs local to you please give feed back, especially at the 4th and 5th division. I would love to add more local culture to the clubs
  6. D4 and D5 Showcase Roma De America Division: Northeast 5th A State: NY Nickname: Shewolf Status: Amateur Stadium: Rome Colosseum (7,066) Futebol Clube Do Fall River Division: Northeast 5th A State: MA Nickname: Portugues Status: Semi Professional Stadium: Bristol County Center (8,668) Annapolis Naval Club Division: Northeast 5th B State: MD Nickname: Cadets Status: Amateur Stadium: Admiral Heights Lane (8,090) Bethlehem Steel Union Division: Northeast 5th B State: PA Nickname: Strong Status: Semi Professional Stadium: Steel Bridge at the Mill (11,633) Burlington United Division: Northeast 5th B State: NJ Nickname: Hearts Status: Semi Professional Stadium: Lakeview Stadium at Grant Center (7,724) Drexel Hill Town Division: Northeast 5th B State: PA Nickname: Dragons Status: Semi Professional Stadium: Collen Brook Farm (10,625)
  7. D4 and D5 Showcase Bethesda United Division: Northeast 4th A State: MD Nickname: Gamers Status: Professional Stadium: Woodacres Park (9,654) Hagerstown Forest Division: Northeast 4th B State: MD Nickname: Trees Status: Professional Stadium: Corderman Stadium (11,970) Montauk Lake Club Division: Northeast 4th B State: NY Nickname: M's Status: Professional Stadium: Essex Gardens (8,917) Watertown United Division: Northeast 4th B State: NY Nickname: Owls Status: Semi Professional Stadium: Black River Road (10,177) Newport United Division: Northeast 4th B State: RI Nickname: Naval Status: Semi Professional Stadium: Easton Dock (9,908) Cape Cod United Division: Northeast 5th A State: MA Nickname: Fish Status: Amateur Stadium: Barnstable Center (9,964) Greenwich United Division: Northeast 5th A State: CT Nickname: Golden Status: Professional Stadium: Mianus Arena (6,750)
  8. D4 and D5 Showcase Sheffield Thursday Division: Eastern Canada 4th State: Ontario Nickname: OWLs Status: Professional Stadium: Hawthorne Meadows (14,205) Saint Jean Luc Division: Eastern Canada 4th State: Quebec Nickname: Number Ones Status: Semi-Professional Stadium: La Barre(15,083) North End Division: Eastern Canada 4th State: Nova Scotia Nickname: Radioheads Status: Professional Stadium: Robie Street Camp (11,096) Kawartha Lakes Division: Eastern Canada 4th State: Ontario Nickname: Hawks Status: Professional Stadium: Freymond Field (9,925) Astoria Athlitikos Division: Northeast 4th A State: NY Nickname: Gorgons Status: Professional Stadium: New York Greek Center (6,620) Plymouth Colony Division: Northeast 4th A State: MA Nickname: Pilgrims Status: Professional Stadium: Pilgrim Park at the Rock (12,692) Unione Sportiva Philadehoa Division: Northeast 4th A State: PA Nickname: Blu E Giallo Status: Semi Professional Stadium: USP Stadium (12,671)
  9. NAFA Moves South New This year I added 12 Clubs in the Americans Caribbean . With 9 of them are in Puerto Rico, two in the Bahamas, and One in the American Virgin Islands. They all play in the southern 4 Div A. Here is the set of 12 Clubs.
  10. Introduction Welcome to the Updated North American Football Association 2023. There is a lot more changes from 2020 to this Version then from 2022. History of Mod This Alternative History of North American Soccer where the Gobral game develops similarly as it had in the old world. Each Nation has its own system with Promatation Relegations And Cups that have been played for over 100 years. This is not an MLS database or a real-world Pro/Rel US database. All the Clubs and Leagues are fictionalized, you won't find any MLS Clubs here. I wanted to come up with a world where football developed at the same time as Baseball and College Sports in the US, not our world where the game does not take foot until closer to the turn of the 21st century. There are great MLS-based mods out there that should be looked at. I went with the core idea of having a more regionalized formation of football than the more nationalize formation that MLS, NBA, and NFL took as time would go on. Just like College sports and Baseball, the regional relationship are what won over. Most of the matches a club plays are against clubs within 500 miles of them. This may sound far to old-worlders but here in the US, many Big Four franchises don't have teams nearly that close. This mod started to be put together on paper around 2016 and was finally able to be put out in 2020 during the Covid pandemic. There has been a lot prepping and changing of things going into this release with how many problems there has been with the editor, most of them are out of my hands. Leagues and Cups New this year I have added over 400 new 4th&5th Division clubs, that Act as this Worlds Semi Pro/ Lower level pro leagues. Clubs have small stadiums and more of a local fanbases. as you can see in the chart above not every nation has an equal number of clubs, the south and Northeast having the most and western Canada not having any at all. The South and Northeast have the most clubs because of population and history, where in the south many colleges had found clubs and the northeast where many immigrants found clubs within there own neighborhood. Out west there was a smaller demand for clubs of this size but they still have many local sides that can be of interests. There has not been any major changes to the cups for any of the nations. Each club plays in there regional Cups and either the USA Cup or Canada Cups. The top four of each top Flight play in the American Champions League or ACL, and the next four Club play in the America Cup. Going into FM 24 I will be adding Cups to the D4 & D5 clubs. Downloads and Links Here is a link to everything need to have the full Experiences. Updated Map Google Sheet Coming Up The next part of the Project this year is to add players so that the starting players of the clubs are closer to the skill level that they should be instead of the defult regens the game will make up. Clean up this Forum post FIx any bugs anyone fines. NAFA 2023 All Nations .97.fmf
  11. Hope to have it out by the end of may, with all the problems people had with the editor this year I wanted to see if the winter update did anything to fix those issues. There will be a lot changes this year too. Which I hope people enjoy. I'm adding over 400 new clubs that will act as the semi professional clubs. All with logos and kits.
  12. Dumb Question has anyone been able to get a new clubs xml to work with both foreground and background color on? I Have the RGB numbers in their own columns, are they suppose to be one all together?
  13. Did you go to the Cosmo's page and assign that stadium to them? It should be under the stadium page
  14. Here is an fix for all league, let me know if there is any other problems. I also updated the google drive North American Football Association fix 8.5.fmf
  15. I am working on a fix current, what you found is true, but it does give you a list of rules when you first join a club.
  16. Sorry to hear that, I would like to help can you tell me what nation you are playing in? this is the first time I have heard about a problem like this. you also need to understand all these data bases are work in projects and not going to work perfectly.
  17. Cranston SC (Cranston, RI) ( I did Warwick instead Club de Soccer Outremont -- (city on Montreal island) "CS Outremont" Westborough Town (Westborough, MA) Here is the Closest club to here Floridians FC (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - (was imagining red/yellow or some red/yellow-orange-like the original Tampa Bay Buccaneers' colours) Here is the Pro level fort lauderdale fl Palm Beach Breakers - (West Palm Beach, FL) (colours Coral(btwn pink and orange); Lt. Blue, Tan (beach sand), White) This is a pro Club
  18. Crescent City - Crescent City, CA Kapolei Athletic - Kapolei, HI Cody Rangers - Cody, WY (Changed to Gillette WY) North End FC - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  19. Here is an Updated Map if you want me to change a club on here please give me on the ones around that area to replace it with. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1aM0jsva5YLSE5GzwfOH2w4qNaeSm0y9Y&usp=sharing
  20. Here is the 2nd half Quincy Reserves - Quincy, MA Replacing Brookline ( Railers) Lewiston Rangers - Lewiston, ME Replacing Brunwick (Millers) Les Cajuns FC - Breaux Bridge, LA (CrawFish) Tijuana USA - Imperial Beach, CA( xoloitzcuintle) Columbia City - Columbia City, Seattle, WA (Pinetrees)
  21. Here is my first draft of some of the Clubs, Let me know what you think. Hualapai United - Peach Springs, AZ (ponderosa) SAC Santa Monica - Santa Monica, CA (Airplanes) Newbury United, Newburyport, MA REPLACING CHELSEA MA (Clippers) Club Del Rio - Del Rio, TX (B-26) Eagle Butte Athletic, Eagle Butte, SD I love the idea but I think it would work better in pine ridge South Dakota. (Oglala)
  22. I am in the early stages of their development of them, so I love any suggestions people have. I just finished logos/kits for the northeast and south this last week, but those are really quick to change so I am always willing to change.
  23. Here is a zip folder of XML Files, North American Football Association 2022(Winter Update v2.1).zip this should work the leagues are very simlar to each other right now but I am working on adding the semipro level ( Divison 4 and 5), and hopefully I can get a quicker way of adding more people. Yep, I am so happy that there is the kit basher program now because I had to do over 1000 kits by hand with the Smart Shirt Designer 2 it is much faster now. I wanted to have a USA that did not just have the one single league, and I wanted to have regional cities have a chance to grow.
  24. Here is an link to the steam site and here is an up to date fmf fileNorth American Football Association 2022(Winter Update v2.1).fmfNorth American Football Association Champions League.fmf
  25. Updated to have a fully working champions league files, it can be found in the direct link or the steam link.
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