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  1. Hey Uncle Sam thanks for the pro file enjoying managing u of l on it is there a way to keep them pro though after the first season as it get challenging to sign players again is there a pro version of 3.23 if there is I would like to try it thanks again
  2. Thanks that should be doable on my slightly old gaming computer might have to add leagues as i go though too many players it says half a star game speed going to play an oceanic journeyman just to test it your story is addicting lol
  3. Nice save thinking about trying a version of it out whats your player database setup like?
  4. Nice work uncle Sam if I wanted to tweak the ncaa squad rule to allow u19 players and make the squad size 99 how would I go about it in the editor because that all the computer seem to sign thanks again
  5. Thanks for the hard work uncle Sam the file is amazing to play the only issue is I have only been able to stop the ussda holiday bug once and not on the GA cup file any ideas on how to fix this as I would lIke to have my entire team for the whole season. Thanks again for making the us realistic and playable for me.
  6. Hey uncle Sam really enjoy playing with the Nashville SC academy the amount of detail you put in is incredible as an American you make the american system playable for me. Can you please release the generation Adidas cup file. Thanks again for the hard work u put in
  7. hey good rebel thanks for this i was wondering if there was a way to boost green-lands rep and prize money using your outstanding work as a template would be fun to make greenland the home of good players right off the bat. Either way cant wait to manage b-67
  8. Nice work one thing I noticed is that the Pitt has a typo in their name there should be a h at the end of it can't wait to play it
  9. I have been waiting for this and your pro rel database to really get stuck into a save great work as always. On fm 17 I made Miami fc a North American powerhouse on your pro rel database looking foward to doing the same again.
  10. t27


    If you create it from scratch you will lose the draft as it is hardcoded in
  11. Lake placid Florida please it's on your list in the Florida section way down there it's one of the city's that will be in the depths of the Florida regional divisions
  12. can you release the holiday save so the teams actually have a full squad of players please thanks for the file
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