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  1. I have a gaming computer that's almost 4yo old thanks for the reply
  2. Bit of variety will it slowdown game speed down too much though because it will be fun to manage the fort Lauderdale strikers even if its just with the us loaded with a large database
  3. Nice right now on v2 I have us canada Mexico once you put the man u link in I start a new save with mexico us and england only I want a long term save and my computer is old I'm afraid if I load 6 leagues I only could do three seasons
  4. I started a save with tampa bay buccaneers spent 4 million getting a team together played the first month of first season im second the board loves me except for singing high rep players they won’t come yet it’s a lot of fun
  5. i cant wait to test this thanks for your work
  6. Yeah I didn’t really see that too much as I only play with us Canada Mexico loaded this year I might do us Mexico England and I manage the u20 national team at first this year I might try managing the bucs or titans
  7. That looks okay Atlanta United are a strange case as they were reputable before this
  8. Really excited to play this
  9. Nice the screenshot looks good who won the top league the most in it
  10. Nice Is that with inflated tv money or without the regens look good
  11. Why are some teams in the top division unmanageable would want to manage galactic good database otherwise
  12. yeah i saw that a bit only have 3 leagues loaded for game speed purposes though
  13. ok thanks still looking for a release end of january
  14. I cant wait looks good how many players added per team
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