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  1. Lake placid Florida please it's on your list in the Florida section way down there it's one of the city's that will be in the depths of the Florida regional divisions
  2. can you release the holiday save so the teams actually have a full squad of players please thanks for the file
  3. Can you post the fixed file I would like to try it
  4. I never figured out the Champions League issue. I was asking about removing the January camp sorry for any confusion
  5. I figured it out thanks for your great work
  6. Did you ever figure out what the issue was with the champions league not updating?
  7. Amazing work but my question is why Chelsea and man city have all regens at the start of the game
  8. I had the same issue I won it with Miami twice but for me it shows Portland as the last winners
  9. Thanks for the response I want to play as a college team and have it that all teams have a full compliment of players at any given time would it possible to only give a youth intake to the NCAA and pdl and not screw up the draft
  10. Would it cause any issues to the database if I gave all the teams a youth intake and how would I go about this. Thanks for all your hard work
  11. Are the open cup berths in the pdl and npsl pre determined or based on league position as I am in my second season with Miami city went undefeated was pdl semi finalists and the winner of the playoffs did not get a berth thanks for the file it is fun to play with my local amateur side
  12. Hey Uncle Sam I went undefeated with Miami city in the pdl and did not get a playoff spot any idea on why that happened disregard did not go far enough
  13. hey uncle sam thanks for you good work however i noticed a glitch using a real name fix from fm scout the fourth tier has been renamed the north american soccer league instead of usl d3 any advice you can give me to fix it would be helpful.
  14. hey uncle sam i have been using your file and all has been great but the Canadian league did not update after the first season but the us ones did
  15. thanks for the great work can you please post pics of Miami and Fort Lauderdale