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[FM19] - Forza San Giovanni

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We've been given a right short end of the stick with that one. Fiorentina are the worst 4th seed we could have gotten, and this isn't the Cork of 2019 - they knocked Sevilla out last year.

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That's a much, much easier group, so what do we reckon? Re-do the draw until we get a comparatively hard one? Or let it ride with the new group after the crash? I'll leave it up to you guys ;)

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The draw is already done by the game after the qualifying matches, it doesn't actually happen in real time. You'd have to replay the return leg against FH over and over to get different draws, which doesn't make sense in my opinion. Just go with what you have now. :thup:

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4 minutes ago, kidthekid said:

How did the bid increase so much from the previous offer? He must be something.

They bid about 15 times in two days, we rejected all of them :lol: 

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2 hours ago, Bedese said:

Youth Intake Day!



I have the same problem....

7-8 years without anything good :(

One fast question - i first realised this 1 hour ago... maybe im stupid, who knows :lol::lol:

My youth players the last 10 years didn't get better - somehow they just stopped evolving and never reached theire potential...

But checked my U/19 squad - and realised they do not play many games through the year... because somehow my U/19 manager don't arrange friendlies. 

So i started to arrange alot of games for them - and now they really start to get better!:D

Did you spot this? :D

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