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  1. Just qualified for the semi finals of NL A for the secound time in a row! The team for the qualification: And here the tactic - selfmade
  2. Difficult to say - we already made it to the final of NL - but lost to Italy. There are some nice prospects running around - so hopefully we can continue to improve.
  3. Have some missing achievement - so here they are. Achievements Have a player beat Andy Selva's 8 goals scored record: Have a new gen reach 100 caps: Get San Marino into the top 50 in the world: Qualify for the World Cup Finals:
  4. New Achievement: Promotion to NL A We are now ranked as 62. th nation. We also just had intake - and La Fiorita really hammered it this time! Look at these two: Only Sanmarinese - will be in the NT. This beautiful player is dual nationality with italian/sanmarinese - but convinced him to play for us! We already have some good players for the wings and attack - but really needed someone good for the midfield - so this is perfect!
  5. Time for some update. Im now in year 2072 - took me some time to gather a squad good enough to qualify for anything. We did fine in the European Championsship Qualifying round - we were secound in our group: But it was not enough to qualify... But we won the NL Serie C some years ago - so we had to play play-offs for the last spots at European Ch. And won both matches!!!! So this is the squad for this championship - you will notice that we have some players with dual nationalities who really look good. They were terrible when they came though - b
  6. Wow - you got some good players there - would be nice if you could convince them to play for you. Finger crossed that you win the play-offs in Nations League - then maybe some of them may be interested in changing because of the European Championsship. I just won NL Serie C - so know im waiting for next play-offs and hopefully i will win it and convince some of the players to change. But the best 3 players will already bo locked at that time... Hopefully some other nice prospects will show up in the meantime.
  7. Great work! Do you have some good players in NT? I "lost" some good players to other nations. This nigerian/sanmarinese darling... Never wanted to talk about it. This GK - choose italy without caps - but is locked... This player can still play for us - but was in the Italian squad several times - so i do not have any hope for him. These two can still play for us - if they just wanted to...
  8. Friday i will make an update about the save - finally we are getting some decent players through the academy. Will only post about NT - hoping to do some progress
  9. Been restarting this challenge with C. C. San Marino. We are right now in Serie B - but this season we will go down in Serie C again. Had to cut some wages - and hoping for some good intakes soon, so we can replace them. Nothing good yet form intake. . We got a nice HoY! Best players on NT. We are 193 on world ranking...
  10. Good luck - always funny to watch these kind of saves. I took the sanmarinese league and turned it into the 6. best nation - with 2 direct spots for CL group-stage, but lost interest in that save.
  11. Just started with C. C. San Marino - will be a youth only save.
  12. I think i will retry the challenge as youth only. Will keep you updated here and on a thread about clubs - hope you will follow the adventure.
  13. Which database are you using? Considering changing to play in Italy instead of San Marino.
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