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  1. Now we have 1 team in the EL-groupstage every season Now the league should get enought money to improve
  2. Nice EL-run! Going big there We did also improve - so now we have 2 teams in CL-qualifiers So when you get in the semi finals in the league you are sure to play in Europe next season
  3. Wow.... Don't know how - but we made it to the EL-semi finals.... We lost first match 1-0 - but in the second we were at 2-2 and only needed one goal to get to the finals. So i was going for the last goal and we where then totally smashed out
  4. TV money is really booming in the league! i thinks its around £2.7M right now Winning the league? £2.3M They should soon be competive in Europe - or atleast i hope so League is ranked 50 right now
  5. Are the other teams doing well in Europe? Tre Penne once made it to the secound kvalificationround of EL - so in 12 years only 1 team got through one stage But their teams a getting pretty decent! Earlier i played the reserves in the league matches - but now i have to be carefull
  6. Just as we speak im trying to win the playoffs for Cl-groupstage - and now my wonderkid is wanted bu Hull... We have a 4 year deal + 3 additional - so he wont go anywhere EDIT: Sometimes its very hard to be such a small country! All your hopes for the future rest on 2-3 players shoulders - and one bad injury and everything would be gone
  7. He is very great - but has tendency to be a bit injured - without anything noted in the reports of him I have a datebase which goes to Serie D. They are one of the best clubs in their division - they get promoted - they get relegated - promoted - relegated. So between Serie D and C
  8. Could really need a feeder club - the regens the last 3-4 years have been awfull Yeah its kind of a good problem - 3 years in a row we where in the CL-groupstage, so we had alot of money in the club Trying my best in CL - and then we see what happens Best player for NT right now is a regen i snached from San Marino Calcio - but what a player! He would never develope so well in their club, so helped him with buying him
  9. Damn - my manager is danish - so i got a decent regen with danish nationality... but had hoped for dual nationality with sanmarinese Do you have a feeder club? I have a huge problem in my save... my team is to bad to win matches in CL-groupstage - but when we get in EL-groupstage we get alot of points.... In a CL-run i make 4-5 points for club coefficients - but last year in EL-run were we made it to 2. knock-out fase we got 14 points! But i dont really want to loose the playoffs on purpose - so hard to tell what to do Been in CL-groupstage 2-3 years in a row - but last year i got knocked out in the playoffs
  10. Bedese - do you have alot of staff-members with english nationality or is it just luck when you get regens with dual-nationality ? Until now i only had 1 argentinian - but would be nice with some other nationalities Always funny when you have to "fight" to get a player for the NT And how is the stadium situation in your save? I got a new one last year - but can see that 4-5 of the other clubs also will get a new one in the next years 5 stadiums with 7000 seat each - for a nation with 33T citizen
  11. HOW! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE 2 years ago we won our European League D group - so we were qualified for the playoffs for Euro Championship. But hold on! My 2 best attackers - Berti and Manco were injured + my best midfielder who just came through the youth intake. So the attacker who played was really bad - but still we managed to win the playoff - so now we are qualified for the Euros 2028
  12. I was wondering how much your players are worth? In my save the league is now placed 86. in Europe - so the player value is now £56T for the best player - but still nothing to how much they should cost - if we are only looking at their skills A club from Saudi-Arabia tried to buy Berti for £50T
  13. If we remember last years intake - it should not be possible to get anything good the next 10 years Your quota is used
  14. He is the best 15 year old to have ever walked on earth
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