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  1. Was following your last blog with San Marino - will look forward to see how this turns out
  2. I made it work! Or atleast for now unsubscribed and subscribed to Claassens - and now they registrered their players.
  3. Not sure how to do it with the Editor... But will try and see if i can find a solution. Are other databases allowed in this challenge?
  4. I made a new file yesterday - so its not an old file. So i really can't see myself play this file if the other teams dont register their players...
  5. Damn... Second season just started - and no of the other teams registered their players... First season this was not a problem - anyone who knows how to fix this....?
  6. Yeah we really have to win the league if we want to progres
  7. Thanks. Just noticed that we only have 2 teams in Europe next year.... Gonna be difficult to progress with the league - but a nice challenge
  8. @duesouth Achievement: Qualify for Europe Win the Champions Playoffs:
  9. @duesouth Achievement: Qualify for Group 1 of the 2nd stage of the league season: Win Group 1: Qualify for the Champions Playoffs
  10. I just had youth intake with San Goivanni - got an american/sanmarinese player. The other clubs got: 2 american/sanmarinese 1 canadian/sanmarinese several argentine/sanmarinese 1 brasilian/sanmarinese like you I have never seen these combinations before
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