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  1. Excellent idea! I should have been doing that all along. I'll get on it next time I load the game up!
  2. The entire squad is rioting because they want a new deal. We've gone from a wage bill of about £1000 a week to probably 8x that, with no sustainable way of actually paying for it once the Rafael Baron money runs out. The board are not the brightest, huh?
  3. Players want up to £1000 a week... we're going to be bankrupt after a season. This is going to be interesting...
  4. Oh my god the board are idio- WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE PLAY IN TIER 8
  5. After 11 years in this league, we've finally done it!
  6. We play Ashford (Middlesex), Chertsey play Virginia Water. We need Virginia Water to get a result to give us any chance of taking the title...
  7. Youth Intake Day! We don't play with wingers, but he looks like a great striker to me with those physicals.
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