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  1. Cheers Motlhen! Really glad you're enjoying I must admit, I'm a bit stunned by how far we've come so quickly! I'm sure City will put us back in our place...
  2. Holy... I have no idea what happened. I expected Lincoln to be 3 up on us by halftime, but instead we were the ones 3-0 up at halftime! We absolutely cruised past them, and we're into the Third Round with the big boys! An away draw against one of them would probably see us ship double digits, but would fix our finances... Well... I hope our keeper has a good councillor
  3. Easy Whelp... I guess our luck had to run out eventually. They're one of the hardest teams we could have drawn, being one of the best sides in L1.
  4. Into the First Round Proper for the first time in our history! That's a great draw! With L1 and L2 teams joining us non-league lot, not only have we avoided any Football League teams, we've managed to draw one of the few teams left in playing at a lower level than us!
  5. Domination in the end This isn't a bad draw. We should be able to get past these and into the First Round proper for the first time if all goes well...
  6. Just the one tier below us, but I fancy us to breeze through okay.
  7. They did manage to get us a 40% sell on clause... which, considering he's only valued 2.2k at Plymouth, doesn't help us all that much
  8. That's the biggest defeat in club history. If only we had a striker to put some of those 22 shots into the back of the net
  9. Ah. So the board are going to finance it by... selling our best players for peanuts??
  10. I suppose this was only a matter of time, but we can't afford this at all... That's going to be a really, really big problem for us. I've no idea how we're meant to make up that shortfall in cash.
  11. Genuinely a bit surprised at how well we've done this season, but we're going up again to Tier 6!
  12. Okay, so this has been a weird season... I didn't think we were good enough to be real title challengers, because I think we're still a year of development away from being able to really compete at the higher level. However, we lost just 7 games this year - the least in the league - with the best goal difference in the league, and if it wasn't for Halesowen getting a ridiculous 92 points, we'd have smashed the league. As it is, we're into the playoffs - and even though it's only the Quarter Finals, we probably have an okay chance of winning them.
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