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  1. I agree! All those things matter (from my personal, unrecorded experiments, they - including reputation - matter a lot), but those are all things that the player can impact through playing the game. For the purposes of this at least, I was only interested in seeing how important the factors you can't change are.
  2. I've been having some PC problems lately, so this is going to have to go onto the backburner for now Hoping to pick it up again in the not too distant future...
  3. Right around the corner from Alpha and Omega, and less than a minute away from Wembley Arena...
  4. We've literally been beaten by the Dog and Duck
  5. Cheers! That wouldn't have been in my first few guesses
  6. I've got no idea how the Greece U19 manager has spotted somebody playing in Tier 10 of England, but it's our first international callup!
  7. It's a big loss for us, but our very own Yankee has gotten a move to League One!
  8. We're now playing in the 'Combined Counties Division One', and there's some interesting teams and stadiums here! I'd be very happy with a midtable finish!
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