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  1. In my experience the draw is done the day before so you can't save scum during the draw date.
  2. Not upgrading youth recruitment does that. :P
  3. It's because your reputation didn't reach the threshold needed in comparison to other teams in the Premier League. Take a look at what levels other teams are, and if you are the only lagging behind maybe create a thread in the bugs forum?
  4. It seems there's a bug and is not correctly assigning the Euro Cup spot for the playoff winner, instead it's randomly choosing one of the 7th~10th placed teams.
  5. Do you play with only English leagues active? That's probably the reason.
  6. I've only played Malta in Claassen files, and at least in the 2017 version most of the teams were amateur or maybe i just chose one the few that were and i'm misremembering it(or maybe it was the case of no players accepting contracts only those non-contract bs), can't play the game anymore due to my graphics card sudden death.
  7. I found your jump from amateur to fully professional weird, no way you already had 3 million euros saved up, it's not the complete end of the world since you can still sign your players to contracts.
  8. I don't think it's a bug, just a dis-balanced mechanic. The reputation weight shouldn't be this important, it should take your campaign(European) and your control of finances into account. Doesn't make sense to sell your best future players for a third(or even forth) of the profit you could do after a few years, even more when you don't need the money. Clubs like GNK Dinamo relies on selling players to stay afloat, but they don't sell them so cheap. They wait to develop the player to sell. Also, the way the game take away the control for when accepting the deal is wrong, the only way a Chairman should auto-accept is if they need the money or the player is on the last year of contract. Edit: And yeah, to rise your reputation you're going to almost need to win a European Titles, because since your league has a low overall reputation, you don't gain much in winning it, so you rely on Continental Football, yeah it sucks, but what can you do? The game is not really built to improve Nations/Leagues(Until Youth Rating stops being a fixed value i don't this is going to change, which is a bit sad).
  9. SI has to fix this in future games. It's a recurring (and annoying) problem, it shouldn't take club reputation as factor when auto-accepting these deals, just finance.
  10. Youth recruitment it's tied to the club world reputation, not the league. Going to need a Champions League title since your league has a low reputation overall, so the amount of reputation you gain from winning it is not even close of what the UCL can give to you.
  11. Oh. In that case i really do have to start a new save. Bit disappointed for losing what I envisioned would've been a long save. Either way, thanks, you are free to close this topic now.
  12. Forgive me to ask, but are you able to pinpoint what is exactly(which league) causing the crash? Thanks.
  13. Are you able to say what is the error, or which league is causing it?
  14. My save is always crashing at 8th of August 2023. I'm using a custom database by Claassen. I have uploaded the save file in the FTP: LuisNenovskyBulgaria2.fm and the crash dump: (l4nd3r) FM 2016 v16.3.1.789819 (2016.06.09 02.19.30).dmp
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