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Buy the stadium or build a new one?


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I've just finished my first season with Bordeaux. We had a great campaign and finished 2nd in League 1 and secured a place in UCL. But i 've got a dilemma.
We don't own our stadium, instead we're renting it for 3,29M per year. The stadium is a 42k all-seater but we never really sell out except in derby games. Last season we averaged 24k attendance which is 57% of stadium's capacity but i'm expecting that number to go up next season when we're competing in UCL.  
My question is : Is it worth to buy the stadium? or do we build a new one? Or do i just keep paying  the rent of 3,29M per year? I'm not sure which choice is the better from a financial point of view.
It's worth to mention that we currently have 27M in the bank (i don't know how much it'd cost to build a new stadium or to buy the current one) 

bordeaux stadium.PNG

bordeaux stadium2.PNG

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Indeed, I doubt your board would let you build a new stadium anyhow until your attendences are at capacity.

As for price, not sure on buying your current one, but in one of my saves I got Liverpool to build a new stadium and that cost about 280 million GBP if I remeber correctly (it was 70K capacity)

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