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  1. I made them my top target (1 at a time) Dybale one season then Kane the next. I then basically scouted them continously, attended some games myself and asked Henderson to sell the club to him, or words to that effect....It took about a season if doing that before they were both really interested and asked to leave (I had also wond the title and champions leage the same season so that may have also helped)
  2. Both Kane and Dybala are great for me at Liverpool. Sometimes you can work hard at unsettling them both. It took me about a season but I eventually got Dybala for 90m (220k wages) and Kane (who by the way had also just signed a new deal with spurs) for 80m (170k wages). It can be done if you are patient. I also had madrid invoke Firminho clause which is why I bought them. I play Dybala just behind Kane and they both bang in 30+ per season on a regular basis. On another note - I manegd to unsettle Dele Ali and got him for 50m (he is rotated with dybala)
  3. yes - he got a season of game time with me as the OX did his cruciates and Salah was on and off the tratment table. His stats look reasonable but not worldclass, but he performed much better than expected. eneded up player of the year with 17 goals from IF (R) and a few assists. Now worth 50m with top teams chasing him. My problem now is both salah and Ox fully fit and these guys are performing great as well..........If I get a big bid for Ox or Wilson I may consider it.
  4. This can work if the player is interested. I managed to do this with Harry Kane and Dybala (I'm Liverpool) took me about a year of declaring interest and watching them. but eventually I got them for 80m each. If I remember correctly the initial starting price was about 180m for each or similar..... But sometimes the player is just not interested and then there is not much you can do
  5. How do people go with renewing Grujic's contract? I normally sell him, but this time I kept him as Barca were silly enough to give me 70m for Gini. He has been playing great for me at DM. Tried to renew his contract, only wants reasonable wages...great I thought.....then I get the message, work permit declined!! Gutted as he has 3 months on his contract left and I can't give him a new contract.
  6. if the option is there (it isn't always) you could ask to sack agent - but I only think that is an option if the player is unhappy or deanding a new contract. Other than that mate I think you are a bit stuck I'm afraid. The other option I guess is if other palyers are with that agent you could offer then nice new contracts (if you can) and build a relationship. I had similar with a player I was trying to sign just wouldn't negotiate - I did get around it by appeasing his other players...
  7. finally managed to bag Harry Kane end of season 2 for 110m (80 upfront). he has scored 40 goals in each prev season for spurs, hope he keeps it up for me....
  8. I used to play Firminho here as I play with a DLF, and he got loads of goals, Lallana was back up. Since Madrid triggered his clause and I've had big money given to me for both moreno and wjanaldum I now have Alli and dybala playing CAM. both of them have hit 20+ this season and that rotating them as well.....
  9. Simple attacking midfielder on attack duty. Behind a deep lying forward.
  10. I was actually playing him as amc just behind belotti/Dybala
  11. I signed Alli for 70m after Firmino left. I must say he has been a revelation scoring on average a goal a game and an assist per game(almost). trying to get Kane too but he just signed a new deal so may be too tricky at present!
  12. How on earth did you get Pickford from Everton?
  13. funny you should say that, I'm looking at him in my current save......
  14. Milinkovic-savic is a very good option. However if you keep and play Can he gets a lot better. I persevered with him and he is not integral to my side
  15. Wow I just sold Wijnaldum to Barca for 85m!!! Not a bad player but when I’m offered that much and he wanted to go I couldn’t say no!!! Going to give grujic a chance and see what happens. Can wants to go now as I refused his demands for a new co tract as I just have him one 6 months ago!! and Danny Ings!! Oh my word he is keeping belotti out of my team. 32 goals last season and has started this season right where he finished the last. He is worth 60m and a regular started for England now!!
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