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  1. please let the Lemar rumours be true...... also what are all your thoughts on "Ox" - do we really need him for 40m???
  2. I agree, it does happen in real life so is bound to happen in game as well
  3. I just lost 58 mil?

    indeed this does work sometimes. I did this for a year with Dybala (as Liverpool). They wanted 160m initally all upfront. After a year fo scouting, attending games etc - Dybala was keen to move to me. I bid and was counterd with 100m - so coming down already - but then when they rejected my next 80m offer dybala got upset. Eventually got him for 63m - and he was worth every single penny and then some....
  4. Van Dijk Replacement

    You could try Jose Gimenez from Athletico. I managed to get him for Liverpool for 25m jan transfer window season 1. He is a worldclass talent. doesnt want too much in wages (I have him on 45k) and gets a WP with no issues. I've heard however he can sometimes cost a lot more that what I paid and will depend on each individual save. He has the potential to be in the top 5 CB on the game I think and already has the description "world class" on my game.
  5. I almost sold him for 100m (getting some silly offers at the mo). The only reason I didn't was that I changed my tactics to use 2 AMC and would have been really short if I sold. I played him as a shadow striker this season and glad I kept him. He hit 27 goals and 15 asssits from that position. Coutinho did nearly as well. I think I have finally found how to play these guys and get them to perform. I'm nopw bracing myself for even more bids for the pair of them!!
  6. yep still have all the above, origi and dybala tend to rotate but I find dybala just that bit better. Grujic rotates with Can, Ojo is still developing and Trent is on the verge of ousting clyne as 1st choice..... Wisdom was sold as I was offered 15m for him - I did insert a buyback clause though as I was not sure about him leaving. Origi is trying to engineer a move to Bayern and I have already rejected an 80m offer for his as I agree with you he performs only a whisker under dybala. Thing is Dybala regularly bangs in 70 goals a season and woodburn is really starting to develop well. Soon I will have 3 world class strikers and i'm not sure if I can keep them all happy. So if Origi is set on a move to Bayern and they offer me enough........
  7. Impressive...... I'm finally beginning to build a nice team....I have changed my setup now to a back 3 with wingbacks and so far so good. GK - Donnarumma CB - Sakho, Laporte, Giminez WB - clyne, Moreno CM - Can, Henderson AM - Coutinho, Firminho ST - Dybala that is my starting 11 1st choice and they are starting to wreak havoc now - 4-0 decimation of Barca is testement to that.....lets see if it lasts
  8. Has anyone found that this time trying to get into the top 4 is a lot more difficult? I'm struggling to break the dominance of Man City, Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal. They all seem to have unlimited spending power and are dropping insane amounts on some very good players!!! Not complaining I actually prefer this as is more of a challenge!!
  9. End season 1 (finished 3rd), only signing was Donnaruma I was happy with that. Just sold Mane to Madrid for 70m - I hopefully got the better end of that deal!!
  10. mine also with Liverpool this year was Coutinho, Dybala, Mane. Dybala scored 77 goals (roughly) on his own in all comps) and the other 2 added 30ish a piece. We totally smashed everyone we played and have not lost for 67 games now........My squad is good but not anything special but due to those 3 we just seem to outscore everyone.... I'm waiting for my bubble to burst.......
  11. Top target transfer

    This is interesting... There is hope though, I did this for Laporte in my Liverpool save, He was initially not interested in moving to me as Man U and chelsea were also after him. But gradually and slowly (took about 6 months) due to continued scouting and interest he became "desperate to move to my club" Transfer window opened we all made bids and he came to me. Very similr thing happened with Dybala - but took about a season to convince him to move to me...
  12. ah, yes I have this issue now and again. What I have found (doubt it works all the time though) is that if you leave it longer, in my case I just wait until before they could leave on a bosman and I generally find they are keen to sign and for a much lower wage than any original demands - may be worth a try, but dont expect 100% success....
  13. sign him, best striker in the game and for 55m is a steal. He got 76 goals for me playing as lone striker in his 1st season and abotu 25 assists. We destroyed everyone and unbeaten in 55 games now......Dybala played a MAJOR part in that.
  14. ah yes, swings and roundabouts I guess..... I think I'll start again too as I seem to have nice versions of most of the yougsters this time round. Had no-one that would realsitically make it in last save and I like promoting from within!! Never managed a barnstorming version of Origi - he has always been good but not great in my saves (stats and performace wise)
  15. ah good to know - I loaded a save eventually but still not sure. My current save in I have broken all sorts of records and am 50 games unbeaten in all comps and new stadium on the way - but I'm worried about brexit!! I also got an awesome version of woodburn in new save - this alone with disabling brexit presents me with a hard decision.....guess I could try to replicate my past success..